Dec 31, 2010

Happy New Year ..and Thanks!!

Looking Forward to 2011...

LOOKING FORWARD TO SOME MORE POSITIVE FOR THE MUSIC  IN 2011 and BEYOND....the nagatives will come .. no doubt    LOL!!!

Vybz Kartel Fear for his Life

According to Vybz Kartel apparently Isaiah Laing is out to get him.. since he didnt perform at Sting 2010. Kartel says that he is being harassed and fear for his life. The now SINGJAY a recent interview with Cliff Hughes indicated that he is taking the dispute to the public so that the nation can see what is happening - that Laing wants him to pay for what he has done to his annual reggae dancehallmusic show Sting 2010.
Click HERE to listen the latest interview with Vybz Kartel and Cliff Hughes.

Fan gets Fanatic about ..Bounty Killer views on the Cake Soap thing

It was clear.. as indicated in the Raggashanti interview with Vybz Kartel that his change in colour is to stir up controversy and be the centre of attention which replicate into revenue at some point in time, by his calculation. There was never any mention of his mental health and a fundamental "good" explanation of his behaviour .. that cannot be done by him.. perhaps Leachim Semaj could provide some assistance.
The impact on the impressionable minds has not yet manifested, at least there is no real evidence to suggest the nature of the impact on the younglins who follow Vybz Kartel and his music...
But we have one zealous fan here who is not she to speak his mind about the matter... this one though seem to have some issue Bounty Killer..

Dec 29, 2010

Blak Ryno Happy with Sting Performance

Reports are that Black Ryno is very happy about his performance at the just concluded greatest one night reggae and dancehall show Sting 2010. Ryno alongside Kiprich graced the stage on the last moments of the sting show and put on a commendable performance. The artiste was more or less well received and has acknowledged that it was not about the money, implying he may have received little or nothing for his appearance. Ryno is excepted to be off on tour to the Bahamas in 2011 and will be moving on to other shows overseas... Ryno has come long way for 2010 after being burnt out, roughed up and accused of wrong doings throughout the year.

Vybz Kartel Interview with Ragashanti

Vybz Kartel and Cory Todd speaks about the fight that they are getting from the authorities the closing of the Building Nightclub over the last couple of weeks.. his skin, rum... etc

Sizzla Took Sting 2010...

I have heard it quite too often ..and so i agree that sizzla's performance was a stand out at the Sting 2010 event... check it out

Dec 28, 2010

Why Sting 2010 Flopped?

Some are blaming it on the line up, the fact that top acts such as Mavado was not there contributed heavily to the poor crowd support at Sting 2010. How poor was it .. according to one report from the Observer news paper..
"Perhaps the greatest initial indicator that the event would fall short of previous years was the crowd support. By Sting standards, the huge Jamworld venue in Portmore St Catherine was empty, even after the midnight hour, when the event faithfuls would usually been seen streaming in to catch their favourite reggae and dancehall acts."
Vybz Kartel predicted that this sting would be the floppiest ever.. and went on to have his show at the Building Nightclub only to have the stings cut for that one.
I dont believe the building nightclub show impacted that much on sting..its perhaps the fact that the people already had a number of ordinary shows leading up to the event and the fact that nothing special was being prepared for sting.. then it would have been no different from GT Taylor's Reggae Extravaganza, no different from Author Guinness celebration and all the other free shows put on by LIME, CLARO, DIGICEL and BOOM just before the main event. A number of the acts performed at these shows and will only just replicate what they did there at Sting 2010.
Its clear if there is no Clash there is no Real Sting as we know it.

Dec 27, 2010

Jay Z and Beyonce in Jamaica

Super stars due mostly to their wealth and fame through music Beyonce and Jay Z are in Jamaica to get off some of the ice on their backs. There has been some serious weather in the United States since the start of the winter season and seems not even florida was speared. Jamaica has been feeling just a small bit of it with some cold fronts every now and then. Its not yet clear if the super stars are going to put their musical skills to work while they thaw.. but it would be nice to have some collabos done.

Vybz Kartel interview on ER says''Bounty Killa'' badmind him

Vybz Kartel interview on ER says''Bounty Killa'' badmind him fi him S-class benz.

Vybz Kartel event Shut Down

The boxing day show at the Building put on by Vybz Kartel and his management team was shut down last night as the authorities ran in and dismantled the event as they did last week Thursday at the same venue and in the process arrested one young lady for having a "3 star ratchet" in her things.
Reports indicate that the show had too many patrons, this was a breach and therefore could not be accommodated in the Building NiteClub resulting in breaches in hazard and fire safety regulations.
Speculations are that Sting promoter Laing had something to do with it. Whilst some are saying its time that some bad luck run the way of the wrong doer, hell boy, that being the Eminem of Dancehall aka Vybz Kartel.

Floppiest Sting 2010 ever? Early Sting 2010 Report

Twins of twins did their stint and still took jabs at the likes of Vybz Kartel and their regular punching bag Busy Signal.
Gyptian had to ward off ...pessimist.. asking them wah yuh a do?.. if clap unnuh a clap mi off or is for applause and not for him to get off prematurely
Sizzla was in a militant mood went on to bun freeky bwoy yuh a teach and yuh a bleach...referring to Vybz Kartel. Sizzla went on bun out the liquor companies ... Hennessey, heineken, guiness...After Sizzla's sterling performance Khago came and held his own. I-Octane performed well, almost a flawless performance earning the respect of the crowd..
Lady performed.. and it was vintage Lady Saw.. she as was raw as ever.. too raw to mention on this site...
Kiprich came on did his thing and brought on Blak Rino as his new recruit.. who went on to diss Popcaan ..and sang about his scenario with the Gaza teacha ..addijah.
Beenie then step up into the hype, followed by assassin ..they worked the stage throwing out their hit after hit.. At one point Beenie indicated that he haven't got paid as yet, whilst a rumour swirls about Bounty Killer not performing-allegations are that it has to do with laing and his payments as well as the preferred/scheduled time slot that he shouls performed... and it proved to be no Rumour.. Bounty Killer name was not even mentioned by an MC...
Was this the Floppiest Sting Ever? Bwoy... there is big disappointment here... is like the show is not finished... we still standing here waiting to see Bounty walk out.. Laing w t f?

Dec 26, 2010

Sample of What is Expected at Sting 2010 Beenie Man Bounty Killer Performance

These are video highlights of GT Taylor's Reggae Extravaganza and can be viewed as a sample of what is expected later at Sting. The head liners Beenie Man and Bounty Killer put on what has become a regular routine with Cham on stage as well ... check it out

Sting 2010 ..about to kick off

Its now about US$50 to sign up and watch sting live. It was only a few days ago when the online prices were US$20. Laing, the promoter is hoping to make his regular mega profit from the event... and I hope next year he can support ..cause we fully endorse the event and continue to promote it.
In recent report Vybz Kartel indicated that the Sting Promotoer can make up to 45 million dollars with the sponsorship and ticket sales.. thus it should not be a problem to give him what is due for him to perform at the event.
The show is expected to start in approximately 1 hours time.. and its apparent that there will be no surprises or shock and awe at the event.. but we have to wait and see there is another 14 hours or so for the smoke to clear and the dust to settle.

Kartel Clarks could be Song of the Year Accounding to Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer
In a recent interview top dancehall music DJ Bounty Killer indicated that Vybz Kartel is in the line-up to take the song of the year for 2010. Knowing that Bounty Killer is a man who despises the ways of Kartel in almost all his doing, I was a bit surprised that he included Vybz Kartel.
Bounty's pick however was the Gully Gad Mavado for his song Messiah for song of the year ..because of its melody and strongest of its message.. as you can see i included this song in my polls for song of the year. Bounty also said that Kartel, I-Octane and Mavado are the artiste that the song of the year should come from. ...
I indicated some time ago that Beenieman, Gyptian and Khago are just as strong candidates for song of the year and even though i did say Beenieman might take it Khago is quite popular on the streets while gyptian has the "international crowd"

Dec 24, 2010

Beenie Man and Kartel fuss Neautralized?

Beenie Man stills says gaza even though he has taken it upon himself to express his disgust about the leader for the Potmore Empire, Vybz Kartel. In a recent road show put on by the energy drink Boom Beenie Man put on his usual stella performance and stated clearly that a Gaza Him Seh... Beenie carefully neutralized the crowd and caught them in a bundle thus having them demanding more of him.
Meanwhile Kartel in a recent report said that..."me nuh have no energy to waste on negativity. Me nuh have nuh time fi folly nor frivolous activity. Right now, I'm working on my new album which will be released in April. Me nuh have time fi idlers"
This formulates out to be much to do about nothing.. as it appears that the tune that Vybz Kartel and Pappi did might not be released.. as he indicated that he will not be responding to Beenie Man

Dec 23, 2010

Dutty Dance is still Alive

I think it was the wrong dance that got the tag dutty wine...the role in the dirt thing that came on the scene round about the same time when dutty wine did should have gotten that tag. The wild dancing is still alive and well. I have not been focusing on much of it these days as it has been the same, not much has changed... Ran across this one that grabbed my attention recently .. its a 11 minute clip it shows that this "dirty culture" is certainly not yet washed away. The girl is called Headtop Aneika and she stole the spot light with that "bloody big head" .. the shots at 5:36 ..., 9:30...and at 7:59 its reasons for her to continue with what she and the others does.. her antics were well appreciated..

"party like it's your birthday" is set to blow up in 2011

Busy Signal, Richie Loop and D-Majors track "party like it's your birthday" is set to blow up in 2011. Already the track is receiving high rotation in the Unites States especially in Atlanta. The track can be described as one which was designed for the cross over market and it seems the formula may work well. A soulful D-major gives the tune a melody that allows the American RnB crowd to pay attention and the hardcore stuff by Busy Signal gives it a boosting energy followed by the Richie Loops hype to cap it off.

Dec 22, 2010

Bob Marley was Poisoned?

Donisha Marley

Iv already done a few bad Marleys scenarios or two .. but three within one year is very much unacceptable. There seems to be an effort to try to out do whatever good was done by the Marleys like steven and the strong legacy of their forefather.
Now according to one report, the grand daughter of Robert Nesta Marley and daughter of Sharon Marley, said that the great reggae music icon was poisoned. This is coming from non other than Donisha Prendergast the same young lady who was involved in a sex tape thingie with Johnny.. Ragashanti right hand man. 

Dec 21, 2010

Stone Love Honour Dancehall Stalwarts for 2010

Not even the great stone love could have been spared the rath of the cops... they put an early closure to the Popular sound systems' 38th anniversary celebration last weekend in Portmore St Catherine.
The event did manage to get things off the ground, one of the special moment of the event was the honouring of some of the entertainment industry's players, and it was quite a bunch, from the King of Dancing to best Pouch selector. Renaissance who now been around the sound system for over twenty years also received a special honour. Below is the full list of awardees... again no room for Gyptian here..!!?

King of Dancing 2010 (local and international)
Ding Dong

Best Male Dancer 2010 (international)
Sample Six

Best Female Dancers (international)
Dance Xpressionz

Best Male Dancers (local)
T & T crew

Best Male Dancer (local)

Best Female Dancer (local)

Best Dance Move
Swag Team

Best New Slang
Wire-Sadiki (G Unit)

Best Portmore Dance Group
Card Unit

Best Pouch Selector
Boom Boom

Best Video Man
Jack Sour

Best New Female Artiste

Best New Male Artiste

Best Culture Artiste

Best Female Singjay

Best Male Singjay

Best Female Deejay

Best Male Deejay
Vybz Kartel

Best Female Singer
Cherine Anderson

Best Male Singer
Jah Cure

Stone Love Selector of the Year
Bill Cosby

Best Comeback Artiste
Future Fambo

Best Stone Love Promoter
Colonel (St Mary

Dec 20, 2010

Sting 2010 LIVE on the Internet

Sting 2010 will be live on the internet, it will not be for free you will have to however pay per view.
According to once you have subscribed to the online feed you will have access at showtime i.e. 8pm on December 26, 2010 to the live broadcast of STING 2010 from jamworld Portmore, Jamaica.

There is an online pre-sold access for dancehall reggae sting fans who want to secure their spot before the appointed time and after which the prices are likley to increase. According to the website prices will continue to increase until showtime thus they are urging fans to sign up now to receive a discount.

Current Price: $20.00 usd (prices will increase until show time)

You can check out the website for more details click here

Tony Rebel and Queen Ifrica had a Spat?

Queen Ifrica and Tony Rebel
It was just of couple of blogs ago we express our surprise at what had happened to Tony Rebel, we are now at a point where we are scratching our heads as we try to comprehend what is happening to the good rasta again. Right about now there is no official report in regards to the issues surrounding the Tony and his Baby Mothers. Word out there was that there was a spat between the veteran reggae artiste and is associate artiste Queen Ifrica.
Apparently there were some disagreement between the two that almost got very ugly ..but the situation was described as ugly based on things uttered by the Tony..who was also described as acting like a real Rebel. Speculations are that Queen Ifrica and Tony were/are in a relationship and is said have a child together.

Dec 19, 2010

Vybz Kartel and Pappi Diss Beenie Man in New Tune?

Kartel, according to bits and pieces of info, has replied to Beenie man's diss tracks..and has already recorded it played it at a session ...
Beenie Man who, according to him still says Gaza, has take it upon himself to diss Kartel not in vein or for a hype but as Beenie explained away in a Ragashanti interview he was deeply offended by the Kartel and has thus not only made one diss track but least two.. the former being "Father God Help Him"-- the later he didnt call his name either but the track appear to be directed at the Di Teacha ..The tune is called Suck all Yuh Madda. Click here to take a pree its on a riddim called famous.
The Kartel and Popcaan track was not available at the time of this post..but im sure b4 the day is finished it will be posted somehwere... according to a blogger a verse from the Kartel track goes
"Everybody ah look a hype off Teacha
Mi have rum sellin, cake soap selling
Popcaan and Shawn and Jahvinci career swellin
When we gonna stop?
Aint no tellin
Mi no have no visa but mi US account compelling
Me houses and mi lands are for my kids' dwellin
Me ah di Teacha so no expellin
If yu call mi di bleacha, mek sure yu have the right spelling
Mi life comfy like Dr. Scholls Gellin (laugh)
Oh Ahoe Heh heh eh eh hah ha
Ah Addi di yaadie, Stalin and Lenin
Lawd Jesus, a wey dweem???? (dead wid bloodclaat laughing)

Dec 18, 2010

Top Reggae and Dancehall Songs on Itunes

Below is a selected list of songs on the Reggae Itunes Chart..and their placing. Of note, Gyptian no longer holds the number one was some how mysteriously replaced by Matisyahu "One Day"..which has nothing to do with seanizzles production
1. One Day - Matisyahu
4. Hold You (Hold Yuh) - Gyptian
18. Just You and I - Ricky Blaze 
19. Let's Do It Again - J Boog
22. Sweat (A La La La La Long) - Inner Circle
33. I'm Drinking / Rum & Red Bull - Beenie Man & Fambo
34. Patience - Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
55. Nah Let Go - Gyptian 
61. Skip to My Luu - Serani
62. I'm OK - Beenie Man
68. Unconditional Love (feat. Phylissa) - Jah Cure
73. Clarks (feat. Popcaan & Gaza Slim) - Vybz Kartel
82. I Want to Know What Love Is - Tessanne
86. Sweet Love (Night Shift) - Busy Signal
88. Dark Skin Girl - Romain Virgo
93. Free - Etana
100. My Boy Lollipop - Millie 

Ninja Man Denied

Ninja Man ran completely out of chances for an appearance at Sting 2011. The Dj who appeared in court recently was denied bail--- the judge did not saw it fit for Desmond Ballentine and his accomplices to enter upon the streets again, at least not for the rest of this year. The reason given was that the witnesses in the case were threatened.
There will be another attempt by Ninja Man for bail on January 16th of next year.
So the sting fans who were looking forward to having the veteran dancehall music DJ appear at the show will have to wait until next year.

Mavado will be at Kartel show? Bounty Talks about Di Bleacha Teacha

Isiah Laing is still pursuing Vybz Kartel to be at his Sting show this boxing day December 27th. According to Laing money is still at the heart of the issue..however negotiations are more or less still on the under way to salvage something. According to Kartel on the other hand he will be having his own show at the Building Night Club and was suggesting that Mavado might be there as well. The ads have been indicating a special guest artiste will be at the show on the same boxing day, one would not have thought it would be Mavado
In the ER youtube clip bounty Killa also speaks about Kartels bleacha ways and did categorical stated that this is not something for the young generation to follow. According to Bounty it is not the cake soap that makes Kartel look like a zombie its perhaps the fowl pill and or some injection taken by Kartel and he should stop fool black people and all these things.
Bounty who seemed more sombre than previous occasions when talking bout Kartel also indicated that the those exorbitant fees being charged are absolutely ridiculous..and these artiste particular Kartel should refrain from charging these "unanimous fees"..Check out the video clip below

Dec 17, 2010

Buju Banton to Thank Fans

Buju Banton.. will thanking his fans supporters and well wishers at a concert dubbed Buju Banton and Friends Before the Dawn Concert. The concert is scheduled to be held at the Bayfront Park Amphitheater in downtown Miami on Sunday, January 16th, 2011 and will be featuring top Jamaican Reggae artistes such as Shaggy, Freddie McGregor, Stephen Marley, Wayne Wonder, Sly & Robbie, Gramps Morgan and much more to be announced later next week.
It was reported that indicated he is looking forward to be touching the stage once more and coming together with the masses in a spirit of togetherness, harmony, unification and solidarity.
Buju was released on bail but subjected to strict conditions was also nominated for the 6th time for a Grammy award. Buju is also awaiting his second trial in February of next year where it is expected fresh and stronger evidence may presented against the artiste.

Dec 16, 2010

Miss Ting is Pregnant?

Miss Ting
Word out is that Miss Ting is alleged to be pregnant for Flexx, one of the top acts in the Mavado lead group Gully Squad. Details are sketchy however from the picture it can clearly stated that Miss Ting is fat, and of course it was expected that this may have happened based of what we had seen earlier this year. Like DJ Spice, we are congratulating Miss Ting on her apparent pregnancy and wish her all the best. 

Dec 15, 2010


Im not sure if now is a good time to release a song like this one for Bounty Killer with his cases pending. The song is pretty much sensitive and does not sound good especially compared to a song he did in 2008 with more or less the same title "mek gal ball out"..well excluding the word "out"...thus it was called mek gyal a ball
We say this because bounty Killer over the last couple of years have been broiled in a number of incidents where he has been accused of exerting undue harm to the female species.
Listen the track can also compare to the previous track done in '08.

Dec 14, 2010

Beenie Man Tells all about Vybz Kartel fued

Beenie Man tells all about the counteraction against the Vybz Kartel song "dancehall hero" and lot more he wanted to express about addi the bleacher... check out the Ragashanti interview with Beenie Man
Ragashanti Live with guest Beenie Man Tuesday, December 14, 2010 by jamaicanman876

60,000 fans Energised Busy Signal

Busy Signal
Recently there were talks about crowd pull, which artiste can pull 50 to 1000 people to an event. The Jamaican population is at a fraction when compared to the Jamaican connection overseas, not to mention Africa.
Jamaican dancehall DJ Busy Signal performed in Gambia on Saturday, December 11, his first in an African country and according to reports there were over fifty thousand (50K) people in the stadium and another ten thousand (10K) that could not get inside the venue. It was also reported that Busy Signal and his band energised by the loud screams and cheers from the crowd had a bit of a delay getting to the venue due to security conformation, eventually put on a stella performance that lasted for under four hours leaving the 60K strong asking for more.
Way to go Busy Signal...way to go..

Dec 13, 2010

Kym Formerly Gaza Kym still Making a come back

Kim Hamilton formerly known as Gaza Kim is making a come back.. after that devastating departure from the Portmore Empire some time ago. The artiste is making music with PAYDAY production team, an alliance crew affiliated group. Kim who was more than roughed up by personnel from the Gaza Camp had vouched to diversify her association and was very much interested in working with the likes of Bounty Killer. She has had a few releases but nothing to keep her in the now, in this fresh production she is hoping that things should improve in 2011. The track is said to be release in January of next year.. check it out

Dec 11, 2010

Mavado wanted $3 Mil and Kartel $4 Mil for Sting?

Sting Poster 2010
There are reports indicating that Vybz Kartel and Mavado wanted "exorbitant fees" for their appearance at Sting 2010 and might have lead, to the artiste not booked to the show...among other things. According to the report was expressed by Laing that Mavado the gully god wanted $3million and Vybz Kartel wanted $4million Jamaican dollars..
Check out the Sting 2010 Poster ...which features the 13 Warriors and the 13 Bad Gyals..
BTW ..why is Sean Paul never on Sting?

Beenie Man Diss Vybz Kartel on the EFX RIDDIM

Beenie Man joined the "bash the freak line" when he stood up for what is right and expressed his opinion about what Vybz Kartel said in that Dancehall Hero song. In this song Kartel indicated among other things that he was the one who bring certain phrases to the current dancehall table and that he cant do anything with out any artiste not copying his style etc... Well Beenie Man is saying that these phrases that Kartel claim is his are entrenched jamaican culture and thus had no right to do so..and Beene himself prefer not to change his appaerance with cake soap or otherwise..
You can hear the track @ 4:15 ,,, a Zip Fm radio abstract... 

Dec 10, 2010

Kartel says No Sting But Laing Says otherwise

Isaiah Laing says Vybz Kartel, Sting and Laing are like brothers... Kartel will be at Sting..  Whilst Kartel is saying that he will be in The Building come December 26th.. and perhaps the only Kartel that will be at Sting this year is Food Kartel. Laing further indicated in a report that it might be situation where Vybz Kartel may join Beenie Man and Bounty Killer on stage.
We are not too sure who to believe here..its has to boil down to who has more credibility. Who usually keeps his word... Im not too sure here who is worst,, but I may put my money on Laing.. time will tell

Dec 9, 2010

Which Ras a EAT out di girl? Not Mavado

Who deh seh eating out dat girl like he been starved for a number of years..No its not Gyptian and certainly NOT Mavado ..although it may closely resemble him, the man is no long distance nyamma according to his fans..LOL. It dont look like I-Octane either all we certain of he look like a rass a have breakfast, lunch and dinner on meat weh nuh cook...I understand its a man called Byron Long.
Click here to take a pree of whats happening

Dec 8, 2010

There will BE Clashing at Sting 2010

Sting Poster Launch Launch 2010.. this is a synopsis as to what is expected at sting 2010 at least in the early rounds. The clip features artiste like Nesbeth, Toya, Mumzel, Reggae Queen... yeah .Reggae Queen and Face had a bit of a 'Face-off' at the launch check it out at the 39th minute. Though Face seem to be more interested in Macka Diamond and Queen Paula who were referred to as analogue DJ's.. by Reggae Queen

Sting 2010 a No No for Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel
Although I've never heard Vybz Kartel says that he is not bleaching.. that does not make him one who always speaks the truth...I wont drill down for any evidence of misguidance that he has provided over the years but if we are taking it as he says it is, he wont be performing at Sting 2010..but he will be in the Building at Knustford Blvd in New Kingston on December 26th. It could be all hot air for now, December 26th is a couple of 24hrs away ..Laing need some element of hype around his show just the same.. but not necessarily one that would trigger something similar to what happened to ZJ Liquid's show "wet"..where there were more space than patrons.
Though Mavado and Kartel had very strong showing in 2010...the likes of Khago, I-Octane, Beenie Man and Bounty Killer should bring enough youth and experience to keep the fans satisfied....we'll see

I-Octane Taurus Riley Vybz Kartel etc to Give Solid Performance - with Red Stripe

The alcoholic beverages are once again stepping up to the plate and using dancehall raggae as the platform for their brand. We saw the telecumminication company jossling to use the top acts in the business to promote their product, now Red Stripe Bold is being bold ..stepping up to the plate to make an impact for themselves.
On December 12 top dancehall and reggae acts will be a part of a show in New Kingston dubbed Red Stripe Bold Concert, launching their "Standout Campaign". What will make this show different is that it contains artiste such as I-Octane, Taurus Riley, Lady Saw, Vybz Kartel and Cham, who are described outstanding acts that have made a big impact on the local music industry. This will be ths first in a series of shows and will feature fashion talent and entertainment icons.
It is being reported that Vybz Kartel will make an effort to do something different for the show.. he indicated that he ".. plan to give the fans a solid 45-minute set, "No 'pull up dat, after a few seconds in each song, but rather a complete two-to-three-minute journey into each lyric which is seldom seen in dancehall performances. Just clean, tolerant lyrics, so fans can come out and bring the students to the see the teacher. Oh!"

Dec 7, 2010

Red Bull Enters Jamaican Music Industry

Miss Jamaica 2009 Carolyn Yapp poses with Red Bull cans
Im not sure why red bull choose Jamaica to build its latest multimillion dollar music studio. They have already built studios in the US, New Zealand and in the UK (developed nations ..yah!!)... One can only speculate that they choose Jamaica because Jamaican artiste have been calling up red bull's name in riddim and in song over the past couple of years. The Seanizzle, Fambo and Beenie Man production seem to have been the trigger that resulted in Red Bull deciding to build a $25 Million dollar studion in Kingston, Jamaica... the strangest thing about this studio is that, it will be free and available to selected local musicians through invitations as well as being available to international acts that might be in the island and require a modern studio to use.
The studio is expected to be ready by February of 2011and will be an environmentally friendly one... the long and short of it is that it will serve as a back drop to Red Bull general marketing and promotions.
The studio could pose a problem to current industry players though, since the service is being offered for free, although its on an invitation basis... it could be a cause for concern for those who garner revenue through such means.

Liquid Show Wet - Flopped

ZJ Liquid
ZJ Liquid.. one of the most popular and one of the most suspended radio disc jock kept his long awaited birthday show "Wet" over the weekend. The show was finally kept at the Caymanas Gulf Club after it faced several cancellation due to act of God. This time the show went on-- however the crowd turn out was meagre. This can be clearly tagged to the fact that the first two scheduled events did not get under way due to the inclement weather conditions and patrons were quite weary that the gods are not on Liquid's side and hence decided not to show up. The celebrities did however turned up and the sound selection team filled that void that was created by the absentee patrons.
I just found it strange that the name of the show is WET put on by LIQUID was WASHED out twice by RAIN....  Liquid you need fi bill a tune off a that!!... Liquid is on a high with his current tune "wifey walk out" on seanizzle's riddim

Mavado Will Not Be at Sting 2010?

Mavado's Management team is indicating that the SinJ will be missing this years Sting.. the greatest one night reggae show in the world. Word is that Mavado is still upset about his show not getting off the ground recently ..and are making plans to have a show on the same night as Sting 2010. According to reports promoter of sting Mr. Laing indicated that Mavado and Vybz Kartel cannot pull one thousand people to his show.. and the likes of Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Sizzla, Khago and I-octane will garner the major crowd support. Laing acknowledged that Mavado will not be at the show
Speculations are that Laing was to help facilitate the permit for Mavado's show but this did not materialise and thus could be a part of the motives behind what is happening. The Real McKoy Birthday Bash was cancelled due to the permit being revoked by the relevant authorities. Mavado's team had exerted expenses for the promotion of the show and had to apologise to his sponsors and his fans.
This show to be kept on December 26th could be considered as the make show for the Birthday Bash event

Gyptian Out ..But Not in For Grammy

Gyptian is out of the Hospital... and perhaps ready to go once again. The singer who has been rocking the charts with the hit track "Hold Yuh".. broke down over his marathon tour of Europe and Africa. The show he had scheduled for Barbados over the weekend had to be cancelled because he was suffering from dehydration and dizziness and according to reports should be ready for business next week.
Gyptian who had copped the MOBO and Soul Train 2010 awards in the best reggae song category was not nominated for any Grammy.. leaving industry pundits to wonder...
The 2011 Reggae Grammy nominees... described as Category 73 ie. Best Reggae Album
Vocal or Instrumental includes the usual such as Lee "Scratch" Perry ...The nominees were annouced last week are as follows...

Buju Banton
[Gargamel Music, Inc.]

Gregory Isaacs & King Isaac
[King Isaac Music]

Lee "Scratch" Perry
[Megawave Records]

Bob Sinclair And Sly & Robbie
[Yellow Productions/Universal Music France]

Sly & Robbie And The Family Taxi
[Phase One Communications/Taxi Records]

Andrew Tosh
[Box10/Tuff Gong]

Dec 6, 2010

Let Bounty Be Free To Fly

Bounty Killer aka Rodney Price
Bounty Killa who has been in the court room more often than a judge these days .. is now free to fly. The DJ was given his traveling documents last week after an application by his attorney Christopher Townsend. The Five Star General aka Poor People Governor was stripped of his traveling documents following the infamous incident between himself and the young model and university student whom he allegedly hammered. Bounty Killer aka Rodney Price who still does not have the ability to travel to the United States at the moment has a number of shows lined up in the Caribbean and Italy over the Christmas season...
Bounty worries continues in January of next year when the case re the hammering would be up for mention.

Dec 5, 2010

Vybz Kartel to Sell Gaza T -Shirts?

Vybz Kartel and Popcaan with GAZA T-shirt
It seems that ..Kartel is not planning on letting up on the Business side of his empire any time soon. The DJ who has been without a visa for the last half of the decade has been seeking alternative means (i.e. other than the Jamaican Club market in the US and UK) to an generate income... Vybz Kartel and his empire is not a fancy for most Jamaican promoters and are rarely featured on local stage shows due to pass incidents and current stigma.
So it comes as no surprise for the DJ and his partner to engage in Street Vybz Rum, the Building night club, condom production and now he is apparently venturing into apparel.
This time though the nature of the current venture will perhaps have problems with a Patent... the term Gaza is very much universal and has a political and biblical conflict issues attached to it.. to stamp the name on the shirt and say its yours at some point will go beyond intellectual property rights... The plight of the people in the middle east and the music that potmore empire puts out.. really does not have much in common apart from being the under dogs in their particular jurisdictions..
Good luck with this one w h i t e m a n... we looking to see the 'cake soap type clarks' next....what ever is necessary.. the Benz must be paid for...

Dec 4, 2010

Gyptian coudnt Hold on to His Health

Gyptian ..apparently lost the grip on his health recently when he was rushed to the hospital after suffering from dehydration. Gyptian ..not so fresh off a 60 day European and African tour was told by a doctor to get some rest. According to reports the Reggae artiste persisted on completing a number of shows while not feeling up to scratch ... which resulted in stomach pains and dizziness.
Gyptian is making the most of the Hold Yuh era.. making all the hay while the sun shine, the side effect thus being sacrificing his health. Gyptian reportedly apologies to his Bajan fans for a show that he will be missing there...and at the same time making plans with the promoters for a new show date.
This is the second time for the year Gptian has been hospitalised, earlier this year the artiste fell off his bike sustain minor cuts and bruises

Ninja Man wants To Be at Sting 2010

Ninja Man
Ninja Man is making yet another attempt to be at Sting 2010... another bail hearing is set for December 15... this is the latest for Ninja Man and his lawyers in trying to see if the veteran DJ can be released just for the sting show. Now seeing that Buju Banton got a bligh... then chances are the "gold teeth front teeth don gorgon" is pressing his luck.. though its a completely different jurisdiction, nature of charges and circumstances.
Ninja Man has not performed at Sting since 2008 and has reportedly expressed that he wish to be at this year's event. It will reside with the judge to determine his release.

Buju should be Smiling this Christmas

Ho..Ho Ho... how what a merry christmas Buju Banton is gonna be having comparison to how things look a couple of weeks ago...
The Reggae artiste will be allowed to perform.. Buju was granted permission to perform at a live show in Miami in a few weeks. This was due to the appeal by Buju's attorney after they provided an affidavit from the security company detailing that Buju will be "secured" by at least half a dozen security guards while he is at the concert. It was just last week that the judge denied Buju the request to perform on the basis that his financial situation does not exceed the risk of him escaping...
The money from the concert will help to offset Buju expenses associated with his legal team and bail conditions.
Another reason why Buju will be merry this Christmas is that he was nominated for best Reggae Album that being "Before the Dwan". ..for the 2011 Grammy Awards... Other nominees include Andrew Tosh, Sly and Robbie, Lee Scratch Perry and the late Gregory Isaacs ...perhaps one of Gregory's widow will represent him at the Grammy's.... Buju awaits the start of the retrial which should commence in February 2011.
Check out of Buju latest release.. tune called "Things a Come Up"

Which is THe Dancehall Song of the Year 2010?

It is being asked ..which songs is the song of the year?.. im not sure myself which is the best but I can only tell you .what i prefer... The criteria is which impacts on me more than the other and has to do the with the melody, riddim, lyrical content and delivery of the song. Im not sure what you would base your pick on but some of the later should be apart of it..
Now the me selected songs

Beenie Man & Fambo - Redbull
Khago - Nah Sell Out
Vybz Kartel, Popcaan & Slim - Clarks
Gyptian - Hold Yuh
Vybz Kartel - Clarks Pt2
Mavado - Stulla
Mavado - Messiah
Jah Cure & Phylisia - Unconditional Love
I-Octane - My Life 123
Shawn Storm - My Life

Perhaps there is more to be added to the list,, but right now those are the songs that are up there for song of the year for me...
My pick is the Beenie Man track alongside Fambo ..Redbull..

Nov 28, 2010

Cell Phone Companies Goes all out With Dancehall

LIME.. the telecommunications company is going all out this christmas, dancehall style, to try and regain some market share in the fight against Digicel and Claro. Dancehall music seem to be the medium through which the battle has reached for the cell phone companies. The companies have used dancehall artiste to promote their products this time round. LIME has up it up a bit when they their commercial included top acts such as Mavado, Beenie Man, Cecile and Elephant Man, the company also went gaza as Vybz Kartel ft Russian straight jeans and fitted to LIME products. The other cell phone companies Digicel add features I-Octane, Tifa and Ding Dong whilst Claro is ridding high on Seanizzle's swaggarific riddim with the likes of Mr G...
Sting 2010 this year will be sponsored by LIME .. this is a big commitment by the company showing that it has confidence in Dancehall music to facilitate a mutual exchange that will help both parties, however to what extent? one does not really know.

Nov 27, 2010

The top 10 Jamaican dancehall songs in Jamaica...

The top Jamaican dancehall songs in Jamaica...

10.  In loving Memories - gwhizz

9.  My life - i-octane

8.  Realest Meds - Konshens

7.  Stulla - Mavado

6.  Nah sell out  pt 2 - Khago

5.  Dumper Truck - Vybz Kartel

4.  My life - Shawn Storm

3.   Messiah - Mavado

2.  Jim Schreechy - Spice

1. Stronger - Bounty Killer, Cham and Mykal Rose

Nov 25, 2010

Vybz Kartel Steps Up To A BENZ?

Kartel in di Benz
Word out is that the most talked about artiste.. and perhaps the most despised from various factions in the Jamaican dancehall music fraternity, Vybz Kartel has gotten himself a brand new ride... no ordinary ride it is. It is said to be a S-Class Mercedes Benz the 2009 version.. and thus perhaps not brand new.
It is not certain as to whether the ride is completely paid for as yet..however bloggers are come Kartel has his Benz and Elephants' and Bounty Killers Range Rover are still pounded!! Can the street Vybz Rum be selling that well? with a $12 million dollar price tag...and of course there is the expression that Kartel is perhaps nit investing in his kids as he ought to...
There are comments saying that the DJ does not care much for Jamaica and is deemed selfish..this was counteracted along the line that he might be the only DJ in history that employs 50 people through his Street Vybz Rum factory production. One thing is for sure is that if he got that kind of money we know that he just might invest in a cake soap and AC factory further contributing to the nations economy and his ascension from the dark into the light.

Nov 24, 2010

Khago Blowing up the Charts

 Khago has blown up this year with the hit tune "Nah Sell Out" and the few other tracks he has released he has been on the seen since this year, including "nah sell out part2" the most recent being "Want a Search" in collaboration with Beenie man. It has been reported that Khago is now enjoying some good times on the charts around the world, the tune "nah sell out" is said to be number 1 on MTV Africa, the BBC Radio Dancehall chart and is also said to be Number 1 in Japan and Greneda.
Khago is currently busy working in the studios on some new material and is expected to be a number of shows in the christmas season.
Congrats Khago.. keep up the good work.. more Blessing rasta!!

Etana will Release "Free"


Things are going quite smoothly for the Jamaican reggae diva Etana. Etana recently returned from a successful European tour and is bubbling with delight ever since she got married earlier this year. Etana is expected to release a digital EP through VP records, the Ep will be called "Free"...this digital EP is expected to be released by December 7th of 2010. The full album called "Free Expressions" is expected to be released in February of 2011 under the jurisdiction of VP Records.
Please go support Etana people ..not because the ablum name free.. so support good music..

Nov 23, 2010

Aidonia Diss Vybz Kartel in New Song

Top Jamaican DJ Aidonia has made it clear that he is willing and able to clash the likes of Vybz Kartel. The DJ has released a new track called "Nuh Par Wid" on the Tables Turn Riddim produced by Romiech Records. The DJ didn't call vybz Kartel name but from the subliminal content it was obvious who was the target.. with lines like ..."unnu a hol di wrong vybz from da rum deh" ..."u mr bleach face"
The fans of clash music and those representing JOP., the Aidonia affiliated music group, that Vybz Kartel will take the time out and respond because tis the season for such activities, even though Isaiah Laing indicated there will be no clash at sting this year. Dancehall as a culture over the years has always had this element to it

Nov 20, 2010

Portmore Empire Duss Medley

Vybz Kartel some how never seem to let up when it comes on to his music production... though its a lot of wasted stuff that shouldn't have come out.. the artiste is perhaps in a mode of serving it while things are hot. Jah Cure is not too amused about the volume of junk being thrown on the market these days the artiste who is enjoying a good stint indicated that the people need to focus one or two good tunes out there and artistes in general should take their time and make quality music... as this seem to be a dying tradition on the Jamaican music landscape now being gobbled up by foreign acts.
This Duss Medley is not too bad.. here we see the resurrection of Jah-Vince and inclusion of the likes of Maxwell in the Portmore/Gaza Empire...
Check out the medley... its not bad ... but Whit man Kartel need a tan ...jah know rasta...cho!!

Nov 19, 2010

Beenie Man didnt Show UP

Beenie Man

Beenie Man exposed his disrespect for the judicial system when he didn't turn up for trial on Wednesday in relation to the assault on LA Lewis. The fact that its 'LA Lewis' who can be described as a nut case is pressing the charges against the Grammy Winning reggae artiste, ... Beenie perhaps deem this as a waist of his time.
The trial is rescheduled for January 5 in the coming new year.

Zebra will be Caged for 30 years

The Jamaican dancehall artiste called Zebra otherwise known as Garfield Vassell will be caged for the next 30 years with hard labour. The artise was found guilty for buggering and assualting his 14 year old step daughter.
Zebra has been this kind of monster for years and we have given ideas of what to do with this beast... We don't know for sure after he comes out in the year 2040 that he might continue along the same line.. I would hate say I told you so...
On Tuesday the artiste was found guilty of the first count of rape and sentenced on Friday in the St. Catherine Circuit Court to 20 years and on the second count of buggery which he received a sentence of 10 ten years, hard labour was tagged to the years.

Nov 16, 2010

Confirmed --NO CLASH at STING 2010

Isaiah Laing Sting Promoter
The promoter of what can be described as the greatest one night dancehall reggae show on earth has indicated that the show, for this year, will be shifting from the traditional format where clashes would be the main course of the evening. Sting 2010 will be subjected to a number of collaborations, love, peace, unity and general friendliness willbe promoted-- something like a Reggae Sumfest perhaps.
Sting promoter Isaiah Laing says he has surprises in store foe the fans of the event and this will not be divulged until the sting launch on November 23rd. Included in the sting package this year would be grouped scenarios like comedy hour, 13 bad girls of sting, 13 Warriors of sting, spotlight and disc jocks.
Great expense and effort will be enforced for the security at the event and Laing indicated step will also be taken to eliminate the drawn out segments of the programme and condensing it in a nice little entertaining package.

Nov 15, 2010

Mavado no longer a gangster for life

I say Mavado is no longer a ganster for life. This maybe due to the fact that he has been making efforts to indicate that he is a "good boy" and this image of a good boy was what was taken from him..when he was recently briefly detained. David Brooks was deemed a "bad boy"--a "gangster"---for life even.. But then the big wigs pulled the plug ..rendering the beast vulnerable, hungry and cold. He yearns for the warmth of access to the market that could yield him a sustinance that could fixate to his pension fund and the upkeep of his real estate...a
The dutty babylon lock the good good artiste for a day with that guy called addi di teacha.. in the same cell !!?..and in the process taint him of wrong doing he has absolutely nothing to do with. This completely eradicate the very rooot of the what he and his management team was trying to achieve..
In a recent report the number one singj in Jamaica indicated that his recent string of hits is a testament to his good behaviour, tunes like - nine lives, messiah, coming soon..etc and also contributing to social life by building a library and donating computers to learning institutions..and of course some peace treaty pact with the Portmore Empire don.. Kartel.
Mavado is now considering legal action against the authorities for perhaps making him look like a gangster for life once again, or for the night he spent in the cell.
Sue dem baxide yess...

Nov 14, 2010

$5 Million Dollar fine for Payola

Payola is the practice of paying  the player of the music usually a radio disc jock a lump sum to play a particular piece of music, giving it special attention, wheel-ups, wheel and come agains as well as making extra mention of the its production and how the tune bad ans so on and so forth
There will be in the near future a punishment of up to JA$5 Million for persons who act as mercenaries when it comes on to playing music on the nations airwaves. The Jamaican Broadcast Commission is taking steps to enact laws to expel the practice. Payola is nothing new and is always seem to be a taboo topic in the radio industry. For sound system selectas these days no-one is too sure what's the motive for playing a tune more often than the other, is it the selectas affiliation to a group, the selectas being threatened or crowd demand or the plain and simple that tracks are played because they are pleasing to the ear.

Nov 13, 2010

Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae Songs in Jamaica right NOW

The top Ten song in jamaica ... according to the polls

10. Dumpa truck - Vybz Kartel
9. Stulla - Mavado
8. Jim Screechie - Spice
7. Hard Way - Ikaya
6. Walk and Wine - ZJ Liquid
5. The hammer - Andrew and Wadda Blood
4. Wild Fire - Taurus Riley
3. Dread - Proteje
2. Cake Soap - Vybz Kartel
1. Nah Sell Out pt.2 - Khago

Nov 12, 2010

Vybz Kartel the Jacko Wacko of Dancehall Music

Rock music ..heavy metal is perhaps one of the most extreme in terms of the dress code and culture of the chracters of all the genre of music. Micheal Jackson was so often called Jacko..and quickly and very easily coined as WACKO.. simply because he was dysfuntional, his skin tone, plastic surgery and lifestyle all had to do with it he represents pop music.

Now the Jamaican dysfuntional artiste, the wacko jacko of Jamaican dancehall music.. Vybz Kartel has added a few more tattoos and gotten a hell of a lot lighter in tone... He is very much coined a freak at times and has to do with the fact that its not easy on the eyes at all... parentel discretion is advised before looking at Vybz Kartel these days... he is more or less unrecognisable..and way beyond scrawny.

Gyptian Wins Soul Train Award 2010

Congratulations to the new Jamaican music star Gyptian for winning the Soul Train award. The entertainer copped the Best Reggae Artiste award beating the likes of Junior Gong, Vybz Kartel and Gramps Morgan. Gyptian recently took the MOBO awards and is still enjoying the popularity and sales from the 'Hold Yuh' song. Gyptian is expected on tour with diva Mary J Blige in the UK at the end of November.
The soul train award is expected to be aired on BET on the 28th, where fans can perhaps get a view of Gyptian's performance at the show.

Gregory Isaacs Closer to Home

Click Here To Read More

Vybz kartel and Mavado closer to home

Kartel and Mavado
Vybz Kartel  and Mavado are very much more closer to home this evening as there were released this afternoon after being question by the police. This after the two were held over night for questioning on the next day ..with no charge, which became the axis on which the lawyers succeeded in releasing the DJ/SingJ and SingJ.
These guys are very much not concious that these are the sort of things that affect their visa status. The more legal trouble they get themselves in the greater there chances of not getting their visa and denying there fans in the lucrative markets a good chance to see them.
I don't know if they were called persons of interest solely on the basis that they are have some kind of "Don" status in the areas where the troubles flares, i.e. in Big Yard and Cassava Piece. Kartel appear to be more dysfunctional than Mavado perhaps with reasons he was held for about two weeks earlier this year under the same suspicion and something tells me they not finish with this Cake-Soap-Guy 

Nov 11, 2010

Buju Banton closer to home

Buju Banton
Buju Banton should be eating a more decent meal these days because he is in his Florida home. His family can now get to see him. There is perhaps a dilemma as the reggae artiste does not have a US visa however it not the prerogative of the state to expunge the artiste. So it is expected that immigration officials will not pursue Buju Banton on immigration grounds, however just incase he escapes then there is the GPS tracking device.. and if he reaches far, closer to home then the waiver on extradiction intends to make it far more efficient to apprehend the artise.

Nov 10, 2010

Kartel and Mavado in Jail Together

Mavado and Vybz Kartel are both locked up in jail since they turned themselves in today. This is after they were described as persons of interest in matters surrounding the death of two men in the Big Yard community as well as a number incidents that have taken place in both the Big Yard and Cassava Piece communities.
Its not certain at this time if the artiste are in the same jail cell together or if Kartel is in the in the same jail cell that he spent two weeks in at the height of the State of Emergency earlier this year.
The artistes will be interviewed tomorrow in the presents of their attorneys...
This will certainly be more material to sing about...  chances are none of these entertainers will be implicated, to the disappointment of Ninja Man..cause at least he would have had company for the Christmas .

Buju Banton FREE

Free at last Free at last thank god almight Buju Banton is free for the moment. After spending over a year in a Florida State jail Jamaican Dancehall Reggae star Buju Banton walked a slightly free man today. Buju will be free to visit his lawyers and his doctor and will be staying at his Florida home. There is no word yet as to when he will be available for interviews ...chances are he will not be able to participate in any revenue generating event, nor any event deem to be in breach of his bail conditions. His lawyers are now preparing for the next trial said to begin in February 2011.
I dont know after this I think Buju Banton should trim dem locks and stop smoking weed as punishment for getting himself in this mix up in the first place.

Nov 9, 2010

Bounty set for Trial in 2011

Bounty Killer

While Mavado and Vybz Kartel remain wanted until they turn up tomorrow for questioning, the man that was instrumental in their musical careers, Bounty Killer, has his share of troubles pushed further in 2011 for resolution and closer.
The case relating to him zapping and hammering a 19 year old young lady appear to be in limbo as the young lady did not turn up today for the hearing and had indicated the last time that she wish to drop the charges against the DJ and enter into some form of Mediation. The case will be recalled January 11, 2011 whilst the other case pending for Bounty was set forward to March of 2011.

Vybz Kartel and Mavado wanted ..

Reports are that top Jamaican entertainers Vybz Kartel and Mavado are wanted by the police as persons of interest for incidents which apparently occurred in the Big Yard and Cassava Piece communities, this according to an Observer Report.
THE St Andrew North police have tonight (November 9) named dancehall deejays Vybz Kartel and Mavado as persons of interest.

Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adijah Palmer and Mavado, whose name is David Brooks are wanted by investigators to face interviews in relation to recent crimes committed in the division.

Police say Kartel wields considerable influence in a community known as 'Big Yard' while Mavado hails from a nearby community of Cassava Piece and is very influential there.

Last week Friday evening two men – 26-year-old Randal White otherwise called 'Troy' and Kevon Brown, 23 – both of Big Yard addresses were shot dead On Mannings Hill Road near the entrance to Big Yard.

Investigators said the double murder was the result of an internal conflict in Big Yard and named the two dead men as suspects in a number of shootings that took place in the area. The police said even though they were well known in Big Yard no one was seen mourning at the crime scene.

Palmer and Brooks are to report to the Constant Spring Police Station by 3:00 pm tomorrow.

Nov 8, 2010

Serani Skips to the top with Lou

If it is the case that because Serani is already an established act on the international scene..well mostly in the United States, that his version of the Skip to my Luu is now on rotation on Hot 97 and steadily climbing the charts ..including the reggae itunes chart.
I will admit that my favourite Skip to my Luu was on the baheba riddim by don corleone, tune was done by Voicemail. QQ's version was not so bad either and of course the worst one for me was Serani's version. Well I guess what is annoyance to me is someone else's sweet music... Dont get me wrong I am perhaps one of the few that appreciates Serani's material... but of all the tracks this one is the one that is doing well.
Credit must be given to Serani he has broken into the US market, however mediocre it maybe at this time.., and doing whatever is necessary to stay on top ..even when it means he has to sing for free... it is slowly but apparently working nicely for him.

The "Marley Image" Slightly Scratched

Ms Sharon Marley should be attending court today to answer to charges that she allegedly was cruel to a minor.
This is the second daughter of Marley to be implicated in wrong doing in recent times. Though Steven was instrumental in facilitating bail for Buju Banton, his siblings according to some has somewhat tarnish the "Marley image"-- at least a bit. .. I dont know but this has left the The "Marley Image" Slightly Scratched.

Nov 7, 2010

'Recent Dancehall Reggae' Tunes on Reggae iTunes Chart

'Recent Dancehall Reggae' Tunes on Reggae iTunes Chart

Noticeable on itunes reggae chart this week is CeCile's 'Woot Woot' doing fairly well placing (technically) second to Gyptian as the 'Recent Jamaican Artiste' on the chart. The Don Corleon influence on J Boog material has resulted in a feeding frenzy by the fans he has two pieces on there. Serani's "No Games" is like staple on the chart and is expected to remain there even longer than his latest entry "Skip to my Luu" under both VP Records and Rockstone Media/Phase One copyright. Seanizzle's production "I'm Drinking Red Bull" with Beenie Man and Fambo sits pretty at number 39 on the charts....and its climbing. The Marley family usually represent well, and need to be represented these days on their own label. As with the case with Vybz Kartel straight jeans and Fitted copping out at number 100, the track copyright says Adeijaheim/Notnice although it was produced by Russian from Head Concussion.

1. Hold You (Hold Yuh) - Gyptian
11. Waiting On the Rain - J Boog 
23. Let's Do It Again - J Boog 
25. Nah Let Go - Gyptian 
26. Woot Woot - CeCile 
32. No Games - Serani 
39. I'm Drinking / Rum & Red Bull - Beenie Man & Fambo
50. Like I See It (Club) - Jah Cure, Rick Ross & Mavado 
58. Skip to Ma Luu (feat. Ding Dong) - Serani 
60. Skip to My Luu - Serani
62. Romping Shop (Raw Version) - Vybz Kartel & Spice 
67. Shake It (feat. Lady Saw) - Michael Franti & Spearhead 
92. Two Places - Shaggy & Hezron 
96. I Love You Too (feat. Rita Marley & Cedella Marley) - Ziggy Marley 
98. My Generation - Nas, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, Lil Wayne & Joss Stone 
100. Straight Jeans and Fitted (Raw) - Vybz Kartel

Nov 5, 2010

Ryno Recovers and Apologises

Blak Ryno recently had a mishap along Waltham Park Road resulting in bruises and perhaps had what could be described as a near death experience. Due to this incident Ryno was not able to honour his European tour as scheduled. The SingJ has had his head examined since the incident and was determined to be on the recovery. It was reported that Ryno apologised to his fans on the European circuit for the shows were originally scheduled to start November 23. The new tour is tentatively set for February 2011.
Ryno who is still somewhat suffering from not only his recent scars from the Bike accident last month but also the severing of ties from his old affiliate Portmore Empire.. it can heard in one of his latest production called Seh Dem A Friend
check out the clip

Buju Banton wants Family for X-Mas

According to reports Jamaican reggae star could be on the road as early as next week after the Judge rejected the appeal from the prosecution to stop Buju's bail. Reports are also indicating that the bail bond for Buju has increased to US$300,000 with the defence team also putting up a US$25,000 for the security bond.
Under the conditions of the bail it is required that Buju sign a waiver for extradition, be subjected to 24-hour security surveillance, undergo random drug screening and he is also expected to be attached a GPS ankle tracking Device.
Buju second trial was rescheduled for February next year giving the singer enough time to apply for bail and spend some time with his family, friends and well wishers. According to Buju's lawyer the artiste has expressed strong interest that he wants to spend the Christmas with his family.

Vybz Kartel dissed/corrected Name

Kartel was dissed again, which is nothing new these days, but what is strange about this one is that the artiste who he did it didn't ID himself which we found quite weird as all artiste does want some popularity, the in the song refers to himself as name. Then we are left to speculate that this guy is not in for the fame he is apparently upset that Vybz Kartel has made false statements in his songs and is intended to make a correction and made it clear that it is not a counteraction. The artiste expressed disgust at Kartel's negative impacts on the music industry, from the shirt, the skin to the signing of the compassionate act contract.
Check out the tune..

Nov 3, 2010

Lysa Hype and Beenieman - Nuh Stress Mi Out - Official Video

Since Beenie Man visa ban earlier this year the DJ has stepped up the pace of his record production. His latest hit is the tune called Nuh Stess Mi Out featuring Lisa Hype. The official video features the tunes "out and clean" and "nuh stress mi out", the video was directed by Janelle Dyer. Its a nice clean production, nothing excessive in there but I couldn't help noticing that Lisa Hype was never in a scene with Beenie Man when the "Nuh Stress Mi Out" combination started. One has to wonder if Beenie is subduing any potential backlash that might occur due to Lisa's passed association, not with Portmore Empire but that now famous scene with her and the "mic" in her mouth.

Nov 2, 2010

Busy Signal and Twins of Twins at War

Busy Signal and Twins of Twins are apparently at War on wax that is. It was recently that Busy Signal expressed his disgust with the Twins for their apparent milking of the "Gary Issue". Now they both did a dublate for cash money sound system and they went all out... take a pree from the youtube clip

Nov 1, 2010

Buju Banton Trial set for February 2011

When the trial of Buju Banton recently ended up in a hung jury and was declared a mistrial, there was a declaration for a retrial in December 2010, the application for his bail more or less hit a brick wall. Buju was granted bail but was hit with some unrealistic conditions that has lead to the Jamaican artiste to be still being in jail up to this time.
Recent reports are now indicating that the retrial is now pushed back to February of 2011 at the request of Banton's lawyer.