Apr 29, 2009

Kartel Banned... Aidonia Copied

The Government of Grenada recently denied the leader of the Portmore Empire a work permit. This is on the basis of the possibility of lewd and crewed music that could be given to the folks on the island for consumption. The speculations are that Grenada has some vendetta since the 1983 invasions but you can rest a sure that this is not the case. Click Here To Read More

Apr 22, 2009

Lysa and the Daseca 'Hype'

There are indications that the alliance affiliated production team Daseca is in the initial stages of lyrical confrontational with a member of the old nemesis group Portmore Empire. Well to be more precise Lysa Hype apparently disrespected the Daseca team in a tune she recently voiced on the 'dollar sign riddim' called "That Dem Gone To". Click Here to Read More

Apr 20, 2009

'Dumplin Shop' Lovindeer's Cover of Rampin Shop

Lovindeer can be crowned the Al Yankovic of dancehall music, as the man who takes serious 'serious tunes' and turn them into a fun filled package. The latest work of art from Lovindeer is a tune called 'Dumplin Shop' a spin off from the controversial tune 'Rampin Shop' done by Kartel and Spice. Rampin Shop was draped up internationally by officials from the Ne-Yo camp due the use of the 'miss independent riddim' and then the song further triggered actions on the local level causing the Broadcasting Commission (BC) in Jamaica to ban on all lewd music on radio and television, edited or not edited, slightly suggestive even. Since then 'Rampin Shop' have been redone twice, once for the riddim to be edited and then edited to remove bleeps and the suggestive content.

The tune by Lovindeer, as ususal, grabs the opportunity of popularity of the song and the need for witty creativity that the BC has now forced the artiste to produce due to the ban on the
edited lewd lyrics.

Lovindeer_Ft_Mama_Tia_-_Dumplin_Shop.mp3 -

Lovinder's version have been criticised, mostly on a low keyed level, of its suggestive nature of oral sex in particular. I am not sure why the BC has not picked up on that one yet .. perhaps its not lewd enough.
Its gives chuckles if you are that jovial .. and as with most of Lovindeer cover songs you cant take them too seriously. But no doubt this ought to be found funny...

Apr 17, 2009

ZumJay Chooses US Army over Dj-ing

ZumJay joined the US Army recently and perhaps will be heading into battle soon..
It was recently reported that the former DJ.. indicated there is no pension to be had nor sufficient financial support within the music industry at this time and it would be a safer bet to get involved in activities that would facilitate these kind of benefits. The DJ indicated he has a daughter and he wishes to send her to college and thus depending on sound system selectors and disc jocks in the industry to help make that happen is not the road he wishes to trod any longer. Click Here to Read More

Apr 12, 2009

More Albums to Come ...Buju Diss the President?

There are quite a few albums scheduled to be released between now and the end of the year and a lot of artiste will be keeping their fingers crossed that things will improve in the global economy and thus leave customers with disposable incomes to even purchase an itune or two. Cherine Anderson one of the most talented and beautiful artiste in the business has released an EP called "The Introduction DubStyle.." CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Apr 4, 2009

Tension between Mavado and Foota Hype?

There are allegations that there is some amount of tension in the alliance/gully camp after an alleged altercation between Mavado and Foota that lead to one man in the Cassava Piece Community (home of Mavado's Gully) being shot and killed by the Police. Click here to Read More

Apr 2, 2009

Kartel New Video 'Dont Run'

Vybz Kartel has not eased up on the opportunities where ever they exist to stamp his dominance in the local dancehall market since the start of the year. The artiste had made the charts and a number of rotations on the local scene before and after the music ban. The artiste has recently made a video of his popular track "Last Man Standing/ Dont Run" the mavado diss tune from the 2008 sting clash. Some say the video is a bit late ..some say its funny and some say Kartel should put down the war and leave Mavado alone... Well i think this dude is trying to stay in the local lime light while his rival continue create a storm on the US market.
Check out the New Official Video for "Dont Run" the audio was also redone for air play.