Feb 28, 2011

Check Kartels latest on the "Bottle Party" Riddim... rofl

Vybz Kartel - More Than Neo (Bottle Party Riddim) TJ Records [February 2011]
What piece of irony.. this one is from TJ production... di riddim is called Bottle Party riddim ,,and has nothing to do with Bottle that mash up the follow di arrow 2011... check out di tune ...Kartel start DJ again

Scenes from Fallow di Arrow 2011

The observer captured some scenes from the follow the arrow show... as patrons were seeing huddled together..in an protective embrace for safety ..a frightened bunch they were.. as they should be.

Vybz Kartel radio interview re Follow di Arrow incident

Vybz Kartel was quick to get off the stage ...at the follow di arrow show over the weekend..and just as quick with his PR..wasting no time to explain away what happened at the show..
The Dj basically condemn the incident.. saying he "walked quickly" (ROFL) off stage when he new that the crowd would have bottled him...which sounds like bareface lie to me...... the DJ is more or less laughing at the matter..check out the interview with Raga Stewart

Part twice

Vybz Kartel running for Cover at Fallow Di Arrow 2011 - Video

Vybz Kartel ..had to scamper for cover as in his attempt to quell the situation at follow di over the weekend bore no fruit..just more anger from the crowd. When things got out of hand for bounty killer, Vybz Kartel thinking he can quash things..got the scare of his life ...and had to RUN..
check out the video clip

Bounty Killer being Bottled OFF stage at Follow di Arrow - video

Bounty Killer doing his set at follow the arrow..when the no-good suckers started throwing bottles at him on stage ..it starts at about 4:20.. Bounty going into one of his regular lectures about 'righteousness' and indicating that the news paper should have never diss him by saying that he will be having a showdown with Vybz Kartel.."Mi and Kartel can have show down?..how big big giant fi have show down with kartel"... and thats when the bottles started raining in...
Already it has been alleged that it was Kartel's fanatics or Kartel himself was behind this.. there is no proof of this at this point..
check out the video ..that action starts @ 4:20...the slowed it down for better viewing at the end... smfh

Feb 27, 2011

All Hell Broke Loose at Follow di Arrow 2011..Bounty Kartel bottled

There are reports coming out that all hell broke loose at Follow de Arrow at the James Bond Beach, St. Mary last night. Indications are that Bounty Killer was onstage when an barrage of bottles start raining in.. Vybz Kartel made attempts to cease the moment but was greeted with even more bottles...This happened after the majority of the performances already took the stage and with only two performances left.
There were reports of shots being fired but it is not certain if this was from the police. There were also allegations that Bounty was beaten by baton wielding police and that a number of persons were injured.. The efforts of police and Ragashanti mix-up Stewart to calm the situation proofed futile..as patrons went stalk mad..and continue pelt the stage with bottles there were no reports of casualties but there were frightened, angry, bloody and confused patrons...

Feb 24, 2011

Follow di Arrow ..to be Streamed Live

Follow the Arrow will be streaming live on the internet... so if you want to see the possible clash between the likes of Vybz Kartel and Bounty Killer and you are some how not able to be at the James Bond Beach in St. Mary Jamaica by this Saturday, February 26th 2011... then its in your best interest to make provisions to watch the show live... streaming from the internet. We are not certain that there will be any clash... but we certainly know that ..some attack on somebodies character will take place... I can bet you the $15 ..you are gonna pay for the stream that it will not be an attack on Anthony B. Click here for more info

Feb 23, 2011

Bounty Killer on Kartel Case calls him "Banduloo Browning"

Bounty Killer is not letting up... and perhaps will not let up on the anti-kartel/bleeeching campaign..and he shouldn't. The Alliance general has always made an effort to show his disgust about tights pants, battyman and fish paring well as the shotta dem weh a bleeechout dem face...this was expressed quite clearly in the tune by the Five Star General called Cant Believe Mi Eyes. In one of his latest stage performance Bounty Killer referred to Vybz Kartel as Banduloo Browning which simply means that his current colour display is not real... false it is.
In this performance one of Bounty's biggest forward was when he said "cant believe Kartel a Bleeechout him face".... Kartel cant celebrate this month.. his black is history.. him nuh black a bloood claat....chakka zulu call me a shakka zullu   him a Browning but him a Banduloo ..which can be described as a bit luu to be calling a man a Browning still... check out the clip..

Twins of Twins taking Precaution on Volume 9

Twins of Twins is taking the necessary precautions to ward of libel cases in regards to their latest production Stir it Up Volume 9. The Twins are well known to step on a number of people corns in the production of their Stir it Up collection. Almost no popular figure in the dancehall fraternity has been speared, once they have been embroiled in any form of controversy. The precaution being taken for volume nine is to make sure that there is no material that could lead to a possible law suit against the them, thus a lawyer is going through the CD  with a fine teeth comb and getting a second opinion..thus causing a delay on the release on their next belly full of laugh.
It is expected that the CD will be launched in March...by then all would have been covered and the Twins will have their way.

Feb 22, 2011

Mark Myrie aka Buju Banton GUILTY on 3 out of 4

Jamaican Reggae Grammy winning super star Buju Banton real name Mark Myrie was found guilty on three of the four charges brought against him in the United States Middle District Court, Florida Division. Mr. Myrie was charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute five or more kilogrammes of cocaine, attempted possession with the intent to distribute cocaine and using the wires to facilitate a drug-trafficking offence. He was found not guilty on the weapons posession charge.
Jamaicadancehallmusic.com understands that with these three charges Buju faces up to 15-20 years in prison...learned attorneys indicated that if Buju had taken a deal before the start of the trial he would have received sentencing in the region of 2-3 years however this was rejected by Banton and his legal team. Word out is that there are possibilities that there could be an appeal by the defence team.. already the Jamaican music fraternity is making provisions for fund raising for the artiste endeavours hereafter.

Buju Banton ..should be Nervous ..possible third trial

Buju Banton should know his fate today... and from the Jamaican Dancehall Music fraternity standpoint we all would love to see the Gargamel very much vindicated. If there is another hung jury in this case according to reports it may involve the same process taken by prosecutors. The United States government could set a new trial date, they can also add additional charges or they can decide not to try the case again ...oif course we prefer the later.
So all will be paying attention to the 12 member jury decision today... if found guilty on all charges Buju Banton could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Feb 20, 2011

Russian .. the Producer Shot AT

There are some unofficial reports indicating that Dancehall music producer Russian aka Tarik Johnston was shot at... details are sketchy however there are indications that the producer/artiste is ok.. it is alleged that Tarik making attempts to play hero by gertting involved in an incident. Reports indicate that Russian stumbled upon on a robbery of a student on seeing this, fired his licened fire arm in the air in an effort to ward off the thugs. This resulted in someone in the crowd returning the fire, Russian then made a hasty retreat scaling a fence for safety. The producer sustained some injuries during the process.

Feb 19, 2011

Vybz Kartel Freestyling On Lil Wayne 6'7'8 foot bunch beat

Vybz Kartel once again encroaches in the realms of hip hop.. this time he free styles on the Lil Waynes 6'7'8'.. featuring Cory Gunz... its a heavy beat track.. with the spin the off from the old Harry Belafonte track called Day-O ..in his part Kartel intrested in playing with rhianna punnany like a piana..plugging a charger in beyonce and making nicky minaj peel and eat an eight foot banana..that last one was stressed..check out one of the latest track from vybz contraversial kartel....oh wayne killed though

Something stinks at VP records?

Something must be awfully stink at VP records for so many artiste to be bailing out of their deals,,, it was just recently Wayne Wonder revealed that he had a long battle with VP to break from them. There was the case with Mavado.. he exited from the VP deal when he only did two albums out of his three album deal. Recently we heard of Mr. Lexx splitting ways with Vp indicating now he can now give his fans the music he wants...
Tanya Stephens also has issues her "infallible" album was a free release excluding vp's input..according to reports "Tanya believes that when she grants album distribution permission to VP Records, she is technically giving it away for free, so why not just give it directly to her fans."
Late last year VP made some rule changes..
According to a letter released from the company’s director of business affairs Alexander Threadgold, anyone who desire to exploit master recordings embodying the performances of VP records artists must request and explicitly obtain from VP a waiver of exclusivity which VP may elect to grant or not grant in its sole discretion.
Some of the artiste listed by VP Records include Beres Hammond, Assassin, Bounty Killa, Busy Signal, Capleton, Elephant Man, Gyptain, I-Wayne, Luciano, Sean Paul, Queen Ifrika and a host of others."
So ..what the hell is wrong with VP... cant we all just get along.. give every body their fair share and work hard to promote good music ... to rass man

Feb 18, 2011

Buju Banton ..has to wait longer

Buju Banton and Lawyer Mr Markus
According to jamaica gleaner ..Jamaican reggae singer Mark 'Buju Banton' Myrie will have to wait until next week to know his fate in his drug and cocaine trial in the United States.

At 9:40 this morning the 12-member jury retired to consider a verdict.

However, at the close of court at 4:30 this afternoon there was still no decision.

This means that the jury will have to continue its deliberation on Tuesday, since Monday will be President's Day – a national holiday in the United States.

Before the jury retired, the prosecution, led by Jim Preston, asked the jury to find Buju guilty on all four charges brought against him.

However Buju's lawyer David Oscar Markus said the US government has not proven beyond all reasonable doubt that the crimes have been committed.

He asked for a not guilty verdict on all counts.

The charges Buju faces are:

COUNT ONE: Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute five kilograms or more of a mixture and substance containing a detectable amount of cocaine.

COUNT TWO: Attempting to possess five kilograms or more of cocaine

COUNT THREE: Knowingly and intentionally possessing a firearm in furtherance of and during the course of a drug-trafficking crime

COUNT FOUR: Aiding and abetting others in using a communication facility in the commission of a felony.

Feb 17, 2011

Vybz Kartel back to roots with New Song

Vybz Kartel appear to be in the mood to tell his critics that he has not run out of Lyrics.. the skit at the start of this track implies the DJ/Sinj is paying attention to critisim of drifting from his traditional lyricaly densed complicated rhymes.. He makes an attempt here to indicate that he is still competent..in the art of Dj-ing.. check one of Kartel's Latest piece of music.. this one is called Lyricist..oh its a radio... not by me... LOL ..big zip.. big up irie..Muta U large

Tarrus Riley - Nyabinghi Pickney [Official Video-HD] February 2011

Tarrus Riley - Nyabinghi Pickney [Official Video-HD] February 2011

Feb 16, 2011


(For recordings and overall impact between Oct. 01, 2009 – Sept. 30, 2010)
Note: more or less than seven (7) nominations in a category is the result of ties.

(For overall impact as a solo vocal performer in the eligibility year)

Beenie man; Aidonia; Bounty killer; Vybz kartel; Busy signal; Assassin

(For overall impact as a solo vocal performer in the eligibility year)

Tifa; Stacious; Lady Saw; Cecile; D’├íngel; Timberlee; Spice

(For overall impact as a solo vocal performer in the eligibility)

Hezron; Stevie Face; Jah Cure; Christopher Martin; Romain Virgo; Tarrus Riley; Richie Stephens

(For overall impact as a solo vocal performer in the eligibility year)

Tami Chynn; Queen Ifrica; Etana; Alaine; Cherine Anderson; Phyllisia

(for overall impact as a record producer in this category in the eligibility year)

Read More Here

Feb 15, 2011

Popcaan and Jah Vinci..what they say in the Switz,,bus

What on earth has Popcaan and Jah Vinci has unearth here... Obviously these guys were drunk as hell... however what was said is being interpreted as alleged affiliation to the evil under world that most people does not speak of on a daily basis...
The clip was recorded when Vinci and Popcaan were in Switzerland... where Popcaan describes himself with his hair style representing the horns of Baphomet when he went off @0:33... "yow yuh know say a pop bombocaat caan aka Baphomet" .. Popcan went on to diss Bounty Killer calling him Batty Man to say the least.
It has been speculated that the Gaza camp seek to be associated with the unseen world.. masonry
This might be a clear case of talking crap due to the high alcohol content that appear to saturate the brains of of the Portmore Empire young guns.. Check out the clip and analyse for yourself

Jah Cure Mavado etc ..rips UP Amsterdam Reggae Music Festival

Jah Cure
At the recent Amsterdam Reggae Music festival in the Netherlands jamaicandancehallmusic.com understands that Jah Cure, Capleton Mavado amongst others was at the top of their game. Reviews about the show seem very impressed with Jah Cure's performance to the point where the artiste is being compared to the likes of Bob Marley.. at least it was indicated that Bob himself would be pleased with Cure's performance.
Capleton put on a fiery performance as usual.. quite lively as usual as if the artiste was on a high.. im not sure if that is as usual.
Jamaica's top singj Movado did not disappoint although there were indication that he was having voice problems.. the fans appreciated his song selection which included "So Special", "On the Rock" and "Nuh Bleach Wid Cream"..which should be a popular number these days for the gully god.

Feb 13, 2011


Congrats to Buju Banton.. who has won the the Grammy Award for the Best Reggae Album. Im not sure if this will put a smile on Buju's face... because the Jamaica reggae music superstar will be back on the court case tomorrow with additional charges to face.
Buju's "before the dawn" album beat the albums of Lee "Scrtach" Perry, Sly and Robbie and Gregory Isaac.

Bow Cat Behaviour is No Longer Condemned in dancehall?

Kiprich who is not new to controversy ....a matter of fact the DJ once went in what appeared to be exile when it was said he dissed some political rep. That has long gone ..and these days Kiprich spends his time jabbing with lyrical wit that more often than not grabs the listeners attention with his ever fresh style. One of his latest musical product is with Lysa Hyper.. they recently did a song called Blow Blow... and this is a bit surprising to me to see how Lisa Hyper is still well received throughout the dancehall even though she was caught with what appeared to be a non-musical microphone in her mouth some time ago.. Since being kicked out of the Empire Lysa is still doing relatively well and has done songs with the likes of Beenie Man and now Kiprich.. which goes to show you ...even though the culture of dancehall condemns "bow cat" behaviour.. if you get caught it seems you are sure to get a pass. Mr Lex, Bounty Killer among others were being accused of being "bow cat" in the pass although there is no concrete proof of this, no one really put any serious ban nor condemnation on the artistes..this needs further investigation but right now it seems Bow Cat Behaviour is No Longer Condemned in dancehall.
check out the lysa and kiprich track

Feb 11, 2011

Portmore Empire to release New Album Empire Universe 2nd Chapter

The Portmore Empire ...gaza family is to launch their latest album compilation. Dubbed Empire Universe the second chapter, the compilation as can be seen above contains a number of tracks from the Portmore Empire family. Notably absent are Vanessa Bling, Dotta Coppa and School Boy.
Most of the tracks are from Vybz Kartel and the other main stalwarts in the group which includes the likes of Jah Vinci, Shawn Storm and Popcaan. Dosa Medecine who has been around for some time only has one tune... and that should tell you how good this guy is.
We already know quite a few of the tracks on the list with the only dancehall hero 2 and colouring book...the ones that are not readily available.. Record sales from the empire has always been dismal ... we would be surprised if this gets anywhere.
The double CD album is expected to be released by the 28th of February..

Feb 10, 2011

Beenie Man runs in To Defend Vybz "colouring book" Kartel

Early nineties King of the Dancehall Beenie Man who recently was very upset about Vybz Kartel's song "dancehall hero" to the point that he made a counteraction ...and was the talk for at least 48 hours... even recently Beenie Man was disgusted at the fact that Tads Records (which apparently has some affiliation with Vybz Kartel through Corey Todd) went behind his back and bought the rights of some of his music from local producers and included those tracks in a compilation for sale on the digital market...
Jamaicandancehallmusic.com understands that despite all of this Beenie is showing some support for Vybz Kartel after kartels music was banned by radio disc jock Dubb Master Chris of New York Radio station and host of program Irie Jam Radio. According to media reports Beenie was quoted as saying ...."Dancehall is dancehall, when it comes to hardcore dancehall, I don’t support any ban of dancehall music. If Kartel is sending a bleaching message, then he can understand why a man would not play it because we love our black skin, and black is beauty, but for the disc jock to say that he’s not playing dancehall music because Kartel is advocating bleaching is going a bit too far ... not all (of) Kartel songs are about bleaching,"

Feb 8, 2011

Dubb Master Chris Bans Kartel for February only

The skin bleaching has gotten to Dubb Master Chris to the point that he says no more... at least not for Black history month. ..according to a news report Dubb said he still has love for Kartel however he has to take a stand.. Dubb Chris further indicated that he feels if he "continue to play Vybz Kartel, an artiste who is now very much known for bleaching his skin, it simply sends the wrong message to my young impressionable listeners"
Dubb Chris is strongly worried about the fact that Kartel's songs are strongly influential and affects the impressionable generation and he will not be apart of that.. at least not in the month of February. Dubb indicated that he has been playing kartel over the years and in his sixteen year career span of being a radio DJ.. this is perhaps the first time he has to take such a drastic action.
We certainly hope this will have an impact... as here at Jamaicandacehallmusic.com will be taking a stance  by publishing this stance taken by Dubb Chris and encourage all radio disc jocks to ban Kartel... for at least two to three months and see if he will start get dark again...however will still reserved the right to publish any matter relating to the Vybz kartel the teacha.. aka di bleacha

Kartel didnt Crash the S-Class BENZ..

Vybz Kartel and his benz...still alive
There was a fat rumour going around this morning that Vybz Kartel crashed his S-Class Benz on the Portmore leg of the highway. The speculations where that the DJ had at least 3 Benz punany in the vehicle which might have contributed to its flip. The vehicle was said to have suffered serious damage having the "fans of the Benz" concerned... but there were no reports confirming these allegations. The speculation that the DJ was applying cake soap to his face while driving still remain untrue at this point as well as the speculation that the DJ had his hands on the three punnanies at once and had the vehicle in cruise control leading to the rumoured crash.. still remains untrue up to this point.

Feb 7, 2011

Mavado jabs at Kartel?

Mavado sounds as if...(like a number of his tracks..even after the war) he is troughing words at Kartel in this song called "Pepper" on the Pepper Riddim. Now why would Jamaicandancehallmusic say some thing like that.. Knowing the history between Vybz Kartel and Mavado.. and knowing even though there is peace words are still thrown by "subordinates in each camp with little or no attention...
In the new track produced by Steven the Genius ..former friend and producer for Vybz Kartel.. Mavado refer to 2 issues in this track these are...
1.Gully never buy out no chart (since kartel seem to be all over the charts and the awards)
2. Dem a use some Style that is not for them..(.oh awoa.. etc)

These are speculations at this time.. things will unfold as the clock tics.. it has been some time that we were promised a Mavado and Vybz Kartel collaboration.
You can check out the Pepper song ...click .here

Movado's Gullyside decribed Scavengers Paradise

Gully .. Cassava Piece
Mavado's "gullyside" Cassava Piece in St. Andrew was described in a recent news report as scavengers paradise. The Gully that Mavado sings so often about where he was raised and still visits very often is a tributary to the Kingston Harbour. Kingston harbour is being described as the second largest dump in the Corporate area and the garbage comes through Cassava Piece gully... the gleaner report indicated that...
The harbour, lined with garbage, is home to items such as plastic bottles (which top the list), old appliances, tyres, plastic bags and raw sewage mixed with a high stench. Many would wonder where the garbage comes from, so I decided to rove the Corporate Area gullies. The first stop was the Cassava Piece gully, the one dancehall deejay Mavado sings about. Mavado was not in sight, but the garbage that residents of the area dump inside the gully should make him sing another tune.

Vybz Kartel Launches New Products

Vybz Kartel new products
Vybz Kartel is at it again.. as he needs to be.. it cannot be over emphasised that these Jamaican artiste need the US market to really make it worth their while. In the case where they don't have a UK nor US visa then chances are you perhaps should take a leaf from Vybz Kartel's "colouring book".
According to media reports Jamaicandancehallmusic.com understands that the Jamaican pop culture entertainer Vybz Kartel real name Addijah Palmer has more or less launched his latest line of products. These include his new shoe called Addi's, dog tags, belt buckles and T-Shirts all aimed at the teen market.. (the impressionable minds). Kartel indicated that the T-shirts are not quite ready as yet, they will be available in female and male designs. The dog tags and belt buckles are now available for sale alongside his other products which includes the street vybz rum and the daggering condoms.
I'm not sure if the Addi's products will draw the attention of Addi .. the guys who makes needles and scissors or more importantly draw the attention of the famous shoe company Adidas.  It was some time ago that Mr Lexx got in trouble for his original name Lexxus and Mavado was in a bit of a tick with the watch company Movado.
To promote his products Mr Palmer will be tagging the sale of the items with a raffle. The first 10K items sold will result in a draw of the raffle and a prize of $1mill will presented to the winner.....

Feb 6, 2011

Young Fans go wild for Vybz Kartel and Russian at Youth View Awards...

The recently held Youth View awards Vybz Kartel and Russian won the award for the best Collaboration... and from this clip it is clear it is definitely the youths that support Vybz Kartel.... check out this video clip and you will hear the response he gets while on stage.

Feb 3, 2011

Ziggy Marley welcomes new born

Ziggy Marley and Orly Agai with Kids
It was not only Spice who was jumping for joy with her new born baby... Ziggy Marley is doing the same. The reggae icon just welcomed his brand new baby boy, named Abraham Selassie Robert Nesta Marley, born January 26 in Los Angeles. This is Ziggy's third child with wife Orly Agai, they have been married for the past six years, this according to a MTV news report.
Congrats Ziggy.. make as many as you can.. with Orly of course ..dont follow in your fathers foot step ... That Bob Marley deh is a sharp shooter...fruitful and mutiply he did rasta... kinda like Mavado ..you know with his 5 kids with 5 mothers

Bob Marley film under Construction

Bob Marley
There is a Bob Marley movie under construction and according to reports Kevin McDonald will be the guy who will be directing the film "like a lion in Zion". The title of the movie will be "Marley" and is scheduled to be released in later this year. Permission was granted by the Marley clan.. as we known they are very cagey these days when comes on to anything branded Marley..no Sponging allowed!!  Not even lightning Bolt can touch Marley apparel without their endorsement as it should be..here Cedella Marley designs apparel for Bolt under the Puma brand
.. you can read more about the film production from the LA Times.

Lisa Hyper team with Bounty affiliated Solid Agency

Lisa with Gaza Tatoo

Lisa Hype now known as Lisa Hyper and also referred to as Lisa Swiper at times... is said to be seeking to join forces with the Bounty Killer and Serani affiliated management group Solid Agency. Lisa while in the Gaza Empire threw a myriad of stones (not literally) and words at the likes of Bounty Killer and Daseca (the production team that is associated with Serani)..till some are saying she did got a tattoo dissing the Alliance. She has now gone pass that "immaturity stage" ..as easily as the "public swiping" perhaps. Jamaicandancehallmusic.com understands that Ms Hyper made an apology to Alliance boss Rodney Price and is more than willing to move forward as she is in the mode to make an international impact with her musical career. Lisa is the second former Portmore Empire artiste to make amends with the "once rival camp". Lysa was kicked out of Portmore Empire mainly due to her swiping activity made public.
Last year things between Lisa and her then manager MC Nuffy broke down due to family influence... it is not too certain at what level of interference her family will introduce once the deal with solid agency solidifies..  If Lisa gets through with the deal.. lets hope doesn't blow this one.. pun intended.

Beenie Man ailing from "shag" by Tads Records?

Beenie Man and Kartel
Beenie Man who is now recovering from his hip surgery and appears to be recovering well at least so we thought. Jamaicandancehallmusic.com understands that Beenie Man is once again ailing ..this time its due to actions taken by Tads Records. Apparently Tads Records, according to media reports, went ahead and purchased the rights of songs done by Beenie Man from local producers, made a compilation and published an album on itunes. Now the report indicated that Beeenie Man and his management team got a call from the Universal Music Group about the matter as they too had interest in the matter because Beenie is signed to them. However it seems neither Beenie or UMG had taken any drastic action to deter Tads Records from making such a move.. which gives the impression that whatever they are doing it is very much legal and legitimate. Beenie indicated that this blatant disrespect to him as they could have had the courtesy to engage him before doing such a thing. There was no effort to acquire his permission or make him aware of what is happening.
Im not sure if this is a regular practice from Tads as they have been deeeply involved with Vybz Kartel's production..go figures since the company is affiliated with Corey Todd Kartel's so called business partner. The record company is set to release a number of new tracks which includes the likes of QQ and I'Octane. The releases thus far includes mix albums which includes Beenie Man himself along side Queen Ifrica, Buju Banton, Gramps Morgan, Tammy Chin, Konshens etc..
While some are arguing thats its not quite ethical on the part of Tads.. others are indicating that Beenie Man is a mean MF that doesnt gives away fly.. and its the Producers who he should be getting at.. and perhaps buy the rights from them instead..

DJ Spice ..Celebrates Brand New Baby Girl

DJ Spice and Family celebrating

JamaicanDancehallmusic.com is sending the heartiest of Congratulation to DJ Spice ..who not only recently  ripped up the charts in 2010 going into 2011 with her equinoxx production "jim screechie" as well as making provisions to tie the knot with her fiance but also gave birth to a giggling baby girl... Things might change a bit hereafter for spice ..but we expect her to get right back to business as soon as she can...Dancehall music fans can rest assure that Spice, the top Female Dancehall artiste in Jamaica right now, will be making every effort to stay on top of things for 2011
DJ Spice with Brand Baby Girl

Yanique Barrett the Host of Dancehall King and Queen

The Hot Yanique Barrett
Yanique Barrett will be the new host of Dancehall King and Queen 2011...she should certainly bring more attention to the show. Yanique is no dummy to the entertainment word.. Jamaicandancehallmusic.com understands that Yanique has a family history in television and is decorated as a show promoter. She is said to be the brains and beauty behind River Sundays, Elite Wednesdays as well as Dancehall Heroes which was launched off in Negril last year... Certainly we are looking forward to the Magnum King and Queen Dancehall reality TV show on March 5.. for more than one reason of course

Feb 2, 2011

Clarks Original Binds with Music..but not Vybz Kartel's

Clarks Original shoe brand is seeking to move into the music genre as endorsement for its products. Since last year the corporate world have gone all out endorsing local dancehall music...from LIME to Digicel from Red Label to KFC.
The shoe company Clarks Original historical endorsement of music is not certain (I haven't the time to do the research) ..but this comes on the heels of Kickers endorsing the local dancehall artiste who did a counteraction to Vybz Kartel's "clarks". The Montego Bay-based dancehall artiste Eppie Rebel had formed a partnership late last year with British shoe company Kickers to participate in its anniversary celebrations.

... Clarks Originals marketing manager, Gemma Green was quoted as saying ...“This opens an exciting new chapter for Originals. Our shoes have been on the feet of musicians (and music fans) for decades and it is time we communicate the passion we have for music,” This according to a recent report which also indicated Kartels influence on the up in shoe sales due to the song-- according to the report "The Clarks footwear brand is to roll out a new pop-up retail space in London with a key focus on music, part of a new move by the brand to "encourage a sense of community, loyalty and engagement”.

With Kartels new look chances are this company will not necessarily want this duppy looking guy to endorse their product... no wonder he started his own brand, he knew.

Feb 1, 2011

DJ Bounty Killer lost his Sister

Rodney Price aka Bounty Killer
Word out is that ace DJ Rodney Price aka Bounty Killer lost his sister Sophia Price over the weekend. Unconfirmed reports indicate that she died from complication relating to heart disease. It was yesterday that Bounty Killer got vindicated from charges he was facing in relation to the hammer incident with a 19 year old girl friend.
The troubles for the DJ are not quite over as there are a few cases still pending, ie the assault and weapons possession charges.
We would like to send our condolences to the Price family as they battle through these current crisis.