Sep 30, 2011

Body Found at Vybz Kartel House

HAVENDALE, St. Andrew (Observer): POLICE sources have indicated that Deejay Vybz Kartel is being questioned in relation to a body that was found in a house reportedly owned by him in Havendale, St Andrew. The body was found a few weeks ago the source said. "The body was partially burnt and was decomposing. A section of the premises was also burnt," the source said. Vybz Kartel was picked up by cops at a small hotel in New Kingston last night hours after he completed the filming of season two of a television series, Teachas Pet. A small quantity of ganja was found in the hotel room and Vybz Kartel, along with three other persons have since been charged with possession of the banned substance. Police have promised to release a statement later today and are scheduled to reveal further details during a press conference early next week. It is unlikely that Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adijah Palmer, will be offered bail before next week.

Vybz Kartel escorted to House for Second Search

Vybz Kartel is currently being escorted by security forces as they move on to searching a second house believed to be owned by the popular entertainer. A strong contingent of police personnel and soldiers, armed with machettes and gardening hoes, are now searching a Havendale, St. Andrew house, which is partially burnt. Several boxes have been removed from the Havendale residence. Security forces carried out a search earlier on another house, also believed to be owned by Palmer, in the Norbrook, St. Andrew area. Police Inspector Steve Brown told The Gleaner that their investigations led them to both houses. The police detained the entertainer, whose real name is Adijah Palmer, during a Flying Squad operation last night.

LIME Looking to Review Teachas Pet

KINGSTON, Jamaica (Observer): OFFICIALS from telecommunications company LIME are now locked in a meeting discussing the future of the Teachas Pet series with entertainer Adijah Palmer, popularly known as Vybz Kartel. The meeting comes on the heels of reports that Palmer was arrested this morning, a source at the telecommunications company said. Head of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), Ealan Powell said Vybz Kartel was arrested and charged for possession of a small quantity of ganja last night. The artiste was arrested by cops from the Flying Squad after they searched a hotel room Vybz Kartel occupied in New Kingston and found the contraband. Police said the deejay was being interrogated in relation to a body that was found in a house he reportedly owns in Havendale, St Andrew.

Vybz Kartel Arrested

Kartel should have gone into prayer mode by now
KINGSTON, Jamaica (RJR):Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel, whose given name is Adijah Palmer was arrested on Friday morning at a new Kingston hotel. Police sources say Kartel was arrested with a woman and both were charged with illegal possession of ganja. According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell, Kartel's arrest is part of a larger police investigation. News sources say the investigation could result in murder charges being laid against persons close to the entertainer.
We await further development to this story, as we have been hearing these allegations for some time now. Well by now Kartel should have gone into prayer mode by now,, the thing is im not sure if he is praying to the devil ..or jesus.. or jesus father.. or jesus fether spirit.. which ever one this.. negro Oh! my appology...ROFL this.. Cracker need some devine help....

Beenie Says Bounty Killer is a General Gyal CLown

Beenie.. gimmicks.. and speaks lightly of the current fued between himself and Bounty Killer.
He basically indicates that Bounty is a Gyal Clown...and of course ..D'Angel is once again in the mix...
Check what he said here

New Song Preview Vybz Kartel - World Boss

The term "World Boss" is being quoted quite frequently these days and Vybz Kartel has apparently tag this new name to himself in his ever changing identity. So check out one of the latest dancehall track from Vybz Kartel either the name of the track is "Why Pree".. or "World Boss".. in any case take Pree it is a preview... it nuh done mek yet. Its not a typical dancehall track its one of those modern day new style tracks that borders on hiphop which originally stemmed from roots and reggae.

Weed Candy Scares Mr. Vegas

I remember once Mr Vegas was almost crucified for insinuating that he don't smoke weed ...cause thats not his speed. This was revealed in a track..years ago on the underwater riddim @ 1:52. Now since then .. twas not much to talk about.. but I was reminded about the matter when Vegas recently made the stated that....people must "Say no to drugs!!!!! A weed candy turned me into a mad man today...I was out of my mind! Never again."... Im not sure if its in relation to his birthday celebration yestaerday True.. the weed thing is not for everyone. A weed mash Terror Fabulous

Sep 29, 2011

World Boss Vybz Kartel Back on Guyana Airwaves

World Boss b4 the Extentions
KINGSTON, Jamaica (Star): After being banned from radio playlists in Guyana last week, deejay Vybz Kartel seems to be back on the airwaves there. Last week, The Associated Press reported a decision by Guyana's state-owned radio network to ban Kartel's music following a week of internal debate. They further announced that they are in the process of reviewing the lyrics of other musicians. National Communications Network (NCN) spokesman Martin Goolsarran was quoted as saying that the music of Vybz Kartel was banned because it brought "nothing positive" to the entertainment industry. However, reports reaching The STAR are that Kartel's music, or at least some of his songs, are back on radio in the country. A correspondent at the Stabroek News in Guyana told The STAR that a source at the NCN confirmed that Kartel's music is now allowed to be played by the radio and TV station. The correspondent reported that Kartel's non-explicit songs are and have been playing since the ban. death threats When contacted, Kartel said he had also heard of this from a friend who plays on radio in Georgetown, Guyana. He said, "I feel, or rather I know the Gaza fans in Guyana outnumber every other artiste's fan base, regionally and internationally." Following the news that he had been banned, Kartel insisted that he would not be going to the country again. In August, the deejay left a Caribbean Airlines plane minutes before take-off and left the promoters of a show in Guyana in a panic. The artiste was on board a flight destined to take him to Guyana where he would be appearing at the 'Jam Zone Summer Break' show along with Mavado. In 2009, the artiste had also pulled a similar no-show for a Guyanese show after claiming that he was receiving death threats. The deejay previously told The STAR that he will not be visiting the country ever again and that, "I would sooner tour Iraq than go to Guyana." Despite being back on the airwaves, the deejay says that he stands firm to his personal ban on the country. "I cannot take back the spoken word. I love Guyanese people in general but for security reasons, I'm gonna chill out from there for the foreseeable future," he said.

Mavado to devastate Ghana

Mavado is expected to rock Accra Sports Stadium in Ghana on the weekend. The Jamaican dancehall artiste is expected to share the stage with the like of Rick Ross and number of local Ghanian and international acts. The show is scheduled for this saturday and it is expected that Ghanians will come out in droves to see the Gully Ghaad perform. Mavado has been doing well especially since he got back his US visa recently. The Singj has been topping the charts locally and is doing well with his Delilliah track on his Mansion Records label internationally. Mavado who's only setback these days is his trouble on home soil. The artiste has a number of runnings with the law since that start of the year.. mostly seem to be associated with hot head behaviour amongst his entourage. Dude is expected to be in court to today to respond to one such incident.

Trouble Not Over for Mavado

David Brooks aka "Gully Gaad" aka Mavado...look nuh!
MONTEGO BAY, St James (Observer) — DANCEHALL artiste Movado is due to return to the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate's Court this morning when charges of malicious destruction of property and assault will be mentioned. The case was put off until today to facilitate the addition of a medical certificate to the file. When he first appeared before the judge, attorney Martyn Thomas had requested that the case stemming from a July 22 incident in Belmont, St James be sent to mediation. This was rejected by Resident Magistrate Carolin Tie who said they should wait until the medical evidence was documented to ascertain the extent of the injury to the complainant before mediation could be contemplated. The deejay, whose real name is David Brooks, was not asked to enter a plea when he faced the court last month. Thomas, who is appearing along with Christopher Tavares Finson, said they were disputing some of the allegations against Brooks. The court heard that on July 22 at about 7:00 pm the complainant and his son were in a Toyota Camry along the Belmont main road when they came up on a long line of traffic and pulled off the road. It was heard that a man called 'Fat Eye Dwayne' then came to the driver's door, opened it and slammed it then opened it again and assaulted the man. The court heard that 'Fat Eye Dwayne' slapped the man in his face and then kicked him in the groin. It was heard that Brooks then drove up in a black Range Rover and told the complainant to move out of the way as he was not going to drive his vehicle over the stones in the roadway which was under repairs. They complainant, however, refused, the court heard. It is alleged that Mavado used the wheel of his vehicle to squeeze the man between his car door and the car, causing swelling to his foot and a cut to his shoulder. The court also heard that the damage to the car was about $25,000. Thomas told the court that it was not just his client who was involved in the incident but other men as well. Up to the last appearance in court the other men who were reportedly with the artiste at the time of the incident and who are alleged to have assaulted a teenaged boy with a machete, were yet to be apprehended and charged. Another man, 33-year-old Gregory Lindo who is charged with perverting the course of justice and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice involving the same case is to face trial next February.

Sep 28, 2011

Munga new Song Nuh Chat

Since the demise of auto tune one has been wondering whats happening to Munga but the dude has been around..and has quite a number of tracks that are pretty good. The tune is one of his latest.. "mi like it".. partly because of the hip hop sounding beat..and the rest is the lyrics, flow, melody and "tuninng" in this one. It sound hitable still.. Take a Pree at the Munga new song called "Nuh Chat" its a YBF Production on the Garrison Street Riddim

New Song From Vybz Kartel Freaky Gal Part 2

Vybz Kartel aka World Boss aka Freak...
In the midst of the new War Between Bounty Killer and Betweeenie Man...Vybz Kartel release a tune on his favourite topic... Pussy! This new tune Vybz Kartel is called "Freaky Gal Pt 2" ...its a RUSSIAN production
Please take a PRee if you have a thing for Pussy and Freaky Gal

Sep 27, 2011

Beenie reponds to Bounty's Latest Diss

Beenie man has responded to Bounty Killers latest diss ..with a tune called Cant Puff Mi Chest.. This one seem to be more lethal....than Bounty's.. Beenie seem to be getting help they say. One is not sure if its somebody from the gully camp handing Beenie some punch lines..time will tell.. I strongly doubt its anyone from the Gaza.. Camp.. These tunes seem to be reeling off the press like hot bread.. its a matter of time before you hear Bounty's counter to this. The pum pum eating is the weapon used in this track by Beenie..and it sound to me it hard

JOP's Diablo almost killed

KINGSTON, Jamaica (RJR) Dancehall artiste Diablo, a member of the J.O.P, was shot and injured by a stray bullet while heading to his car after a night of partying in Connecticut over the weekend. He is expected to make a full recovery and was expected to be released from hospital on Monday. A release to the media said Diablo will be using this mishap as a launching pad for his career and that he was thankful that the injury was not a fatal one. The statement added that once he regains his strength, Diablo plans to redouble his efforts and put out more songs that reflect a more positive outlook on his life. The J.O.P family wishes him a speedy recovery. Bwoy I dont know rasta... JOP it looks like its your turn for bad luck, the incident with DJ Wah Wah now this...

Sep 26, 2011

Bounty Killer Disses Beenie with Idiot Song Counteraction)

Bounty Killer has reacted the way he knows best to the Beenie Man's Diss song, with a diss to Beenie Man of course. Here Bounty is saying what if the Tax Authorities took his vehicle ...he doesn't have to associates himself with shocking vibes a tek cock and oil, with shebada, peter king and rupaul. Saying that Beenie was used by Angel.. over the years. With all of this Bounty Killer took the opportunity to take swipe at the World Boss....saying that Gaza abbreviate to border (as in "borderline") that's why the Wold Boss look like lady Gaga.
Anyway I think he did wrong when he took the entire last minute of the tune to do and outro... apart from that this potent enough but I think its below par in comparison to Beenie tune---Beenie diss song seem to have more truths and facts to it.
Check out the New Diss Tune By Bounty Killer targeted at Beenie Man its called called Run In A War take a PREE HERE

Sep 25, 2011

Sean Paul Strikes Gold again?

Sean Paul in his new hairdoooo
KINGSTON, Jamaica (RJR): Jamaican dancehall artist, Sean Paul is up to his old tricks once again and is now garnering much attention with his hit song, Got to Luv You, which is now at number 24 on the Billboard Rap charts. Sean who has been without a mega hit for sometime now (by his standards) seem to have hit the nail on the head with this new track that is ripping up the air waves the track also features the sweet voice of Alexis Jordan. The single has also topped the number-one spot on the pop chart in Switzerland, while simultaneously hitting number four in Poland. It is also doing well on the charts in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Australia and has reached number four in France.

Beenie Man Disses Bounty Killer.... oh so badly

Beenie Man has retaliated to Bounty Killer diss tune with a new tune called "Da Idiot Song" Bwooy Beenie really unleashed in this one.. Well he started off with some facts to Tony Matherhorn but the rest of the tune is aimed at Bounty Killer. Beenie called him a gyal clown, Ugly, pauperized (the tax man took his vehicle and Elephant Man being his sponsor) bad man over the years box-up Bounty Killer..and all these things.. check out the tune here and hear it for yourself All this shit is just in time for Sting 2011

Sep 24, 2011

New tune from Vybz Kartel - Mi In Love - Cobe Riddim

This is a new tune from Vybz Kartel it is called "Mi In Love" on the Cobe Riddim and it is a C.B.P. Production. According Kartel this is dedicated to the "good ole Ooman dem"....but i hear choke, strangle and run all these things in the track..... Check it out a brand tune from Vybz Kartel ....Take a Pree HERE

Sep 23, 2011

Romain Performs with Huge Country Music Stars

Romain Performing with Gatlin Brothers
KINGSTON Jamaica (RJR) Reggae rising singer Romain Virgo, made history Monday night, September 19, as he performed alongside Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin brothers at the 5th annual Academy of Country Music (ACM) honours in Nashville's legendary Ryman Auditorium, the original home of the Grand Ole Opry. Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin brothers were the recipients of ACM’s Stone Pioneer Award that evening. They performed their iconic hit All the Gold in California and invited Romain on stage to sing the island rendition off Reggae's Gone Country, the genre-blending album produced by John Rich, Cristy Barber and Dean Fraser. Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers and Romain Virgo received a standing ovation from the auditorium, which was filled to the brim with fans and country elite. Romain expressed his enthusiasm saying he was extremely honored when the Gatlin brothers invited him to perform at the ACM Honours. He said to grace the stage with these musical legends and set foot on the Grand Ole Ppry stage, country music's church, was a moment in his career that I would never forget.

Kartel Bans himself from Guyana before they did?

In a recent media report Vybz Kartel indicated that he has banned himself from Guyana before they Ban him... LOL Kartel aslso indicated that he will not be visiting Guyana ...ever.. The self proclaimed world boss was quoted as saying... "It's interesting, especially since that same radio station did a concert with me based on the fact that, and I quote, 'The Guyana people don't want to see nobody but you.' Unfortunately, I didn't attend the show and that is the reason why the ban on my music was imposed. With that being said, I care zero about them and their ban because I won't be visiting Guyana ever." "I refused to go there before the ban was imposed so that ban wasn't necessary. I banned myself. Big up the Guyanese gaza fans but I would sooner tour Iraq than go to Guyana."

Lysa Says not Her Sucking That Cacky

Lisa Hyper has declared that it is not her that is sucking the cocky that is being posted all over the internet and bbworld. Ms. Hyper had indicated that if it was her she would have indicated a long time ago that it was her. The hardcore evidence that indicate that this is not Lisa Hyper includes; lisa got a Hard Tattoo over her mouth and fingers, her nails are well done, nose and ear pierced multiple timea, this girl has a fat neck.. like she got four neck in one even..lisa got a skinny neck...this is a porn star that looks like her.
According to Lisa this must be the work of the Haters.. and she asking them not to do this to her...

OH gosh man... take a PREE at the PIC HERE

Sep 22, 2011

Brand New Song From Sizzla Kolonji

Brand new tune from Sizzla called "You´re The Best Thing In My Life" on the Rock N Sway Riddim. Sizzla recovering nicely from his recent accident and hospitalisation comes with a nice melodic tune for the ladies check it out HERE

Vybz Kartel Music Banned in Guyana

Vybz Kartel
GEORGETOWN, Guyana (AP) — The state-owned radio network in Guyana says Jamaican dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel has been banned from the airwaves of the South American country because of obscene lyrics. National Communications Network spokesman Martin Goolsarran says the music of Vybz Kartel was banned because it brings “nothing positive” to the entertainment industry. He said today that the decision came after a week of internal debate and said they are reviewing the lyrics of other musicians and could ban them as well. This is the first time that the government has taken such action against a specific artist. Vybz Kartel angered local music promoters and the tourism ministry last month when he failed to show up at a government-supported summer music festival.

Sep 21, 2011

Buju FREE in 2019

Buju Banton is expected to be in Jail until February 2019. Unless some braking of the rules occurs on his part. I'm not sure if Buju Banton asked for leniency as it is the case with the "Don" Dudus Coke who is asking for a shorter sentencing on various grounds including the death of his mother and a host of social and charity programmes that he organizes. I guess Buju grounds would be along the line of bussing new artiste, participating in philanthropy. According to news reports "Buju Banton who is expected to be transferred to a Mississippi Prison is still listed as in transit. Buju was sentenced to ten years in prison for drug related charges stemming from a December 2009 incident in which he allegedly conspired to organize a drug deal in a police controlled warehouse."

Sep 20, 2011

Latest project from Stampede Music

The latest project from Stampede Music (producer Desmond 'Ilabash' Ledgister) features a string of tracks from established as well as up-and-coming acts. Vybz Kartel kicks off the project with the title track Outlaw, while veteran dancehall artiste Major Mackerel, Perfect, Portmore Empire members Popcaan and Shawn Storm also contribute their talents to the project. The younger acts including Lannmine, Sheba, Gaza Slim, Unicorn, Senetah, Telopath, Danno, Bingi Fyah and Cutty Corn are also featured. Tracks include Hold Him, Best of Me, Agony, She like Ma Style, Dem head a Hurt Dem, Chat too Much, Weh Dem Come From, Good Loving and Bleaching. Read more:

Sep 19, 2011

Vybz Kartel reacts to Rumour..and Vanessa Bling released

Vybz Kartel and Vanessa Bling aka Gaza Slim
Recent reports coming out is that Vybz Kartel, Vanessa Bling and a wanted man was stoped by police over the weekend while driving in that Benz. Reports are that Vanessa Bling and the wanted man was taken into custody whilst Vybz Kartel remained untouched by the law men (isn't that strange).
Anyway since then ..Vybz Kartel himself have indicated that "some priest a spread rumor say me get lock up a supermarket - right now mi lock up a Spanish Court hotel wid dem gyal"...
Vanessa Bling was later released...
We are not sure what kinda implications this will be for the Bleacher to get a visa because he was harbouring a wanted man.. which might add another ten years to getting back the visa...and that is long after Buju Banton comes out in 2019

New Song From Vybz Kartel Munga and Agent Sasco

Brand New tune from Munga starts @3:52 called "Real Complexion", talking about bleaching, hair extension - he doesnt have to bleach to get girls, sounds like he wants to grab Kartel's attention. Assassin tune starts at 5:10... as usually assassin aka Agent Sasco kills it with a tune called "Bare Gyal a Follow Me"---the word throwing is there as usual.. sounds like a swipe  at Tony Matterhorn is there with the reference to dancehall duppy. Vybz Kartel tune called Every Gyal a My Gyal" starts at he claims every gal a fi him gal ..check out the Brand New Songs from Vybz Kartel Munga and Agent Sasco HERE
All a this is on the Touch Screen Riddim from Sam Diggy Records.

Sep 18, 2011

Top 10 Dancehall Songs in Jamaica September 18 2011

Top Ten Dancehall Songs in Jamaica as at September 18, 2011. Mavado doing very well as usual with four tracks in the top ten. The new artiste Specialist is still there with his hit song Street Hussle. Popcaan still has the number one song Ravin...

10. JPS - Agent Sasco
9. I know you want me - Mavado ft Nevo
8. Summer Sun - Aidonia
7. Settle Down - Mavado
6. Duh Road - Mavado
5. One by One - Mavado ft Laza Morgan
4. Talk - Kiprich
3. Bike Back - Vybz Kartel
2. Street Hussle - Specialist
1. Raving - Popcaan

Bounty Killer attacks Beenie Man in New Track

Bounty Killer along side one of Many Hot Girls for Beenie to come fish away

Bounty Killer is once again in his war mode. And it is his old beating stick Beenie Man that is feeling the belt buckle this time.. im not sure if there is any subliminal relation to the D'Angel scenario where Beenie and D'Angel, Bounty's Exgirl, are now filing for divorce. But this track from Bounty Killer "Who Tell Him Dweet" seem to be more directed at the track where Beenie called Bounty name when Bounty in a previous tune dared Beenie to call his name again. In this new track by Bounty reference is made  to Sting -- a lovely marketing ploy to ask for a better fee from Isaiah Laing the Sting Promoter. Bounty is not the first to be showing interest in a possible clash at sting 2011 already the likes of Kiprich is grabbing at straws.. Mavado/Chase Cross Gully Side wax clash vs Bounty Alliance/Ang.. im not too sure if this one will get any where... and of course there is everybody versus the Vybz Cake Soap Kartel.
But anyway this track from Bounty Killer has a nice feel to it.. that old time Beating of Betweenie Man..sounds so good... LOL Check out the Di track HERE

Sep 17, 2011

D Angel Booed but came back STRONG

D'Angel... who can be described as the former Mrs. Moses Davis was recently booed at a "Summer to the World" stage show... when she asked why the hell are they booing her... they couldnt give a clear answer initially... they just gave Beenie benefit of the doubt and took his side - she then left the stage sad and disappointed . She later on redeemed her self and got a good response form the crowd. Take a Pree at the Clip

Band New Vybz Kartel - Nymphomaniac

Check out this brand new Vybz Kartel called Nymphomaniac. The track is over 3 minutes long.. which is unsual these days... we usually expecting to see 2:30mins or less. Check it out HERE

Sep 16, 2011

Ghana Gear up for Mavado

The Ghanian reggae fans are looking forward to see one of the most popular artiste in Jamaica - Mavado. The gully god is expected to arrive in Ghana by September 28th for a show on the 1st of October.

Busy Signal Diss Mavado and Vybz Kartel?

Busy Signal is back.... with a diss song... some say there is an element of diss of the gullyside in there somewhere... but to me its clear this dude is also dissing Vybz Kartel here.. take a pree and you'll see

Sep 15, 2011

Vybz Kartel goes Apps to Market Skin Products

Vybz Kartel is making attempts to promote his skin care products.. to do this his latest antics takes him into the wonderful world of phone apps.
“Dancehall Hero” enlisted the services of a foreign based application developer to help create the app to promote his skin care products. The anonymous source elaborated that the application will be made available on all major Apple gadgets including the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad & iPod Touch.  “Everybody know Di Teacher is the innovator,” the source intimated before explaining that, “The app is a unique idea wi came up with to feature the Worl’ Boss’ new skincare line of products. You never know you might can see a before and after pic on the app before you even use the product.” The application will debut this fall & will be available for free download. A version of the app for Android devices will be released in the near future.
What can I say... its another first... but im not sure if people are gonna buy into this shit... but hey who to tell ...because with situations like this... it only gives props to Kartel's actions

Denroy Morgan Busted

Denroy Morgan
Bwoy I dont know rasta... I just dont know.. I dont know the reason why Denroy Morgan was busted for multiple pounds of ganja in the united states. According to reports ..the Jamaican Reggae/Disco veteran was seen coming from his home by cops with about 25lbs of the so called illegal substance. We hope God Bless Denroy Morgans Soul... He did say he would do anything for you. I hope jesus will do something for your ass at this point... its a damn shame Rasta.. a Damn Shame

Brand New Track from Popcaan - Head Bad

Check out one of the latest tune from Popcaan.. bwoy IDK it sound like some words a drop pon Kartel and his affiliates in this... it just sound da way deh to me. Check it out click the link Popcaan - Head Bad (See Me And Talk) {V6 Riddim - ZJ Chrome/Cr203 Rec} - September 2011

Mavado Manager Jullian Griffiths on the Run?

Jullian Griffiths
Controversy have been fallowing the Gullyside and Alliance Group and even the little known J.O.P group ever since Corey Todd left Vybz Kartel and his Gaza. To be a bit fair Kartel has been having his head into this Teachs Pet thingie and thus it shows why he is not the attention whore he use to be.
The latest in the Gully affiliated controversy or more like attention grabbing is that Julian Griffiths, the white man that Manages Mavado and I think Bounty Killer sometime ago was wanted by the police for questioning for his involvement in what they describe as corrupting the course of justice in an accident which occurred along the Belmont main road, St James, on July 22.
Mr Griffiths have indicated that he is not hiding and he has been overseas on business for some time. Julian also indicated that he has given directives to his attorneys to communicate with the police about not being in country thus the massive search to find him is blown out of proportion.
I dont know... Jullian, Corey..why these managers cant just focus on the upliftment and development of the dancehall acts.. jeeez

Sep 14, 2011

Jamaicas Prime Minister Mother is Dead

Bruce labourite Golding

The Prime Minister of Jamaica Mother is dead. Enid Golding passed away on Saturday after a long illness. This is very close to the death of the mother of Chistopher Coke.. aka Dudus.

Sep 13, 2011

Gyptian ..draped ..shot fired..Man Down

Gullyside affiliated producer Frass was in an altercation with international reggae star Gyptian. Reports are that Gyptian apparently did some splicing on one of Frass's riddim and an argument developed around that issue. Frass left the scene came back with an entourage, weapons drawn after Gyptian was draped up.. gyptian "body guard" was quick on the draw.. took down one of Frass's group member before he could have pulled out whatever he was reaching for... he dead.
All these are allegations for now until the smoke clears... but this could mean the second death in a few months of person who has some affiliation with the Gullyside.
Gyptian is now popularly known for his hit tune.. Hold Yuh on VEVO

Sep 12, 2011

Bringing Vybz Kartel for the first in Harare

Here is the Bleachers dilemma, he is the hottest dancehall act out there... lots of tough tunes, lots of cosmetic products and though the controversies are dying out the past ones still lingers. The lack of visa and a phobia that the gaza don possesses.. are the things that seem to get in the way of him to get bookings and appear at a local and over seas stage shows.
Now it seems promoters in Harare in Zimbabwe would love to get their hands on the bleached one but apparently he has proven to be elusive..
But we know Kartel is well known to just get up and walk out of a plane.. because he gets scared of his destination and what people might do to him...the DJ stays clear and appear to be hiding.from realities.

Miss Universe .. Ms Angola

Miss Angola is Miss Universe
Is she the first African to win the competition?

Elaphant Man...real copy cat

Elephant man has gone back to one if his bread and butter techniques... just copy and paste a foreign mother fuckers style... oh shit man I like it though...Check it out this one is called Na Sell OUT.
There are numerous occasions where Ele has done the same thing here...i cant bother with the research right now.. google it yourself. ....the original tune was done by Lil-Wayne called How To Love.

Porkys Demise Matterhorn Diss

The twins have responded ... to Tony Matterhorn latest diss. This one is called Porky's demise

Sep 11, 2011

Bounty Killer Booed....

Bounty Killer was recently booed... at a free show in was the LIME Fashion Night Out concert... Bounty as usual being himself started his set with energy and vibe, with a mix of his more recent and past tunes and having the friendly crowd in a frenzi.. and then he went into his usual preaching...@6:40 and this is where the friendly crowd was no longer friendly they satrted to boo him. Bounty Killer is telling them that man should not look like woman... man should not bleach and stay away from the rectum amongst other things.. but they booed him.. so a bare battyman deh portmore... was a question asked about the matter...WTF!!! This is similar to what happen this year at follow the arrow... Jesus fucking Christ... the morals are gone... DWBBRCL

Sep 10, 2011

Bahamians Reject Kartel products

Kartel and Gaza Slim
Was just reading a post... where someone was asking why is it that black people cant seem to produce reggae and it just naturally takes off ?..There is always this white intervention as in the case of Bob, Jimmy etc...this was was the complaint. With the recent launch of reggae meets country which has hit the billboard charts it is another caucasian face behind it... Then if this doesn't give justification to Kartels behaviour terms of banishing his melanin than some thing is wrong here. The people in the Bahamas has mad it clear that though they are a bit fond of some of Kartels music but they are by no means interested in looking like a duppy. They blatantly rejected the Jamaican pop star's new line of skin care products.

Sep 9, 2011

Mavado SHOT?

There is a rumour out that Mavado was shot on outside his house and that he is now in hospital....and the bbm further says that we should pray for him. Im hoping that this is a rumour... I have not had any other reports on this matter but time will tell as to what the hell is happening.

Brand New Tune from Vybz Kartel - Pussy Jaw

Vybz Kartel... is back to his old self on his favourite topic... Pussy... there are many pussy songs in Kartels catalogue. This Pussy Jaw was the original Pussy Jaw. I like that song.. hard to sing along though ... But this new tune called Pussy Jaw is not bad at all... Mi Like IT... check it out HERE


TONY MATTERHORN - DANCEHALL DUPPY 3 (PORKYS REVENGE) 12 TO 12 RIDDIM Tony Matterhorn at it again trying to take on Beenie Man, Khago and Twins of Twins.. It seems Beenie have got the brunt of the diss in this... where Tony indicated that Beenie eat out Angel salad and her cho cho then ball out OOOOHH Goddd!!..Beenie was also described as a pork eater..and a rasta that shaves... like Khago...Khago was not speared he was described as a hair dresser..and got his eyes cased by a fat bitch...amongst other things... The ongoing tussle with Tony and the twins is there ... they where punched with the fact that "Gay" is in their last name as in Gaynor. Tony also poked a warning at Agent Sasco... This is right in Tony Matterhorn zone... the tracer.. Check out the Bran new diss tune from Tony Matterhorn called Dancehall Duppy 3 CLICK HERE to hear

Sep 8, 2011

Mavado Gully Side Dissed again...

Prince Pin from the Alliance Camp/Fan Base attacks mavado and the Gully side....
It has been a while since we have heard from this guy. He has been dormant for sometime ..ever since the Gaza Gully flare up.
This Tune is called Anything yuh seh click here to listen to the tune.

Sep 7, 2011

D Angel and the Bounty Beenie Ratings

Now recently I have seen where Bounty Killer expressing some sentiments about the fact that D'Angel rate him more than how she rate Beenie. What is this rate thing?.. im thinking respect!! and this comes off the heels of the second break up between the dancehall couple.
Bounty has indicated some interest, some amount toning down towards D'Angel...with quotes like ...
..." angel didn't love beenie she loves all the things he was doing and which woman nuh want wedding and a puppet?"
"didn’t invited angel she just turns up n they let her in the world knows who she rates more it’s no secret ask jackie her sis?” ... so from dissing her and calling her falling angel among other things... seem to be not too perturbed by the fact she is coming back around.
How come she rate Bounty more than Beenie?... and  she been married and breed for Beenie Man. Bounty, a well known woman beater might have clobbered Angel perhaps a few times during their relationship. So we can speculate and say ..she rate Bounty because Bounty will from time to time bruk up her blood claat. But Betweenie is a god damn puppet.. and a gold him nuh get no ratings. In other words Beenie Man was used.. he is an insurance policy.. a life time security. Some could be saying serve him right..for trying to get back at Bounty back in the day... he is paying a "Rodney" PRICE for his errs

Sep 6, 2011

Lysa Hype and the Baby rumour

Lisa Hyper
I hear Lisa Hype is screaming out that she is not pregnant. This according to reports ...there was a rumour that the 22 year old DJ  who rose to fame ..mostly because of the hype in the gaza camp.. as well as fact that she had a dick in her mouth.
According to reports the usually slim and petite DJ was seen with deposits of fat on her body ..mostly on her hips and upper body which fed into the speculations. Lisa has indicated that due to her heavy work at the studio ..working on her album has lead her to bad eating habits. So at the end of the work day.. the young lady fiests on fried meat... a step up from the raw meat we know she 'use to' indulge in...
Ms Hype also indicated that she is not quite ready for kids..and she leaves that for until she is rich and wealthy like Lady Saw... and round about the age of 26...
Those who started the rumour should know should be impossible to conceive with the dick in the mouth.

Sep 5, 2011

Brand New Bounty Killer Gyal Pull Up

Check out this new Bounty Killer... it seems to be gaining some traction we not sure if its a hit..but it just might turn out that way.
Check out the new rack from the Ground Gaad .. called Gyal Pull UP

Sep 2, 2011

Mavado new Tune Emergency and Signs with Khalid

Another tuff combination between Mavado and a foreign artiste. This one is called Emergency and it has a very strong hip hop tone to it.... but in the words of Corey Todd.. "Mi Like It" Check out on of the Gully God Latest.. Here
Mavado recently signed up with "We The Best" label.. affiliated to DJ Khalid.. apparently this new tune is as a result of this new union.

Sep 1, 2011

Brand New tune from Vybz Kartel Give Away the Pum Pum

Brand new tune from Vybz Kartel.. this one is called the .."Give Away The Pum Pum"... It seems that some one gave away the Pum Pum.. and it made Kartel vex... Im not sure if its Shorty his wifey he referring to here, I strongly doubt it. The riddim sound like when Notnice was just starting out... anyway im not sure if this is a hit.. but "mi like it"... short as f uck though...
Check out the tune HERE

Are Jazy Z and Beyonce ready for this Kid?

Jay Z and Beyonce
Since mi most popular post is all about Jay and Beyonce.. let me say something on the issue as to whether they are ready for the child that is very much on its way. They have money.. they are rotten rich... these guys have money 'till them fool.. no need to work another day in them lives, so no problem there. They very much together because the few issues we hear about them are low grade in comparison to Beenie and D'Angel..who are now more or less divorced.. so J & B bond is perhaps tighter than Wayne Marshall and him Good Ol wife Tammy Chin...BTW.. Wayne you fat her up yet?..if the Ole good.. you need to proof it mi brother.. dont Bling Dawg out the thing...
Anyway Jay Z and Beyonce can create the time to raise that kid... and they are still young and vibrant.. so baby waking them up in the night.. no prob, just close off with a grind every time.

Vybz Kartel Teachers Pet ..Building up

Vybz Kartel ..has been working on his Teachers Pet.. and because of this not certain if this is the major factor in his volume of tunes production, since the departure of Corey Todd, Notnice and Jah Vinci.
Anyway it appears that Kartel is enjoying himself amongst the ladies here.. shorty must cringe.
Check out the latest preview from Vybz Kartels Teachers Pet Lets hope that this does not flop.. im not sure if the dude can take no more. LOL

Twins of Twins Matterhorn Clash Continues

Twins of twins ..are going for the kill. Here they make an attempt to finish Tony Matterhorn. The latest from the duo is a tune called "Fraida we Like Puss". The tune is lyrically potent.. The twins punch tony with lines such as "Matterhorn fraida Twins like puss like several pussies"... They all also took swipes at Bounty Killer talking bout the clash not easily taken like Bounty's Prado and Beenie should leave them and gwann clash with Shebada...Surely Tony will reply soon... we hope its just as potent.. Check out the Matterhorn Diss Here