Jun 14, 2018

Capleton to Burn Sexual accusation Case

Capleton Left and his Flagman - Image Courtesy Jamaica Observer
Capleton has been accused of sexual assault. The Jamaican artiste who is well known to burn everything insight in his songs is hoping to burn this case in no time and return to normal life. But first it would have to proven that he did not touch the accusers front...or any part thereof. With all the me too going around, the fall of Cosby, Weinstein etc.. we can only hope that Capleton pull through and continue blaze fire. cause .. we know how Capleton do, I know its more about in her Heart..and not in her sitn deh...

Jun 7, 2018

Barber Boy Dont Run... Where is Mavado

In the news recently it was revealed that Mavado son was implicated in some complicated matters in Cassava Piece, St Andrew.
Unfortunately things have gone sour and shots were fired and persons have transitioned to the next life.
It was reported that Mavado.. ran to the police station in the heat of the incidents ..and is now said to have gone overseas due to contractual requirements..yet he is wanted by the Jamaican police to shed some light on the recent incidents..
So did Mavado run?,.. This reminds me of a tune that the bleacher did a few years ago... "barber boy dont run", where Mavado was accused of being a barber before his music career took off, and its alleged that at some point Mavado took off in some incident between himself and the bleacher aka Vybz Kartel.
We currently hope that Mavado is not in any trouble and will resume to normalcy.