May 29, 2009

Somersault Daggering Gone Wrong

The daggering dance has evolved … surely in the initial stages it was not looking like gymnastics or a scene from an old Kong fu movie. The concept these days is for one dance group to out shine the other with well choreographed moves. This mode of operation have been there and still is around with numerous groups in the dance. You have individual dancers who tend to be in the lime light from time to time. Click Here to Read More

May 28, 2009

Kartel disses Alliance again and again!!

The war appear between the Gaza and the alliance dancehall camps seem to have resurrected from its dormancy. The sixteen riddim produced by the alliance affiliated daseca group had a number of tunes from alliance artiste namely Mavado that appear to be nothing above the norm in relation to diss or throwing words at Kartel or Gaza..the riddim also featured the likes of Aidonia ..a once self proclaimed son of Kartel
The ambiance and aura of the riddim and lyrics seem to have ignited a response from the sell proclaimed "Teacha of war" aka known as Gaza Thug... Vybz Kartel.
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May 20, 2009

Sean gonna flop?.. Snoop Dogg try a thing

I haven't heard it as yet but I have heard that the Sean Paul's new album 'Imperial Blaze' has a strong potential to flop and it is not even released as yet. There have been indications that the single "so fine" is not doing too well and based on this the critics, at least a few of them, are speculating that Sean is certainly not at his best with this one..

But this is true for all ..... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

May 12, 2009

The Long Arm of the Law & Alaine

The long arm of the law coaght up with Alaine recently. According reports Alaine also known as Alaine Laughton squeeky clean reputation was scratched .. when she was fined for the breach of the Customs Act.
The young lady who works a lot with Don Corleon and said to be engaged to the Don.. has been around the music bussiness for some time and is not expected to be caught the arms of the law.
It is reported that Ms Laughton imported a damaged 2007 bmw 530i sometime last year at a declared value of $8,915. Sensing that something was quite "fishy" the custom department made an investigation and discovered that the vehicle was under valued... and thus slapped Ms Alaine with a fine three times the avoided value and seiazed the vehicle.

The young lady has since then paid all the penealties and fees for the release of the BMW.. and has appologised for the ingnorance of the law at the time.. indicating that the formalties for importation was not done by her though it was done in her name.
what a peice a sacrifice ... this government mad fi money .. nothing gonna passs them this year.. 
But a so these 'big stars' do it though?... I thought they baught these cars brand new.. but damaged?.. watch it eenuh Alaine because these damaged vehicles fall apart easily and that would be a real sacrifice... 

Buju Banton vs Bob Marley

This raster is getting a little bit more than soul in the past couple of weeks. Buju aka Gargamel has been promoting his new album "rasta got soul" .. which is currently running within the top 5 billboard reggae album charts. ..
Buju.. more popularly known around the world for his conraversal song "boom bye bye" which was made some 17 years ago.. and of more recent his conversion to rastafarianism and now singing culture tunes. .. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

May 4, 2009

Flippa Flipping on 'The Getto Gladiator'?

There have been a number of comments on the internet in relation to whether Bounty Killa and Flippa Mafia have some beef going on. It has been said that Flippa have been around for some time and might appear to be new to the business of dancehall to some but he not that new.
Described as the 'flosing king' and is well known to throw money at his crowds and sing mostly about his assets and indicating that he has worked for them and how expensive they are.. Click Here To Read More