Mar 31, 2011

Kartel alive and Well

Vybz Kartel
As expected vybz kartel had indicated that he is alive and well and was not stabbed as was earlier rumoured. The DJ in a recent report indicated he has recognized the magnitude of the rumour saying that he has received calls from as far as Australia. Its not clear as to what exactly started the rumour however speculations are that some bb message mentioned something of the sort and then the thing spread like wild fire thereafter.

Mar 29, 2011

Vybz Kartel stabbed?

There appear to be a fat rumour going around saying that...Kartel got stabbed by some female companion. The rumours are insinuating that it was done by Shawty..Kartel's main Baby Mother.
This no official word that Vybz Kartel was stabbed.. some people are saying that this could be another publicity stunt by the attention whore... kartel

Mavado a Lazy Performer?

Mavado.. di Gully Ghad
Mavado is being bashed for his performances of late ..iv not heard it once nor twice but there have been quite a number of complaints about the artiste stage behaviour. In a recent report in the observer news paper about a show in Ocho Rios in St. Ann Jamaica, the reporter pointed out that the show was marred by violence in the later stages.. but no indication as to whether it was triggered by what took place on stage.. which was headlined by Alliance top guns- Mavado, Elephant man and Wayne Marshall.
The reporter did indicate in report that in Mavado's performance he "rarely sang the choruses of his songs. He relied on the introduction many times only to elicit crowd whistles and verbal gun salutes. "Dash weh that," he constantly told the selector indicating his need for the next track.
Accordint to the report It took Mavado12 songs before he would sing a full song.
A maximum of three lines was given to each preceding song and many subsequent songs. It indicated his heavy reliance on allusion as a performance style. It's not surprising that Real Killer speaks to this very issue of defeating a rival with "no chorus"."
It was just recently that Mavado completed a stint at Studio 38 where the SingJ was commended for his performance there. His performance was described as "the epitome of brilliance"... so what happened since then as well as before that Studio 38 make belief.... come on gully god please take it to the next level. You need to put out 100% performance for the people dem ..or just dont do any cheap shows.

Mar 28, 2011

Vybz Kartel takes Tattoo tooo far

Vybz Kartel devil Tatoo
"tell bad-mine gweh wid dem evil head".... this was a line from a man who call himself lord evil... one of Jamaica's top hardcore dancehall act Aidonia. If you ask me that's how far Aidonia would go... In a recent interview Agent Sasco the artiste well known as Asassin indicated that he would not be fond of being in any clash with the Cake Soap king of dancehall Vybz Kartel because Vybz Kartel does not have any boundaries.
Now we have seen that the DJ is quite fond of Tattoos... but again he proves that his boundaries are not defined.. Aidonia though he is called evil willing to put my head on the line and say he will never get a Tattoo that says Devil and have hearts around it.... lets see you Tattoo "sick eye" on your eye ball... i dare you Mr Michael Cake Soap Jackson.

Vybz Kartel New Song - Horny and Proud

Is Vybz Kartel planning to take a break anytime soon?... I'm not sure if he still puts out 4 tunes per day. This is one of his latest called "Horny and Proud."... a knock-off of perhaps the famous quote "I'm  Black and and I'm Proud".. and knowing that the DJ is not black the moment it maybe is a teaser perhaps for the Afro-conscious folks to beat their gum on... question now is this another hit?... from the low hit rate artiste.. by summer we shall know.
check it out.. new tune from Vybz Kartel called Horny and Proud

Mar 25, 2011

Twins of Twins Ready to Release "Stir it Up Volume 9" Animation

Twins of Twins Stir it Up Volume 9
Twins of Twins is getting ready to release their long awaited production..Stir it Up Volume 9. It is promised to be a belly full of later for the fans. Including in this episode is the Buju Banton case vs United States and Vybz Kartel vs Bounty Killer showdown. The Twins took precaution recently when Volume 9 was reviewed by lawyers to determine if there were any infringements against the rights of the characters imitated in this Volume 9 Stir it Up series. The Twins are taking no chances seeing what happened between them and Round Head.
You can take listen of the Preview Here
There are reports indicating that The Twins are planning to take their production to the next level. The twins in association with Platinum Camp Records as well as Black Roses Entertainment.. is planing to not only release the audio of the Stir Up Volume 9 but also releasing an Animated format ...yeah the ting gone DVD...Cartoon in 3D rasta...Lol..not only that it was also reported that there is possibly a 30 minute TV sitcom in animation as well where the twins will have a chance to unleash their wit... this is definitely one to look forward to.

Mar 23, 2011

Vybz Kartel in "Artistic" Battle?

Kartel counters Clovis via cartoon

It is being claimed that Vybz Kartel.. or perhaps one of his affiliate is behind the composition of a work of art that appear to be counteracting in nature..though it says drawn by Vybz Kartel. This peice of cartoon from all indications does apper to be attacking the likes of Clovis.. the social commentator who expresses opinions via annimation/cartoons in the Jamaica Observer. It is being analaysed as to how can Kartel take time out to counteract the likes of Clovis and other cartooninst like Las May and have not yet answered dancehall artiste like Aidonia, Deva Bratt and even the 5 star general himself Bounty Killer... this looks like a battle for LA Lewis.

Clovis ..insinuating that Kartel is Like Jesus to cooper et al at UWI

Clovis ..saying Kartel takes over From Dr. Raggashanti Stewart in "status"

Kartel and Bounty running for Cover--By Clovis

Mar 22, 2011

I-Octane- Nuh Ramp Wid Wi (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

One of I-Octane latest dancehall tune... check out the official video this one is called Nuh Ramp Wid Wi..and was once thought to be a diss aimed at Khago...

Mar 21, 2011

Mr Lexx and Bounty Killer at It AGAIN

Its not absolutley clear but there appears to be some rift between the Ground God Bounty Killer and Mr. Lexx. This is not new, there has been a long lost fued between the two which was certainly long before the incident bewteen Foota Hype and Lexxus himself.
This latest round of fuss between Bounty Killer and Mr Lexx stemmed from what Mr Lexx has uttered. Lexx claims that Bounty Killer and the likes of Elephant Man are making efforts to minimize the rotation of his music on air as well as dancehall in sessions. Bounty has categorically denied these alligations and indicated that Lexxus doesnt have a carreer.. and he should go and shave his tongue, cause thats what left of his career an abused tongue. Bounty allegedly went further saying that Mr. Lexx throat has rotted to nothing due to his excessive bow cat behavious .. Mr Lexxus also accuses Bounty of being a bow cat.

Mar 19, 2011

Kartel and Corey Todd at Odds?

There is a strong rumour going around that ..not only is Vybz Kartel latest break down in work  relationship is with his (former?) in house producer Notnice .. but there is talk that the relationship between Kartel and his business partner Corey Todd may have gone sour. Allegations are that Kartel is not pleased with the new business ventures by Todd which now encompasses the Quad nightclub along with other business partners.
There have been talks that Kartel's reckless behaviour and general public turn-off could not be an agenda that can be welcomed by any business venture and thus a partnership in business with Kartel can only gobble up the die-heart portion of the Gaza Fans...the rest of population is of greater interest for any business venture. According to rports Todd indicated that nothing has changed between Kartel and himself.. there is no official word from Kartel re his side of the storey ... time will tell still.

Mar 17, 2011

Movado - Come out a Mi Life

Brand ..New Song from mavado.. this one is called "come out a mi life".. he seem to DJ more in this track than normal.. again its another tune from the Gully God .. and we all know that this one may also make the rouns and put Mavado as the top artiste in Jamaica right now. on the force full riddim... check out the video here

Smiley Culture ...moved on

Smiley Culture... and I should admit..I  never know the 1980's entertainer nor the songs he sang. He is now dead..and hence no longer smiling ..but his music lives on. One should now make it the point of duty to go searching for Smiley Culture music because he lives on in his music..
The circumstances of his departure to a greater place are not fully clear .. allegations are that the police went to his home relation to narcotics matters.. apparently Smiley wasn't laughing about the matter and allegedly took his own life with a kitchen knife... Read more about Smiley here

Mar 16, 2011

Drake and Mavado ..Performance Cut Short By Police

Mavado was on stage doing his thing ... when he went into one of his latest dancehall track called "Star Bwoy"... while doing this he calls out Drake.... "weh Drake Deh" ..he said. Now Drake steps forward onto the stage.. and the crowd goes wild.. Drake then uttered .."tru we from foreign everywhere we go dog we say Jamaica to the Blod Clot world..Big up Mavado Big di General Big Alliance ..yuh done know". Mavado then attempted to get a small performance from Drake on the Bad People Riddim a Stephen di Genius production... but drake was taken a bit by surprised ..even when Mavado told him to start it... Then the Cops came and spoiled everything.. they pulled the plug.. This is because Drake said "Jamaica to the Blod Clot world"... you cant say Blod Clot on Jamaican stage ..its a "bad word/ phrase".. just like  "rass claat", "bombo claat".. etc!!
check out the clip with Mavado Drake and Aidonia and the cops at the end...

Mar 15, 2011

Shawn Storm Back

Shawn Storm
Shawn now free after he was released from police custody. The artiste was recently released after the witness failed to show for an identification parade. It was alleged that on the morning in question Shawn Storm and his cronies fell extremely hungry to the point where he and his entourage sought refuge in a fruit vending stall that was nearby. On seeing the fruit vendor the hungry fellows allegedly "stormed" it and had their way with the fruits of the vendors labour. Shawn Storm and his crew was heading to Follow Di Arrow show at the time.
The lesson learned here is make sure you have something to eat before attending these shows.. and of course take an umbrella to minimize the impact of raining bottles.

Vybz Kartel booked for Best of The Best show in Miami

Best of the Best Flyer
The Best of the Best show is an anual event held in the United States. This year the show is scheduled to take place in Miami on May 29th 2011... The issue is Vybz Kartel Mr controversial is on the line up.. yeah without a visa.. patrons at the show can see Kartel live...via Satellite. I don't know if this is going to become a trend but one thing for sure is that it should be Bottle Proof for the artiste, and if he is a no show they could blame it on technical satellite problems.

Mar 13, 2011

EME Awards 2011 Winners

These are the results from the Excellence in Music and Entertainment Awards EME 2011. Which some accuse of being gaza/portmore empire affiliated ... IDK.. check for yourself and see... they say some of the results are based on online polling ... thus there is no element of bias nor favouritism in the results.
These are the winners.. notably Vybz Kartel once again took DJ of the Year amongst three other awards which including Song of the Year - Clarks ft Popcaan and Gaza Slim

Deejay of the Year — Male: Vybz Kartel

Deejay of the Year — Female: Tifa

Vocalist of the Year — Male: Tarrus Riley

Vocalist of the Year — Female: Etana

Producer/Label of the Year — Dancehall: Ainsley ‘Notnice’ Morris

Producer of the Year — Reggae: Donovan ‘Don Corleon’ Bennett

Best New Artiste — Male: Popcaan

Best New Artiste — Female: Denyque

Duo/Group of the Year: Voicemail

Biggest Comeback Artiste: Future Fambo

Song of the Year — Dancehall: Clarks

Song of the Year — Reggae: My Life— I-Octane

Album of the Year: Pon di Gaza 2.0— Vybz Kartel

Cultural Artiste of the Year: Tarrus Riley

Breakthrough Artiste of the Year: I-Octane

Singjay of the Year — Male: I-Octane

Collaboration of the Year: Clarks— Vybz Kartel, Popcaan and Gaza Slim

Riddim of the Year — Reggae: Pleasure— Cash Flow Records

Riddim of the Year — Dancehall: One Day— Seanizzle Records

Most Improved Artiste Nicky B

Gospel Artiste of the Year: Prodigal Son

International Artiste of the Year: Gyptian

Best Theatrical Production: GhettOut

Best Instrumental Group with vocals: Live Wyaa

Video of the Year — Reggae: Unconditional Love— Jah Cure and Phyllisia

Video of the Year — Dancehall: For Ur Eyes Only— Shaggy and Alaine

Performance of the Year: Beenie Man and Bounty Killer — Arthur Guinness Celebration

Best Dressed Artiste: Beenie Man

Show of the Year: Arthur Guinness Celebration

Best Original Dancer of the Year: Dance Xpressionz

Gospel Song of the Year: Drinking from my Saucer— Jabez

International Friend of Reggae Awardees: Eve, Trina

Artiste of the Decade: Beenie Man, Shaggy


Cake Soap increase in Sales ..Kartels Doing?

Vybz Kartel
The company that manufactures cake soap in Jamaica has recorded a sharp increase in sales over the last three months. In a recent report in the Jamaica Observer it was indicated that the company profit jumped almost 100%... but gave no explanation as to why there was such an increase in profit.
So that leave us to speculate... when Vybz Kartel the bleecher sang about about clarks last year there was a spike in sales in Jamaica. Now he sings about the use of the cake soap... thus the increase in sales,, but this may be contradicting to what the company indicated earlier this year when they said that the song did not have an impact on the sale of the cake soap brand.
Kartel is busy putting together his own cake soap product hoping to cash in on the soap suds while it last...
The song called Cake Soap on the Blue Bumma Riddim produced by NotNice has been receiving a lot of views on youtube.. since October last year ..the view count is over 900K...
In any event i still dont think this dude is  a marketing genius..

Mar 12, 2011

EME Awards Live

EME Awards Live

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

Kartel calles Queen Ifrica a Bleecher?

In one of his many and most recent interviews Vybz Kartel had the audacity to accuse Queen Ifrica of altering her skin tone. The DJ/SInJ ..and now accused soul seller made the remark while giving an interview with Anthony Miller. Queen Ifrica did burn him out and wish for him to talk the truth and admit.. Kartel in his response days all he can really say is that Queen Ifrica was not so brown couple years ago.
You check out the clip HERE ..round about 1:23

Beenie Man Takes "Swipe" at Vybz Kartel and Mavado

Beenieman stepped up the trample the dancehall hero initiative and even took swipes at Mavado.
Beenie Man indicated that "them a drive Benz after we", the new Kartel laugh is used as a sound bite in the track
"Hot comer new stepper, dem a mac mi a the real mckoy" appear to be aimed at Mavado.
This is according one of the latest song from Beenie Man theself procliamed King of the Dancehall..
Check out the song here ..its called "Hot after we"

Vybz Kartel UWI Lecture full video

If you missed the Vybz Kartel UWI lecture you can view the entire event at this link.. this is the full lecture from start to finish not a sound bite missed. Here are a few highlights from the lecture just the same.
Nothing new expressed here... Persons are more or less disgruntled by  the very fact the the artiste was called upon by the Highest educational institution on the land to give a lecture and thus if this is not 2 steps back what is. Whilst some is of the view that there is some good somewhere in here, at least at the point where the bar has been set for associates in the dancehall business in Jamaica.. in some way.

The link to the full video on the UWI website

Mar 10, 2011

Vybz Kartel Running for His Life

This a video clip of Vybz Kartel running for cover at the recent follow di arrow show at the James Bond beach St. Mary.

Bounty Killer and His love for Court House

Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer... without a doubt may hold the record for the most appearance infont of a judge in a court of law during his jamaican dancehall musical life. Some one should take it upon themselves and do the research.. to see whether the statement made is more than factual.... The man cant seem to walk and live the law of the land.. Is Bounty Killer trying to live out his songs? and live in his artificially created world ..where he is the self proclaimed god who can wheel his hammer and exalt death and discomfort on the dishonoured.
But this is not Bounty World.. he has to go to court on March 31 to face the a Judge, im not sure if he will sing one of my Lodge.. it seems he didnt join lodge nor church ,,but he signed a pac with the judges.. and if he continues he will be forever cross angry and miserable

Vybz Kartel Lecture Live

Vybz Kartel Lecture Live

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

Mar 9, 2011

Stephen Marleys "No Cigarette Smoking (In My Room)" [feat. Melanie Fiona]

Stephen Marleys new song "No Cigarette Smoking (In My Room)" [feat. Melanie Fiona]has sky rocketed to number one on the itunes top 100 reggae chart. The song which was released yesterday by the Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., has a nice cool sound ..a real nice reggae riddim that blends well with the voice of Melanie Fiona. Oh.. reggae is not dead.,..LOL

Mar 8, 2011

Now Here comes the Cake Soap

It is expected that Vybz Kartel is going to release his Cake Soap brand on the market as early as April of this year. The soap is said to be designed to fight acne and other blemishes in the skin... im not sure if melanin will be attacked as well by this product. is also expected that the artiste will be leasing these products as well within this one month time frame..

Mar 7, 2011

Shawn Storm lock up for one week now

Russian maybe released but the likes of Shawn the now calm Storm still locked up..and this makes it a week according to reports that the Gaza Empire top artiste has been locked up at the constant spring police understands that no charges has been filed against the artiste who claimed that this appears to be a setup...

Vybz Kartel to Lecture at UWI..topic "Pretty Like a Colouring Book"

Vybz Kartel...the "coloured version"
Vybz Kartel was in verbal discourse with professor Carolyn Cooper over some article she wrote about his new song with Russian.. called "Look Pon We"... apparently there were some lines in the song that irked Ms. Cooper who expressed her views in her regular Sunday gleaner column...
Vybz Kartel took it upon himself the respond to the learned professor Cooper about the meaning of the phrases in his song... and in so doing she invited Vybz kartel to lecture at UWI this Thursday.... Now its a real intellectual ghetto...
You can read extensively about the gleaner article here...and see comments made by readers ..with tones such as one made by Mass Rupert and i quote "this filth that has invaded our country in the types like Kartel, et al, stands to destroy our country totally. This Vybz Kartelism is nothing short of raping the culture impregnating it with violence, mayhem, and barbarism"... ROFL Kartelism ... 

Mar 6, 2011

Mavado Still Crusing

Mavado along with members of the gully squad recently came off a good tour of the European mailand where they did several stints in Germany and Switzerland where the likes of Mavado performed at the Amsterdam Reggae Festival. In December thr Brits could not get enough of the Gully God where did a show at Club Oceana..out of his Four Show tour.
Mavado stepped into Canada over the weekend where he was expected to rip up a concert at the Sound Academy on Polson Street in Downtown Toronto.
Mavado is cruising steadily and as usual consistent with his hits after hits.. ..Right Now Pepper is ripping up the place... but this one is still a shot from the seanizzle production Split Personality Riddim..

Russian Arrested in Trinidad?


It was just a few days ago we understood that Russian from Head Concussion records was messing around with a firearm and almost got shot by someone..dude had to take the fence for it. Now there are some unconfirmed reports alleging that Russian ..aka Tarik Johnston ..was arrested in Trinidad for flaunting with a gun clip at the Trinidad airport ..according to Larrylifestylz..he twitted "So I jus got a joke to rass, I hear sehh russian get lock up inna Trinidad airport cuz dem ketch him wid empty gun clip! A mus joke to rass"....
what the hell is wrong with this dude... boy gone mad

Mar 3, 2011

Beenie Man Ft Pretti Kitti - She Freaky {Dutty Gamez Riddim} Seanizzle Prod [March 2011]

Beenie goes into the realms of freakyness with this one along side the girl called Pretti Kitti... checck it out it on the seanizzile's Dutty Games Riddim
Beenie Man Ft Pretti Kitti - She Freaky {Dutty Gamez Riddim} Seanizzle Prod [March 2011]

Busy Signal - Swagga Turn Up {Swag Team Riddim} Dj Karim Prod

Busy Signal - Swagga Turn Up {Swag Team Riddim} Dj Karim Prod

Dubtonic Kru ..keeps the music alive

In the past recent months there is hardly any good news for the reggae and danchall industry.. sting 2011 was mediocre, Buju Bantons case over shadowed the Jamaican music industry and not to mention the numerous crazy happenings including the death of Oneil of voicemail and Richie Stevens proteje Copper Cat.
The good news for this week was that Dubtonik Kru representing Jamaica won in the Global Battle of the Bands competition
The 15 year old band won the competition over the weekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia beating 16 other bands from around the world. Dubtonic won a world tour, the title Best "New" World Band and a deal worth US$100,000. The Kru was upbeat about their win and shed light on the greatness of Jamaican music culture and the fact that Jamaican music did not die with the great Bob Marley..

Vybz Kartel and Producer NotNice at ODDS

Vybz Kartel and NotNice
There was breakoff with Gaza Kim, Black Ryno, Lisa Hype, Deva Bratt, Aidonia and now its NotNice's turn... The Portmore Empire producer Notnice who has helped to propel Vybz Kartel and his 'Gaza Family' said to have broken ties with the crew. Reports are that there is rift between Vybz Kartel and NotNice since mid-February which as lead to sudio equipment being removed from NotNice's home. Both parties are said to be tight lipped about the matter.. but from past experiences except with the case with Russian from Head Concussion, thus far.. almost all the rumours have turned out to be true.
Vybz kartel have a history of breaking ties and burning bridges. He has been a looose cannon where musical ties are concerned and it seems whoever is working with him toaday can rest assure that things will break down at some point in the near furture...

Mar 1, 2011

Shawn Storm Wanted Robbery!!

Shawn Storm ..and the famous swiping ladies

There are reports indicating that Portmore Empire right hand man.. Shawn Storm is wanted by the authorities as a person of interest in an alleged robbery over the weekend. Details are sketchy but its alleged that a group of men which included storm were on their way to Follow the arrow show in St. Mary on sunday morning, took time out to execute what is being described as a robbery in St Andrew. The cops are asking Shawn Storm to turn himself in asap.