Jul 31, 2012

The Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the July 27, 2012

The Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the July 27, 2012
Voice Mail improves on the chart this week.
Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now to see who has the number one spot...

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10.  Vybz Kartel - Party Me Say [Worldwide Riddim]

9. Voice Mail - Clap it Up


7. Action Pak - Mavado

6. Beenie Man - Dweet Again   

Top 10 songs on the Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the July 20, 2012

The Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the July 20, 2012
Voice Mail re-enters the chart perhaps for the first time in 2012. Vybz Kartel is still There Tommy Lee is Still there Beenie Man and Mavado
Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now to see who has the number one spot... btw where is the regular staple I-Octane

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10.  Voice Mail - Clap it Up

9. Vybz Kartel - Party Me Say [Worldwide Riddim]


7.   Beenie Man - Dweet Again   

6. Action Pak - Mavado

I-Octane SIck Hospitalised...

Reggae singer I-Octane has been hospitalised following an asthma attack, THE STAR has learnt.

The entertainer, whose real name is Byiome Muir, was admitted on Thursday to a hospital in, Kingston.

A source close to the entertainer told THE STAR that I-Octane fell ill after catching the common cold last week.


In a release issued yesterday, the entertainer's management team said, "He is now under the care of his physician and though recuperating, he has been advised by his doctor to rest until further reassessment."

The release further noted that I-Octane was expected to make a full recovery based on discussions with his doctor, however, he would be unable to honour some of the commitments previously scheduled.

The deejay will miss commitments in the Turks and Caicos Islands and Negril and Manchester in Jamaica.

I-Octane, who recently performed at the reggae festival Reggae Sumfest in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, has been having a good year with songs such as My Story and Jiggle fi Mi. He also released his debut album, Crying to the Nation, earlier this year.

Dancehall Queen stoned n bottled

Kingston - rjr - Two persons, a man and as woman were arrested early Sunday morning in connection with the bottle throwing incident at the Red Label Wine international Dancehall Queen 2012 competition.

The event was held at pier1 in Montego bay.

When it was announced that Sherine "sher rumbar" Scarlett of Portmore, St Catherine is the winner on dancehall queen, irate fans threw bottles on stage as there favourite was the Montego Bay native, Keja 'Tall Up' Christie.

"Tall up" was squeezed out of the top three, coming in fourth place in the competition.

Proceeds from the Dancehall Queen competition go towards the Brian 'Big Head' Martin Foundation. The foundation has been providing scholarships to tertiary level students, especially from Montego Bay inner-city communities since 2005.


Jul 28, 2012

Radio DJ Banned For Playing Vybz Kartel Song

KINGSTON STAR - A popular local radio DJ was recently placed on suspension for playing Vybz Kartel's new song featuring fellow PG13 member Gaza Slim. The song is said to contain material which is not suitable for public broadcast.

Reporters contacted the DJ and he confirmed playing the song, however, he expressed that he did not get the opportunity to listen to the content thoroughly.

"We as a station don't condone the message of the song so I was suspended, the song was banned in its first week, and they said I should take three days off based on the song," the disc jock said.

Vybz Kartel is no stranger to being banned. The artiste was banned in 2011 by New York club DJ and Irie Jam radio host/programme director, Dubb Master Chris, who said he would not play Vybz Kartel's music during Black History Month. Kartel was also banned from Guyanese radio stations that same year. Songs such as Rampin' Shop, Get Wild and Last Man Standing have also been banned.

Vybz Kartel Scammer Song Banned

KINGSTON (Star) - Rumours have been circulating about the ban of a recent Vybz Kartel song that features female artiste Gaza Slim.

The song done by the incarcerated entertainer turned author and his protégé, speaks about the scamming practice that in recent days has been highly publicised through investigations and arrests that have flooded the media.

In the song, Reparation, the two suggest that the practice is not wrong as long as the benefits are not used to fuel violence. They call the practice 'reparation', which is the making of amends for wrong or injury done.

Apparently the wrongs that have been caused to the ghetto youths they sing about.

In the song's chorus Gaza Slim sings, "As long as dem nah buy nuh gun, nah support nuh war/ Big up the man dem star from near and far/ Dem call it scam, mi call it reparation / Every ghetto yute is a star, suh dem waan live like one."

Vybz Kartel goes on to deejay in the verses, lines such as, "Big up every scammer, weh mek US dollar/ Build up the house fi yuh mama/ Western Union people fi gi wi more honour", "Who seh di scammer dem wrong?/ No/ Hungry, poverty, that more wronger/ Better dem dweet than tek up the bomber/ Memba the youth dem nah squeeze trigger/ A just true dem a nigger" and "Mi just warn the youth dem, nuh rob Jamaica/ Doan buy gun fi kill man/ Foreign exchange is good fi the country/ Franklin USA, Sterling England."

When Reporters contacted Gaza Slim, she expressed her "right" as a musician to be able to do songs about any topic and that there are other issues more important than scamming that needs to be addressed.

"Jamaica have more problem right now dan lotto scamming that the Government need to sort out. I do music not scamming, and I think that I have the right to do songs about any topic. I am just biggin up the youths who are hustling to make money widout shooting and killing anyone. Them jus ban the song because they can, don't? As weh Worl Boss (Vybz Kartel) say inna di book, a society shouldn't prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea itself offensive or disagreeable," said Gaza Slim.

On one YouTube channel that uploaded a makeshift video of the song on July 24, it has received over 14,500 views. Through this among other avenues, dancehall fans have been weighing in on the issue.

"Mi understand why dem ban it because when Kartel seh something the yutes dem aguh do it and scamming nuh right but the tune hard same way," read one comment.

Another read, "While I completely disagree with scamming I don't think the song should be banned. Scamming was going on long before this song and it will be there after. If they allow gun songs to be played then why not this? This is a great opportunity for the Gov again to use Kartel as a scapegoat and avoid doing their jobs by shifting the blame and focus on Kartel. He is an artiste and should only be seen as such."

LISTEN THE SONG HERE Vybz Kartel ft Gaza Slim - Reperation

Jul 26, 2012

Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae Dancehall in Jamaica July 13 2012

The Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the July 13, 2012
There was a new number 1.. and if you were following you know who was dethroned from the number one spot... ITs a Rising star who has that ..spot now ..check it out
Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. Elephant Man and Lady Saw Si Dung Pon it.

9.  Beenie Man - Dweet Again   


7. Tommy Lee - Psycho 

6. Vybz Kartel - Party Me Say [Worldwide Riddim]

Parasite given Bob Marley Name

Researchers have reportedly named a parasitic crustacean after Reggae icon Bob Marley.
The parasitic crustacean Called  Gnathia marleyi, reportedly  infests certain fish that live among the coral reefs of the shallow eastern Caribbean Sea.
Paul Sikkel, an assistant professor of marine ecology at Arkansas State University is reported as saying  he “ named this species, which is truly a natural wonder, after Marley because of my respect and admiration for Marley's music,". "Plus, this species is as uniquely Caribbean as was Marley.
With reports suggesting coral reef communities in the Caribbean are declining due to diseases, Sikkel's team is examining whether there's a link between reef health and gnathid populations. G. marleyi, like other gnathids, is similar to ticks or mosquitoes.

Nicky Minaj Robbed

Nicki Minaj and the producers of her music video "Pound the Alarm" which was filmed in Trinidad earlier this month were reportedly duped by a man said to be known among members of Trinidad’s entertainment fraternity.
The Trinidad Express reports that the fraudster took more than $100,000 to render services towards the production of the music video and delivered nothing.
A report has been made to the police by the producers, London Alley Entertainment of New York, USA.
The case is reportedly being treated as a breach of contract.

Jah Cure Moves to Secure his Financial Future

International recording artiste Jah Cure will release his new single ‘That Girl’ on July 28.
It will be on his Iyah Cure Music Limited label.

He reportedly plans to be the executive producer of his own album.

Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae in Jamaica as at July 6,2012

The Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the July 6, 2012
Tis the season for Tommy Lee... check out this listing and see why we say so..
RDX tune Jump Jump is sill doing well and Lady Saw is there..
Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. Tommy Lee - Psycho

9.  Beenie Man - Dweet Again   

8 . Elephant Man and Lady Saw Si Dung Pon it.


6. Vybz Kartel - Back To Life (Song About Jail)

Jul 25, 2012

Ninja Man Bad Minds Beenie Man for Bad Mining Shabba

Dancehall icon Ninja Man is speaking out against what he believes to be 'bad-mind' on the part of a dancehall superstar. According to Ninja Man, Beenie Man is jealous of Shabba Ranks' success.

Ninja Man's comments comes after a television interview where Beenie Man was asked if anybody else could get the massive turnout that greeted Shabba at the airport. Beenie Man replied "of course, anybody can get that, you haffi just pay for it."

Ninja Man believes that this comment shows that Beenie Man is jealous of Shabba.

"A me buss Shabba, so from you dis Shabba, you dis me. Shabba do work whe nuff artiste never do yet. Him leave Jamaica and give di artiste dem space fi make money. Beenie Man a talk bout how a buy di man buy him motorcade when him come a Jamaica, Beenie Man you badmind Shabba. You too bad-mind," Ninja Man told THE STAR.

Ninja Man went on to say that only certain individuals in Jamaica could have a motorcade similar to the one Shabba received. The individuals he named include himself, Usain Bolt, Haile Selassie and a few others.

"Shabba motorcade full airport. Shabba a me artiste, any man whe violate Shabba, violate me. Beenie Man tek way the 'King of the Dancehall' title from Yellow Man and sound like him waan tek wey the 'Dancehall Emperor' title from Shabba Ranks,' Ninja Man said.

When contacted, Beenie Man stated that his words were taken out of context. According to him, he was not implying that Shabba had paid for the motorcade.

"I was saying that to do a motorcade costs money because you have to pay for transportation to take persons to the location and back home. It takes money to organise that. I was not saying that people were paid to go see Shabba," Beenie Man said.

Beenie went on to say that there was no reason for him to bad-mind Shabba.

"Me? Bad-mind Shabba? Bad-mind Shabba fi wha? Ninja Man has his own opinions. People with good mind and good thoughts would never think of me like that," Beenie Man told THE STAR.

Ninja warns Beenie

Ninja Man, however, seems to have already geared up for lyrical battle with 'the Doctor' as he warned, "Beenie Man don't play wid Shabba. Him nuh drop him ting, anyting him get him deserve. Give the man him glory. If you waan start the lyrical war, then start it. Me bad like 10 duppy, a long time mi nuh kill no artiste lyrically."

Meanwhile, Ninja Man is slated to perform at The Gleaner's Icons Concert that will be held at South Parade in downtown Kingston on Saturday. And, he will be one of the headline acts on Rum Bar Rum Heatwave that will be held at Jungle in Negril on August 6, as part of the Rum Bar Tropical Island weekend.

At a cost of $1,000 before midnight and $1,500 after, patrons will also be treated to performances from Konshens and Khago, as well as music from Tony Matterhorn, Rebel T and Code Red.

Jul 24, 2012

50 Cent Copies Sizzla Music

American rapper 50 Cent recently sampled Sizzla Kalonji's Solid As A Rock on his new free mix tape called 5 (Murder By Numbers).

Solid As A Rock was featured on Sizzla's Da Real Thing LP back in 2002 and was popular on local and international airwaves.

Solid As A Rock broke through in the US hip-hop market by 2003 and was later sampled by hip-hop artiste Ja Rule in his song called The Crown. Ja Rule had used Sizzla's chorus as a response to 50 Cent whom he was in a lyrical feud with at the time.

Now over a decade since the release of Da Real Thing, 50 Cent has decided to use the same song to stake his claim on the hip-hop crown. He calls his single My Crown.

In 50 Cent's rendition of My Crown he raps about his current presence in the hip-hop industry, stating that he is still a dominant figure.

"Am still... am rich already, ... around you will be meeting your obituary, my whip clean, my watch gleam, nine carrots now that's what I call a pinkie ring, don't even trip, my heart cold, am on the globe I ball hard, I go hard I ghetto right am super hood, am ... on these ... like they know I would," are some of the lines in 50 Cent's song.

During 50 Cent's rapping, Sizzla's voice can be heard in the background singing, 'Solid as a rock they just can't stop me now.' The song ends with Sizzla's voice resonating on the hook singing, 'They found no weapon only a draw of herb' repeatedly.

The STAR made several attempts to get a comment from Sizzla about 50 Cent sampling his song, however, his publicist, Olimatta Taal, said he was unavailable for comment as he was at a Nyabinghi celebrating Haile Selassie's birthday. Haile Selassie was born on July 23, 1892.

"I just sent him the information about the song, he is at Binghi celebrating His Majesty's birthday, so this is quite appropriate, they just can't take his crown," Taal said.

Jul 20, 2012

Vybz Kartel days numbered

Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel is to go on trial on November 5 in relation to the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.

Kartel, whose real name Adidja Palmer, is also charged for the murder of St. Catherine businessman Barrington 'Bossy' Burton.
That matter is set to be heard on October 29.
The entertainer has been in custody since September last year.
Although he has received bail in relation to the murder of Burton, Kartel cannot take up the bond since he has been remanded in connection with the murder of Williams.
A bail application was expected to be made today but his lawyer Valerie Neita-Robertson did not, as she said she was upset that the case was shifted to another judge.
She said she will make the bail application sometime between the two trial dates.

Jul 19, 2012

Ninja Man Troubles not Yet Over

Veteran dancehall Ninja Man, his son and two co-accused, will go on trial for murder on November 19, almost three and a half years after the act was committed.

The date was set on July 16th when the men appeared in the Home Circuit Court.

The case was postponed due to insufficient jury.

Ninja Man, whose real name is Desmond Ballentine; son, Janiel; Dennis Clayton; and Seymour Samuels are charged with the March 16, 2009 murder of Ricardo 'Ricky Trooper' Johnson.

The artiste and his son were in March offered bail in the sum of $2 million each.

The other men were previously granted bail.

Potential Kid in Hot Water...betrayed by Cousin?

Dancehall artiste Potential Kidd has denied allegations of scamming an overseas promoter. The allegations are being made by promoter Dwayne Grant who claims that he had been corresponding with Potential Kidd's manager Angeletta McKenzie since April 2012, to have Potential Kidd perform in the US, how-ever, despite paying the deposit, the artiste did not show up for his event.

"The sum agreed upon was US$6,300 for July 13 and 14, respectively, and a deposit of US$3,150 was sent via Western Union to Small (Potential Kidd's booking agent) on April 27, 2012. After I sent the money, Small introduced me to Angeletta who is Potential Kidd's manager. two months later, we sent another US$600 to put towards airfare, but five days before the show I was told he did not have a visa for the US," Grant said in a release to The STAR.

booking agent

The STAR contacted Potential Kidd's booking agent, Theresa Small, who revealed that she did receive the deposit, however, it was given to Potential Kidd's manager/cousin Angeletta McKenzie.

"I received the money but it was handed over to Angeletta McKenzie, Potential Kidd's manager. As the booking agent, I contacted McKenzie to find out if Potential Kidd was available and she said yes, so during the booking process I did not know that Potential Kidd did not have a US visa. But further down when I reminded her she said that the visa was pending, and assured me that the visa would be ready soon enough because VP Records was sorting that out," Small said.

"I spoke to Dwayne Grant in a three-way conversation with Angeletta (the manager) and she confirmed that she had the money and she would return it. Up until now she has not done so," said Small.

Potential Kidd in his defence expressed betrayal on the part of his cousin.

"Mi never expect that because a mi family, she tell mi sey mi would go to United States and sey if anybody ask mi I should tell dem that I have my visa already. Because she a mi cousin I had no reason to doubt har," said the artiste.

"I don't even have a bank account she has all my money from my shows suh right now mi not even have nuh money. Even Reggae Sumfest mi booked for and mi nuh see nuh money. She book shows inna mi name and nuh pay mi," Potential Kidd said.

The artiste also said that Angeletta McKenzie will no longer be his manager.

"As of July 1, Angeletta McKenzie is not my manager, to conduct business persons should call 565-7101. At this time, I want my former manager to send back di money to di promoter, and I also want my money that I have worked for," he said.

However, McKenzie denied holding access to Potential Kidd's money.

In a release sent to the media, she said, "Potential is a working artiste who is solely responsible for every dollar that is collected by me. I don't have access to any account of his, therefore he will be responsible for any refund of money requested. He handles all his money and whatever money is collected by me is usually passed immediately to him," McKenzie said.

The artiste says he plans to take legal action against McKenzie and expressed that the matter will be reported to the police. In the meantime, Teresa Small expressed that the promoters should stop defaming her character by labelling her as a scammer.

Busy Signal set for Jail time.. Again

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (AP) — A popular Jamaican DJ, who admitted he left the United States 10 years ago before his scheduled trial on drug charges, pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of failure to appear in court.

Glendale Goshia Gordon, who performs under the name Busy Signal, could face between 12 to 18 months in prison and a fine of $3,000 to $30,000, under sentencing guideline recommendations.

His attorney, Bill Mauzy, told The Associated Press he'd ask for a sentence of time served. Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Dunne declined to say how much time prosecutors would seek. A sentencing date has not been set.

Gordon, 33, was charged in February 2002 with two counts related to cocaine trafficking, which carried a sentence of at least 15 years in prison. He fled the U.S. before his trial was to begin in Minnesota and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He has been a fugitive for the past decade.

"You knew you should appear, and you didn't," U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank said while asking Gordon a series of questions Thursday.

"Yes, your honor," Gordon replied.

Gordon was detained by authorities in London in May and accused of traveling with false documents, including a passport that listed a different name. He returned to Kingston, Jamaica, and was arrested at the airport there.

Gordon waived extradition on the failure to appear count. Mauzy said the extradition process was limited to that count alone.

Because of that, Dunne said, while the cocaine charges still exist, they were not a part of this process. The United States doesn't have jurisdiction to prosecute Gordon on those counts at this time.

Frank said once Gordon serves his sentence, he'll be given 45 days to return to Jamaica. If he remains in the U.S. after that, he could be arrested on the drug charges.

Busy Signal is best known for dancehall tracks "Step Out" and "These Are the Days."

According to a recent Associated Press review, his latest album, "Reggae Music Again," is a contrast from his reputation as a hardcore dancehall DJ and pays homage to his Jamaican roots with songs of love, hope and liberation.

Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae Songs in Jamaica week of June 29 2012

The Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the June 22, 2012
BEENIE MAN has rentered the charts with a tune called DWEET AGAIN on the MERCURY RIDDIM which appears to be produced by CHASE MILLZ / JAH SNOWCON. Its a nice sounding one and it shows the class of Beenie Man keeping up with the times.

Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. Beenie Man - Dweet Again

9.  Stop Signal - Konshens 

8. Vybz Kartel - Back To Life (Song About Jail)

7.  Jump Jump - RDX .

6. . Elephant Man and Lady Saw Si Dung Pon it.

Jul 18, 2012

Mr. Vegas Tries another route to get his Jamaica 50 song recognized

KINGSTON (Star:)Tonight, Mr Vegas will be shooting what he describes as a "We Are The World type of studio shot" for his latest project titled Voices Of Jamaica presents Sweet Jamaica.

The project is another effort by Mr Vegas in celebration of Jamaica's 50th anniversary, but this time with a charitable twist.

The recording represents a cooperative adaptation of Mr Vegas' original track.

All proceeds from the sales of this audio and video version of Sweet Jamaica will be donated to the Mustard Seed Communities, a non-profit organisation that supports the care of children with serious physical and mental disabilities as well as children living with HIV.

The song, Voices of Jamaica presents Sweet Jamaica, features the vocals of several top entertainers.

Mr Vegas told THE STAR that it was during one of the many nights that he spends thinking before he goes to bed that the idea hit him.

"I think a lot before I fall asleep at nights ... And I am most times thinking about music. I just got a crazy idea one night that it would be great to do a song to celebrate our 50th anniversary with all the voices that make up our music," said Mr Vegas.

He continued, "I was going to write a new song, but with the buzz surrounding Sweet Jamaica I decided to let everyone sing a part of this song. I started reaching out to the voices and they all loved the idea and I got some of the greatest: Barrington Levy, Marcia Griffiths, Freddie McGregor, Leroy Sibbles, Beenie Man, Ce'Cile, T.O.K., Jah Vinci, Chris Martin and I'm expecting vocals from Cocoa Tea and U-Roy."

The video shoot is set for the Anchor Studio, and will be directed by Jay Will, and help in matching the songs' vocals will be done by Rohan Dwyer.

Jul 17, 2012

Konshens wears questionable attire at Popcaans Birthday Bash

In an unprecedented move.. Konshens one of the artiste to have taken up the reigns since Vybz Kartel incarceration ..doned himself in a shirt that says suck my nipples... which some are claiming to be quite fishy. It seems Konshens maybe creating controversy when he does this sort of thing. Parhaps not the same when Kartel wears that F A G purple shirt some time ago..

Man Sent by God Looking for Vybz Kartel for 3 Years

KINGSTON(Star): A Christian man claims that since 2009 he has been 'God sent' to deliver a rather important message to Vybz Kartel. Three years later, he is resolute to complete that mission.

"The time has come... I think the time is right, whenever God give you a task to warn or enlighten you should. Just like Jonah was sent to warn the city of Ninivi and he was disobedient and he was later eaten by a whale!" reasoned 36-year-old Wayne Clarke, who has been saved for the past 15 years.

wanted badly

Clarke, who speaks highly of his membership at the Christian Fellowship World Outreach Church of God Ministry, located in the Corporate Area, told THE STAR that Kartel is wanted badly by God, to do the Lord's work.

"God wants Kartel to do very important works for him. It hurt me so much that I lived so close to where his studio was and reasons beyond my control prevented me from delivering the message directly," said Clarke.

He explained that one such reason was his fear of the entourage often found in Kartel's company. He said he was mindful that his message may not go down well with those around the deejay and they might react in a not too peaceful way.

was ordained

Clarke said he is now ready, more than ever, to enlighten the 'Worl' Boss'. He is adamant that if this was done in 2009 when he was ordained by the Holy Ghost, Kartel would not have been in his present legal woes.

Clarke said Kartel is being recruited to preach and to heal people. "He must not carry anything that he achieved from the world (money or vanity), he must leave those things and come. He will be set up properly by God," expressed a soft-toned Clarke.

Though it did materialise, two years ago an evangelist was demanding a musical clash with Vybz Kartel at Sting.

"I want Laing to organise that clash, because Mr Vybz Kartel has been leading the generation astray for too long and we have to stop him. He is deceiving them," said the evangelist then. "We need to trample Vybz Kartel, we're fed up of him now. Other pastors and I sit down and we listen to his songs, he is the one, there is a great force behind him."

Jul 16, 2012

Mavado Buys New Ferrari?

The Gully God who spends most of his days in the United States with likes of DJ Khaled and his label appears to making some hefty strides as the Jamaican Singj is seen here posing with a brand new Ferrari..
Mavado was quoted as saying "brand new ting we a deal with inna NYC how di car look? fully bad"
Specualtions are that the car belongs to DJ Khaled...
If its his.. dont be like elephant man Mavado..watch out for the Tax Axe

Jul 15, 2012

Mavado working with Pharrell from Neptunes

Anything is possible with the "Survivor" singer's current successful hits both locally and overseas crossing over all barriers possible and seems to be no end to his rise & future potential.

Mavado tweeted via Instagram the above featured photo of him in studio with Neptunes (N.E.R.D) producers Chad & Pharrell. Dj Khaled say #WeTheBest right so that means ANYTHING is possible! What we know is, Mavado is currently working on a Mixtape as well as a studio album that are to be released, so we will keep you up to date with what a gwan with the "Star Bwoy".

Jul 14, 2012

Bounty Killer Still has Some Relevance in Current Dancehall

KINGSTON (Star): Dancehall icon, Bounty Killer, will be the headline act to perform at the launch of Desnoes & Geddes White Rum tonight.

Red Stripe is introducing a white overproof rum to the market in recognition of Jamaica's 50 years of Independence at its head office.

Bounty is looking forward to this performance saying that he is proud to be part of this grand introduction in celebration of Jamaica 50.

"We as a nation, we are all in celebration mode for the 50 years of independence. This new white rum is a nice addition to the party mix for the summer and for us as a people celebrating," Bounty said.

"I love this new move. White rum is a Jamaican drink and one of the big things Jamaica is known for all over the world," he continued.

The company says it will offer greater quality and value for its consumers with this new product. D&G White Overproof Rum represents Red Stripe's second innovation commemorating Jamaica's 50th year of independence following the highly successful introduction of Talawah lager beer.

"D&G White Overproof Rum represents quality and value for our consumers, and it will be the most affordable white rum on the market," stated Red Stripe's head of marketing, Jomo Cato. He said that "2012 represents a special year for all Jamaicans as we celebrate 50 years as an independent nation, and that's reason to celebrate. So we're offering our consumers the most affordable white rum to ring in our 50th anniversary."

Bounty promises a set full of hits from his repertoire and encourages all to come out and share the experience.

"It will be an exciting performance. as always, I'll be bringing the energy," Bounty said.

D&G White Overproof Rum rounds out Red Stripe's extensive brew and spirits portfolio making it the most complete in the market. It is also part of the company's overall strategy of having a portfolio that represents the best global and local brands.

"The rum category has strong value in Jamaica," said Red Stripe's managing director Renato Gonzalez. "We see a great opportunity to offer white rum for our consumers that has great quality, provides great value for them, commemorates our 50th year of Independence, and completes our portfolio as the best with the most options for consumers."

Cato added that Red Stripe would be aggressive in winning a share of the white rum market in year one and believed its competitive pricing, which would make it the most affordable white rum option on the market, would make that target possible.

Jul 12, 2012

Agent Sasco Disses All Fake Rastas Khago I Octane Chino Natural Black

Agent Sasco Disses All Fake Rastas which seem to thronging words at Khago I Octane Chino Natural Black.
The tune is considered to Boring by some critics and much too late of a counteraction in the war with Khago who is now tangled with Dadda aka Sizzla in a lyrical clash started by Sasco.

Producers Says Ph(F)uck Gaza...and Kartel for Malcolm X Association

Producer Justus Arison has levelled a scathing broadside against Kartel's new controversial book, Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto. The producer, who teamed up with Patrick 'Roach' Samuels last year for the hit Overproof riddim is pissed at the comparisons that Kartel is trying to make with the revolutionary African-American Muslim Minister and human rights activist. Kartel in the past has hinted that he is an atheist and has publicly defended the bleaching of his skin. Arison has had enough!!!

Producer Justus despise the book and the concept behind it.

The creator of the Overproof Riddim, did a good hour and a half worth of venting about the book over the weekend. According to him Kartel shouldn't be compared to the great Malcom X as its a "Mockery".

But as we all know Vybz Kartel is a man of controversy, so a front cover like his, is something that many should have been expected.

Justus Tweets-

"Kartel is the complete opposite of Malcolm x how fuckin dumb are you?"

"Addi is a bleacher. And u compare him to Malcolm x?? Are you fucking kidding? How many crack ball u smoke to reach there?"

But it looks like its not just the front cover the producer has an issue with, as he later tweeted :
"Sending a big fuck you to the entire gaza!"

There are speculation that the Producer is upset with Kartel and his Gaza because they didnt voice on his Overproof Riddim

Jul 8, 2012

Popcaan switch to Bounty Killer Alliance crew?

Kiprich is a known Bounty Killer and Alliance affiliate.. he seen prominent here in this new video from Popcaan called the System. This has lead to speculation that Popcaan is now a member of the Bounty Killer lead Alliance camp...
we wait to see how true this is...

Russian doing Well without Vybz Kartel?..has New Dynamite Riddim

From the producer who delivered knockout hits such as Vybz Kartel's 'Life Sweet', Chan Dizzy's 'Hello Bad Mind' and 'Strange Face', and chart topping singles including 'Straight Jeans and Fitted' and 'Look Pon We', comes another blockbuster rhythm project, titled the Dynamite rhythm.

Tarik 'Russian' Johnston's Head Concussion Records has penetrated the Jamaican and global dancehall hemispheres carving out successive hit singles from a virtual who's who on the musical landscape.

His latest offering, the Dynamite rhythm comes loaded with 10 explosive tracks featuring some of dancehall's biggest names and rising stars.

Hot dancehall sensation Konshens is featured on the project with his latest effort entitled Liad. Also featured are Love How You Wine by Aidonia, Good Love by Chan Dizzy, Wine and Come Up by Charly Black, Muss Come Back by Elephant Man, and Dynamite by Vybz Kartel.

The stars of tomorrow are not left out as they are also given their chance to shine. They include Jahmiel with Everywhere Me Go,Gal Dem Whining by Quick Cook, Work Hard by Fyah Bless and Party Shot by Chemical X.

Aside from the Dynamite project, Russian has also released a handful of singles. These include Lyrical Bomber by new sensation Tommy Lee, Shooting Star by Munga and the hot new Vybz Kartel and Gaza Slim collaboration, So Much Woman.

Johnston made his production debut in 2007 with the track Crazy Life which was recorded by firebrand deejay Anthony B. Since then he has racked up an impressive list of hits for some of dancehall's biggest names.

His production credits include World Boss by Vybz Kartel and the chart topping Good Girl Gone Bad by Tarrus Riley and Konshens.

In a release to the media, Russian outlined that he is back again to bring the hits to the listening ears of the public.

"Russian is bringing those hits again, but obviously, my crazy interpretation of dancehall," he said reassuringly.

Serani mash up DASECA Group..to make his OWN

KINGSTON(Iriefm): Entertainer and producer Serani has called it quits with DASECA after 11 years.

Serani tells Music News that there’s “no bad blood”, however, he believes they’re better off doing their own production. But what exactly happened to trigger the separation of DASECA.

Serani is now working on his own label Rock Stone Media. The dancehall entertainer has since signed Deep Jahi winner of the 2012 Magnum Kings and Queen’s competition.

Serani is best known for his involvement in Sean Paul's album The Trinity and his 2008 single No Games.

Vybz Kartel Launches book..

The dancehall deejay’s book Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto shouls have been officially launched on Saturday, July 7 across from the Horizon Remand Center on Spanish Town Road.

Vybz Kartel and his co-author, Michael Dawson, completed the manuscript early summer 2011 and Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto was first copyrighted in the United States on August 5, 2011.

Kartel is currently behind bars awaiting trial on two separate murder charges. The deejay has been in police custody since last year.
The chapter 'Where Is The Love For The Black Child?' is tipped by Michael Dawson, co-author of Vybz Kartel's The Voice Of The Jamaican Ghetto, to make a shocking, interesting read, as the extreme 'hate him or love him' entertainer will explain why he 'bleaches'.

Since the announcement of the book that would highlight the 'isms and schisms' in today's Jamaica, there have been a lot of mixed reactions from the public.

The words 'Incarcerated but not Silenced' is printed on the front cover.

Adidja 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer has been in custody since October last year and has since been slapped with several charges. His voice will now be heard as he asks, "50 years of what for poor people?" among other questions.

Dawson told The STAR about the book's main topic saying, "The prominent theme is the ghetto experience from someone who has a voice, from someone who has lived there. The theme is why our life is as tough as it is, why we suffer the way we do. It also has an educational value as it explains a lot about the history of Jamaica and probably how the circumstances that we have today ended up this way."


He went on to say that every word of the book is based on songs from the incarcerated deejay and is an explanation of or expansion on the songs.

The book was developed, he said, through discussions between himself and Vybz Kartel about what those songs meant.

For him, the book mums the popular belief of many about Vybz Kartel having the power to influence society, but not using it for anything good or positive.

Another plus, he said, is that "for the first time one from the genre (dancehall) has said I'm going to stay in Jamaica and I'm going to do it this way."

Dawson has lived a life in contrast to that of Kartel. He was a Campionite and later attended the University of Miami. With that, the book makes him happy to see that someone from 'his side' has stepped up with Vybz Kartel.

The book was copyrighted on August 5, 2011. Dawson shared that Kartel saw the manuscript before it was edited and he was very happy with it.

"I asked Kartel ... because he doesn't have a death wish, but he always feels that like 2Pac, Biggie, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh ... he was going to die before his time. And I asked him, how would you like to be remembered? [He said] a freedom fighter and he said this book will really capture that for him because he is going to put everything on the line to hit out against the system and that's what he has done and that's how he feels," said Dawson.

The Voice Of The Jamaican Ghetto will be printed in seven languages such as Dutch, French, Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese will be sold for $1,950 and should be available today. He shared that they have been facing some difficulties, however, as a lot of the expected sellers changed faces when they realised that the book is critical of the 'system'.

The book will be officially launched today at a car wash near to the Horizon Adult Remand Centre where the entertainer is jailed.