Aug 29, 2011

Lisa Hyper is Sick

Lisa Hyper,,,
Word out is that Lisa Hyper is not well. The former Portmore Empire star was recently hospitalised due to complications with her stomach. The DJ is currently working on her album where she has spent long hours without a proper meal and constantly smoking and drinking resulting in a ulcer stomach.
Well we wish Lisa Hyper all the best in her endeavours.. but im telling you the first thing that came to my mind when i first heard the story ...was that this gyal perhaps suck one cocky too many. It was indicated clearly that this ailment was not as a result of too much cocky.
According to Lisa.. the album contains some "juicy tracks" and that she is hoping to be working with Lady Saw ..sometime in the future.
Lisa has gone through some rough patches .it was recently she was dowsed with some forbidden substance wonder the girl is so sick...
There are other reports indicating that she is due to appear in court for some time in October for that pissy incident.

Beyonce is Pregnant ..

Beyonce Knowles is Pregnant.. ..we were wondering what the font was wrong with Jay Z.. taking so long to buss some juice inna di woman and breed her, you got dough dont you?.. Anyway congrats.. I guess all that teasing from "The Game" pushed you guys to reveal it at the MTV awards. We are now hoping that its not jacket.. rasta!!

Aug 28, 2011

Alliance and Gully war continues

Chase Cross returns fire at Bounty Killer and his Alliance and Iyara heard an now comes into the war.... the thing tun up... it has now taken a turn to get more heated.
check out the tracks

Vybz Kartel House Burnt?

There are reports indicating that Vybz Kartel house in Havendale was gutted by fire ...There is no word yet for the cause of the fire. It is being speculated that it relates to the death of a youth in Waterford others are saying that Kartel bridge JPSco light some time ago thus resulting in this scenario.
With all these allegations, there is no word yet from the gaza camp, chances are he perhaps say it is some bad mind person. It was last year Black Ryno apartment was gutted by fire immediately after he left the Gaza Crew.. so this could be a retaliation.. i dont know rasta. Earlier in the week Kartel made it public that he is launching his new products next month so ..bad mind could be active

Aug 27, 2011

Top Ten Tunes in Jamaica right now

Top Ten Tunes in Jamaica right now... big up Popcaan.. congrats to you have a tune a kick up the streets.. but where is the video?.. it seem to me things are not all that well in the Gaza camp for you..

10. Summer Son - Aidonia 
9. Duh Road - Mavado
8. Bike Back - Vybz Kartel
7. Summer Time - Vybz Kartel
6. Street Hussle - Specialist
5. Talk - Kiprich
4. Good Ol Wife - Wayne Marshall
3. Dancehall Duppy - Tony Matherhorn
2. One by One - Laza Morgan Mavado
1. Ravin - Popcaan

New Vybz Kartel - The Best Of Them

Brand New Tune from Di World Boss Vybz Kartel - The Best Of Them  The riddim not all that.. it need some more mixing.. but the tune itself alright its not very long... but it can gwaan.

More Hits Fom Mavado

Another hit tune from Mavado.. Delilah.. is doing well on the charts... and getting rotions at Hot 97.
But thats the tune for me.. this one certainly is LOL its called "Gyal Wine"... this is a Daseca Production.

There is another one called "Settle Down".. that seems find favour with the likes a me.. check it out

Beenie Man and D Angel Split Again

Beenie Marco and D'angel
Beenie Man has called it quits... the recent effort to mend ties with his estranged wife seem to have ended in a brick wall. The Veteran DJ has not expressed much details about the recent problems but he is saying that he will no longer making any effort to reunite with D'Angel. The child Marco dean will be more or less the only reason why Beenie will be coming around hereafter. Beenie recently had his birthday party and D'Angel didnt turn up... Beenie got cross angry and apparently miserable and decided no longer make an effort to bond with the woman that he claim to have taken away from Bounty Killer some 5 years ago..

Vybz Kartel new Products

Vybz Kartel apparently has not called it quits... the self proclaimed World Boss is making another attempt to dive in the world of business this time around its without his business partner Corey Todd.
The products that Kartel have here are cosmetics products ..According to reports these products should be released by September of this year. The products include "Vybz Skin Brightener, Vybz Body Brightener, Vybz Anti-Aging Moisturiser, Vybz Astringent, Vybz Soap and OH! by Vybz Kartel in men's cologne and women's perfume." The products according to Kartel will be distributed by his Ramping Shop Ltd.. he is currently looking a place to locate the business. In the mean time the controversial DJ has been working on his television production Teacha's Pet as well as one or two tracks.
Well nothing beats a trial than a failure.. we hope the bleached one succeeds ..but if his attitude remains as how we know it ..this former negro has nowhere to go

Corey Todd a Bad Influence on Aidonia?

DJ Wah Wah
It has to be the bad Corey Todd influence on Aidonia which have lead to the beating of DJ wah wah. DJ Wah Wah a young disc jock who is or was a friend of Aidonia that plays music from all artiste in the business as he should. But being Aidonia's friends DJ Wah Wah... helped the pushing of Aidonia's music. Apparently the relationship broke down when Wah Wah was asked which 'side' he prefers?.. does he show a preference for the Gullyside Music, Gaza Music, Alliance Music, Red Square Music, Hill Top Music or J.O.P Music... apparently DJ Wah Wah gave the wrong answer... he said "a music mi seh" - and according to him this is what lead to Adonia's affiliates bussing his head and chasing him with DJ Wah Wah ended up with several stitches to the head... DJ Wah Wah in a recent interview said that the lesson he learnt from this is that you are to study your friends cause they are studying you.. a line from I-Octane tune. The point is.. I have never really seen or heard anything as bad as this from Aidonia... so it must be an influence from his new affiliates... Anyway Aidonia denied the allegation.. this was what he had to say...
"I was in the parking lot talking to five girls when I saw Wah Wah talking to a couple of yutes, then mi hear things get heated. Mi hear Wah Wah say some derrogatory things to the yute dem and start sending threats. When him tell one ah the yute dem 'suck yu madda', mi coulden believe it, mi affi say anno Wah Wah that, mi shock. He started the fight and caan defend it, yu caan say certain tings to people out a road and nuh expect dem tings, then when him start get beat up, him ah look fi me to defend it when him start the almshouse...mi coulden save Wah Wah, him start the fight and mi cannot get involved inna something like that, right now, no negativity towards my career. Why him ah call up my name when mi come see him inna altercation wid man? Is long time me ah tell the man fi watch how him talk to people, him get hype and mi warn him about da ting de. Last year, ah same way him get beat up inna T.G.I.F. when him diss a man, one time is coincidence but this fight and beat up show say this is a trend with Wah Wah, him is a troublemaker, and him doan know how fi talk to people."

Aug 26, 2011

New Song Popcaan Vybz Kartel Lost Angel Riddim

LOST ANGEL RIDDIM MIX - VYBZ KARTEL, TOMMY LEE, POPCAAN, GAZA SLIM SHAWN STORM and Stylysh.. They stillat it.. there is anew blood in the group.. she is called Stylysh.. sound like spice to me with that style of hers. Some say here that a Tommy Lee tek the riddim a SOUNIQUE RECORDS production Check it out... Lost Angel Riddim with the Portmore Empire Family

New Song from Shawn Storm Life Hard

The ..gaza camp is still scraping along. The controversial light these days on the Gully vs Bounty Killer Alliance. With significant attention grabber appart from the home raids and the absconding from the flight to Guyana .. the Gaza King Pin is caught it seems with his Teach's Pet..
Anyway Sean Storm is on this New Tune called "Life Hard" perhaps a spin off "My Life". Check the new song from Shawn Storm Life Hard

Aug 25, 2011

Bounty Killer diss Mavado Cousin - Waste Cross

Bounty Killer took time out express his disgust with the likes of Chase Cross in the form of a diss song.. which have somewhat ignited the dancehall community.
The tune is considered weak.. by some fans ..knowing Bounty Killer standards they were perhaps looking something more potent and crushing.
Persons are combing the track..for subliminals that may hit at Chase Cross cousin - Mavado. Im sure something might be in there for Mavado aka Gully God.. he did say the "whole gully ago clear weh"
Check out the Brand new tune from Bounty Killer HERE its a Pay Day production

Sizzla in Accident....Alive

Reports are that Miguel Collins aka Sizzla was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident last night.
Sizzla is currently in Hospital where it was said he has suffered internal bleeding and a broken finger among other injuries. Sizzla was riding a motor bike when he was hit by a motorist in the community of Salem in Runaway Bay, St. Ann last night. Sizzla was coming from a rehearsal... Up the this time ..we heard that sizzla is alive.. so I dont know why some people wishing death on the artiste talking about.. the man dead.. STFU...

Aug 21, 2011

Italian Patrons Angry at Elephant Man

According to Mr Vegas... patrons at a show in Italy that were looking forward to see Elephant Man perform.. wrecked the venue because Elephant man didnt turn up for the show..
According to Vegas his efforts turned futile.. because as soon as he mentioned Elephant.. the crowd got pissed.. then that was it...
"After Elephant man missed his show in Italy & the people mash up the venue, I tried to apologize for him at my show the night after. When the word "Elephant " came out my mouth! all I hear is "fuk elephant man! fuk elephant man!" I just hurry up and guh inna di next song before dem beat the shit outta mi. I tried" "
It was round about  this time last year that Italians got pissed at Mavado and Kicked him off the stage.. I told you guys done messed with these Italians man.. they will Don Corleon your ass... LOL

Brand New Tune from Vybz Kartel - Dedication

Brand New Tune from Vybz Kartel - Dedication
Check it out here

Vybz Kartel did it Again..leaving show promoter crying

Now everybody should know by now the recent situation where it is alleged that Vybz Kartel has ripped off another show promoter from Guyana. I remember listening to a Roach interview (his former manager and friend as well as look a like) couple of years ago.. where he indicated that there is an inherent problem with Vybz Kartel with him ripping off show promoters. You book Kartel for a show, you pay your deposit he gets on the plane..he cries that he is sick or that someone is threatening his life then he gets off the plane.. you try to call him but to no avail. This is at all not new.. I hear of a number of times he has been sued for something of the sort..
Im not sure if it is because Mavado was also scheduled for this show why Kartel didnt turn up... we still believe there is a bit of a phobia between them... 
The show promoter should just count his losses and go... just remember any time you see him you just bruk up him rass...

Aug 20, 2011

Corey Todd Launching new Product with Aidonia

Kartel Todd and Donia back in the Day
Corey Todd is using Aidonia and Beenie Man push a new product called Yaad Stout.. this comes on the heels of Swagg Rum. Todd who recently ripped ties with Vybz Kartel.. has been making efforts to work with ex associates of Kartel as well as artiste and personnell who are not necessaily a fan of Kartel.

Mavado continues to push Chase Cross career

This a "new" official video with Mavado ft Chase Cross...Im not sure if this was done before or after the "confusion" between the gully squad and bounty killer.... In any case its a clear indication that blood is still thicker than water. Mavado and Chase Cross is family and apparently they not planning end their family ties any time soon.. So this video is a clear indication that Mavado is still making provisions to make Chase Cross a success. Now the question is.. out of Mavado pushing Chase Cross and Corey Todd pushing Aidonia... which one you think would reap more success.. well seeing that Aidonia have a bit of advantage should assessed based one where they are now and where they get to in the next couple of months.

Aug 18, 2011

Ninja man Knocked Unconcious with a Stone in a Sock

Ninja Man
The "original front teeth gold teeth don Gorgon Ninja Man" was said to have been hit in the head with a stone while in prison in Jamaica. Ninja Man who was charged with murder some time ago was hit unconscious by a inmate known as Kevin Maitland some 2 weeks ago at the Horizon Remand Centre. Maitland is charged with unlawful wounding and it is still not clear as to why he hit Ninja in the head with a stone hidden in a bobby sock.
It is being hoped that Ninja quickly recovers from this set back... as the 45 year old veteran has been locked up since 2009 and fans are eager to see the don gorgon released asap.

Aug 17, 2011

Joel Chin... Life has ended,,, RIP

Joel Chin seen here.. is being asked to Rest in Peace his young life was snuffed out by ruthless thugs. Chin is one of the many Chin affiliates to VP records... I didnt know him but it seems he was a great lost to the music industry.
According to Power news report ... "VP Records has expressed sadness at the passing of Joel Chin, 35, who was shot at his home by unknown assailants last night.
"Joel literally grew up in the Reggae business and put his vast knowledge and connections at the service of the music he loved passionately," according to the VP Records website.
He was the grandson of VP Records founder, Vincent Chin and the son of Reggae producer, Clive Chin.
"Joel's signings helped VP Records become the largest Reggae label in the world and bring Reggae into the mainstream music market culminating with Sean Paul's 'Dutty Rock' album which sold over seven million units worldwide," the website also said.
The producer, according to VP Records, left New York for Jamaica to years ago to spend time on music production, songwriting and exposing new talents.
The Stony Hill Police have reported that at approximately 10:45 pm, Chin was exiting his vehicle at home, when he was pounced upon by armed men.
Residents allegedly heard explosions and summoned the police, who found Joel with gunshot wounds.
The scene outside Joel's home was processed and the Major Investigations Taskforce is investigating.
He is survived by his mother, father, his newborn daughter, two brothers, and three sisters.

Vybz Kartel angry at 2 - Face Artists

The takeover riddim.. recently produced by Notnice under the influence of Corey Todd.. includes a number of former Gaza Portmore Empire artiste as well as artiste that are not too in favour of Vybz Kartel aka Wold Boss.. aka di Bleacher.. Kartel himself was a bit flustered when the riddim was released.. as he is no longer privaliged to ride on Notnice Riddims and Corey Todd is making sure to that I suppose..
Kartel indicated some time ago via social media..stating that ..
"If you agree, rebroadcast) When me and Corey did a link, dem artiste deh did a bun out me AND COREY. When me and Corey stop link, dem same artiste deh run in gone sign up and line up. Man we fuck dem fi likes and riches cause dem a some shameless bitches. Das why people haffi rate me all when dem hate me cause me always be me - VYBZ KARTEL"
The name of the Riddim is not New.. Mavado was on a similar naming riddim couple years ago long before most of knew him. ... check out the new Takeover Riddim by notnice.. one thing though the damn riddim sound like the S-Class riddim... .. o gosh man .. no wonder Kartel is a bit upset.. this we know when reacted like this..

LA Lewis after 15yrs of Free Reign Charged.

When Vybz Kartel says ..his skin look like when L.A. Lewis passed through.. @1:30... he was refering to the known fact that LA Lewis graffiti antics precedes him. Now the long arm of the law has caught up with Mr Lewis as it has been reported that the state is taking steps and already taked steps to prosecute Mr Lewis. Lewis is indicating that he is not the culprit .. its other persons who took up on themselves to plaster the walls of the city over the pass 15 years or so ..with Graffiti that says "L.A. Lewis"...there was a recent incidents of fresh Graffiti which realy promted the authorities to act... according to radio reports ".
La Lewis looking Crazy
But can the state prosecute a obvious mentally deranged person?.. it should be clear that LA. Lewis is MAD.. dog gone it.. this cannot be right... there must be someone to counter sue the state for this action.

Aug 16, 2011

Tony Matherhorn aint Dead ..YET

Who and why would they spread such a rumour that Tony Matterhorn is dead?.. when clearly thats not the case.. Tony took time out and made sure that people get the message that he is alive and well. The speculations are that ..he is dead in the clash against the twins.. this after the first couple of tunes.. the fans of the twins says that the twins have it.. and this they say was confirmed with their latest diss song for Tony Mentally Ill Matterhorn called Rich.. and it seems there were words being thrown at other artiste such as Bounty Killer with the hammer reference, Elephant Man - light cut off reference... amongst  others.

Macka Diamond Robbery

Macka Diamond.. in Money o!
Its not ironic, its not a case of what really goes around comes around, its the reality that in Jamaica and almost everywhere else in the world if you leave things careless you just might get robbed.
Macka Diamond was robbed recently of her Land Title, Passport, Bank Cards and even documents relating to her child. Its has been reported according to rjr news "
"Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond's motor vehicle was broken into by thieves Sunday night, August 14.
A release said Macka's hand bag was stolen with her and her son's passports, an undisclosed sum of money, an iPod and a parcel that contains vehicle and other documents.
She is pleading with the thieves to return the documents.
She says the theft has caused her to halt her traveling which will result in loss of income."
Im not too sure if Macka will be singing ..this song Robbery any time too soon.. chances are instead of singing about wanting her Cowfoot..surely she will be shouting about wanting her important documents and her Money O!!... and the culprits that took the ladies thing please returned them.. ok!!

Aug 13, 2011

QQ mash up 7 CSEC Exams

Boy wonder...QQ ..
Congratulations to QQ.. for doing relatively well in his CSEC exams. Not very many artiste can even spell properly like mi self yah much less fi pass high school level education.
According to reports QQ has passed 7 subjects which includes Mathematics, Accounts, English, Spanish, Office Administration, History and Religious Education. The young DJ was always being criticized and chided for the fact that his Dad took him from England to Jamaica to do music thus ignoring his schooling... well these results should shut them up....QQ is now said to be looking towards doing his bachelors in Business at a Florida University.. but right now Music will be his full time adventure.. The young artiste has a couple of fresh releases such as Cow Foot and Splice...

Bounty ..appear to Have no Interest in Settling Beef with Gullyside

They have calling Chase Cross "Waste Cross".. indicating that he is really garbage when it comes on to his music. His style is not quite Clif-Twang.. but there is a twang ..that hip hop element to his flow. I hear even Popcaan dissing the dude.. talking about.. Chase Cross.. a who name so?
Bounty Killer indicated his view on what is happening between the Alliance and Gully.. he stated that "Waste Crosses Hahaha pure joke him a gi vado mek him a clown out di ting dat mi seh str8 I guess him valued more to vado!"--- he his Mvado's Cousin Blood is thicker than water.. so what. Bounty erred. Based on what Chase a seh the man dem brethrin died and all him a sing pon is that you mash up him party..
when Bounty Killer was asked "is there a split between the alliance and gully?".. he indicated that .."Well that's what it is until vado open him mouth waste crosses a the gully boss it look like don't? Alliance Mi Seh!!"...
So its clear .. Bounty Killer is not in control of the situation.. one would think he would have taken command and quashed this thing easily ... and get the feeling he doesnt want to fix anything and let it go back to normal... You ask Mavado to choose his dead friend and blood relative over you and you made some pussyhole move on your part?.. check u self killa

Aug 12, 2011

Bounty Will Never Sign That Act...

Bounty Killer is still in no mood for that Batty Man contract... he recently uttered "Last giant who hasn't sign dem sadamite "Con-trap" no Contact!!!"... Indicating that he is the only big artiste who has not given in to the "con trap" of the compassionate act...and he is in no mood to debate the issue either as twitted..."De-bate Re-bate no bait roun here plus homo discussion no interest!!!"
That Reggae Compassionate act will not catch Bounty Killer with his pants down... it will more like catch him with a hammer in his hand. It is expected that Bounty would hold this stance especially like it is uncertain how soon the US visa gonna come.. so in the mean time the principle that he stands for the last 20 odd years has to remain.. or else he would be a big flopp...

Mavado not yet Cleared

Apparently Mavado is still in a bind... this was a recent article from the Jamaica Observer about the Singj pending case
Dancehall artiste Mavado is seeking to avoid going to trial in his latest brush with the law as his lawyers yesterday asked that his case involving charges of malicious destruction of property and assault be sent to mediation.
The deejay, whose real name is David Brooks, faced the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday but was not asked to enter a plea.
Attorney Martyn Thomas, who is appearing along with Christopher Tavares Finson for the entertainer, said while the accused man was disputing some of the allegations stemming from the July 22 incident in Belmont, St James, they would prefer if the case went to mediation instead of a trial.
Resident Magistrate Carolin Tie ruled, however, that they should wait until the medical report was on the file before deciding what to do. She then ordered that Brooks be fingerprinted and return to court on September 29 when the case would be mentioned.
The court heard that on July 22 about 7:00 pm, the complainant and his son were in a Toyota Camry along the Belmont main road when they came upon a long line of traffic and pulled off the road, which was dug up. It was alleged that a man went to the driver’s door, slapped the man in his face and then kicked him in the groin.
It was further alleged that Mavado then drove up in a black Range Rover SUV and told the complainant to move out of the way as he was not going to drive his vehicle over the stones, but the complainant refused. Mavado, it was alleged, used the wheel of his vehicle to squeeze the man between his car door and the car, causing swelling to his foot and a cut to his shoulder. Damaged to the vehicle was estimated at $25,000.
Thomas told the court that it was not just his client who was involved in the incident but other men as well.

Aug 11, 2011

Agent Sasco diss Vybz Kartel again...

It seems Assassin aka Agent Sasco is paying a lot attention to Kartel this year and reaping success while he is at it. His latest diss song comes from an incident that took place some time ago at a studio where Kartel and his entourage had an encounter with Assassin ..and there was some speculation that Agent Sasco left the scene a bit scared. Now a couple of months later Agent Sasco decide to drop a tune ..dissing the bleacher and his antics.. listen

Aug 10, 2011

Brand New tune From Vybz Kartel "Pussy Jaw

Check the new tune from Kartel...its called Pussy Jaw... not this Pussy Jaw
Vybz Kartel - Pussy Jaw (Put It On Hard) Aug 2011 [TJ Rec]
This one...

Bounty Europe Tour Cancelled..OH..S Hit man

There are some unconfirmed reports that Bounty Killer had a tour scheduled for Europe.. however there are indications that the entire tour was cancelled due to the potential influence of voilence and mahem that might occur especially against battyman. This was a statement on a website that described the situation and I quote ..

"KILLA SHOW POSTPONED/CANCELLED DUE TO GAY PROTESTS Nuh Easy Productions, Kings Music Production & Soundbank Music are truly sorry and devastated, and VERY angry, cross, miserable, to inform that the European Bounty Killer tour has been cancelled, perhaps if we lucky only postponed until oct/nov. The reason is gay organisations in Germany and Switzerland has put pressure on the promoters and venue owners and police getting involved saying they will not let him perform and venue owners have pulled out. How you can stop something before anything "illegal" has happened, not even knowing if it will happen, is beyond our understanding but nothing we can do about it at this point. All we can say is poor people fed up n leave our dancehall alone!!! "

I'm not sure if Bounty Killer has signed the Reggae Compassionate act as yet, this would seem not to be the case because the tour was cancelled perhaps on the basis of the non-signing of the act and of couse his consistent pounding of battyman..lyrically but voilently.. no pun intended here.
Its 2011now and with Bounty Killer having his miriad of court cases.. I would suggest to him to sign the act. This so called act is just a promise not to insight voilence against gay people..and swipers. Bounty Killer have been accusing lexus for some time.. and of course you have refered to Beenie Man as a battyman many a times over the years to the point where he took away your one time girl friend and potential wife at the time Angel, fuck it and breed it... but you and him are still friends?. So whats the point in not signing the act like the others for eg. Kartel..who perhaps cant even go to the airport these days ..Suh Bounty sign the bloood claat battyman paper an just move on wid yuh life...U not gonna catch up Mavado's wealth, especially if you stay a yard like Kartel get moving ..ground god

Man Stabbed during Aidonia Performance

Donia in the middle..looking worried
Whats happening here?.. as Aidonia acquired the likes of Corey Todd to make him "be like Vybz Kartel", ..excluding the bleaching, the tatoo, the freakyness the weird creativity...and general madness and badness, here comes trouble. Aidonia the potential top Jamaican  DJ was performing at "Ova Load" a show held last friday Friday at the Amnesia Night Club in Ocho Rios, the show was reported to have ended prematurely due to a stabbing incident during Aidonia's performance. It is alleged that the victim appear to have favoured Vybz Kartel and thus told Aidonia to go and "suck him mumma".. and apparently scums aka the entourage from the J.O.P didn't feel good about this... thus they made a statement by inflicting a crucial wound to the fellow causing him to have a near death experience he was then rushed to the St. Anns Bay hospital to ensure that his life get an extension.
Is this an Omen?... cant the rest of 2011 go through peacefully without these dummies getting into anymore trouble.. music we seh... if you bad go a riverton city go dump yuh self

Aug 9, 2011

Kartel to Buy new Benz?

Kartel in d New Benz
Vybz Kartel recently declared that he is making provisions to acquire another Benz. This time this Benz is gonna be Black...why he was asked..he replied .."Black History month soon come around again..."
Its not certain whether the Gaza Boss has acquired the vehicle ..but from the pic it seems that the car is still in mart. Anyway we hope the Gaza Don.. reaps success  only if he does good.

Top New Tunes on iTunes

This list is the latest tunes on itunes.. all released in 2011... the Number one track High Tide or Low Tide by Bob and the Wailers was released today...showing that even though he has been dead for some time now.. he is still king, he is still the great and everything else after him a "Bobby Socks"...
The tune Sugar Cane by shaggy has been doing relatively well... i could have sworn i had seen this tune selling for like $0.69 sometime ago..thus resulting it climbing the chart fast..the price is now $2.99... Artiste like J Boog and The Green continue to reap success ... the other local in the new tunes listing is Vybz Kartel as he continue to eat a food off the summer time track.
Check out the latest top "new tunes" on itunes....

1. High Tide or Low Tide - Bob Marley & The Wailers
5. Sugarcane - Shaggy
12. Sunshine Girl (feat. Peetah) - J Boog
25. She Was the Best - The Green
28. Every Little Thing (feat. Fiji) - J Boog
31. Take You Higher - Positive Motion
53. Rub-a-Dub Soldier - Ky-Mani Marley, Protoje & Da Professor
61. Got Me In Love - The Green
72. Mumbai (Mumbai (Kanedubstep Remix)) - Divkid
76. Summer Time - Vybz Kartel
78. Love & Affection - The Green
83. Travlah - The Green
88. Feels Like - Katchafire
89. Summer Nights - Iration

Aug 8, 2011

Jah Cure Married

Jah and his lovely Bride
Apparently this was what Jah Cure was longing for... the Reggae singer tied the not recently marrying Media personality and 2009 Miss Jamaica World contestant, Kamilia McDonald.
Jah Cure who was always being critizied of not being rasta enough ..due to his chest bearing tactics on stage..thus ending up in the arms of the likes of Kamillia.. then such behaviour should always be encouraged.
Jah cure indicated at reggae sumfest last month that he is planning to get married but one did not expected this fast...
The man has come a far way..from being convicted of rape and now married to a beauty queen.. jesus christ must have forgiven this mf... Jah Bless Jah Cure and his beautiful wife...

Aug 7, 2011

Twins of Twins New Tony Matterhorn Diss

Twins of Twins replies to Tony Matterhorn.. with a new diss song called "A Song Dat"...
The toughest line from the song is soething in the oerder of .."cause when fire ketch cigarette them life span short"...also the "the envisioning babies a duh 69" should also make Matterhorn feel away
But it look like the Twins a lead at this point...check it out

Aug 6, 2011

Kartel to be Sued... again..real dummy

Vybz Kartel di bleacher
According to reports Vybz Kartel is about to be sued by Ewan Mcrea of Hype2K11 promotions.. Apparently the DJ took the promoter deposit money for the 2010 show last year and didn't turn up for the show and up to this point still have not returned the deposit money... this is awfully familiar..
Kartel yuh need to stop dem shit deh... one day negro you gonna meet you match... stop teck the people dem rass money and dont do them show.. you a real dummy.. you think that kinda behaviour make you can get more some sour pussy or a visa?.. you better stop drink that rass bleach it nah improve your ability to think.

Beenie Man Afraid of Shabada

Shebada in the middle ROFL
This Beenie Man shebada thing.. is begging for attention. It seems Beenie is afraid of Shebada and truly I cannot blame him. Shabada seem to have too much female characteristics for a man. All in all it goes to show you that the macho and street credit thing still matters to some people like Beenie, because to be in a tangle with Shabada is definitely a no no.
Beenie is saying that he will not be on the 2 for 1 show with shabada because him hurt his feelings and disrespected him for calling him betweenie man.. a name given to him by Bounty Killer. But I get the feeling it is not really that is the problem.. its just that Shabada is considered by some to be a battyman thus and therefore Betweenies fear.. a mean Beenie.
According to a star report ...
"Beenie Man's management team, MD Entertainment, last night announced that the artiste will not be performing at this weekend's heavily advertised Two In One performance alongside stage performers Keith 'Shebada' Ramsay and Andrea 'Delcita' Wright.
"Beenie Man was originally booked for a 30-minute performance, but it appears that the producers of the show are building up Beenie Man's performance as a clash with Shebada and we won't have him be a part of something like that. Beenie Man is not a circus act and an international artiste of his calibre simply cannot be pulled into this situation. We are not being paid for a clash so the deposit will be returned. We will not be doing the show," Mario C, who is a member of Beenie Man's management team, said in a release."

Beenie made the mistake and had an interview session with Rupaul and he never heard the end of it... if you ask Beenie if he would have an interview with Rupaul again he would just might not.. I guess he doesnt want to loose Bounty friendship.. it means so much, especially like Bounty have nice new girl there... now is not a good time to stay too far from him.. he snatched Angel from Bounty... he can do the same thing here...

Aug 4, 2011

Bounty Killer and New Girl?

Bounty Killer and New Girl?
Bounty has had some fine women either as his beating stick.. or his double six, no long term no wedding bells... but if looks could be true ,,this girl could be the one fi Bounty not the two.

Corey Kicks out Selecta for Playing Vybz Kartel Song

Bill Cosby
Corey Todd the guy that now manages Aidonia as well as the new club riddim, quad etc expressed his dismay and anger recently the the club when it is alleged that he had to kick out a selecta from the session for playing a diss song from Kartel directed at him.. perhaps this one called "Mi Know mi Fren". The selecta, referred to as Bill Cosby was approached by Todd to stop playing the song however he simply continued as if his life depended on it. Corey Todd had to put his foot down, it was alleged that he had to drop the selectas cd box well as shot him a box and throwing objects at him, the selescta eventually got the message, as it seems the self preservation part of his brain started working again.
One has to ask why the hell Bill Cosby had to do that... it must be that he was dumb, paid or threatened ..whatever the case might be its clear Corey will not be inviting back Bill Crosby too soon... a must GAZA HIm SEh!!!

Aug 3, 2011

Tony Matterhorn - The Sins Of Twins [ Twin Of Twins Diss ] - August 2011

I told you it would not have taken long for Tony to reply to the twins of twins leaked tune (see previous post)... after doing the dancehall duppy thing, which thought at the time was a genuine concern by Matterhorn to rev up things a bit and some war dubs going but it seems Tony Mentally ill Matterhorn was literally begging for the attention just like any typical attention whore.. now its here lets see how good this confrontation with him and the twins go.
It should be fun because both these acts are comedic in nature and it expected to role along those lines.
Check out the New Tune dissing Twins of Twins from Tony Matterhorn.. its Called Sins of Twins

Aug 2, 2011

Twins of Twins Jabs at Tony Matterhorn

Tony Matterhorn
Twins of Twins has responded to Tony Matterhorn's reaction to a interview they did recently which they either said or implied that Tony Matherhorn is biased and barely plays Twins of Twins music.
Now the twins have responded to Matterhorn in song...a diss song.. this is a snippet of it and apparently it has a killer line in it that should cause Tony to go running to the studios... Im now seeing Isiah Laing the Sting promoter smilling from a far... he perhaps have no big artiste to clash together but the feuds that are popping up all over the place should add up to something. Macka Diamond and Tanto Blacks, Shebada vs Bounty and Beenie, Chase Cross Mavado and Alliance, I-Octane and Khago as well as everybody vs Kartel..

Aug 1, 2011

Shebada Diss Bounty Killer to Raass Claaaat

Shebada... some people call shim Battyman.. transvestite ...cause him/shim declare say he/she is on the borderline... confused, not sure if him a man or woman. And DJ's always been taking swipes at shebada over the years.. now Shebada has stroke back..but he not striking on the likes of Chino Mcgregor..but he taking shots at the big bad mighty Bounty Killer.
Bounty Killer was once untouchable in Jamaican dancehall music.. lyrically and vocally he beats Beenie Man to a pulp..he drive fear in many a Dj's except perhaps for Merciless and one and two others but would not dear to Diss the Mighty Bounty Killer.
The recent attempts by the Monster Shock Crew and Chase Cross from the could easily say its because of what the Bleacher Kartel has done, opening the doors showing others that you can diss Bounty Killer. Now its Shebada's turn to take a jab at Bounty Killer...I know bounty Killer can trace but I don't know Shabada nuh Normal a bombo claat... I think im going to like this..Bounty god like status has diminished just like that of Mavado.. Any Battyman can running and Diss Bounty something that one couldn't dream of ... so Bounty turn poppy show to rasss claat...
Check out the ting...