Sep 28, 2012

Lisa Hype Gangster Love Laza Morgan?

KINGSTON - STAR, Controversial dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper is alleged to be involved in a romantic relationship with international reggae artiste Laza Morgan.

Allegations are that the two have become suspiciously close since working together on their single Gangster Love.

At least three different websites posted stories over the last two days hinting at a brewing relationship between the artistes. However, Lisa Hyper shrugged the issue citing that these allegations were false.

"We have been going out and doing music. We have a musical relationship I guess you could say we are close musical friends. We did a movie called Gangster Love so I guess footage of that could have hit the Internet and people take it to the next level. There is a nude lovemaking scene in the movie, so all of that can push people to think otherwise," she said.

According to Lisa Hyper, the content of the song may have also contributed to the allegations.

time together

"The song is just straightforward, so I guess that is why the attention is being directed to our friendship so much and posting questions. I guess the love concept and because we have been spending a lot of time together," she said.

The video for Gangster Love will be released next Tuesday.

Hyper describes working with Laza Morgan as a blessing, as she says, "He got me into a different character, he is very respectful and charming, and overall it was just an adventure."

Lisa Hyper and Laza Morgan are both expected to embark on a tour of local schools in the coming months. Selected institutions will be provided with educational gadgets.

The single Gangster Love was produced by overseas based Platinum Camp Records.

"Look out Jamaica, I am coming home soon and want some hot sexy girls to go in my new video Money Don't Sleep. Interested persons can contact me at lisahypermusiq on or @PlatinumCamP," said Hyper who is currently in the United States.

Mavado still has worries

KINGSTON, Observer - Entertainer Mavado is to be tried next year February on allegations that he assaulted a police officer at a New Kingston night club in June of last year.  
The February 12, 2013 trial date was set when the deejay appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court today.
Attorney Peter Champagnie was successful in having the court vacate a warrant that was issued for Mavado's arrest, when he did not appear on his previous court date.
Mavado, whose real name is David Brooks, is charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, stemming from the incident in which a member of his entourage, Conroy Edwards, was fatally shot by the policeman on the steps outside the nightclub.

Sep 23, 2012

Vybz Katels tells Tommy Lee to Stop?

Fans deface the greatest of all time
Vybz Kartel is urging his protégé Tommy Lee to end his beef with dancehall G.O.A.T Bounty Killer.

Bounty Killer ignited a heated debate in dancehall over Tommy Lee’s use of dominic lyrics and branding himself Sparta. A few days later Tommy Lee hit back hard with a diss track “Goat Head,” where he took several shots at the Alliance Next Generation head.

Sources close to Vybz Kartel who is currently behind bars, exclusively told Urban Islandz that he is against the beef.

“Despite their differences Vybz still have a lot of respect for Bounty Killer,” the source said.

“He spoke with Tommy Lee via a phone call and told him to resist from engaging in a beef with Killer. Worl’Boss genuinely feels that the beef is not good for Tommy Lee career which he should more focus on building,” the source added.

Tommy Lee has also indicated that he has no interest in a continuous beef with Bounty Killer. The source also revealed that Tommy Lee did not want to do a diss track but feels he needed to defend himself.

“The sudden attack from Bounty Killer was not necessary and Tommy Lee feel like as a younger artist him need fi defend himself,” the source.

Bounty Killer has yet to respond to Tommy lee’s diss track at least musically.

Busy Signal out before Buju Banton and Kartel

Busy Signal To Serve Two Months In US Prison

Jamaican entertainer Busy Signal was today sentenced to six months in prison for one count of failure to appear in court in the Minnesota Court in the United States.

Signal will only serve two months, as he has already served four months.

The artiste, who whose correct name is Glendale Gordon, was arrested in Minnesota in 2002 on drug charges.

He was subsequently granted bail, but fled the US and returned to Jamaica shortly after.

Busy was arrested at the Norman Manley International Airport in May, after returning from a European tour.

After one court appearance, he waived his right to an extradition hearing and agreed to go back to Minnesota to answer the charge of failing to appear in court.

The drug charges still remain, but under the extradition treaty US authorities do not currently have the jurisdiction to prosecute him on those counts.

Sep 20, 2012


KINGSTON - Star    Since the release of Vybz Kartel's book 'The Voice Of The Jamaican Ghetto', many Jamaicans have greeted the book with objection. However, merchandising manager at Whirlwind Entertainment group limited, Aisha Stewart, says persons should read the book before being judgmental.

Stewart, who holds the responsibility of dispersing the books to stores globally, says many local stores have rejected the book without knowledge of its content.

However, the orders have been coming in from overseas.

"The progress is good, we are getting a good feedback in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Bulgaria, Chile and Amsterdam. A lot of orders are coming from the European side. I have friends who have also expressed that the books should be in the schools," Stewart said.

"People say negative things about Vybz Kartel because of the bleaching; however, bleaching existed before Vybz Kartel so he should not be held accountable for that. A few local stores have said they don't want the book in their stores because it's Vybz Kartel and he is a bad person," Stewart said.

According to Stewart, the action of some store owners reflect a narrow way of thinking.

"I think that it is just being small-minded. Just because you don't like the person and the situation, you are fighting the book. Some of them haven't read the book and are making a judgement based on ignorance. You have to be open-minded, pick up the book and read it because we are not gods, and only God should judge us," Stewart said.

Co-author for the book, Michael Dawson, believes there exists a huge misconception about the book.

"They think it's about lewd lyrics, violence and pro-devil messages, however, the book rejects those things. He speaks of putting in place mandatory age restriction for dances and music censoring. He apologised for singing a particular song, he calls for more research to be done about Tacky and the Rodney riot and other things, so it's mostly Jamaican history," Dawson said.

The co-author also encourages locals to look past the negativity and read the book objectively.

"I wish people would try to look past the negative aspects and just read. That would correct the misconceptions because the book is contrary to the preconceptions," he said.

Dawson also expressed disappointment in the local schools.

"The book sold more in Europe than in Jamaica and it's more successful in the US, than Jamaica. I thought the schools would have taken on to this being that it's the place where these developments would be interrogated," he continued.

"There has always been criticism that Kartel has not used his notoriety for positivity and now when he has done that it is being greeted with reject," he concluded.

In capitalising on the international success of the book, Dawson disclosed that there are ongoing plans to distribute translations in languages such as French, Dutch, Spanish, German and Portuguese

Local stores currently hosting copies of Adidja Palmer and Michael Dawson's book include Kingston Bookshop, Sangster's Book stores, El Passo in Montego Bay, Bookophilia and the national airports.

Stewart disclosed that the airports are the main sellers locally, noting that every month there are requests for restock.

Jay Z had nothing to DO with Sean Paul and Beyonce not being together

Sean Paul didn't squash the rumour about him not being in any scene with Beyonce, he just milk as much out of it for the profit over the years by saying nothing.. in relation to that Baby Boy video and why he didn't appear in a scene with Beyonce. Rumour had it at the time that Jay-Z didnt want his wife to be in any scene with Sean Paul as he feared that Sean Paul would take his girl away. Its now years after Sean Paul just ready to spill the beans..

Popcaan Can't Believe what Vybz Kartel is Doing to Him

Popcaan Cant Believe what Vybz Kartel did to him... he cant believe that Vybz Kartel would bad mine him, grudge him for his success bad mine to the point where Popcaaan Had to make a song about it.. listen as the boy grieve in this new song
Popcaan - Can't Believe It - Reservoir Riddim

Sep 18, 2012

Jah Cure Collabs with Tupac Shakur

Jah Cure on cyber world on computer screen
Singer Jah Cure has a new single which features slain rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur.

Music News understands that the project was organized by US based record label, Sobe Entertainment. Jah Cure who is currently in the Bahamas gives us the 411.

Jah Cure’s publicist Claude Mills confirms that the singer is gearing up for the release of his new album World Cry this fall.

Sep 17, 2012

Bounty Killer Lead ANG Endorses D Angel?

D ANgel with Beenie Man and Marco Dean
Dancehall fashionista, D'Angel's weekly party, An'so Thursdays, held atop Cookies roof, Port Henderson Road in Portmore saw a full house and then a few unlikely guests, as the members of Bounty Killer's Alliance Next Generation (ANG) turned out to party and show their love and support for D'Angel.

In addition to ANG being in the building, and a brief performance from them later on, patrons were also treated to a selector sound clash between Bumpy Cash and DJ Nerro, the latter walking away with the title of the first winner of the An'so Thursdays selector clash.

Vybz Kartel's Teachas Pet ...Replaced..

KINGSTON -Star: With their main star still behind bars, film director and producer Jay Will has thrown in the towel, as he says there will be no 'Teacha's Pet' season two.

According to the executive producer of the much-talked-about television series, there can only be one protagonist and that would be Vybz Kartel himself.

"Whenever people are doing TV shows they don't like to say it before time, they like exclusivity. So it's hard to tell you what we have coming up. But as it relates to Teacha's Pet ... there can only be one Teacha and that is Vybz Kartel," he said.

Jay Will disclosed that the production team had hoped to embark on a season two for the Teacha's Pet series, however, that was not to be.

"Originally we wanted to go to season two, but we didn't anticipate that Vybz Kartel would be incarcerated so that was unfortunate," he said.

In the meantime, however, Jay Will disclosed to The STAR that there were plans being put in place to produce a new television show called Puppy Love which is expected to feature the top-eight girls featured in Teacha's Pet, excluding the winner.

"As a director I have other reality shows in the making, I can't disclose much about them right now but I am meeting with sponsors. There might be a spin-off show from Teacha's Pet called Puppy Love but we are not ready to give information about who will be featured on it as yet. It is going to be on a bigger scale than Teacha's Pet but Puppy Love is not artiste based," he said.

love after being rejected

"This show is expected to do well in the dias-pora because that is where most of the Teacha's Pet supporters came from. The girls will be quote and quote looking for love after being rejected by Vybz Kartel," Jay Will explained.

Jay Will and his team recently released a music video for the Teacha's Pet theme song, shot in high-definition quality. The video features scenes from the reality show along with appearances by the majority of the cast and Vybz Kartel.

Shortly after Kartel's arrest in 2011, telecommunications company LIME announced that a decision was made to discontinue the broadcast of the reality series on its mobile TV with immediate effect.

The show, however, continued to air Friday nights on CVM television.

Sep 15, 2012

Tommy Lee Disses Bounty Killer in New Song Badly - wants sting 2012 clash

Tommy Lee diss bounty really badly in this new tune. He calls bounty killer suck p u s s y mouth and goat head ....woman beater and all manner of things.

We now await a wicked reply from Bounty Killer...perhaps to end Tommy Lee career

CHeck out the latest tune from Tommy Lee called Goat Head...

Bounty Killer and Kiprich Disss Tommy Lee setting up Sting 2012 Clash

Bounty Killer and Kiprich Disss Tommy Lee setting up Sting 2012 Clash

Bounty Killa Chicken out of Clash with Tommy Lee

The people dem who were anticipating a clash between Bounty Killa and Tommy Lee at Sting 2012 forget about it.

Earlier this week, Bounty Killa issued a statement taking obvious jabs at Tommy Lee. According to the release Bounty Killa said “Christmas is 4 christ so nuh demon or devil cyaah win we a bloodclaath all a dem a dead a sting!!!”

However, Bounty yesterday threw a curve ball to those who were expecting a faceoff with the war lord and Tommy Lee. Bounty Killa took to Twitter to downplay any speculations of a clash.

Bounty Killa Tweet

Sep 12, 2012

Popcaan loosing hype..turns to T Shirt


Popcaan perhaps feeling the flames going out on his hype.... turns to entrepreneurship.

Popcaan’s new t-shirt line has been revealed.

The T-shirts for male and female comes in a wide array of colours including pink, dark and light blue, orange, red and white.

The front of the shirt features slangs created by Papi such as Yow, Peppa Skull, Fry Yiy and Wha Gwaan. While the back bears a cartoon silhouette of PopCaan.

Designer Romeich who added his creative touch to the T-shirts gives Music News the 411.

In mid-November, PopCaan’s T-Shrits will be available in stores in Kingston, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

Busta Rhymes Biggs up Vybz Kartel

Busta Rhymes
Despite being in jail for almost one year, Vybz Kartel is still being talked about.
Kartel is an intriguing artiste to work with says rapper Busta Rhymes.
During an interview with VLAD TV, Busta credits Vybz Kartel for evolving the music.
Busta Rhymes reveals that his collab with Vybz Kartel, "Wine Go Down," was the one feature that stood out the most to him on his new album.
Vybz Kartel is currently behind bars awaiting trial on two separate murder charges. The deejay who has been incarcerated since October last year is also facing charges of perverting the course of justice.
Busta wishes Kartel well and hope that he gets through his rough patch. The hip hop star likens Kartel to Rick James... well in a non clown way.. with no diss to Jamaes

Sep 11, 2012

Bounty Killer badminds Tommy Lee

Bounty Killer...
 Iconic dancehall artiste Bounty Killer has condemned the lyrics of dancehall's newest sensation Tommy Lee.

According to Bounty Killer via, he supports Tommy Lee's relative dancehall success. However, he will not embrace the artiste for his continuous reference to demons and devil.

"Every man know a me say youths fi run the place, but nuh come chat nuh (expletive) bout freak and devil or demon. So when a man ago sing certain things, him nuh think say nobody was gonna have a problem wid him argument dem? A when since yu can just come inna dancehall and a bring een demon people freely so? How long we have we dancehall nice and pure. Mad mi mad to (expletive) some a dem too bright and no big man inna dancehall naah stand up and tell dem say dat nuh accepted. People mi fight fi dancehall wid mi life and say (expletive) career dem naah mash it up enuh," Bounty Killer tweeted.

The Alliance boss also hinted that his upcoming Sting performance could see him tackling issues of Antichrist and devil worship.

"Christmas is for Christ so nuh demon or devil cyaah win, wi a (expletive) all a dem a dead a Sting," Bounty Killer also tweeted.

When The STAR contacted Tommy Lee for a comment, the artiste said he was not into disrespecting his elders.

"Mi nuh have nuh comment pon dat enuh, a elder and mi nah disrespect him. Di youth dem just duh the right and hold up yu head. A him name Bounty and a him sey cross, angry and miserable. I have no problem with him, mi respect and love him same way, mi just a look mine and a mek sure sey mi kids dem eat," Tommy Lee said.

controversial song

The controversial song at the midst of the drama is Tommy Lee's single Uncle Demon in which the artiste proclaims himself to be a demonic character. Tommy Lee's mentor Vybz Kartel also has a song called Daddy Devil which has garnered similar backlash from the dancehall community.

Producer Skatta Burrell also took to Twitter to voice his discontent with the controversial songs.

"Cyah believe Jamaicans are inviting the devil into our blessed country. Hope when destruction start tek wi, unno nuh call pan Jah fi help," Skatta tweeted.

Alliance next generation manager Cross Cris also voiced his disgust, as he says, "This issue affects dancehall and Jamaica as a wider populace ... We cannot be glorifying demonic and satanic music. Some people use words/phrases without properly researching the meaning," he said. According to Cross Cris, they are not fighting against young artistes, but "it is the continuous glorification of satanism and demonism that is being portrayed that we are against, nothing more."

Sep 4, 2012

Popcaan refuse to stop saying Gaza

Top-flight deejay Popcaan, once believed to be one of incarcerated DJ Vybz Kartel's loyal lieutenants, has spoken out about his Gaza status on Saturday night during his back-to-school treat at 3 West, Greater Portmore.

"Gaza fe life," he said while expressing that not even Kartel can stop him from seh Gaza, confirming his stance in the Gaza movement.

Rumours have been swirling recently that the relationship between Kartel and Popcaan had broken down.

It was also reported recently that Kartel, while awaiting trial on multiple charges, ordered that the Portmore Empire be disbanded, and allegedly created a new group called PG-13, with new sensation Tommy Lee as a headliner. Popcaan, however, was not included.

However, on Saturday night, while on stage, Popcaan gave kudos, to the self-proclaimed World Boss, as he said: "Big up to Kartel who played a major role in what Popcaan has become as an artiste today."

Sep 3, 2012

Vybz Kartel Betrayed?

A new song featuring dancehall artistes Tommy Lee and Vybz Kartel has added more fuel to the current controversy regarding Popcaan's alleged dismissal from the Gaza camp. The song is called Betray The Gaza Boss and contains lyrics which appear to be directed at the estranged Only Man She Want deejay.

Tommy Lee sings in the song's intro, stating that he wants somebody to desist from calling his name to get respect. "Don't sey yu love mi, man mi nuh love stop call mi name just fi get a forward," sings Tommy Lee.

Vybz Kartel starts his part of the song proclaiming to be the champion of the Gaza and implies that some of his followers used his name to make money, but have no ratings (respect) for him.

"Stop talk bout Gaza betta unno talk bout plaza unno a use mi name fi mek money but, unno nuh rate Mr Palmer. Every ghetto youth unno listen to deh part ya, nuh bite the hands wey feed yu none tall mi nuh have nuh time fi nuh bwoy wey nuh remember wey di World Boss duh fi him, tek dem from nothing to something, tek dem from the ghetto gone straight a foreign," Vybz Kartel deejayed.

The song was premiered on Friday by ZJ Chrome and has since been uploaded to by a fan. Since its upload, the unofficial version of the song has received over 2,000 views.

Just over a week ago, Tommy Lee appeared on popular TVJ show Entertainment Report to dispel allegations that Vybz Kartel had booted him from the Gaza, citing him and Popcaan as traitors.

According to Kartel's alleged release, said to be issued by Gaza Slim, within a week of his arrest, some of his followers switched management arrangements.

The alleged release read: "I just want you to let the people know that all a dem runnin aroun sayin Gaza, Gaza" are not real. Before I came here, we were 'good." No animosity, but within a week of my arrest, they started giving other people managerial and booking positions. But where were these people when I was building their careers? When I was investing time and money to transform them from nobody to somebody? They are opportunists and fake."

It continued, "I'm not surprised because this is dancehall and I have no problem with them making their money. But I jus don't want them to be all over the place exploiting a movement that I built with blood, sweat and tears when they and I know they aren't real. I want them to stop. The only two loyal people are Slim and Sheba (the girls) and maybe it's because they haven't fully realised their potential."