Dec 31, 2012

Who is the Artiste of the Year?

WHo is the artiste of the year... I might missed a few but i think I covered most of the top acts of 2012.
Please vote for who you think made the most impact in a positive sense in the music business as an artiste see right hand side of your screen to vote you can select more than one artiste.

Dec 30, 2012

Popcaan Loves Vybz Kartel more than Any Battyman

Popcaan while performing on Sting 2012 stage not only pushed Blak Ryno off stage with his groin area he also made some haunting statements. Popcaan said that he loves Vybz Kartel more than any battyman... now thats some serious...shiit.
Someone picked up the mantle and put together pieces of what popcaan said on stage with some Vybz Kartel interjections and made a parody... will this have a devastating effect on Popcaans career?

Dec 29, 2012

Black Ryno hit back at Popcaan in new Diss Song

Black Ryno not only sent out a statement about his innocence and what really happened at Sting he did a couple of interviews as well as took time out to make a 4 minute diss track about Popcaan...relating to the sting incident... Highlighting how Popcaan said that "he loved Vybz Kartel the most"... highlighting the fishyness of it
The track is not bad at all it would be interesting to hear Popcaan's response to these allegations where some appear to be true at this moment...

Dec 27, 2012

Sting 2012 did well without Beenieman Bounty Killa and Vybz Kartel

Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer:

Sting pulled thousands of patrons to Jamworld in Portmore last night.

The stage show, which is perennially marred by controversy and simultaneously buoyed by it, was true to form when dancehall artistes Popcaan and Ryno were involved in a physical altercation on stage.

On a night which was built on the foundation of dancehall feuds, it took reggae acts like I Wayne and Lutan Fire to cool things down with some positive reggae music after some patrons became understandably edgy.

Busy Signal who was doing his first local performance since incarceration in the United States was given an award by CEO of Downsound Records, Joe Bogdanovich.

According to the businessman, Busy Signal is a dancehall game changer.

Busy Signal validated the compliment by delivering a strong set in which he delved into dancehall, reggae and gospel music.

Patrons were also captivated by Busy's tales of horror from prison.

"I wouldn't want my worst enemy to go to prison," Busy Signal said.

Romain Virgo also gave a good representation of himself, standing among heavy weights such as Sizzla and Chuck Fenda who also did well.

Virgo had the patrons jumping and singing to his popular songs, while taking the opportunity to expose two new talents.

The highly-anticipated tag team clash which saw KipRich and Ninja Man going up against Merciless and Tony Matterhorn did not disappoint.

KipRich ignored his teammate and took on Merciless and Tony Matterhorn in an incident-free battle.

KipRich reigned supreme.

Having swept aside Merciless and Tony Matterhorn, KipRich then directed his lyrics at Ninja Man who defended himself valiantly, the end result was a draw, with Ninja Man proclaiming he was merely testing his offspring.

Kiprich destroyed Merciless and Tony Matherhorn at Sting 2012 Clash

Kiprich on the left Tony on the right of the boxing ring
Kiprich masecared Tony Matherhorn and Merciless at Jamworld this morning. While Matherhorn was searching for words Kiprich went in for the kill and left the crowd booing Tony...and he did the same to Merciless
Kiprich was full of lyrics, the tag team effort with Ninjaman was not necessary as Ninja didnt say or do much.. it was all Kiprich.
Meciless went for low blows that didnt find favour with the crowd and Tony was talking too much as usual save and except for the time when he killed Twins of Twins. The boos got lowder and were justified as Kiprich made his mark on Sting.. and could be the next Ninjaman.. with him spinning lyrics off the top of his head esp when Tony mentioned something about elephantman... there was some draw from the Twins of Twins matereial when Kiprich slayed Tony saying that he in the pack (cigarette) with 19 other man.
Other performances from artise such as Gaza Slim was look warm...with some say the only excitting ting was her peeping nipple.
Spice came out in war mode chawing fire for Macka Diamond... with donkey and all.. but there was no sign of Macka Diamond. Word out is that a fight broke out back stage between the ladies.. there is no confirmation about this at this time though.. thats sad just like the Ryno and Popcaan case... Popcaan should not have pushed him though

Black Ryno and Popcaan Fight on Sting 2012 Stage SHow

Black Ryno runs out on Popcaan on stage about 1 minute into the hotskull performance. It appears to be a desperate move on the part of Black Ryno who seem to have a bone to pick with Popcaan.
But how did Ryno got a Mic? Did he grab it from Popcaan? everything happened so fast .. One would have to speculate and say that Popcaan was set up.
Anyway security personnel came to Popcaan rescue and it appeared that Popcaan kick down Ryno on stage.. we would have to wait to see the video release later in the day.
Apart from the fight the only other honorable mention was Busy Signals 30 minute performance that was the performance of the show...up to this time...the show is still on, as i type I-Wayne is calming tings down after the Popcaan and Black Ryno storm

Take a pree before youtube remove it ROFL



Live stream by Ustream

Live broadcasting by Ustream

Dec 26, 2012

Riot When Tommy Lee Appears on Stage...DJ Bottled again?

the bleached Tommy Lee Sparta.. aka demon

Tommy Lee Begs for calm at the end of this clip after a riot broke out that ended his stage show in Guyana. Its not certain what triggered the riot but speculations are that demons were unleased upon the people and all hell broke loose. Lee was quickly taken off stage and flown back to Jamaica to get ready for sting tomorrow morning according to reports.

Dec 22, 2012

Bounty Killa at war with Laing tells laing to suck him mumma

As usually bounty killa like mr. Vegas likes to tweet his anger and recently Isaiah Laing the promoter of sting has been getting under his skin. Bounty told Laing to suck out his money on a tv interview and now the snow ball. This Bounty latest tweet on the matter

"So mi get it a so mi say yeah mi hearsay Laing a chat off him face last nite a Hilton or pegasus hotel one a dem how him ago mash me up after sting bcuz mi tell him Go Suck Out Him Money and his him mother mi did waah tell him bout like I did mis select my words so Him Nuh Can Mek Heavy D Suck Out Him Money fi him then and how a nuh mi shirt alone did get crushed up in 2000 and mi fi tell the ppl dem bout the Box mi did get Kmft Laing first thing u can't set mi up like kartel and secondly u or Any Boy or Gal Box me getting back all type of Boxes and cases to Bloodclaath ok bring it
mek laing go suckk out him madda mek him nuh go pon air go sehh that! Baddness nuh stop a fi him foot! Alliance Run this...."

Dec 17, 2012

Bounty Killer Booed and Sand at Chug it?

There are no confirmed reports as yet however word out is that The Big Bad Mighty Bounty Killer was "sand" and Booed at Chug it an entertainment event that recently booed Tommy Lee.
It was recently that Bounty Killer was speaking in an interview saying that Tommy Lee should be careful after getting booed twice in one night.
Speculations are now that Tommy Lee might have something to do with the recent booing and sanding of Bounty Killer.
This does not look good

Dec 14, 2012

Bounty Killer Free once again

Dancehall entertainer Bounty Killer today won his second court battle within a week.

He was freed today of traffic offences which allegedly took place in 2008.

Bounty Killer, whose real name is Rodney Price, was freed of charges of dangerous driving and obstructing traffic.

On Monday, Bounty Killer and former policeman Calis Bowen were freed of several charges in the Gun Court.

After the Crown closed its case in the Traffic Court today, attorney-at-law Linda Wright submitted that Bounty Killer should be freed because there were too many contradictions and discrepancies in the evidence given by the three policemen.

Resident Magistrate Prima Griffiths upheld the submissions and freed him.

Wright told The Gleaner that if Bounty Killer had been found guilty of dangerous driving, his driver's licence would have been suspended.

Evidence was given that about 3.50 a.m. on December 29, 2008, a police team was on mobile patrol along Eastwood Park Road in St Andrew, when they observed a Range Rover being driven in a reckless manner as it was going in and out of the lanes of traffic and the traffic lights were being disobeyed.

The driver was signalled to stop but disobeyed. The police later caught up with the Range Rover at another stop light and blocked its path.

Bounty Killer, who was the driver of the Range Rover was issued with seven traffic tickets for disobeying traffic lights.

Two summonses were subsequently served on him for dangerous driving and obstructing traffic.

When the matter came before the Traffic Court the charges of disobeying traffic lights were withdrawn as the decision was taken that the dangerous driving charge covered those offences.

Dec 10, 2012

Bounty Killer Now free.. To deal with toMmy lee?

Gleaner - Barbara Gayle:
Dancehall entertainer Bounty Killer and co-accused Calis Bowen have been freed of gun charges and other offences.

Bounty Killer, whose real name is Rodney Pryce, and Bowen who was a policeman at the time, were before the Gun Court on the charges of illegal possession of a firearm, assault at common law and unlawful wounding.

The police had reported that on September 27, 2007, Bounty Killer and a group of men assaulted an off-duty policeman along St Lucia Avenue in New Kingston.

It's reported that the policeman had left a club and noticed a number of vehicles blocking a section of the roadway.

He reportedly signalled the men to clear the roadway when he was attacked.

It's also reported that shots were fired at the off-duty policeman and that Bounty Killer pointed a gun at the policeman's face.

But in court today the Crown withdrew the allegations against Bounty Killer and the ex-cop after revealing that the evidence given by the policemen who is reported to have been attacked was contradicted by the statement a senior police officer.

Dec 9, 2012

Vybz Kartel continues to Vibe with New Song

Vybz Kartel refuses to go away .. where new music is concerned. the locked up controversial DJ ...who coked be setenced death has another release with his partner in crime Gaza Slim.
This one is a bad man tune... been a while we hear one of these...
this one from Vybz Kartel and features Gaza Slim the tune is called Stop Gwan Like Yuh Tuff

Dec 4, 2012

Bob Marley drink sickens kids in New Jersey school

AP) — Officials have removed a relaxation drink named after reggae icon Bob Marley after several students at a New Jersey school were sickened.

Marley's Mellow Mood is promoted to reduce stress. The drink's nutrition facts say it may cause drowsiness and is not intended for children.

However, students at Satz Middle School and Holmdel High School could buy it on campus. Several middle school students were sickened on Friday.

The Asbury Park Press reports the school district's food service provider has removed a manager pending an investigation. Chartwells School Dining Services also has removed the Marley product.

The company issued a statement in which it said it takes this situation very seriously.

Dec 3, 2012

Tommy lee booed twice in 1 night! career coming to an end says Bounty Killer

It appears that things are not so rosy for tommy lee aka nyammy lee accordinf to bounty killer. According tweets and comments in cyber worlds Mr. Lee got booed twice in one night after making references to bounty killer.
And so done it was not long for the self proclaimed gaad bounty killer to make the world know that tommy lee career is now over.
Bounty tweeted "Nyammi Lee Wid Baye Booooo Back A Dat time up dem can say a we send ppl go Boo him now did unuh watch ER? that duppy puppy show is over that's all folks!!!
Chug It go Bug It mon Rum Bar waah see mi Gun Bar how dem fi replace the Gaad wid a Fagg fukca dem!!!

mi did tell unu stop hype dis likle eediot Nyami Lee ??? Well him can sey him mek history , THE ONLY DJ TO EVER GET BOOO @ 2 SHOWS in 1 NIGHT =)) ..If when killa did sey done wid di demon ting him did jus easy him likle self an listen to him elder , him career wouldn't get slap weh...him go play hero n draw zero"

Vybz Kartel bossy case mentioned 2day

Jerome Reynolds, Gleaner Writer - The case embattled dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel in relation to the murder of St. Catherine businessman Barrington 'Bossy' Burton is expected to be mentioned in the Home Circuit Court today.

Burton was killed in July last year, while he was standing with friends along Walker's Avenue in Gregory Park, St. Catherine.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is also facing the charges of conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

Kartel has been in custody since September last year.

The controversial artiste has been offered bail in the Burton murder case, but he has been unable to take it up because he has other cases pending in the courts for which he has been denied bail.

Nov 29, 2012

Popcaaan Groped in Paris

Even though he was kicked out of the Gaza...PG13 ..or whatever group that now exist that vybz kartel is affiliated with.. Popcaan continue to do his thing and pay homage to Vybz kartel just the same..
This is a clip from a concertr in Paris ..where the crowd was all up in Poppies catalogue singing word for word... his performance as usual was up close to the audience which appear 100% female at front stage... and the ladies at every chance they get gropes Popcaan ... check out the clip

Nov 28, 2012

Munga not backing down from Clash with Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer is about a war against Munga... we know this because this stament was made by Bounty Killer on his twitter page...

"Munga u are no more honorable ur ending is inevitable from u dissed Alliance u dissed me as well so anything a anything u who ran from debra sprat 08 and flopped ur career real go there maad rass now everybody!!!"

Because Munga Dissed Alliance etc in this song

Munga being the warrior he is ... is not backing down from the big bad mighty Bounty Killer... and was quoted as saying ... "Bounty Killer u nor nuh man cyaan tek MUNGA HONORABLE HONOR. Hotfoot"

Nov 27, 2012

One more bail for Vybz Kartel 2 down one more to go

KINGSTON - GLEANER. Dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel has been granted bail in the conspiracy case against him.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer was granted bail in the sum of $500,000 with sureties.

He is facing the charge of perverting the course of justice.

As a condition of his bail, Kartel is to report to the Constant Spring police station daily until January 25, when he is again scheduled to appear in court.

He has also been instructed to surrender his travel documents and a stop order placed on him.

The bail application was made by his attorney Christian Taveres-Finson.

However, the entertainer is unable to take up bail as he is also at the centre of two murder cases.

Kartel, is jointly charged with associate Andre Henry alias 'Pim Pim' and fellow entertainer Vanessa Saddler, more popularly known as Gaza Slim.

Bail was also extended for Henry and Saddler when they appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court this morning.

It is alleged that Kartel and his co-accused were a part of a plot to undermine a police investigation into the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.

Kartel and four other men are before the Home Circuit Court on a charge of murder in relation to the death of Williams.

Nov 23, 2012

Frustrated by fishes in the west Beenie Man heads to the East

Beenie Man is scheduled to headline the Escape 2 Festival in Abu Dhabi on December 6.
The event is billed as the "ultimate dance party".
This will be the Grammy Award-winning artiste's second visit to the United Arab Emirates this year, having performed at Chi@The Lodge in Dubai in May.
Beenie Man's hit songs include Let's Go, Street Life, Who Am I, Feel it Boy - a duet with Janet Jackson - and King of the Dancehall.

Nov 18, 2012

Pamputae Kissing a next Girl Raises Questions

It is said that the kiss was out of an overwhelming moment of emotions. It is also said that the picture was doctored up and is perhaps not real. There were also speculations that this kind of thing (dancehall female artiste kissing another girl) is bringing down dancehall further in the doldrums where the likes of Vybz Kartel had it. And of course statement like these will get the likes of Dianna King riled up... there are speculations that Dianna King had influence here.
There are however those who are very much enjoying the moment... im sure since Busy Signal return from jail he should be feeling really good seeing this kind of stuff..he said so in this song a few years back that he likes girls that like girls...

Busy Signal Back from Jail AGAIN..back in Jamaica

Busy Signal praise to JC for his return
KINGSTON - STAR, Dancehall artiste Busy Signal returned to the island a free man last night after serving two months in a United States (US) prison.

Busy Signal, whose real name is Glendale Gordon, flew into the island last night and posed for a photo with Elephant Man and manager Shane Brown. He later tweeted on his Twitter account "Guess who is back! God is GOOD!" Busy's return was apparently well greeted in entertainment circles with several persons posting the photo he took along with Elephant Man and Shane Brown on their BlackBerry Messenger as a profile picture.

The artiste had been sentenced to six months in prison after pleading guilty to absconding bail. He had received a six-month prison sentence. He, however, only served two months, as he had already spent four months in jail awaiting his trial.

The artiste had been given 45 days to return to Jamaica upon his release but obviously flew home immediately. If he had remained in the US beyond that, he could have been arrested on drug charges. In May, the artiste was arrested at the Norman Manley International Airport in Jamaica on an extradition warrant from the US. He declined to contest his extradition to the US from where he fled 10 years ago while facing drug charges.
Busy Signal was extradited to the US on June 19, after his legal team argued that he could only be charged with absconding bail as was outlined in his extradition papers.

Top Ten Reggae and Dancehall Music in Jamaica July - August 2012

The Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the July 13, 2012

Check out the top 10 songs in Jamaica right Then

7. Tommy Lee - Psycho

The Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the July 20, 2012

10.  Clap it Up - Voice Mail

7.  Beenie Man - Dweet Again  

5.  Tommy Lee - Psycho 

3 .  Jump Jump - RDX .

The Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the July 27, 2012

9. Clap it Up - Voice Mail

6.   Beenie Man - Dweet Again  

4. Tommy Lee - Psycho

 2.   Jump Jump - RDX .

The Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the August 17, 2012

 9. Bolt Pshyco - Tommy Lee

8. Clap it Up - Voice Mail

6.   Go Hard and Done - Wayne Marshall

3 .Beenie Man - Dweet Again  

 2.  Jump Jump - RDX .

1 . Tommy Lee - Psycho

The Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the August 24, 2012

10.  Box of Money - Mavado

6.  Clap it ip - Voice Mail

4.Go Hard and Done - Wayne Marshall

2..Beenie Man - Dweet Again  
1 . Tommy Lee - Psycho

The Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the August 27, 2012

8. Clap it ip - Voice Mail

7. Box of Money - Mavado

6. Siddung Siddung - Konshens & Dario

5. Tan Tuddy - Aidonia

3. Beenie Man - Dweet Again 

2. Tommy Lee - Psycho
1 .Go Hard and Done - Wayne Marshall & Various Artiste

Nov 17, 2012

Selector Beaten to sickness for Playing Tommy Lee songs

Star Kingston - One man was seriously injured at a 'wake' held in the community of Flankers, Montego Bay, St James, after thugs demanded that a selector stopped playing Tommy Lee songs.
Information reaching our news team is that the community now rests in fear, as there is an apparent divide in support for the dancehall artiste.
It is reported that a wake for an elderly woman was in session on Saturday night, when the selector was asked not to play anymore Tommy Lee tunes.
The selector, our news team was told, did not take heed to the warning, as another song for the artiste was selected, following which the said selector was subsequently roughed up by a hostile group of people.
Several persons reportedly intervened, and the group left the area and returned, opening fire on the gathering.
Our news team understands the incident took place in a section of the community called Vietnam, the zone which is considered Tommy Lee's 'Sparta Base'.
A resident of the community expressed, "True ting man. Man nose get shoot off, finger gone and mi hear even ears! ... The irony is dat is dung pon Tommy Lee base."
gunshot wounds
THE WEEKEND STAR was told that when the group returned, several shots rang out and when the shooting subsided the man was found suffering from gunshot wounds all over his body.
Our news team was told that he was rushed to the hospital, however, the extent of his injuries are unknown.
THE WEEKEND STAR spoke to a member of the gathering who expressed, "Mi nah lie to yuh a town mi leave from go MoBay and mi never know a so di yute dem dung deh gwan over certain things ... It serious we haffi tek weh we self and go elsewhere that night ... A morning we wake and hear say di breda drop out ... then we hear afterward that him nuh dead, he is in serious condition in hospital."
A senior officer attached to the Montego Bay Police Division confirmed the shooting incident, however, he was tight-lipped when quizzed on the motive for the shooting.
He said, "The police are aware of such reports and that at least two persons have been held so far for questioning in relation to the shooting ... I was not on duty on the weekend so I could not confirm the reason for the attack."
"True ting man. Man nose get shoot off, finger gone and mi hear even ears!"

Nov 16, 2012

Vybz Kartel Busy Signal makes Grammy awards List

Ocho Rios Irirfm - 50 reggae acts have made the shortlist for the Best Reggae Album award at next year's Grammys.

The 50 nominees for Best Reggae Album will be trimmed to five (or six) finalists when the full list of next year's nominees are announced on December 5 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Vybz Kartel's Pon Di Gaza Mi Sey album, released in October 2011, a month after his arrest on drug and subsequent murder charges made the shortlist.

Another jailed dancehall entertainer, Busy Signal has also been nominated for his album, Reggae Music Again.

Konshens is up for his debut album, Mental Maintenance and Mr. Vegas also appears on the shortlist for his double disc, Sweet Jamaica.

Additionally, past Best Reggae Album winners such as Sean Paul (Tomahawk Technique), Toots Hibbert (Reggae Got Soul: Unplugged) and Jimmy Cliff (Rebirth) scored nominations.

The 55th annual Grammy Awards will take place on February 10, 2013.

Bounty Killer threatened?

There reports that word is going around on the streets that, a requital is being planned for whenever the Alliance boss dancehall artiste Bounty Killer visits Montego Bay.

Bounty took his favourite venting place - twitter and tweeted this "Mi hear whispering a go roun bout when me come a mobay wah and wah ago happen, but mek mi tell some paper tongue fool this, any plan dem plan mek sure it blue print on paper and cyaah change, bcuz any mistake dem mek it's gonna be a fistake, mi nuh iron man so mi naah go say nobody cyaah do mi ntn but try don't leave no trace simple, and nobody cyaah do mi ntn on the behalf of another Dj, unless that Dj gonna stop sing pon stage and stop go places world wide, so tell some hurry come fool fi know dem bumboclaath self, and when Demon a plan God a wipe so Anything a Anything bring it fools!!!"

Betweenie Man under fish pressure once again

DAYS after a scheduled performance in northern California was scrutinised by a gay rights group deejay Beenie Man is facing more pressure from the gay community in the United States.
The Gay Liberation Network (GLN) is protesting his November 22 performance at The Shrine in Chicago, citing Beenie Man's past criticism of homosexuals.
In a letter posted on the website, the GLN demands that Beenie Man's show be cancelled.
"I wish it were possible to say that this artist performs music that is simply engaging entertainment with a great beat and sometimes gritty lyrics. Sadly, this is not the case due to Beenie Man's history of frequent calls for violence against gays and lesbians. Such calls are anything but 'entertainment' when directed against a vulnerable and oppressed minority," read the letter.
The Shrine event is promoted by Ephraim Martin, head of the annual International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA).
Beenie Man has made attempts to mend fences with the enraged gays. He was one of several dancehall performers who signed the Reggae Compassionate Act in 2007, and recently issued a video apology to gay activists prior to his performance at the Rototom Festival in Spain.
But the GLN is not buying the gestures, claiming they are not genuine.
"Because of his advocacy of violence toward our people and his chequered and inconsistent relationship to the global LGBT community, we respectfully request that management of The Shrine show its respect for our community and rescind its offer to have Beenie Man perform at its venue. We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss this matter further," the GLN stated in its letter.
Beenie Man's show in Trinidad, California, at the Ocean Grove Lodge attracted mild opposition from the Queer Humboldt group.
Dancehall artistes Buju Banton, Capleton, Elephant Man and Sizzla have also had run-ins with gay activists in Europe and North America.
Sustained pressure from groups in both continents forced promoters to cancel several of their shows.

Nov 14, 2012

Vybz Kartel misery continues

KINGSTON OBSERVER - THE trial of jailed dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel on a charge of perverting the course of justice suffered yet another delay when the matter was mentioned Monday in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court.
The trial was scheduled to begin Monday but was postponed for mention on November 26 to facilitate the disclosure of two outstanding statements to the defence. A new trial date is expected to be scheduled on the next date.
Kartel, whose real name is Adijah Palmer, is jointly charged with Andre Henry alias 'Pim Pim' and fellow entertainer Vanessa Saddler, more popularly known as Gaza Slim. However, bails for both Henry and Saddler were extended Monday while Kartel was remanded into custody.
The two accused were charged last December while Kartel was in custody for the alleged murder of Clive Williams.
According to police reports, on October 29 Gaza Slim filed a report at the Constant Spring Police Station claiming that Williams had robbed her.
However, investigators alleged that they later found out that the report was false and that the three had fabricated the story to mislead the police into believing that Williams was not dead.
Williams was allegedly taken to a house in Havendale, St Andrew, last year August and beaten and stabbed to death over claims by his aggressors that he had lost an illegal gun.
Also charged with Williams' death are fashion stylist Calvin 'Moonie' Haye, deejay Shawn "Shawn Storm" Campbell, Khaira Jones, Shane Williams, and Andre St John who are scheduled to return to the Home Circuit Court on January 21 for trial along with the artiste.
In the meantime, Kartel is to return to court on December 3 for trial on a second murder charge with Nigel Thompson and Lenburgh McDonald in relation to the July 2011 shooting death of Barrington 'Bossie' Bryan.

Nov 12, 2012

Sean Paul cell phone stolen with Beyonce number in it

According to reports Sean Paul said he's done everything he can in dancehall music and is now aiming for more mainstream success.

Sean Paul said he's done everything he can in dancehall music.

The Jamaican star - best known for dancehall and reggae hits such as 'Gimme the Light' and 'Got 2 Luv U' - is hoping to branch out and work with more mainstream producers.

He told website "I have reached a point where I don't have to prove myself to anybody in dancehall or reggae music. I'm up there with the best of them, so right now I'm just expanding. I'm trying to bridge the gap, broaden my artistry."

The 39-year-old worked with Swedish production team Stargate and other international producers on his recent fifth studio album, 'Tomahawk Technique', so it would sound more "international".

He added: "I noticed that of late a lot of pop music has had dancehall influences, so I asked some big name producers like Stargate, Rico Love, DJ Ammo and Benny Blanco to make their interpretation of a dancehall beat."

The 'She Doesn't Mind' singer's is also conscious that his biggest hits have been collaborations with other stars such as when he worked with Beyonce, 31, on her 2003 single, 'Baby Boy'.

He said: "I've always said two is better than one. Collaborating helps creative exchanges happen and helps take the tempo to a different level altogether."

"I have however noticed that most of my biggest hits are with women artists - Blu Cantrell, Beyoncé, Keyshia Cole, Alexis Jordan. So, it's all about the chemistry and I am a lucky man. Collaboration is the best way to expand."

Sean recently collaborated with former 'X Factor' judge Kelly Rowland, 31, on 'How Deep is Your Love'

Nov 11, 2012

Khago Robbed to the bone... betrayed?

It was recently reported that Dancehall/reggae artiste Khago was robbed earlier in the week at the construction site of his unfinished house in Mandeville, Manchester. According to the Nah Sell Out singer, members of his staff were robbed of cellphones and a bicycle.

"Mi just guh pon di site and gunman run een sey dem a look money, about six a dem wid gun," Khago said.

"Dem butt up one a mi cousin wid gun and tek wey phone and bicycle when dem nuh get nuh money, but I didn't lose anything else from the property because most of the things dem too heavy to move," he said.

According to the artiste, he feels violated because he is trying hard to make a better life for himself.

"I feel violated still because from mi start build mi house a bare things start happen. When a nuh police a gunman, when yu a suffa you and everybody good, but as yu start mek a money inna life yu and everybody inna problem," Khago said.

Khago believes he was set up by some of his own associates.

"More time yu same friend dem sell yu out. Because mi just buy some tiles fi tile out mi madda house and I rarely stay at that house. Suh how much man woulda know sey mi come home wid things?" he questioned.

However, the reggae artiste says he will remain focused on his goals and will not be distracted.

"Right now mi haffi just gwaan duh mi ting and nuh let people break mi, because a try dem a try discourage mi. The matter was reported to the police station and I will continue to strive to be the best that I can be. Some people just don't want to work in order to make it, they want to survive by taking your things or threatening your life," he said.

Checks made with the Newport police in Manchester confirmed that a report was in fact made. However, according the police, the report was incomplete as the two persons who were actually robbed, were not present at the time the report was being made.

In the meantime, Khago is gearing up for performances at Sting and GT Taylor's Christmas Extravaganza. He is also expected to perform in Belize next week, then on to the United States, before closing off the festive season with shows in England.

Songs such as Pushing Me Away and Clean were recently released by the artiste. Khago also recorded a new song for Downsound Records selector and producer Foota Hype called Nuh Man Nah Mind Mi.

Etana Had a Baby Girl

There are reports indicatin that Singer Etana has reportedly given birth to a baby girl.

The baby, who is fathered by her husband Andre Morris was born in the United States over the last weekend.
Etana's new album "Better Tomorrow" will be released in February 2013.

Nov 7, 2012

Bounty killer and crew rush Tommy Lee

There are reports that Bounty Killer went on stage with Tommy Lee at Riverton last night at Stashment. There were a lot of artiste there who performed. Bounty Killer security went up frist in the middle of Tommy Lee set and indicating that it was Bounty Killer time to perform. Its alleged that Tommy Lee said 'A wah do dem goathead ya?' And Bounty Killer and him boys dem rush the stage, and Tommy Lee tek weh himself but not before Bounty Killer security guard get some hump inna him face. After that,, three quarter of the people ah chant 'Tommy Lee', Bounty Killer say him dun wid the slum and a bagga tings, ah Tommy Lee wi waan see.

After 1 year Vybz Kartel cases fail to start! prosecution insecure

Dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel's case involving the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams has been put off until next year.

The case was called up in the Home Circuit Court yesterday and postponed until January 21.

Williams was reportedly killed at Kartel's home in Havendale, St Andrew, on August 16 last year.

It's reported that Williams and another man were taken to the entertainer's house to give an account for a lost firearm.

Both men were reportedly attacked with Williams being beaten and stabbed to death while the other man escaped.

Williams' body has not been found.

The other man is expected to be the prosecution's main witness.

The police had reported that they have video and audio recordings linking Vybz Kartel and his co-defendants to the killing.

Eyewitness statements

The police also said they have eyewitness statements connecting the men to the murder.

Meanwhile, on November 12, Kartel and two other persons are to go before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on trial for conspiracy in relation to Williams' murder.

Kartel, who has been in custody since September last year, is also charged with the murder of businessman Barrington Burton.

That matter will again be heard on December 3.

Mavado plays greedy with Uganda Show promoter

Shortly after two of Jamaica's dancehall artists "Konshens and Dermaco" rocked Uganda, two Jamaican artists "Mavado" and "Chris Martins" might be in Uganda this coming December.
The two who are rumoured to be going to Uganda on 31st December i.e. new year's eve and are expected to rock Uganda to the fullest without a doubt.
However,  Mavado is said to have called of the concert. "He told the organizers that he had consulted Konshens, who was in Uganda earlier and wanted his pay increased by thousands of dollars, if he is to perform on New Year's eve," a source in Jamaica was quoted.
The concert is organized by Cece Entertainment and a source said the two parties did not agree.
Cece Entertainment disagreed saying Mavado had got another gig on the same day and would make it before. "We had wanted Mavado to perform on New Year's Eve but got another in Guyana. He said he can only be in Uganda on December 29," the source added.

Nov 4, 2012

Beres Hammond for NBC Tv Late Show

Kingston Observer: BERES Hammond has some high-profile dates as part of the promotion for his latest album, One Love, One Life which will be released November 13 by VP Records.
The singer is scheduled to perform on December 11 on the top-rated American television show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon which airs on NBC.
Hammond, 59, will be backed by the influential neo-soul band The Roots.
The following day, Hammond is headliner for the Sounds of Reggae Concert at the recently opened Brooklyn Barclays Center.
Maxi Priest, Shaggy and former UB40 singer Ali Campbell, are also scheduled to perform.
Hammond produced 19 of the 20 songs on One Love, One Life which also bears the seal of his Harmony House label.
The first disc contains lovers rock songs while disc two comprises socially-conscious tracks.

Nov 2, 2012

Sean Paul 100million youtube view reggae man for Uganda Show

0bserver: Jamaican singer Sean Paul has confirmed his third visit to Kampala in a concert slated for November 9 at the cricket oval, in a Club beer-sponsored event. Sean Paul made this announcement at a recent Jamaican concert in Washington DC at Fillmore Silver Spring.

The dancehall icon whose Got 2 Luv U single hit a record 100 million views on YouTube, is said to be the most popular Jamaican singer now, since the single upstaged Bob Marley's classics, No Woman No Cry and One Love that held onto the top spot for a while.

Sean Paul and Shaggy, whose 1990s hit single Angel, are the only Jamaican artistes to ever cross the 50 million mark on YouTube. And before Sean Paul can even fully loosen up in his latest piece of success, another single off the same album She Doesn't Mind is closing in on the 100 million views mark.

The song's video currently stands at a staggering 95 million views. And the audio and video hits combined currently stand at 150 million. So, does anyone still wonder why guys are falling over themselves to pay that Shs 25,000 for the Kampala show?

Oct 31, 2012

Bounty Killer chicken out on Sting 2012?

It is being reported that the big bad mighty Bounty Killer has been blabbering away on Twitter over the weekend after an television interview aired with the promoter of Sting Isaiah Laing on ER. Laing compared Bounty Killer to the disgraced late heavyweight champion, Trevor Berbick, going up against the juggernaut of a Tommy Lee at Sting 2012.
Thus the blow up by Bounty Killer who was the one who drew first blood on the Demon Tommy Lee, now Bounty talking spit and running like a bitch because Laing a give the under dog a little hype.
Aaah shut up Bounty and kill the Demon, stop gwaan like a u name Mr. Vegas

Oct 30, 2012

Buju Banton waits to see if he is worse off

Buju Banton outside a Florida courtroom- Daraine Luton/Photographer

The sentencing of Jamaican reggae superstar Buju Banton has been postponed.

Buju Banton was scheduled to appear in court in the United States today to hear if his 10-year jail term will be increased by five more years.

This follows last month's decision by the US Court of Appeal for the 11th Circuit to agree with prosecutors and reinstate Buju's firearm possession conviction.

The appeals court had also ordered that the case be sent back to the trial judge for him to decide whether Buju should be retried on the firearm charge or sentenced to the five years allowed under the sentencing guidelines.

Buju, whose real name is Mark Anthony Myrie, was convicted of the firearms charge at his trial in February, but it was later thrown out by the trial judge.

The Grammy-winning artiste was also found guilty of conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine and using a telephone to facilitate a drug-trafficking offence.

He was given a 10-year prison term for those convictions and was appealing against them when the high court made the order regarding the firearm charge.

Even though the US Appeal Court has turned down his case, Buju has indicated that he is prepared to continue his legal fight to overturn the convictions.

Last month he parted ways with his long-time attorney David Oscar Markus and hired civil rights attorney Chokwe Lumumba to take over his appeal.

They not done buju banton yet

KINGSTON Observer: IMPRISONED Jamaican entertainer Buju Banton will know today if he will be slapped with an additional five years in prison when he appears in the US District Court in Tampa, Florida.
Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, was ordered re-sentenced on a gun charge following his failed appeal on a 10-year, drugrelated sentence in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.
However, despite the threat of additional prison time, Banton's new attorney Chokwe Lumumba has asked Judge James Moody to reduce his sentence after it was revealed that a female juror had breached federal court regulations by studying the Pinkerton Law during the course of Banton's second trial.
The law was used by prosecutors to connect him to a firearm, although he was miles away at the time the gun was found in the possession of a co-conspirator who was purchasing cocaine in a government-controlled warehouse in Tampa.
The juror, Terri Wright, has reportedly admitted to a Florida-based media house that she violated federal regulations and researched certain aspects of the case online during the trial to have a better grasp of the issues when deliberation started.
Lumumba refused to speak to the media yesterday and said, via an assistant at his office, that he would be available for interviews after today's re-sentencing hearing.
Wright's admission has opened a lifeline for the artiste, and Lumumba has been adamant that his client could seek a retrial or even a dismissal of charges when he files a request for a hearing on the matter before the court.
He may face opposition from the prosecutors in the case who may seek to have the request thrown out and push for Banton to languish for another five years.
However, Banton's previous attorney David Oscar Markus said that, given the new revelation, his former client has a chance of serving a shorter sentence.
Markus had also written a letter informing Moody that Banton should be given a reduced sentence of five years and a day as he was a first offender, who had the backing of his entire country and has carried charitable works.
"I'm rooting for Buju. He doesn't deserve 10 years in prison, let alone 15. The jurors violated the judge's order and that's why it went from a first vote of 10 to two for not guilty to a conviction. I really hope Buju gets the relief he deserves," Markus told the Jamaica Observer via electronic mail yesterday.
Banton had requested that he be allowed to remain in prison during the sentencing hearing, but that request was thrown out by Judge Moody.
He is currently listed on the Federal Bureau of Prisons website as inmate number 86700-004 and is being housed at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Miami, Florida, a low-security facility which houses male inmates.
Yesterday, prison authorities removed him from that facility and took him to a holding cell in Tampa to await his fate.
If he manages to escape being slapped with additional time Banton is due to be released on March 1, 2019.
His two co-conspirators, Ian Thomas and James Mack, both had guilty pleas and were sentenced to 51 months each.

Oct 29, 2012

Vybz Kartel woes continue on Dec 3

Kingston Gleaner: Embattled dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel is to go on trial on December 3 for the murder of St. Catherine businessman Barrington 'Bossy' Burton.

The matter was called up in the Home Circuit Court this morning where both the defence and the prosecution agreed to the December date on the grounds that the court is now occupied and so the case cannot proceed just yet.

Burton was killed in July last year while he was standing with friends along Walker's Avenue in Gregory Park, St. Catherine.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is charged with conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

The entertainer has been in custody since September last year.

This morning Kartel's bail was extended but he cannot take up the bond since he has been remanded in connection with the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.

Kartel is before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on a charge of conspiracy in relation to Williams' murder.

The police say the controversial entertainer was a part of a plot to kill Williams.

Vybz Kartel returns to...

KINGSTON Gleaner: Embattled dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel is to return to the Home Circuit Court today in relation to the murder of St. Catherine businessman Barrington 'Bossy' Burton.

Burton was killed in July last year while he was standing with friends along Walker's Avenue in Gregory Park, St. Catherine.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is charged with conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

The entertainer has been in custody since September last year.

Although he has received bail in relation to the murder of Burton, Kartel cannot take up the bond since he has been remanded in connection with the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.

Kartel is before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on a charge of conspiracy in relation to Williams' murder.

The police say the controversial entertainer was a part of a plot to kill Williams.

Oct 27, 2012

P Diddy in Car Accident

Rapper/business mogul Diddy was reportedly involved in a car accident in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening that left him and another driver injured.

According to TMZ, a vehicle attempted to turn left in front of Diddy's SUV when the two vehicles collided. Law enforcement officials arrived at the scene and claimed that each of the victims, including Diddy, his driver and the other driver, complained of pain. An ambulance was called, but no one sought medical attention at the hospital. No citations were issued.

Following the incident, Russell Simmons tweeted, "Glad to hear my man Puff is ok..." along with a link to the story.

The mogul, actor and rapper has been keeping especially busy lately, balancing various projects. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Diddy has signed on to make a cameo on the FX sitcom "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and has a role in the upcoming film "Shoedog." He is also slated to appear on Pluto 3D, the repackaging of Future's debut album, with a feature alongside Ludacris on the "Same Damn Time (Remix)."

Tommy Lee to buss new artiste KEDA

KINGSTON STAR: As things were with he and Vybz Kartel, dancehall artiste Tommy Lee now has a protégé following in his footsteps.

The fresh artiste being endorsed by the Uncle Demon deejay is called Keda, and she is already gaining attention for her remix to his recent dancehall single Body Mechanic.

Keda is based in Miami however, the sinjay is currently in Jamaica promoting the single Body Mechanic, which also happens to be one of Tommy Lee Sparta's most popular songs on local airwaves.

According to publicist Karl Durrant: "Things look great for Keda right now, as her first single is already buzzing on radio and in the streets, not to mention the fact she has one of the hottest artistes in dancehall in her corner, and she is stunning, so, overall, I see big things for her in the very near future".

Born Rickeda Charda Taylor, Keda was born in Brooklyn, New York, as the eighth child to Jamaican parents.

Her family later relocated to Orlando, Florida, where she completed high school, after which she studied music at Seminole College of Florida.

In her own words, Keda Sparta says, her family recognised from an early age that music fuelled her existence and, as such, they always volunteered to be her first audience and provided honest and insightful feedback which aided her development as an artiste.

Despite growing up in the United States, reggae/dancehall music was always a part of her life and, as such, her early musical influences were a melting pot of sounds which included Lady Saw, Bob Marley, and Mary J. Blige. However, her current influences include Vybz Kartel, Jah Vinci and her mentor Tommy Lee Sparta.

Currently, Keda is working closely with Frenz4Real Productions and Tommy Lee Sparta's manager Heavy D.

A video for the single will be shot in coming days in various locations across Kingston.

Oct 25, 2012

Tifa makes MTV chart

KINGSTON, Observer - Tifa's Hold On is number one on the MTV Base Africa Dancehall chart for the second straight week.
The track is on the popular Poolside rhythm, produced by Washroom Entertainment.
The MTV Base Africa chart is one of the most accurate guidelines for the top songs on that continent.
Hold On is the second hit for Tifa and Washroom. Two years ago, they scored with the chart-topper Certified Diva featuring Tami Chynn.

Oct 18, 2012

Mr. Vegas sings about his recent Pum Pum ordeal

KINGSTON, STAR: After airing his personal life on social media, artiste Mr Vegas has decided to put his version of the experience on wax.

Mr Vegas publicly accused his ex-lover of cheating on him in his home and has decided to chronicle the incident in two new songs titled Bare Tingz and Rise Again.

In Bare Tingz he sings:

This yah gal a gwaan wid bare tingz/ Turn mi house inna Days Inn/ Gone wid mi life savings/ This yah gal a gwaan wid bare tings/ Mi say when you a fall in lovemake sure yuh nuh fall too deep/ The gal have man a bruk it dung inna mi bed, all now mi caan sleep.

With the release of the song, fans have rallied around the artiste and have offered him their support.

In an interview with THE STAR, Mr Vegas stated, "I always use music to express myself, I write about things that are happening around me. Based on a personal experience, I went into the studio and recorded Rise Again & Bare Tingz.

The song Rise Again alludes to the blistering heartbreak in which Mr Vegas tells his former lover that although he is hurt, he is better off without her and will rise again.

Both songs have been gaining momentum both locally and internationally and have already began creating a buzz on social media sites.

In September, Mr Vegas and the mother of his child had a public fall out when the artiste accused her of having sexual intercourse in front of their one year old child.

Pictures of her romp were also posted online with fans lashing her for the incident.

Lady Saw Dog makes her $1.5 million poorer

OBSERVER KINGSTON: DEEJAY Lady Saw will now have to fork out over $1.5 million in damages to a 62-year-old day's worker who had to be hospitalised for a month after being mauled by dogs at her upper St Andrew home three years ago.
Dorothy Wilson was awarded the sum with interests by Justice Leighton Pusey during an assessment of damages hearing last Wednesday in the Supreme Court.
According to Wilson's witness statement that was submitted to the court as part of her lawsuit, she was attacked on September 29, 2009 after completing a day's work at the Chancery Hall, St Andrew, residence of Lady Saw, whose real name is Marion Hall.
Wilson, who was represented in court by attorney Carla Brydson of the firm Archer, Cummings & Company, said in her witness statement that she was getting ready to leave the premises when the dogs pounced, ripping off a chunk of flesh from a leg and eating it.
According to Wilson's witness statement, she was left with over 20 bites when the approximately 10 dogs finally relented their savage attack.
The woman was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies where she spent five weeks.
Wilson said in the court documents that she had worked with Hall for about 15 years.
She also said that at least three of the dogs were of the pitbull breed.
As a result of the attack, Wilson said in court documents that she is unable to work as she used to.
"To date, I'm still unable to use my right hand efficiently," Wilson said in her witness statement.
Wilson subsequently filed suit, but the case was not contested by Hall.
Hall told the Jamaica Observer on Tuesday that she was not served any documents to show up for court and that she has contacted her lawyer about the matter.
She also disputed claims that she had ever employed Wilson.
Hall's sister, who resides at the Chancery Hall home, told the Observer that it was she who hired Wilson, whom she knew for four years, to do laundry work, and not Hall, who was abroad at the time.
"I feel so bad about it because it was me who hired her," Hall's sister said.
According to Hall's sister, the grille was closed and Wilson knew that she was not supposed to go around the back area where the dogs were.
At the assessment of damages hearing last week, Wilson was awarded general damages in the sum of $1 million, with three per cent interest from March 29, 2011 to October 10, 2012.
Special damages was assessed in the sum of $482,601 with three per cent interest from the date of the attack, September 29, 2009, to October 10, 2012.
Hall will also have to pay Wilson's legal fees.

Man who killed. Capt Barkey and Ms Bennett is dead

DaileyNews: He couldn't live with her or without her.
The cuckolded lover who brutally murdered his ex-girlfriend and her lover in the Bronx Saturday committed suicide after police trapped him inside a Miami apartment late Tuesday night, authorities said.

Fugitive Joseph Kernizan, 42, shot himself in the head as the law closed in on his refuge about 11:30 p.m., officials said.

The suicide came three days after the double murder of Tracy Bennett, 38, and reggae star Wayne Hamilton, 50, as the couple exited a hot-sheets motel in the Eastchester section.

Bennett screamed for mercy as Kernizan shot her and Hamilton dead, ending five years of love-triangle drama.

Kernizan and Bennett had two children together, but she had been dating Hamilton since 2007.

Friends in New York were stunned by the sudden and savage turn of events that orphaned the Kernizan kids.

"I didn't see it coming, not in a million years," said Duval Pinnock, 34, outside Kernizan's Brooklyn barber shop. "He was a quiet guy and a good business owner."

The Haitian-born Kernizan was tracked to a heavily Haitian section of Miami by NYPD detectives who trailed his friends and monitored his phone, sources told the Daily News.

He was staying with a pal inside the house when a dozen police vehicles arrived, said neighbor Nija Garnett.

"Get away from the house!" cops shouted.

Police used a bullhorn to order residents out of the building, and Kernizan tried to escape out the back door — only to find the waiting police, cops said.

The suspect bolted back inside, and three gunshots were heard moments later. A robot with a camera found the body.

A Bronx Felony Squad detective made a tentative ID of the suspect at the death scene. A .380-caliber handgun was found near the body, which had a gunshot wound to the head.

The weapon was not the same one used to kill Bennett and Hamilton.

Oct 15, 2012

Jewish Reggae Singer Matisyahu Surprised by Soul Train Nomination

OCHO RIOS, IRIEFM - Jewish reggae singer Matisyahu says his nomination for the Soul Train Awards came as a surprise.

Matisyahu is vying for the best Caribbean Performance title. The American born Jewish reggae singer who is the only non-Caribbean artiste in the category is up against the likes of Cover Drive from Barbados, Jimmy Cliff, Damian Junior Gong Marley and Sean Paul.

In an exclusive interview with Music News, Matisyahu says being nominated is always good however; he’s not sure how he ended up in that category.

Capt Barkey Killed over Pum Pum KILLER on the Run

Capt Barkey
KINGSTON, OBSERVER - THE New York police yesterday named 42-year-old Joseph Kernizan as the suspect in the Saturday morning murder of Jamaican dancehall

deejay Captain Barkey and his girlfriend Tracy Bennett.

Last night, the New York police told the Jamaica Observer that Kernizan has a long rap sheet.

“He has 16 prior arrests,” Lieutenant John Grimpel told the Observer. The charges, Lt Grimpel said, include robbery, assault, forgery, criminal possession of a weapon, and fraud.

Lt Grimpel also said that Kernizan, who is Haitian, lives in Long Island and has two children with Bennett. He also said that Bennett had a restraining order on Kernizan.
Tracey Bennett

Fifty-year-old Barkey (real name Wayne Hamilton) and 38-year-old Bennett were gunned down in the parking lot of the Holiday Motel in Bronx, New York, around 3:10 am.

Last night, Lt Grimpel said that they had video footage of Kernizan that captured by the hotel’s closed circuit TV.

Oct 14, 2012

Tommy Lee Sparta to Headline Sting 2012

Tommy Lee Sparta
KINGSTON, STAR - Supreme Promotions head honcho, Isaiah Laing, has confirmed seven top acts for his big showdown on boxing day, December 26.

This year's staging of dancehall's greatest show over the globe is anticipated to be the most elaborate staging ever. The initial announcement confirmed the hottest commodity, Tommy Lee Sparta, to headline the event. This single entertainer is now the target that several artistes are firing lyrical shots at. A whirlwind of lyrical warfare is adding more heat to the fire expected to blaze at Sting for the ultimate face-off.

Oct 13, 2012

Veteran Jamaican DJ Captain Barkey Shot Dead

It has been reported that veteran dancehall star Captain Barkey is dead. According to reports the DJ and a female companion was found dead in New York this morning after it was alleged that a lone gunman shot the dj and company several times. Its also alleged that the gunman continued to pump bullets in the couple even after persons heard cries of mercy. There were no motives reported for the killing.
Captain Barkey is known for hits in the 90's such as bun fi bun and go go whine.

Oct 12, 2012

Popcaan Still no US-Visa?

KINGSTON STAR - The demand for his music will see Popcaan exploring new territory as he vows to work on improving his already energetic live performances, and he aims to execute more with a band so as to keep an authentic Jamaican vibe to his repertoire. "I have formed my own band, because I like the energy of live music and my performance is better with a band. So I am looking forward to doing more shows with my own band," he explained.

The artiste is all about bringing his own energy to his fans that includes his own brand of fun, party and conscious lyrics. For the rest of the year, Popcaan will be doing just that with performances in the French and English Caribbean and, in November, a return to Europe for eight shows, including performances in Germany, Holland, Italy and France.

Preparations are also in place to conquer new territories with debut performances by the deejay in Japan and Africa in early 2013. The fans have been calling and the demand has been met, with Popcaan soon to visit Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa, as well as all major cities in Japan, for the first time.

Also planned for next year is Popcaan's debut album that is scheduled for release in late spring. The album promises to capture all sides of the musically diverse artiste and will feature guest artistes and his main producers.

Before that, Popcaan will keep his fans happy at the launch of his new merchandise line that will be available in stores in time for Christmas and, with new material including a new music video for the Dre Skull-produced So We Do It. On the airwaves now is the reflective hit Can't Believe It on Young Vibes' 'Reservoir' rhythm, with more music to follow produced for Kurt Riley, DJ Smurf, TJ Records and UIM Records.

Oct 10, 2012

Anthony B Collapsed Hospitalised

KINGSTON, STAR- Singer collapsed after performance in Texas

International reggae artiste Anthony B collapsed shortly after his performance at a Dallas, Texas, nightclub last Saturday night.

The artiste has since been hospitalised at the Methodist Dallas Medical Center in Texas.

According to the deejay's publicist, Ronnie Tomlinson, Anthony B is alert and is awaiting an official diagnosis from the doctors.

"At this time there is no confirmation from the doctors as to the exact diagnosis, but we strongly believe that Anthony B has been overworked and strongly suspect dehydration," she told THE STAR.

busy schedule

Tomlinson went on to say that The Tease Her artiste's busy schedule may have been a factor in his illness.

"His schedule has been crazy. He's been travelling to Europe, Africa, the UK, India, Australia and the United States, with barely a break in-between," she said.

According to Tomlinson, Anthony B was also scheduled to leave for Europe today for a series of shows.

"He was supposed to go to Europe until about mid-November. I can see that at least the first two weeks might have to be put off," she told THE STAR.

Four days ago, the artiste had tweeted that fans should say a prayer for him because he was not feeling well.

It is still unknown how long he will be admitted for.

The artiste has also been busy promoting his album Freedom Fighter, which was released earlier this year.

Oct 9, 2012

Sean Paul album Tomahawk Technique flops.

KINGSTON, Observer - TWO weeks after its release in the United States, Sean Paul's fifth studio album Tomahawk Technique, has returned paltry numbers.
Released by Atlantic Records, it debuted and peaked at number two on Billboard's Reggae Album chart. The disc was initially released in Europe early this year.
But Tomahawk Technique has not showed up on any of Billboard Magazine's major charts and is currently number four on the publication's Reggae Album chart.
It is the 39-year-old artiste's lowest charting album in the US.
Figures obtained from Soundscan, which tracks music sales in that country, indicates that Tomahawk Technique sold just over 1,200 copies in its opening week.
This figure pales in comparison to Sean Paul's previous releases.

Oct 8, 2012

Mr Vegas ex Girlfriend justify giving away the PUM PUM

According to this Audio from Raggashanti ...Mr Vegas x paints a picture that reflects that Mr Vegas sometimes called Gaygas by Bounty Killer is no Angel. As she indicated that the relationship was over and Vegas knew it. Vegas she says gives Bun like everyday a Easter...perhaps putting to rest Bounty Killers allegations of "GayGas" being a
Anyway this clip the young lady seem to get the better of Mr Vegas here ...and paints him as the demon..making him look like Tommy Lee...well ...u get the picture ROFL.

Vybz Kartel wife SHORTY Pregnant?

Vybz Kartel and Shorty in Good Times
There is a fat rumour running around saying that Vybz Kartel wife Shorty is Approximately 5 Months Pregnant.... the speculations are amidst that some member of the Gaza did it, while some are saying that its Kartel himself did it while in prison.
Only that damn thing call time has the truth and it shall be revealed.

Vybz Kartel Released from Prison?

OMG!! ..this is vybz kartel's lost twin brother ..dead stamp a him ... Kartel reincarnated ROFL,,
The TV show host had to ask if Kartel got released or escaped. MILK is shocked to the bone...she coudnt even speak and had to take some pictures


Check this out... Mega Banton and Friends put this one together.. I like it

Bounty Killer Diss Tommy Lee both Booked for Sting 2012

Bounty Killer and Tommy Lee was confirmed for Sting 2012 by Isiah Laing last night on Local TV. As we all know Bounty Killer and Tommy Lee is currently in  lyrical war.

Check out this Tmmy Lee diss from Bounty Killer, ...hear bounty Killer calls himself Jesus Pryce, calls Tommy Lee Nyammy Lee which implies Tommy Lee eats a lot of Pum Pum. He also calles Tommy Lee shim which is a mixture of male and female, Tranny Lee...

Also already booked for sting are Zamunda, Popcaan and Mavado.

Oct 2, 2012

Mr Vegas Woman gives away the Pum Pum

Vegas Girl

Jamaican Dancehall star Mr. Vegas only moments ago took to social media network site Facebook to unleash his anger and disappointment after he allegedly caught the mother of his child Shellian McBayne a former beauty contestant allegedly having sexual intercourse with another male in the presence of his year-old daughter.

According to Vegas he caught the accused in his house on his bed having unprotected sex with another man while his daughter Reina Smith was present. Based on comments posted by the 'Bruk It Dung' singer it appears he and his common-law wife been having ongoing problems in their relationship but things came to a climax with this latest revelation.

Here are the actual comments from Vegas's facebook page:

"I do not want any1 calling my phone & telling me not to post anything! when shellian mcbayne was in my house f*cking a man with no condom in from of my 1 yr old baby, 2 days before my birhtday, no one was telling her don't do it. when men abuse women, the women center goes hard on us, so when a gal is a dog shit, she must be put on blast.
i don't give a f*ck. video next!!!!!!!!! dem too bright, look how hard i work to make you live like a goddess. mi nah kill har and guh prison, so let me get it off.....

A seemingly upset Vegas continued, "no one knows my hurt, until you can relate, to this, you can advise me what to do. i am human, blood run through my vein, this is not out of malice, but when a whore get caught and feisty with it, its a different story. ya'll know how hard i work, just to make my family happy and comfortable. a woman can always move on, if a man nah f*ck you right, move the f*ck on! if you don't love a man anymore, move the f*ck on! but don't f*ck me 3 weeks ago, then accuse me of sh*t, then start bringing back up sh*t from 3 yrs ago, then tell me we are over last week tues, for reasons only you and your doctor man knows about, then f*ck a man in my house in my bed, in front my daughter, did i say "daughter". how you left me tues and f*cking a man weds with no condom. bitch you got caught, step down off your high horse. goofy did warn mi. i apologize to you goofy. Nasty blood cl**t bwoy, what kind a man u is f*cking in front of my 1 yr old daughter, in my house at 2 pm. find a hotel bitch!

Despite his anger the artiste vowed not to turn his back on his child as she was not asked to be brought here inspite the ills of the current situation.

Source: http://prismmarket......abymother.html

Sep 28, 2012

Lisa Hype Gangster Love Laza Morgan?

KINGSTON - STAR, Controversial dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper is alleged to be involved in a romantic relationship with international reggae artiste Laza Morgan.

Allegations are that the two have become suspiciously close since working together on their single Gangster Love.

At least three different websites posted stories over the last two days hinting at a brewing relationship between the artistes. However, Lisa Hyper shrugged the issue citing that these allegations were false.

"We have been going out and doing music. We have a musical relationship I guess you could say we are close musical friends. We did a movie called Gangster Love so I guess footage of that could have hit the Internet and people take it to the next level. There is a nude lovemaking scene in the movie, so all of that can push people to think otherwise," she said.

According to Lisa Hyper, the content of the song may have also contributed to the allegations.

time together

"The song is just straightforward, so I guess that is why the attention is being directed to our friendship so much and posting questions. I guess the love concept and because we have been spending a lot of time together," she said.

The video for Gangster Love will be released next Tuesday.

Hyper describes working with Laza Morgan as a blessing, as she says, "He got me into a different character, he is very respectful and charming, and overall it was just an adventure."

Lisa Hyper and Laza Morgan are both expected to embark on a tour of local schools in the coming months. Selected institutions will be provided with educational gadgets.

The single Gangster Love was produced by overseas based Platinum Camp Records.

"Look out Jamaica, I am coming home soon and want some hot sexy girls to go in my new video Money Don't Sleep. Interested persons can contact me at lisahypermusiq on or @PlatinumCamP," said Hyper who is currently in the United States.

Mavado still has worries

KINGSTON, Observer - Entertainer Mavado is to be tried next year February on allegations that he assaulted a police officer at a New Kingston night club in June of last year.  
The February 12, 2013 trial date was set when the deejay appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court today.
Attorney Peter Champagnie was successful in having the court vacate a warrant that was issued for Mavado's arrest, when he did not appear on his previous court date.
Mavado, whose real name is David Brooks, is charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, stemming from the incident in which a member of his entourage, Conroy Edwards, was fatally shot by the policeman on the steps outside the nightclub.

Sep 23, 2012

Vybz Katels tells Tommy Lee to Stop?

Fans deface the greatest of all time
Vybz Kartel is urging his protégé Tommy Lee to end his beef with dancehall G.O.A.T Bounty Killer.

Bounty Killer ignited a heated debate in dancehall over Tommy Lee’s use of dominic lyrics and branding himself Sparta. A few days later Tommy Lee hit back hard with a diss track “Goat Head,” where he took several shots at the Alliance Next Generation head.

Sources close to Vybz Kartel who is currently behind bars, exclusively told Urban Islandz that he is against the beef.

“Despite their differences Vybz still have a lot of respect for Bounty Killer,” the source said.

“He spoke with Tommy Lee via a phone call and told him to resist from engaging in a beef with Killer. Worl’Boss genuinely feels that the beef is not good for Tommy Lee career which he should more focus on building,” the source added.

Tommy Lee has also indicated that he has no interest in a continuous beef with Bounty Killer. The source also revealed that Tommy Lee did not want to do a diss track but feels he needed to defend himself.

“The sudden attack from Bounty Killer was not necessary and Tommy Lee feel like as a younger artist him need fi defend himself,” the source.

Bounty Killer has yet to respond to Tommy lee’s diss track at least musically.

Busy Signal out before Buju Banton and Kartel

Busy Signal To Serve Two Months In US Prison

Jamaican entertainer Busy Signal was today sentenced to six months in prison for one count of failure to appear in court in the Minnesota Court in the United States.

Signal will only serve two months, as he has already served four months.

The artiste, who whose correct name is Glendale Gordon, was arrested in Minnesota in 2002 on drug charges.

He was subsequently granted bail, but fled the US and returned to Jamaica shortly after.

Busy was arrested at the Norman Manley International Airport in May, after returning from a European tour.

After one court appearance, he waived his right to an extradition hearing and agreed to go back to Minnesota to answer the charge of failing to appear in court.

The drug charges still remain, but under the extradition treaty US authorities do not currently have the jurisdiction to prosecute him on those counts.

Sep 20, 2012


KINGSTON - Star    Since the release of Vybz Kartel's book 'The Voice Of The Jamaican Ghetto', many Jamaicans have greeted the book with objection. However, merchandising manager at Whirlwind Entertainment group limited, Aisha Stewart, says persons should read the book before being judgmental.

Stewart, who holds the responsibility of dispersing the books to stores globally, says many local stores have rejected the book without knowledge of its content.

However, the orders have been coming in from overseas.

"The progress is good, we are getting a good feedback in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Bulgaria, Chile and Amsterdam. A lot of orders are coming from the European side. I have friends who have also expressed that the books should be in the schools," Stewart said.

"People say negative things about Vybz Kartel because of the bleaching; however, bleaching existed before Vybz Kartel so he should not be held accountable for that. A few local stores have said they don't want the book in their stores because it's Vybz Kartel and he is a bad person," Stewart said.

According to Stewart, the action of some store owners reflect a narrow way of thinking.

"I think that it is just being small-minded. Just because you don't like the person and the situation, you are fighting the book. Some of them haven't read the book and are making a judgement based on ignorance. You have to be open-minded, pick up the book and read it because we are not gods, and only God should judge us," Stewart said.

Co-author for the book, Michael Dawson, believes there exists a huge misconception about the book.

"They think it's about lewd lyrics, violence and pro-devil messages, however, the book rejects those things. He speaks of putting in place mandatory age restriction for dances and music censoring. He apologised for singing a particular song, he calls for more research to be done about Tacky and the Rodney riot and other things, so it's mostly Jamaican history," Dawson said.

The co-author also encourages locals to look past the negativity and read the book objectively.

"I wish people would try to look past the negative aspects and just read. That would correct the misconceptions because the book is contrary to the preconceptions," he said.

Dawson also expressed disappointment in the local schools.

"The book sold more in Europe than in Jamaica and it's more successful in the US, than Jamaica. I thought the schools would have taken on to this being that it's the place where these developments would be interrogated," he continued.

"There has always been criticism that Kartel has not used his notoriety for positivity and now when he has done that it is being greeted with reject," he concluded.

In capitalising on the international success of the book, Dawson disclosed that there are ongoing plans to distribute translations in languages such as French, Dutch, Spanish, German and Portuguese

Local stores currently hosting copies of Adidja Palmer and Michael Dawson's book include Kingston Bookshop, Sangster's Book stores, El Passo in Montego Bay, Bookophilia and the national airports.

Stewart disclosed that the airports are the main sellers locally, noting that every month there are requests for restock.