Oct 31, 2010

Twins of Twins to Release New Stir it UP Volume Nine

Twins of Twins ..Patrick and Paul Gaynor.. will be releasing the latest in their Stir It Up comedic series,  of impressions of local artiste in various scenarios. This latest release will be called Volume nine..since the previous one was Volume eight.
We are as usual looking forward to the release ..but as it is with previous releases the punchlines seem to not pack the punch they use to. Nonetheless the twins always provide a good laugh and spill the beans on the inside information on the danchall business that sometimes don't get to be hard by the general public.

Oct 30, 2010

Babyface to perfom in Jamaica

Kenneth Babyface Edmonds is scheduled to perform in Jamaica on Noverber 13, 2010 at the International Indoor Centre in Kingston.
I think this one has some charity component to it ... support it

Gregory Isaacs Rules the Chart since death

With death comes some death benefits. Its by no means different for well received entertainers like the late Gregory Isaacs to receive a boost since his death. Reports are that the singers songs has been climbing the charts all over the world. On the Itunes top 100 reggae chart the late singer has garnered some 27 positions with Night Nurse being the highest at Number 6, Gyptian still hold the number one spot.

Gregory Isaacs for Heroes Park vs his pass life style

Gregory Isaacs
Word out is that Grogery Isaacs family wants the singer to be buried in the National Heroes Park. This they say is due to the immense contribution by the late singer to the Jamaican Culture and Country itself. Heroes park is a dedicated area in Kingston, reserved for the burial of national heroes, Prime Ministers and cultural icons such as Louis Bennett, Ranny Williams and Dennis Brown who were all buried there.

Oct 29, 2010

IT's A LIE ..Beres Hammond is NOT in THE HOSPITAL

Beres Hammond
Gregory Isaacs had a tune called rumours them spreading ..and it seems that was the case with Beres Hammond and the roumors of the throat cancer. Beres was scheduled for a show in Barbados according to his Manager Ms. Walsh said that someone called up the promoter saying that Beres was sick with throat cancer and was in the Hospital. This was not true, it was an affiliate to Beres Hammond that was in the Hospital in Florida with ailments relating to diabetes.
Ms Walsh is asking the people out there to stop spreading rumours about Beres, he is healthy strong and full of vim vigour and vitality. Already one website has already retracted and apologised for the erroneous article... 
I can remember several months before Byron Lee died ..there was rumour that he was and so it was for Gregory Isaacs.

Oct 28, 2010

Oct 27, 2010

Lady Saw wants a BABY

Lady Saw
Goo goo Gaga.. yup thats the baby sound.. and babies are in the air.. first we heard Busy Signals BABYmother appears to be fooling around with Vybz Kartel aka di Bleacha aka Mr Cake Soap..and then we heard that Vybz Kartel was not only expecting one more BABY from his 'wife' Mrs Shawty Palmer ..but also he is expecting one BABY from a young lady called Amanda. His rival is certainly not left out..word out is that Mavado is expecting his fifth BABY from his fifth BABYmother. DJ Spice is also well advanced with her second BABY well underway.
There were rumours on the international scene that Beyonce was expecting a BABY as well---but that one was denied by her affiliates.
Now Marion Hall aka Lady saw who was pissed for being scheduled to open the Guinness Celebration stage show over the last weekend is making provisions to try and have a BABY. Lady Saw tried several times before and was not successful. She also indicated her wanting to give it another try had nothing to do with the fact that Spice is having a BABY, though there is lot of BABY stuff being aired all over the place so Lady Saw being 41 years young and always wanted a child, I guess now is the time to see if its contagious

Bob Marley's Daughter given seven years...

we dont have pic of Makeda..so we put up her dad's..if you have one you can send it to us at tuhtheworld@gmail.com
Bob Marleys youngest daughter 29 year Mekeda Jahnesta Marley was given seven (7) years probation by a Chester County Judge in the United States.
Mekeda was busted when police responded to a domestic dispute, she was seen removing the plants to a 'secured area' of her home sometime in 2008. She pleaded guilty in September and his now subjected to random drug testing as well as she is being asked to stay away from persons who engage in activities that can deemed 'weedy'

Steven Marley comes to Buju's Rescue

Steven Marley
Son of Reggae Icon...and a Icon himself..Stephen Marley took a bold step to help his fellow Jamaican, his fellow Rasterfarian and friend Buju Banton by putting up his house in Florida to facilitate Buju's bail. Reports are that the South Florida home is valued at US$350,000.
Buju Banton was granted a US$250,000 bail two weeks ago with a number of stringent conditions which include no possibility of travelling, a tracking device, 24 hour security etc.. all of which he has to pay for himself.

Busta Rhymes Concerned about the Kartel collab influence on Gaza Gully Beef

Busta Rhymes appear to be concerned about the line .."she a hope and pray like mavado".. why ?.. it was said by Vybz Kartel while recording their collaboration. Though explained by personnel in the studio including the likes of Producer Notnice from the Portmore Empire camp that things are "good"... Busta was concerned that the impressionable minds, the fans of both warring factions will misinterpret and misrepresent what was intended...
Busta indicated that using Mavado name in the track could be a sensitive matter "...A the people dem ..yuh see the history and dem know what a gwaan so if you a say dat and a call name between the two of them the issue is sensitive ..any how yuh a call man name and yuh know a yuh rival  it nuh matter if you a big him up or yuh a diss him...him/dem ago turn it into something.."
You can check out the clip....

Oct 26, 2010

Whitey goes Buck Neked at Dutty Fridaze

You know and I know that those who does things 'out of sync' are categorized as mad, insane ..coke-out. One of these adjectives seem to fit this young woman who is certainly not from the area..based on her genetic make up. This woman went buck naked in the dance at dutty fridaze and all hell almost popped loose ...CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Bounty Killer re do the do?

It seems with all the news about bounty and his new do... he decided to grow back his dreads or he didnt change the do in the first place.
Bounty Killer
Bounty Spoted here in the pic at last weekends Guiness Celebration.. the light skinned Elephant Man can be seen in the background.

Black Ryno Bruised..via Bike

Black Ryno
Black Ryno is again in the news..this time its on the pitiful side of things. The artiste who was formerly part of the Gaza Portmore Empire group and who's house was burnt down, alleged to have beaten up Boom Boom and Cory Todd a few weeks go, was said to have been involved in a motor cycle accident over the weekend.
Like Mavado, Gyptian Nitchie Kutchie and even Tiger.. entertainers and Motor Bikes don't mix... they cant ride bikes! or is it a case they ride them when they are drunk.. its not the best way to get some publicity, you could loose your life, therefore it cant be a case of them deliberately jumping off the bikes. We know that such motor vehicles are not complete.. they a short of two or more wheels,..
The incident however with Ryno accident was a little bizarre in that a man of unsound mind walked in the path of a car, the car had to swerve and swerved into Ryno who was the pillion on the bike.
Ryno was thankful to god for spearing himself and all others... he received a gash to the head according to the report and was ordered to stay home ..and stay away from the studios.

Oct 25, 2010

Bounty Killer and Beenie Man at Stage Show Live Video Guiness Celebration

Beenie Man and Bounty Killer performed together on stage over the weekend at the National Stadium field in Kingston. The event was the Arthur Guinness Celebration, the crowd turned out in their numbers--seeing that the entry was only 4 Guinness caps. The performance by the two dancehall giants was widely received and appreciated by the fans that turned out and was certainly the performance of the evening.
The event was of high production quality that saw smooth transitions and great stage lighting

Busta Rhymes and Vybz Kartel Collaborates

Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes and Vybz Kartel were working on a collaboration up to late last night at Doncorleone studios. Busta who is in the island for the Guinness celebration concert is doing the rounds. The collaboration is of high tempo hip hop beat brought down by Busta, Vybz Kartel did his part with lines which includes "she a hope and pray but anno Mavado", we are not sure if this is a complement or a jab at the Gullygod.
Kartel was not invited to the Guiness Celebration, a 'free' kept over the weekend that included the stalwarts, giants of Dancehall Music...This is perhaps saying that Kartel is recognized but not fully endorsed.
Vybz Kartel

Grogory Isaacs with us No More

Gregory Isaacs
It was rumoured some days ago that vetrean Jamaican Dancehal-Reggael singer Gregory Isaacs is dead... he died last night in England again from the dangerous disease called cancer, it was a long battle with the disease but the singer passed away quietly with his family by his side.
We would once again express our condolences to the Family and Friends of Gregory Isaacs. Mr Cool as he is sometimes referred to as, he was 59 years old and was very much a part of the retro team performing at star time and many other vintage events. Gregory is very well known for is cover of the track Night Nurse and many other hit songs.

Oct 24, 2010

Melody Maker Sharon Marley Arrested

Sharon Marley Pendergrast
Sharon Marley ...charged with child abuse. Sharon is one of the eldest (adopted) child of Bob Marley and is member of the group melody makers that had a good stint with their brother Ziggy. Ms Marley was apparently involved in an altercation with a minor where the minor received injuries. Ms Marley eventually turned herself into the police. It is being reported that the child may be autistic and parents may be taking action.

Vybz Kartel is No Dancehall Hero..

His name is called everyday in the dancehall fraternity in some way shape or form. He cant travel to the lurative markets due to his visa ban from the United Kingdom and North America some years ago. He is not very fond of by a lot of the dancehall members, some rather say nothing about him. He is accused of assaulting members of his group, he has more fued and confrontations with fellow artiste and producers more than any other artiste in the history of dancehall and reggae music. He goes far and beyond with his lyrics and what he does. He is dysfunctional.. and still have a presence in the dancehall that some will envy, a consistency with hit songs and the production of new blood in the business that seem to do well over a short period of time.
Vybz Kartel requires dysfunction to function ..this according to one blogger and I agree. He will be able to produce the hit songs he has consistenly done so far with the crazy and bizarre things happening around him.
In his latest project Dancehall Hero.. he complains about being robbed of his style and watched by players in the business. I suppose its the Oh..and the Ahwoa he so often usees these days that is now being rinsed by Beenie man ZJ Liquid etc. These kind of expressions were taken from the Jamaican colloquial dialect, so is a lot of his and other artiste tracks. No he is not a dancehall hero at the moment--and his current dysfunctional attitude is the reason for that.. and perhaps why he is not on the Arthur Guinness celebration.
anyway check out Vybz Kartel latest --- Dancehall Hero

Oct 23, 2010

Ryno Released

Blak Ryno
Black Ryno... Di Stinger is out of jail where he has been for the last couple of days due to the altercation with Cory Todd  business partner of  Vybz Kartel at a supermarket in Kingston. The DJ was also recently implicated in an incident involving alliance selector Boom Boom.
What Ryno needs to do is to buckle down and work hard to get some tracks on the street that can get some rotation--stop going around and sting people.. it only make matters worst for himself.

Madussa Dead at 48

Arianna Foster, Ari Up, Madussa as she was known in the Jamaican dancehall circles passed away last Wednesday after a long battle with cancer. Madussa was known in the dancehall for a long locks and outrageous dance moves and attire but more internationally known for her contribution to British Punk Rock. She was a big musician who as a part of  bands called the Splits and in another group called the New Age Steppers

Where is the Clash for Sting 2010

Again Sting 2010 is around the corner and things are not picking up the way it should.. the basic rivalry is still there between the Gulliance and the Portmore Empire. Word out is that the Portmore Empire is taking steps to respond to some Gulliance attack some weeks ago. It is still not certain if the big wigs will be directly be involved in the confrontation because as we know Vybz Kartel is either afraid, doesn't have time for these no-names artiste and will not be getting the necessary boost from such persons-- He didn't clash with Bounty Killer last time round, so the statement still does not necessarily hold true though you can argue that Bounty was not big as Mavado at the time to generate a hype.
Other contenders are drawing the line -- recently merciless came from the darkness and was taunting Mad Cobra.. have not heard much about that since a few weeks ago. Then there is Kiprich going for a shot at Vybz Kartel.. with the Cake Soap song  ..and it was reported that aspects of the Gaza fraternity was not fond of the swipe. We still waiting on whether they going to release Ninja Man - if not we will have to depend on the mix up with Busy Signal babymother, Kartel, ZJ Ice and Mrs. Shawty Palmer

Oct 22, 2010

Lisa Not Looking So Hype

Lisa ..is not looking so hyper in this pic.. must have been exhausted from too much up time on her multiple events. No its no long term effect of any activity she was doing in the public a few months ago...
Im sure she will be back on her feet.

Ziggy Marley gives Weed song away

Bob and Ziggy in Weed Country
A moment ago I was telling the fans of Roundhead that it could be the weed that is causing him not to have a hit. As it is known on local circles that not all head are able to absorb weed...case in point Terror Fabulous.. who it is said that he is on the rebound after being "down" for a number of years ..because of weed.
Now Ziggy Marley son of the late great Bob who absorbed a lot it and produced great songs, is releasing a track for the promotion and intelligent use of the plant. The song called "A Fire Burns From Freedom" which will be available for free download with a number of other songs on the Tuff Gong label on Ziggy's website.

Oct 21, 2010

Rodney Bounty Killer Price getting Married?

The saga...or story if you wish, of the life of Bounty Killer continues. Though not yet confirmed and because this article should have been posted in the roumerville page,.. Allegations are that Bounty Killer is getting married and of course if the allegations are true... one wonders who is the 'lucky' lady . Speculation have it that it could be Mumzel.. or Kadeen....or the recently hammerized/zapped chick
In any event, we wish Rodney Price all the best.

Roundhead Bail Extended

Roundhead.. who recently threathened to file a law suit on twins of twins, seem to have an unsatisfying appetite for the bush more commonly known as marijuana, weed and food for the brain. I might have said it before and im saying it again.. that this bush is not for everyone and not all can deal with it in excess.
Rounhead was given an extension on his bail at court today as he was recently charged for the possession of the substance. The dancehall artiste who is affiliated to the monster shock crew, has not had a hit song for quit sometime now and one has to wonder if it is because of the strong consumption of the bush that is causing him to be distracted and thus making it difficult to garner a hit song... this can not be said for the others who smoke but manage to be in the limelight due to their hit tunes. Perhaps their consumption would be depicted as moderate.
Roundhead is expected to return to cout by November 22 to answer to the charges.

Rum and Red Bull tearing up the charts

Fambo and Seanizzle the Producer
 Word is that Future Fambo's Red Bull song along side the self proclaimed king of the dancehall beenieman is creeping up the charts. The bubbly track was at number 81 on the itunes chart ealier this week has jumped to number 75 and within the top ten on Jamaican music charts. The tune is also said to be No1 on the BBC 1xtra reaggae chart. This tune was indicated as one of by ones for 2010 by ZJ Liquid ..yeah its a hit. Big Up Seanizzle... youth ..YUh LaRGe right yah NOW...

Gyptian Wins MOBO award 2010

Congratulations to Gyptian for taking the MOBO award for 2010. There is no doubt that this guy will be raking in more awards as they come in. Up next is the soul train award for later this month. Gyptian has seen his popularity sky-rocketed after the late surge of his popular song Hold-Yuh that is still reaping him success. Lucky for gyptain he doesnt have to take drastic measures to boost his popularity his music and personality does it all for him.
The award and his success of these pass few months gives reggae and dancehall music a well needed boost in this time of depression and recession of the music.

Oct 20, 2010

Bounty Killer goes on Trial Today

Rodney Price aka The Big Bad Mighty Bounty Killer

Rodney Price aka Bounty Killer is in the news again... my bad .. I should have posted the new tune with himself and Baby Cham alongside Mykal Rose ..tune called  "Stronger" said to be produced by the veteran Dave Kelly.. Its a good track and with all his troubles the he needs to be strong. Rodney is working hard in the studios trying to make amends and catch up on lost time. It was recently also the once big bad might bounty killer indicated that he will be lending a helping hand to a group which is against the abuse of women. ..I wish him well on that one.
That said.. the DJ is suppose to be in court today to stand trial for the illegal possession of a firearm stemming from an incident in 2007 in New Kingston.
We hope that Mr Rodney Price cleans up his act and move on quickly to the things I spoke about in the first paragraph.

Jah Cure 'R Kelly Like' Performance

There is an expression that says "Rasta Nuh Mix-up inna Bangarang" ..but these days the saying cant seem to hold. Some people might say that these guys are not true rastas, I wont be the judge of that. We have seen Luciano, Munga, Sizzla and most recently Buju Banton ..all are rastas who at some point or the other is mixed in some sort of Banagarang but never before has it been on a level where partially nudity while on stage became some kind of issue and this is the case with the clip on Youtube of Jah Cure's performance... its quite R. Kelly like.. check it out..

Oct 19, 2010

Soul Train and Mobo to Award Reggae-Dancehall Artiste

There are reports indicating that the likes of Mr. Vegas, Jah Cure, Gramps Morgan , Junior Gong and Vybz Kartel were nominated for the Soul Train Awards for The Best Reggae Artist. Notably absent is Beenie Man, Mavado and I-Octane who have so far been more or less consistent in making solid and positive musical waves in the dancehall. The Soul Train awards is scheduled to take place on November 28 in Atlanta Georgia. 
Gyptian, Damian Marley and Vybz Kartel who have enjoying a good ride on the Itunes reggae chart this year are also nominated for the Reggae category of the annual Mobo Awards along with Gappy Ranks and Mavado. This event is shceduled for tomorrow wednesday in Liverpool, England.

Top Ten in Jamaica .. and Recent top tracks on Itunes

The top ten Danchall Tracks right now in Jamaica..
10. Wifey Walk Out - Liquid
9. Rum and Red Bull - Beenie Man ft Fambo
8. Jim Screechie - Spice
7. Nah Let Go - Gyptian
6. OK - Beenie Man
5. Knock off Jeans - Trevor off Key and Chedda
4. Messiah - Mavado
3. Stulla - Mavado
2. Nah Sell Out - Khago
1. My Life - I-Octane

According to the Reggae Itunes Chart the top selling recent tracks are..
1. Hold You (Hold Yuh) - Gyptian
18. Patience - Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
21. Shake It (feat. Lady Saw) - Michael Franti & Spearhead
23. Let's Do It Again - J Boog
27. One Day (feat. Akon) - Matisyahu
29. As We Enter - Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
41. No Games - Serani
47. Time Bomb - Iration
53. Clarks (feat. Popcaan & Gaza Slim) - Vybz Kartel
55. Genuine - Ace, Sudden Rush & Ho'okoa
58. Love I - The Green
59. Bright Side of Life - Rebelution
61. Whisper - Maoli
62. Enter Pegasus (Original Version) - Butterfly Crash
66. Cool Down - Kolohe Kai
67. Lazy Afternoon - Rebelution
68. This Is the Life - Kolohe Kai
69. Strong Will Continue - Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
74. Summer Nights - Iration
76. Ups and Downs - Ho'okoa
78. Romping Shop (Raw Version) - Vybz Kartel & Spice
80. Alive - The Green
81. Ehu Girl - Kolohe Kai
83. Here I Am (feat. Rebelution) - SOJA
84. Drinking Rum (feat. beenie man) - Future Fambo
91. Bicycle - Vybz Kartel
96. Rest of My Life (Bonus Track) - SOJA
97. Africa Must Wake Up - Nas, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley & K'naan 

Of note is the track from Gyptian who is still commanding the number one spot even though it was recently bumped off by UB40 Red Red Wine only to be taken over again by Gyptian. Serani is still doing well with his No Games and Seanizzle's influence has just arrived with Rum and Red Bull by Beenie Man and Fambo at number 84. I'm surprised not to see the Busy Signal and Lady Saw's latest release on there and surprised to see Vybz Kartel's Bicycle from the 46 track album "Pon Di GAza 2.0" released in February of this year.. im not sure if this one surpasses the 8 copies sold on his previous album. Kartel is still doing relatively well with 'Clarks' coming in at No.53. The DJ also has, for  marketing interest only, the Ramping Shop track with Spice at Number 78

Oct 18, 2010

Busy Signal said...on MTV UK that...

Busy Signal

Busy Signal was recently interviewed by MTV UK and the dynamic DJ expressed his thoughts and opinion on the dancehall music genre today, indicating that some members of the dancehall music fraternity dont even know how to use Autotune properly.
The DJ also indicated that there was never a beef with him and the likes of Aidonia and that its was Donia and Kartel who was seeking stripes by calling his name at the time and that things can be settled if they have acknowledged their wrong and wishes to move on.
You can check out the full interview with Busy Signal by MTV HERE

Oct 17, 2010

Mr Cake Soap .. aka Vybz Kartel and the 'New Girl'

Chantal with Hickey and Mr Cake Soap

There is a lot of discussion on the internet about the possible demise of a young lady who seem to be heading to a character and self esteem destruction due to the fact that it is being assumed that she and Vybz Kartel is currently an item, however temporary it maybe. Obviously the young lady is not any typical groupie she is well known as the ex-girl friend and baby mother of the Alliance affiliated artiste Busy Signal. So it is being suggested that this 'get back at tactic' put on by young lady known as Chantal may backfire and could just end up hurting herself and her child.
Kartel and Chantal again
I'm not sure who on earth can speak of not knowing the character of Vybz Kartel and possibilities that lies here for Chantal. Some are saying that the other type of pics will be turning up soon..you know the Lysa Hyper type stuff... or it could be that she will be bussed in the PE talent shows they have at the buiding. They Bussing go-go dancers and people who can do a thing on the Mic. ..as usual time will tell..
One thing is for sure Busy Signal will not make this an issue as with the case of bounty and beenie with D'Angel. Cause we know that these days Busy Signal Likes Girls Who Likes Girls...LOL

Oct 16, 2010

Mavado going for a 5 X 5 ?

Mavado di.. Stulla
You can perhaps call him the five star general for the mere fact that his potentially fifth child and the other four (4) can become stars if they are blessed with the talent that he has. There are reports that the top Jamaican dancehall artiste David Brooks aka Mavado is expecting his fifth child. We would also like to send our congratulation to the 'gullygod', the ole 'STULLA' and he certainly has to be a Stulla because this potential fifth baby is being expected from a fifth babymother..aint that a stulla and long distance one at that.
Can you imaging if there were no STD's around ..he would have perhaps surpassed the likes of Elephantman and Ninja man with their estimated forty children or more combined. They are not much of an example here to the impressionable minds.. But they should be mindful that even a steady headed stalwart like Tony Rebel gets himself into 'trouble' at times with matters in relation.

Oct 15, 2010

DJ Spice is Pregnant

Spice 5 months in advance and Lall jr
 We are sending our heartiest congratulations to DJ Spice real name Grace Hamilton for being pregnant with her second child, the first being Nicholas Lall Jr. The DJ will be missing a number of events for the rest of this year including the big bad might Sting 2010 due to her delicate state. She has also managed to keep the pregnancy on a low profile only to come forward with it being obvious at five months in advance stage. When she did the Jim Screechy video..she was at least  four (4) months in advance. Spice indicated that a wedding is in the making for next year and she and her fiancĂ©e Nicholas Lall are more or less anxious about it.

Oct 14, 2010

Finally ...Buju granted BAIL

FINALLY..... Buju Banton was granted Bail today. The Jamaican artiste who was arrested last year was granted bail by United States Judge Anthony Porcelli. The Reggae Artiste was given bail under strict conditions. He was granted bail under US$250,000 and the Judge Porcelli ordered that Buju be placed under 24-hour surveillance and the cost would paid by the defence team. To prevent Buju Banton from being deported the authorities will have to give Buju an immigration bond so that he can remain in the United States until his new trial sometime in December.  For the previous trial, the 12 member jury were unable to reach a unanimous decision in the case.
FREE.. BUJU ..to Bombo CLAAT..

Bounty Killer new look

Bounty Killer with the new do...
Im not sure if Bounty Killer will be changing his war lord persona but he certainly has  a new image. The Jamaican Dancehall artiste has had a mix year thus far, but the bad things seem to now out weigh the good ones. This latest episode with Bounty Killer, who has been one of the major influence on the dancehall for the past fifteen (15) years, has  now seen him sporting a new hair style, a bald headed look. For years many artiste has fallowed/copied Bounty Killer in his style of delivery in the music as well hardcore dancehall tracks to even his hair-do. Well he no longer sports his dreads, perhaps in a bid to ward off the bad luck and institute a new leash on life, chances the rest just might follow.

Oct 13, 2010

Vybz Kartel heading for Africa and England

Vybz Kartel was interviewed by Robbo Ranx of BBC 1Xtra recently during his Tour in parts of Europe. The DJ indicated that the could be in England by early as February if his visa situation is sorted out. The DJ also indicated he made attempts to tap in that market since his last occasion in 2002 but failed to acquire the visa for entry.
Kartel spoke about the love of his fans and the fact the ones who hate just him loves to hate him, making him very much a topic to talk about in the dancehall. The DJ also indicated that he and his team will be heading to Africa sometime in the near future.
He said a lot more in the interview re his influence, Clarks, clash etc.. see the interview HERE

Oct 12, 2010

Busy Signal Likes Girls Who Likes Girls

Busy Signal is at it again!! the DJ who stays far from trouble in comparison to the rest of the crop is trying to get the spotlight to be shone on him... He usually does it with his music as in the case with the "Gary tune" and he is doing it again. This time with a new single called "I like girls who like girls". The DJ is once again getting some slack for bringing the dancehall music business into moral decay.

Well they are saying that Busy Signal is confused..., he is sending the wrong message to the ladies... Does this mean that for a girl to be with busy such a girl will have to be with a girl to be with Busy Signal?.. there are even claims that the song goes against the culture...that facilitate the bleach out face, tight pants ..and many other things thay sing against yet does the opposit.
Isn't it true that ..some of the Jamaican Dancehall acts have a liking for Nicki Minaj... this could be a stunt from Busy to grab Nicki's attention.. lets see if it works.. controversy sells.. So I'm sure Busy is Banking on this one.

Oct 11, 2010

ZJ Liquid did not diss Bounty Killer..OK

Why ..is it that people can interpret things so differently. ZJ Liquid the radio disc jock was recently interviewed and when asked about Payolla.. the ZJ/DJ didnt deny being involved he just saying that he has been working hard.. and thus impacting on the careers of the likes of Mavado and Khago.. Saying he was the First to play Mavado on Air..and at the same time bigging up Bounty Killer..and indicating that Bounty Killer didnt do what he did in terms of playing the songs on the air...Thats not a diss
Check out the Video HERE

Oct 10, 2010

Chaka Demus is Sick

Chaka Demus
Details are sketchy but there have been reports indicating that DJ Chaka Demus is not one hundred percent. The DJ was said to have been admitted to Andrews memorial hospital in Half-way-tree St. Andrew yesterday for surgery. Word is that the DJ is a bit obese and had a problem with his intestine that required emergency surgery.
It was recently Chaka Demus and Pliers made the move to cellect some revenue from the royalties of their music.
We sincerely hope that Chaka pulls through this one so that he can continue on the path of getting what is rightfully his.. and also to cover his current medical bills.

Tony Rebel has to PAY

Tony di Rebel
Tony Rebel.. was exonerated recently in the courts when he was made to pay his child support to the sum of JD$88,000 (US$1,000). This after he was taken to court by the mother of his five (5) children who was seeking a sum of up to JD$128,000. Tony one of the leading reggae artiste in Jamaica in terms of general functions in the business. Tony is known for his annual stage show Rebel Salute and for many tracks as an recording artiste. He is also intricate in the daily happenings in the Reggae/Dancehall business and is known have thrown his support behind the troubled Buju Banton. The reggae artiste is also known for penning a number of tunes for the likes of queen Ifrica.
Being souch a decorated and well respected member of the business it was a bit surprising this kind of thing was reaching Tony. It seems once you are a reggae/dancehall artiste is just a metter time you are going to get emboiled in the courts for one matter or the other.
Unless Tony is not 100% certain about the paternal status of some of these kids..then he should dedicate a portion of his earnings without a doubt... otherwise do DNA test that Beenie Man did sometime ago.

Oct 9, 2010

Whats up 4 Sting 2010

Sting 2010..is coming up and it has been lacklustre in terms rivals going at it throughout the year to the extent that it would have been worth mentioning for the big show Sting coming up on Boxing Day 2010. So far the Gulliance and JOP people have been dissing Kartel, Popcaan and even Notnice. Whilst Kartel has been focusing more on his bleaching and recruiting new artist... though word out is that he has penned a response to new artiste from out of the Gulliance camp 3-Star with the Track "Nuh Bad Like We"' which has been getting attention....It would be surprising that he would respond to 3-star when the likes of Deva Bratt, Roach and Aidonia had dissed him several times and there was no reponse. As for last year he didnt want to clash the crazy Bounty Killa..
We are not too sure if Ninja will be released in time for the show, but it would be worth seeing him again with his ole time antics. Up to this day all have come and not have had an impact like Ninja --most of the time dont even have any good lyrics or new to offer..
Perhaps it will be low keyed Sting 2010, it is still early days yet though...

Vybz Kartel and Russian at Odds?

There is word going around alleging that Vybz Kartel is in no longer in any working relationship or any relationship for that matter with ace producer Russian from Head Cuncussion Records.
It is alleged that the Russian had signed up several new artiste that Kartel had some interest in and has been working with artiste from the Bounty lead Alliance group. This seem to not sit well with Vybz Kartel and thus things seemed to have gone sour between them.
It is still being speculated that Vybz Kartel still beats his artiste and thus the new ones are not up for that and thus would rather roll with Russian from Head Concussion Records. It was also indicated that Kartel is trying to influencing Russian not to work with the alliance members...
Kartel and his team recently established the Gaza/Portmore Empire talent show to recruit new artiste and performers. The event will be ongoing until January 2011 where the winners would be awarded with contracts with the group. My advice to them is to get insurance and a body guard.

Oct 8, 2010

Lysa Hype and Beenieman - Nuh Stress Mi Out

After Lysa's ordeal with the pics and everything and artistes threatening not to use the same microphone with her..has come a long way to the point where she is now sharing the studio and a track with the self proclaimed king of the dancehall Beenieman. The tack called 'Nuh Stress Mi Out' could be a another chart topper.. It has been getting rotations according to reports and a video is in the making and is expected to be released soon...
check out the track

Ninjaman Bail Attempt just B4 Sting 2010

In Jail for over year now and almost forgotten--until someone says Sting!! Ninjaman the "original front teeth gold teeth dongorgon", according to reports, will be heading to court today to have his say to get bail. The veteran dj is hoping that his lawyers can get him bail under some judicial review clause.
With the Buju Banton and Bounty Killa numerous cases, the case with Ninjaman is almost forgotten. The Sting 2010 show is just a couple of months away, perhaps this has promted the legal team to push for another chance at bail. After all they need to get paid.

Oct 6, 2010

Gyptian To Tour with Mary J. Blige

 Gyptian will have the privilege to go on tour with Mary J. Blige starting this coming November at the O2 Arena in London. The artiste was called off his current tour to join the R&B diva on the English leg of her UK tour.
It was also this week that Gyptian's 'Hold Yuh' regained the number one spot on the itunes raggae chart from the UB 40 Red Red Wine 1983 track. The Jamaican artiste has been consistently touring ever since the his track gained popularity.
Mary J Blige
Its good to see the resurgence of the Gyptian track on the charts and superseding the old UB40 track... currently reggae music need a torch bearer and right now Gyptian is holding the fort... because it seems Sean Paul's tenure has eneded, there is nothing fresh thats gripping the crowd any more from Sean, we hope he recovers soon however in the mean time Gyptian can take it further than just Hold Yuh!!... He recently did a track with Mary Blige along with the likes of Busta Rhymes - called 'Anything you Want'... the track is said to be getting rotations..and should Gyp a additional leverage to garner more popularity..

Oct 4, 2010

Tanto Blacks Stabbed in the Back.. Trice

It was just recently we were speaking about Tanto Blacks and his manager and their attempts to spoose up the publicity of the Magnum Kings and Queens contestant. The publicity then was in a different light, in this case we will not refer to it as any form of publicity stunt unless the story unfolds in such a manner.
According to reports the DJ was stabbed in the pack by his tenenat who he had known for the pass sixteen (16) years. It is an unfortunate incident, as the DJ is grateful that he is still alive, and so are we. The fact that Tanto was stabbed in the back three (3) times, because he wanted the tennent to leave the premises, and is still alive to be talking about it..has to be an clear indication that it is not his time to go... there is more to be had from this weirdo. Reports also indicated that the fellow who stabbed Tanto in the back three (3) times was caught and charged.

Oct 3, 2010

Stulla Wednesdays ...to compete and or fill a gap

Its not a coincidence ... its not a counteraction ..and its not out of any malice that Mavado and his gully squad had found it necessary to establish Stulla Wednesdays. Stulla Wednesdays is a weekly entertainment event that was established by Mavado and his team. The event is scheduled to take pace every Wednesday at the Quad night club in New Kingston, just a few steps away from the Building night club where his nemesis Vybz Kartel and his Gaza affiliates seem to have a strong hold. The event had its first instalment which included top selecters Tony Matherhorn, Boom Boom and Arif Cooper.
It was just recently Arif Cooper and his fresh Fridays event was kicked out of the Building Night Club by Corey Todd , Vybz kartel's business partner. Tony Matterhorn had expressed his discuss with the matter, whilst Cooper seem not to be bothered too much about it, at least not publicly.
We are definitely looking forward to hearing more about the Mavado's gully wear, rolling paper and even a gully drink of some sort even though guiness has a big role to play in this Stulla Wednesdays.
Mavado who was amongst several artiste to loose their US visa earlier this year has made a good move here to fill a gap until the good times start rolling again.

Oct 1, 2010

Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae Songs in Jamaica right NOW

The Top Dancehall Music in Jamaica right now is as follows:

Drinking Rum - Future Fambo ft Beenie Man
Nah Sell Out - Khago
Stulla - Mavado
Str8 Jeans and Fitted - Vybz Kartel
OK - Beenie Man
Messiah - Mavado
My Life - I Octane
My Heart - Wayne Marshall
Touch a Butten Nuh - Vybz Kartel
Wifey Walk Out - Liquid