Jul 27, 2011

Let The War between Alliance and Gully Begin

Bounty Killer, according to reports has confirmed the tension between alliance and the gully squad. Well right now the bleacher should be crying because all the controversy is now on Mavado ..and none is on him, so for now he is not the king of negative media and controversy.
Whats with bounty Killer... nobody cant diss him?... he is no god.. as he has bestowed upon himself... it was at his birthday party the youth Connie Mavado and Chase Cross friend got shot and if Chase Cross was upset about the matter and did a diss song about it..lou the man... look how much people you diss Bounty Killer... this is chase cross time to shine now everybody know who is Chas Cross... Chase Cross Buss... so let the war between Alliance Gully begin...Julian just easy yourself and nuh bother air brush nothing.

Mavado Arrested...

Bwoy... I dont rasta I dont know... this thing with Mavado took some interesting twist over the last 24 hours.. after we tell the former barber not run to run he and is crew allegedly made attempts to buy out the case. It was reported that some person in a white bimmer went to the victims house and paid him some $500,000 settle the matter. Its also indicated that the man has decided to drop the case however this not deter the police from arresting Mavado. According to earlier reports the authorities indicated that the court will have to determine if the matter is settled and nothing cannot be unofficial like that.
According to power 106 news "The police today arrested and charged 30-year-old dee-jay Mavado with assault occasioning bodily harm and malicious destruction of property.

Mavado whose real name is David Brooks is alleged to have assaulted a man and damaged his Toyota Camry motor vehicle along the Belmont main road in St. James.

The incident happened about 7 p.m.last Friday.

The police say the complainant had stopped along the Belmont main road to allow a line of traffic to pass when he and his son were attacked by Mavado and members of his entourage.

The complainant is reported to have sustained injuries to his back, leg and forehead.

The police say a man, who attempted to bribe the complainant yesterday, was taken into custody by members of the Anti-Corruption Branch and is to be charged with perverting the course of justice.

Mavado is to appear in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate Court on Monday, August 8".
Mavado this is my last call.. get some professional body guards and loose these people who are your "friends" who "thinks and act like you" ... if not it will affect the success and longevity of your career.

Jul 25, 2011

Barber Bwoy Mavado...dont run!!

Mavado aka Barber Bwoy
Up to press time ..there has still been no sign of the Gully God... this implies that the SingJ is on the run once again... "Barber Bwoy dont run"..why you running?..is it taking that long to formulate a defense?... are you going to do this again?..I'm tired of warning you man.. are you that dumb?.. we cannot call you a God anymore.. from this day on you no longer will be endowed with the title of God.. you are not worthy at the moment....you have to redeem yourself before you can get back that title Baber Bwoy... until then get your ass to the Anchovy Police station.

Nikki Minaj Charged in Jamaica..due to her Filthy Mouth

Big USA Rapper Nikki Minaj was charged for breach of the indecent language act after her performance at the 2011 Reggae Sumfest at Catherine Hall, Jamaica recently. The "mad rapper" pulled off a luke warm performance at the "reggae show"... Nikki was original scheduled to answer the charges on the 28th of July but that was brought forward by her lawyer to today who answered to the charges on her behalf and was fined $1,000. Yeah Nikki you did it on em...

Aidonia Teams with Vybz Kartel's X

Aidonia looking dejected at Sumfest recently
Word out is that Aidonia has joined forces with ..Vybz Kartels former business partner Corey Todd. Its not confirmed by any of the parties as yet but if the story is true ..then the statement indicating that Aidonia is "a pass roun donkey" might have some truth to it. You see he was nicely poised when he was being managed by Skatta Burrel.. that relationship fizzled, so Aidonia went Alliance, then Gaza with "Addi a Mi Daddy" thingie, he went  JOP, then he went back to Alliance now to Corey Todd. The DJ has some issues at times with his stage performances ..especially the local ones..he keep saying dash weh dat.. pull up ..and all these shit, people are not hearing him clearly on stage.. so he needs to work on that ..and build for the rest of 2011,, youth got talent. Lets Lets see the magic that Cory claim he has...turn thus dust into gold..

Sumfest 2011 ponders and wonders

What the Hell is wrong with spice.. looking Madge Simpson

Tifa looking like Carlene... looking like a PIG.too damn fat..or is it Baby Fat?

Elaphant Man look stupid

Aidonia on his PINK phone.. he was criticized for that..the pink fone i.e.

Maybe this caused ...

This.. Kartel pants dry rotten or wah?

Sheba found it funny might be the reason y the performance was "off"

Kiprich this is so 2004... this is played out fool

Khago accused of being a false rasta due to he shaving he beared...lol

Jul 24, 2011

Fully Loaded 2011 LIVE

FullyLoaded LIVE


Mr Vegas angry at Major Lazor Exploits

Mr Vegas
Mr Vegas is always cross miserable and angry about something....well one of the latest is that he is pissed at Major Lazers attitude towards local acts.. Lazer seems to be in the act of ripping off the locals.. you know the ole time bacra master exploitation thingie. Its not clear whether other artistes shares Mr. Vegas opinion.. the article that got all him riled up indicated that
"Major Lazer can’t be ignorant to the racialized dimensions of Black dancers performing a Daggering routine live in front of a majority white crowd. Diplo seems to glory in the irony of it all. But as with all minstrelsy, the contradictions do not diminish the racism involved. White artists presenting Black bodies as a sexual spectacle to a predominantly White audience is loaded with racism, however ironic it may be."
Anyway Lazer stop exploit the local acts ..and we hope you a treat the Mad Skeritt Bwoy good.. but that daggering shit is played out.. Skeritt Bwoy need to find something else for hype.. try dissing bounty killer like chase cross or something

Mavado and Entourage wanted by Police again!!

Mavado at Sumfest 2011
Mavado and his entourage has ran into trouble again. According to recent reports the SingJ and entourage where travelling along Belmont Road in the vicinity of Anchovy , St. James on Saturday night when they came up on a man who was parked on the road way and refused to yeild and let the Gully God and his crew avoid a pothole. A member of Mavado entourage allegedly took matters in his hand wield a machete dealing blows on the man and his son, chopping out the son's teeth, the man according to report suffered several injuries due to the attack...
Now Mavado and his entourage is now wanted again by the Anchovy police...yes again..This comes on the heals of his Excellent Sumfest performance, alleged tension between himself and Bounty Killer and his recent reacqusition of His US Visa.
Now ..didn't I warn this dude to loose the mad baggage?

Gully Vs Alliance? Chase Cross Diss Bounty Killer and Alliance

Is the Gully side and Alliance at war?.. Gaza and Gully are offsprings from Alliance headed by Bounty Killer, Sharon Burke etc. Gully 'founded' by Mavado has a number of persons who could easily be a nobody as well as a super star as in the case of the artiste called Chase Cross Mavado's cousin, should have been a nobody according to critics. Now Chase should be remembered for his hit tune "Better Days"..sounding like a semi-coached clifftwang, but something tells me he gonna be more recognized due to this new tune. Some folks are saying this new tune called "Mash up Everything" by Chase Cross was produced shortly after the shooting incident at the Quad night club in June, the night of Bounty Killer's birthday party, the night Mavado friend got shot. Chase awashed with emotions did the tune, the gully camp was not in favour, tune was buried now it has been found and leaked. The tune called speaks ill of the Bounty Killer and the Alliance, why do we say so... we working with the subliminal lines.
"You over deso wid yuh long mouth"... bounty Killer has been told that he has a long mouth b4
"chat say we mash up dem party"... it was bounty birthday party Mavado almost got shot, and his friend died
"man nuh fren fish but you fen di fish".. Bounty Killa now 'friends' with Beenie Man.. the King Fish
"Dem Agency nuh solid a bombocaaat"...Solid Agency run by Sharon Burke..keeping fullyloaded with Beenie on the ticket ...was chase cross there?
... Now Bounty ...your move.. or its perhaps Mavado turn to do damage control here ..if any.. because its chase cross... please dont say chase who?

Amy Whinehouse troubled no More

Amy Whinehouse
I like Amy Whinehouse songs.. she had that flavour that was so reggae at times.. its sad the daughter wasted like that. Rest in Peace Amy. Them songs will live forever .... She should have gone to that damn rehab though, the stupid folks around her seem helpless. And its the same thing seem to be heading towards people like Lindsay Lohan.. if she contiues with her shit she gonna end up like Amy.. well we all are..but not so young, 27 years old man!!.. people stop phucking with hard drugs you hear. Can imagine that she and Gregory Isaacs buck up in heaven..shiiit now that would be some groovy music on a high...

Vybz Kartel and the Flopped Reggae Sumfest Perfomance

Well ... u have heard and seen that the Gaza Don performance at Reggae Sumfest. The things is one would have thought that the other performances from the likes of Mavado and I-Octane would have been the most talked about, this is not the case. Because the World Boss is more popular in terms of either love or hate.. the resultant effect has blossomed into publication of his failure.. or what some would describe as his intent to disappoint his fans, perhaps it thrills the DJ to disappoint his fans, or he is phucking incompetent when it comes on to stage performances. The DJ does not care about his fans/sheeps...uttered some. He can get away with it echoed others... he has done so b4. The fans are so young and vulnerable this will be forgotten by the next week.... or perhaps not....
Its cheaper to use tracks than to actually have a band..  plus rehearsal time and shit. Remember Corey Todd and his money is no longer around.. .dat damn benz is harder to maintain ROFL
Anyway the Teacha will bounce back with some big tune....and all will be good again..
To tell the truth its not the worst iv seen though!!

Jul 20, 2011

T.O.K falling Apart?

Craig from T.O.K
Jamaican Dancehall superstars boy group T.O.K is somewhat restless these days. After the odd guy in the group Craig T says his working relation with the group has deteriorated, not because he no longer sports a locks, has a BMW when the other member of the group sports Mercedes Benz.. he himself have said he has been trying to be different. The speculations are that money is the issue, we don't know for sure, but that would make perfect sense... Their management or some relations thereof indicated that the group will still honour their shows together, you will still hear recordings with the group, but he wont go in studio to work together with the rest of the group.
It could be one of the them guys perhaps a grind the man woman... perhaps some back stabbing or is it him money not right, is he tired of the man group setting, want a woman in the group.. or perhaps he wants to join the Gaza.. one does not really know.. they have not said much so we just have to speculate.

Jul 17, 2011

Vybz Kartel to Star in Reality Series

Vybz Kartel is about to take on another venture this time it is in the form of a reality tv series. Something similar to the bachelor and flava of love in the states. The thing is this will be featured on LimeTV... not regular cable television, not much persons have LimeTV..
Anyway it will be interesting to hear Shawty's views on such a series where 20 ladies, 10 from Jamaican and 10 from elsewhere, will be vying for the DJ/SingJ's attention and affection. I dont know, knowing Addi the bleacher there is bound to be something interesting happening on this set...  as we know from his pass experiences there will be doubt about its longevity.

Jul 16, 2011

Vybz Kartel addresses HIV and Drug allegations

Vybz Kartel.. with more time on hishands these days, took time out to give an update on one of latest series on issues relating to him and in general. This volume four Vybz Kartel speaks about the allegation of his HIV infection as well as issues relating to his affiliation with drug smuggling.
Check out the clip as Kartel in his braces and pink shirt speak on the conspiracy to take him down....

Top Ten Songs in Jamaica

The Top Ten Songs in Jamaica right now..

10. Clifton Brown - Nobody Can Cross it
9. Romain Virgo - Rich in Love
8. Spice ft Missy Elliot - Fun
7. Wayne Marshall ft Fambo Tifa - I am Swagging
6. Wayne Marshall - Good Hole Wife
5. Mavado ft Laza - One by One
4. Vybz kartel - British Love
3. Beenie Man - Go Go Club
2. Mavado - Delilah
1. Vybz Kartel - Summer Time

Jul 14, 2011

Wada Blood Diss AIdonia...

Wada and Andrew Bloods
Wadda and Andrew Blood are no strangers to controversy the sons of Junior Reid have from time to time take jabs at artiste like Bounty Killer.. Well recently Aidonia did a track called "Dem annuh bad man" on the Gerusalem Production line.. Donia apparently mentioned the line "more blood than wadda"... Apparently Wadda took offense and it has been reported that Wadda tweeted "How aidonia him a say him a di baddest ting and him a lyricist and him cyaa sing a song fi uplift and inspire the youth dem in a positive way all him do a bad up himself and promote murder and say him a bloodclaat artist. Mi no want no man a call me name like dem feel dem can style man no neat way. Some bwoy fi go breed a Girl and become a father and start play a positive role inna society."
Now will Wadda give Aidonia three days to reply or will Aidonia give Wadda three days to apologize and withdraw the diss song... Who badda?.. Wadda or Aidonia?
Could you people cut the crap about manners and respect where these artiste are concerned....the very tune they sing indicate the level of respect they will get from each other.. and so what if Wadda dem a look a hype.. they will not be the first and will certainly not be the last to do so by such means.. Now Donia Your Move Move Move Move Move.
check out the Wada Diss Track

Jul 12, 2011

Mavado doing well in the UK

According to reports Mavado is doing pretty well in the UK. The Jamaican singJ has gotten a boost from the collaboration with Chipmunks the UK pop group with a song called "Every Gyal" which is rapidly climbing the charts and has gotten over 2 million youtube views since its release about two months ago. Going well for Mavado in the UK also are new songs such as Delilah, Wine Gyal and a tune on Steven Mcgregor bad acid riddim called "Mi Did Tell Yuh".

Jul 10, 2011

Mavado vs Popcaan vs Vybz Kartel vs Bounty Killer Summer Song

I was just pree-ing the new tune from Mavado Final Destination... the summer song, it don't sound bad at all, the Melody sit down pat. But the Popcaan tune "Ravin" on the summertime riddim the same Riddim with Vybz kartel Summer Song is not bad at all either... its getting some good rotations as well... its a good one from the Gaza last hope. Kartel Summer Time song has already hit over a million views since its release. Now i am predicting that the Mavado song will get a million views by late August.. i'll bet a dollar on that for sure.
So which tune you think is the toughest for the summer.. is it the Vybz Kartel Summer Time, is it the Bounty Killer Patexx though it was released last year but there is a remix with Busta Rhymes, Mavado - Final Destination or even Popcaan's Ravin... ..

Jul 9, 2011

Who Shot the KC Youth?

Mek mi talk.. mek mi Bombo Claaat talk... why am I hearing that a Elephant Man Manager shot the school youth?... lets hope this is not the case.. cause word on the streets is that something like that near go so... we a hope say annuh so it guh..
If you dont know the story... READ IT


This riddim is called the Matrimoney riddim... i like it.. I like the Video..its absolutely awesome-ish, I appreciate the effort.. I see the maturity the graduation from the typical phuckery that pack up music videos over the years... this medley is nice to watch..I like the Wayne Marshall tune, he will always give you a pun or two talking about his "good hole wife"..if he u not Jamaican ..he means that his wife punany good .. to tell the truth I cant help remembering that line from Kartels diss tune.. talking about. "Marshall have Tammy Pusssy Jaw ..a chew chew and a chaw chaw"..@1:32...disgusting but absolutely funny..(to me..LOL).. the Mr G. tune kinda soak up the vibes still.... is Fambo on a roll or what... keep drinking whatever you drinking man.. I see Sean Paul gone back to roots...thats good

Spice and Missy Elliot - FUN

DJ Spice who recently had a giggling baby girl and who has been steadily coming back to the fold ..has perhaps hit it big when she recently teamed up with US Rapper Star Missy Elliot. Though Missy Elliot is not really on anything right now... and is on the come back like spice...one expect some amount of hype here..at least 100K youtube views..(unpumped)
The tune "FUN" ,to me, is a spin off from the Jim Screechie Tune/Riddim.. because reminds me so much of.. it or is it that same "hawk sound" that equinoxx put in the riddims for that "signature"...It sounds like they just killed a bird, to cook a meal to celebrate the new riddim.
Anyway the riddim is called Wash Belly - which means the last child..in Jamaica, so im not sure if Spice had anything to do with the naming of this riddim. Missy is on it.. I don't really feel the hype, its a summer song but it aint like this tune... my opinion still

Jul 7, 2011

Vybz Kartel and The AIDS Rumour

The rumour that was going around saying that Vybz Kartel has AIDS .. has reached to the point where the DJ is saying that ..it is just that, a rumour!. According to reports it was alleged that some girl who knowingly had unprotected sex with Kartel and allegedly infecting the DJ with the virus...
Having AIDS...well it could explain why he looks sick since the middle of last year and his erratic and weird behaviours... and of course it does affect the amount of front and the quality of front he would have gotten here after... apart from that..its perhaps neither here nor there..though it could change his life for the "better" perhaps.
I'm waiting on the song on this... or has it passed me. LOL

Jul 5, 2011

Mavado Thanks USA for the VISA

Word out is that Mavado is very thankful for his US Visa.. as this now allows him to be able to eat a food not only for himself but for those around him..which should include his family, perhaps some friends.. and of course that entourage of his, which should get bigger hereafter. The more doe you have the more you have to protect..I assume.
Now there are those that are saying the..guy who is "so blessed" should refrain from such statements and act like he nuh like America.. now that would be a stupid move.. for that shitty street cred.. and to make the dub have more realistic feeling of badmanism ... that shit cant equal to the volume of cash that runs into his account when pays homage to the hands that feed him...THANKS AMERICA for allowing Mavado back to America... so unnuh leave the man..it look like uunuh want him thief light like elephant and the bleacher ..according to some peeps sometime ago

Brand New Song from Vybz Kartel - Good Father

This a brand new track from Vybz Kartel.. its called "Good Father". A Don Corleon production on the Broken Hearts riddim. Also on this riddim is the likes of Pressure, I-Octane, Richie Spice, Taurus Riley among others. The Kartel tune seem to take focus as the title suggest ...about the good fathers that are around... and props to them... but I must say, from what we know of Kartel...this "negro" is not a "good father" example.. the devil tattooo alone along side the very songs most of us like that he sings..anyway as a father we hope he dont beat up the kids like how the gaza artiste dem get beaten...
Anyway check ut the track... what u think?

Jul 4, 2011

Vybz Kartel "kick weh ziggy marley foot..."?

Mr Cake Soap...aka Vybz Kartel was recently interviewed at the Ninja Man benefit concert that incidentally flopped! Thus indicating that the that pulling power of top acts like Kartel appear not to be true. However According to Kartel..the poor turn out was a direct result of little time for marketing on the part of the promoters... and seeing that it was a charity event ... no serious investment was made to ensure the programme was a resounding success.
Anyway when asked about his recent album the DJ and sometime Singj indicated that it is doing so well that it kicked away the feet of Ziggy Marley and stands up against the likes of Bob Marley...
Well according to the Bill Board reggae chart the album Kingston Story d├ębut at Number 7 ..cant seem to verify that itunes chart placement though...so this kicking down ziggy marley for the second position by Bob Marley side seem to be not the case at the moment...

Tony Matterhorn - Dancehall Duppy

There is a brand new track from Tony Matherhorn called "Dancehall Duppy". Yuh know I remeber some time ago ..if you called Bounty Killer's name in a track he will be very upset...the theory is.. if you are trying to uplift yourself in the dancehall music business as an artiste just call a dj name and you migh get a hype. So it has been slight taboo to call a DJ name in your track (in a neative sense of course)...its usually left subliminal..well we know Kartel and Mavado obliterated that.
This new tune from Tony I think is not about getting a hype..or recognition. I think Tony is tired of the through words and subliminal lines.. he is saying call some names.. and his target here seem to be directed at the likes of Agent Sasco, I-Octane and Khago etc... it seems Tony yearns for some clash dub.

Jul 2, 2011

Mavado..GOT HIS VISA BACK.. Bounty too?

Mavado ...back on greener pastures
Mavado is back in the USA..according to unofficial reports ... word out is that the Jamaican Dancehall SingJ stepped out the plane at JFK this morning. There are also speculation that Bounty Killer might have gotten his visa as well. Its seems like I said sometime ago Mavado is blessed the dude was closer to the line of fire a couple of weeks ago and arrested sereveral times.. Now we hearing that he can start eat a food again.. thats great... cause he got a of lot of Baby Mothers and Baby Mother babies to feed.. and its hard to maintain a range etc on local shows. Do it youth.. just stay wide a phuckery..

Patexx Sound like Mavado...at times

Is it me or does Patexx sound like Mavado. Thats Patexx form the next generation of Alliance, Patexx with his new track with the 5 Star General Bounty Killer..."Summer Time" is getting some good rotations. When I first heard the track, I was not focused too much on the details...but there were distinct signatures in the track that one can easily identify with Mavado...eg @ 0:14-0:16...and the chorus.. thus I thought it was Mavado Bounty special.
It was recently a artiste from Trinidad pirated Mavado so wicked that he had a nation and half fooled, thinking it was Mavado. Mavado moved quickly to clarify the matter when he went to Trinidad sometime ago
I trust here though that Patexx is not going out of his way to sound like one of the best dancehall acts that Jamaica and world appreciates at the moment.