Mar 31, 2010

Vybz kartel talks about Porn Pictures

Kartel is once again in the news....well this time around it is not just about his new venture re the establiment of a Library in the Big Yard community which will be endowed with not only books but computers as well...thats all well and good...we can just hope that the library is not flooded with porn magazines...BUT... the DJ has taken it up on himself recently to issue a VLOG (a video) talking about the porn pictures that where taken and published recently..Kartel is basically making no apology about the subject...

seee it,,, deh

Mar 29, 2010

Ryno.. Rolls on

In the mean time...

Black Ryno has changed his name to ..Ryno Di stinger.. and is now forming his own group called the "Garrison"... Ryno did a new tune with former Portmore Empire star Girl KYM.. formerly Called Gaza Kim...called Last Night.
The two young artiste are moving positively with their Music careers with several tracks released since leaving the Empire due to physical, verbal and other abuses.

check Ryno latest video ..clled Mi Lef...

Vybz kartel and the Impressionale Minds

Vybz Kartel

(Warning: Links in this post are not safe for work or miners.. or vegetarians ROFL)

Step out side for a while.. and the place is buzzing again ..mostly due to, according his critics and detractors the "attention whore".. aka Vybz Kartel. Attention whore because he is being described as one that will do almost anything to stay in the spot light, on top of the blogs...

Vybz kartel claimed he lost his phone some time ago in Negril and whosoever found it had published the images of him in some porn movie like scenario getting head from several ladies.

Now I for one don't really care about what one does in their privacy..and we know for sure that this guy was not for moral standing and upliftment ..he said it... The impressionable minds that he often speaks of what the critics are saying that he is working very hard to corrupt. Barbados head of state got involved recently ..and put his foot down..saying no to Kartel and Mavado performing in at a "peace concert" in that country. The impressionable minds in Barbados are very much easily impressed and they certainly will have none of hit... thus the rejection.

Some time ago I spoke about the overwhelming desire for porn by the Caribbean namely Trinidad and Jamaica... who recently top the listing for the countries that search and spend a lot of time on porn sites... we know that its the ages 5 -30 years of age that spend a lot more time on the computer than those outside that bracket.

I am among the few who feel a just little bit sorry for the girls.. but who knows they just might get some fame here.

This is not the last hurrah from Vybz Kartel... because I think he was the one that instigated this... and if he didn't he is loving it, then again why not ..LOL

Mar 23, 2010

Buju ...maga like thread

Buju Banton

Why they doing that to Buju Banton... why them a feed the man pork and all these things .. and they know that Rasta nuh mix with that kinda meat, and now he lost some 40lbs...and we know prior to this Buju didnt weigh much... 130lbs would have been a lot.

According to the star report..

"An act of kindness by Jamaican reggae singer Buju Banton while being detained in the Pinellas County Jail in Florida has resulted in him being confined in the maximum security wing of the penal institution and has contributed to him losing around 40 pounds, according to his lawyer David Markus.

That's the claim included in an eight-page bond application filed to the United States District Court, Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division, on Sunday by Markus.

The court will hear Markus' emergency application for bond on Friday. Markus said he hopes to have Buju returned to the non-maximum security unit or have him transferred to immigration custody.

Buju and two alleged co-conspirators have been in custody in the United States since last December when they were charged with conspiracy to possess cocaine and aiding and abetting the carrying of a firearm during a drug-trafficking crime.

The lanky Rastafarian, who is a vegetarian, reportedly shared a meal with a fellow inmate, which is a violation, and was sent to the maximum security wing for at least 30 days. Markus said he was made aware of the situation on March 18.

Since being transferred, Markus said Buju, born Mark Myrie, has been unable to prepare his own meals and "has not been provided with a diet in accordance with his religious views".

In the bond application, Markus also intimated that his client might be the victim of personal attacks by the warders.

"Mr Myrie has been moved from floor to floor in the jail without explanation and treated differently than the other inmates. The decision to place Mr Myrie in a maximum security wing weeks before his upcoming trial suggests that something else is going on," said Markus in his application, which included a footnote naming a corporal "who has had it out for Mr Myrie during his entire stay".

The attorney added that the violation was a minor one not fitting the punishment and that "in sum, Mr Myrie is now in a maximum security wing for caring enough to offer food to another inmate who was hungry and genuinely believing there was nothing wrong in doing so".

Food and nutrition consultant Dr Heather Little-White said if Buju were not getting his desired meal, he could be losing an average of two pounds per week. This would result in his "mental frame not being as strong and he would become physically weak".

"He would also have deficiencies in vitamins and minerals and would need to be examined by a doctor. Until proven guilty, his likes and dislikes should be taken into account," said Little-White.

Markus said Buju's transfer to maximum security has been affecting his client mentally and physically and, by extension, the legal team's preparation for the start of his trial on April 19.

"For example, this week when counsel attempted to visit Mr Myrie, counsel was required to wait over two hours until he could see Mr Myrie," he stated in his application.

In a radio interview yesterday, Markus said the delay was a ploy to derail his team from winning the trial but that he was "optimistic and we are going to fight this".

Buju's arrest in Florida in December came at the tail end of a troublesome year, which included a number of cancelled concerts in the USA brought on by gay rights groups and an out-of-court settlement with former common-law wife Lorna Strachan after she filed a suit in the Supreme Court against him."

They need to release Buju... im not sure if the fact that one time Buju did diss Obama.. and thus they lock him up... the conspiracy re the non-straight people dem for now is the best argument... they been fighting against Buju for the past 15 years for a tune he did when he was 17 years old....goshhhh!!

Mar 19, 2010

Jimmy Rocks

Jimmy Cliff

Jimmy Cliff singer/songwriter/ actor got inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame last week... this after years of hard work, long before the likes of Bob Marley and the Wailers. Jimmy to some is the man that can be described as Jamaica's finest. Though he has not had the kind of monstrous hits like Bob he does have some very good material such as The Harder They Come, Many Rivers To Cross and You Can Get It If You Really Want.
Congrats Jimmy on job well done.
As look in the future there is not much left in the bag that can get this kind of endorsement. No Bounty and Beenie can match up to the quality of a Jimmy. Even mega selling Sean Paul and Shaggy cant match up to a Jimmy. This could be the last endorsement for a Jamaican in the Rock and Roll hall of fame ..or any other hall of fame for sometime to come.

Mar 15, 2010

Go Forth and Build he said..and She did

Lisa Hyper

I recently heard Vybz kartel suggesting to Blak Ryno and the rest of the members who left Portmore Empire to go ahead and build their own group... so said so done. Lysa Hyper formerly known as Lisa Hype and sometimes referred to as Lisa Swiper has decided to established her own group...and no its not called ..Lysa and the 21 Swipers...

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Elephant Man dumps Q45

Elephant Man

Elephant man have been around for a long time and has reaped remakable success from what can be described as some really hard work. Though the DJ steals/cover a lot of tunes from the RnB and Hip Hop genre.. he more than cut out a niche for himself especially where dance tunes are concerned. ... well until the dancers themselves started singing and cutting off a piece of Ele's cake.. so did Vegas etc..
Elephant has severed ties with his management q45....
Tis the season for disengagements...blak ryno, mavado and now elephant....
Ele has been with Q.. for the past ten years... now he has moved onto solid ground... in a "solid agency".. a branch of the alliance group of companies.. run by Mrs Fully Loaded.. Sharon Burke. We should now see energy god reach the heavens and beyond.... because surely this has to be a good move.

Mar 13, 2010

The Lucrative thing

I know that record sales are down..for all genre of music and especially for Reggae not to mention dancehall music, God bless sean paul... But the principle of buy and hold did seem to rest with the connection between Mavado and VP records. For vp to decide that they are gonna terminate the contract between themselves and Gully God must be a case where they know they wont benefit.
So its obvious Mavado is not making much from record sales... but he is doing relatively well from the stage shows he is booked for all over the globe....
This must be the same with the other artiste.. because Mavado seem to have more potential than most of the other Jamaican acts. So for survival purposes artiste sees it as in their best interest to connect with a close genre that sells a lot more than reggae and dancehall. It doesn't always work, but they should make more attempts to market themselves. There is nothing wrong with doing pop music... there is a kind of discrimination and backlash against artiste who try a ting, but if it works ...hey

Mar 8, 2010

The Genisis riddim the next Revolution

While the Gaza is in turmoil... gullyside/alliance is still making progress in the music business.. this is demonstrated by the brand new riddim produce by Daseca called the Genisis Riddim and has a host of alliance and alliance affiliated artist like... Aidonia, Bugle, Assassin aka Agent Sasco, Serani etc...

The Genisis riddim is being described as the "new beginning" .. the next revolution in dancehall...
sorry but i dont share the same sentiment..

take a pree

Mar 4, 2010

Black Ryno House Burnt

Im sure the Gaza fans are not totally amused of whats happening here... Cant say the same for the Alliance fans but im sure they are not holding back any tears.. and perhaps fighting really hard not to laugh.. because of course things have really gotten bad between Black Ryno and whosoever burnt his house down... of course fingers and minds a pointed at the Vybz Kartel lead gaza camp...

here is the latest...

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Mar 2, 2010

More on the Saga of the Empire

Another in the saga ... of the empire...
The members are leaving in droves and dissing the empire and Vybz Kartel in song on exit...
There are some new recruits like Venessa Bling and Tommy Lee... yet to hear from Mr Lee but Ms Bling aka Gaza Slim have already released a couple of tracks with popular one being a track called "one man"...
The question now is how long will these new "artiste" last inside the empire...
Popcaan is on the attack... he already attacked Ryno in song ..Ryno did his piece as well ..and used the opportunity to swipe (ROFL) at Deva Bratt..

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