Nov 28, 2013

Jim Laden was Stupid

I don't why Jamaican artiste seem to gravitate to trouble, Jim Laden aka Laden... if his name is not bad enough already... this fool...have gotten himself in trouble. it was recently reported that A spliff tail has landed entertainer Laden in hot water with the United States.

Laden was deported back to Jamaica recently after a spliff tail was discovered in his pants pocket by immigration officials while he was being processed in the LAX in Los Angeles, California.

Laden who refused to be recorded, tells Music News that it was an honest mistake and he’s upset with himself.

Laden is not the first entertainer to be caught with marijuana in an airport. Last year, Tommy Lee was busted at Grenada's international airport by police.

Nov 25, 2013

Update on Vybz Kartel case

It was reported by the gleaner that Government forensic expert Nicola Brown-Baxter today testified that a fire at the Havendale home of dancehall artiste, Vybz Kartel, appeared to have been deliberately set.

The crown is alleging the Clive 'Lizard' Williams was killed at the same house.

Brown-Baxter further testified that she visited the house on August 29 - almost two weeks after the murder - and observed several areas were fires were started as well as ignitable equipment.

The witness said she also saw several burnt items in the house.

Under cross examination by defense attorney, Christian Tavares-Finson, the forensic expert said when she went to Kartel's house there was no one there.

Meanwhile, policeman Wendell Reid of the Portmore Police later testified that he took a missing person's report from the sister of the deceased.

The cop said he made calls to hospitals and police stations but got no useful information.

And, Corporal Abebe Pitt also took the witness stand today telling the court that he got a number of cell phones from his superior officers and took them to the cyber crimes unit where he got receipts for them.

During evidence last week it was disclosed that a number of phones were seized in connection with the case.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is on trial with four other men for the August 16, 2011 murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.

The other men are fellow entertainer Shawn Campbell, Shane Williams, André St John and Kahira Jones.

It's alleged that Williams was killed at Kartel's home in Havendale, St. Andrew, on August 16, 2011.

It's further alleged that Williams was killed after he and another man were taken to the entertainer's house to account for a lost firearm.

Nov 22, 2013

Tommy Lee will be at Sting 2013 Dispite in Hospital

According to media reports Tommy Lee Sparta remains hospitalized two weeks after a major motor vehicle accident in Montego Bay.

The dancehall deejay’s manager Heavy D tells Music News that Tommy is in high spirits and is responding positively to treatment.

Heavy D further states that the deejay’s surgery has been delayed due to several wounds on Tommy Lee Sparta’s leg that needs to be healed before the operation.

Tommy Lee is expected to under the knife this week.

On November 10, Tommy Lee Sparta and his girlfriend were travelling to the deejay’s birthday celebration at the Don Way Entertainment Complex on Gloucester Avenue when the accident occurred.

Tommy was left with a badly broken leg and several cuts and bruises while his gf was unhurt.

Despite the incident the deejay is expected to perform at Sting on December 26 at JamWorld in Portmore.

If Bob Marley were to Get Old

Old Bob Marley
This an artistic impression of what Bob Marley would look like if he were to get old, a recent publication by

Police gives Evidence against Vybz kartel

According to media reports yestarday was indicated that In the afternoon session two policemen recounted Kartel’s arrest.

Superintendent Cornwall Ford said Kartel was located at a hotel in New Kingston in September 2011.

Ford said he took four cellphones from Kartel and handed them over to another policeman.

Deputy Superintendent Winston Henderson testified that following instructions from Superintendent Ford he assembled a team and executed search warrants on three houses belonging to Kartel.

Henderson said during a search of a premises in Norbrook, the police seized 12 passports in various names and 10 cellphones.

He said the team then went to another house in Havendale but the premises were a burned out shell.

It was pointed out that this was the same house in which investigators found bloodstains.

The policeman said a raid was conducted at another house in Independent City Portmore but nothing was found.

The trial continues tomorrow.

Bounty Killer and Mr Peppa New Tune Oppertunity

Im not sure If this is the first combo between Mr Pepper and Bounty Killa but this is a nice little tune. Some critics are already predicting that this song will only last 10 days. If Mr. Pepper is kinda smart he should make sure that he gets a number 1 position with this tune like Samantha J.... a regular member on the charts, like Kalado. How can he do it?,,, I will suggest that he ask Samantha J and Kalado.. they are relatively new artiste and have somewhat made their mark on the music scene already. Pepper been around a long time to the point where he no longer burns, so he should take this Bounty Killer opportunity and run with it.

The tune is called "Have it Lock" and appears to be a PayDay production
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Nov 20, 2013

2 witnesses testify against Vybz Kartel

According to media reports two witnesses were called this afternoon as the murder trial of dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel began in the Home Circuit Court.

A sister of the deceased broke down in tears as she recounted an event on August 14, 2011 when she said she saw her brother Clive 'Lizard' Williams and a man called Lamar Chow in her living room.

The woman said she was in her bathroom when she heard a loud commotion and when she went to investigate she saw the men in a state of fright.

She said she observed them talking on the phone and pacing back and forth.

She added that that they looked white as though they had seen a ghost.

The witness said she later drove the men to the Portmore Mall and left them there.

She said she last spoke to her brother on the morning of August 16 and she said repeated calls to his cell phone went to voicemail.

She said the next day she went to report her brother missing.

The witness said she knew that her brother and Kartel and some of the accused were friends.

Meanwhile, the girlfriend of the deceased testified that the last time she saw him was on the morning of August 16 when she was going to work about nine.

Earlier one of Kartel's co-accused, fashion designer Calvin Haye, was released after the prosecution said they found no evidence against him.

The trial continues tomorrow.

Top 10 Dancehall and Reggae Songs in jamaica

Check out the latest top ten dancehall and reggae music in jamaica...there is a few new entries this time round but they are certainly new artiste though check it out...btw whotf is Samantha J

10. Bend Down - Cham feat. O Angola - Jah Bouks

9. Bring Life - Kalado

8. Schoolas Anthem - Vybz Kartel

7. Mash it Up - Kat Dahlia Feat. Nyanda And Black Lion

6. Wine and Jiggle - I Octane

click to see the top 5


5. To the Limit - Tarrus Riley

4. Give it Up to you - Mavado & Niki Minaj

3. Here Comes Trouble - Chronixx

2. Nah Be Ungrateful - Versatile

1. Tight up Skirt - Samantha J

Part of Vybz Kartel Group Freed Moonie

According to gleaner report today One of the co-accused involved in the murder trial of entertainer Vybz Kartel was this morning set free as all 12 members of the jury were selected allowing for arguments to begin.

Fashion designer Calvin Haye was released after the prosecution said it found no evidence against him.

His lawyer, Diane Jobson, said the Crown did the right thing and questioned it they took so long to release her client.

Haye was jointly charged with Kartel, entertainer Shawn Campbell, popularly known as Shawn Storm, André St John, Shane Williams and Kahira Jones for the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.

Williams was killed at Kartel’s home in Havendale, St Andrew, on August 16, 2011.

It is further alleged that Williams was killed after he and another man were taken to the entertainer’s house to account for a lost firearm.

The other man is expected to be the prosecution’s main witness.

Williams’ body has not been found.

However, the police have reported that they have video and audio recordings linking Vybz Kartel and his co-defendants to the killing.

Meanwhile, in his opening statement to the jury, prosecutor Jeremy Palmer said the case was one of common design and joint enterprise to end the life of Williams.

He said the accused managed to get Palmer to a house and ended his life over a dispute of property.

He told the jurors that the case is not a referendum on dancehall or culture but a murder case in which they must decide whether the five accused are guilty or not guilty of murder.

Vybz Kartel Drama continues Today

A artiste impression of a dramatic Vybz Kartel

According to go-jamaica report the jury selection in the murder trial of dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel is to continue for a third day as the process could not be completed today.

This afternoon Justice Lennox Campbell excused two of the nine jurors who were selected yesterday.

One man said he was recently promoted at his job and feared he could lose the promotion if he is at court.

The other man said he is a musician and a caterer and explained that he is busy at this time of year.

The jury selection continued with only two more jurors being empanelled.

Three more jurors are needed to have a full slate of 12 to hear the murder trial.

Justice Campbell said he might have to revisit the list of potential jurors tomorrow so as to have a larger pool to select from.

Meanwhile, the judge enquired about the witnesses and the investigating officer informed that four civilians are available.

He added that the police are having difficulties communicating with two other witnesses.

However, Senior Director of Public Prosecutions Jeremy Taylor said the Crown had no difficulty to start its case.

Kartel and four other men are charged with the August 2011 murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.

Sizza Applogy to Battyboy did not Help

Sizzla Kalonji

Sizzla's return to performing in the United States, his tour of that country has hit a roadblock according to an Observer report.

The "Rastaman No Applologise to NO BattyBoy" artiste has been denied a visa to that country, according to Stephen Brush of International Artists Agency, who spearheaded bookings for the tour.

He said, based on the outcome of the meetings, he has no choice but to reschedule the tour for early next year.

"I am deeply saddened by the news, and I can say this is one of the worst weeks in my career... It is not a dead issue, but I am no longer comfortable waiting and seeing. What I would like to do is postpone the tour and look at re-booking it for February and March," he said.

The seven-date gig was scheduled from November 21 to December 22. Sizzla would have performed at venues in Washington, DC; Virginia; Colorado; and New York.

Sizzla, whose real name is Miguel Collins, has not held a US visa or work permit since 2008 when it was revoked.

Several of Sizzla's songs such as Bad Man Don't Apologise and Murder Dem have portrayed violence towards members of the homosexual community, who have protested his presence in Europe and North America.

In 2007, his concerts in Toronto and Montreal were cancelled after protests by members of the Canadian Stop Murder Music coalition. One year later, he was sent back to the US after arriving in Madrid, Spain, for a concert. Spanish human rights organisations objected against his "hatred against homosexuals".

Nov 15, 2013

Mr Vegas Pushing Bounty Killer in War .. in time for Sting 2013

I dont know at what point for sure but i do believe that Mr Vegas was not the tracing type of person... until Sean Paul get big and buss weh leff him. Since then Mr Vegas appear to be very vocal and annoyed by everything, he has toned down a bit these days but it does not take much to get him riled up, and Bounty Killer has. Bounty Killer is the self proclaimed war lord, the hardcore DJ tracer ..not even shebada can test and seems that Musical jabs are usually apparent at this time of year as many entertainers begin to fuel lyrical warfare among themselves in anticipation of Sting.

In a track dubbed Bury Him Fuss, Mr. Vegas comes out swinging at his nemesis Bounty Killa. Mimicking Bounty’s trademark voice, Vegas tease the warlord with the hook “Bowy ago dead fi di Christmas”.... the track also have bites by Bounty killer himself which appear to be the work of the producers or a Vegas a try sound like Bounty...

It was reported by iriefm that Mr Vegas did the track to teach his sons to stand up for themselves.

Nov 13, 2013

New Song From Vybz Kartel .. who should be outa Jail soon

This is brand new song from vybz Kartel called the "Addi Truth"

It was indicated in previous reports that the single was released under Vybz Kartel’s common law wife, Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Jackson, new label Short Boss Muzic.

This tune is a remake of the old Baby Wayne song,, Kartel has made a number of remakes over the pass few years with the most popular being jump inna di benz.

There have been reports as well that the blecha teacha might be on his way out of jail... but with what happened to Roach im not sure it will be all good for the Jamaican Dancehall star.

Anyway this new song is not bad.. so for Short Boss distribution has not fallen short of sending out "good kartel tracks"

Nov 11, 2013

Tommy Lee suffers minor Demon Like Set Back

There have been reports as well as pictures ..indicating that the demons may have come for Tommy Lee, of course in the form of a car accident. The Jamaican gothic artiste who has not been prominent in the pass 10 months or more, perhaps due to the fact he may have run out of style, lyrics or even cooperating producers. I heard even the likes of Mutabaruka asking what has happened to Tommy Lee, the DJ has been less in the media and on the turn table in comparison to last year.
We would love to see Tommy Lee quickly recover and back in the studios making his hit demon oriented songs,,, so he should quickly pray to that Spartan Angel and accelerate his recovery.