Dec 31, 2012

Who is the Artiste of the Year?

WHo is the artiste of the year... I might missed a few but i think I covered most of the top acts of 2012.
Please vote for who you think made the most impact in a positive sense in the music business as an artiste see right hand side of your screen to vote you can select more than one artiste.

Dec 30, 2012

Popcaan Loves Vybz Kartel more than Any Battyman

Popcaan while performing on Sting 2012 stage not only pushed Blak Ryno off stage with his groin area he also made some haunting statements. Popcaan said that he loves Vybz Kartel more than any battyman... now thats some serious...shiit.
Someone picked up the mantle and put together pieces of what popcaan said on stage with some Vybz Kartel interjections and made a parody... will this have a devastating effect on Popcaans career?

Dec 29, 2012

Black Ryno hit back at Popcaan in new Diss Song

Black Ryno not only sent out a statement about his innocence and what really happened at Sting he did a couple of interviews as well as took time out to make a 4 minute diss track about Popcaan...relating to the sting incident... Highlighting how Popcaan said that "he loved Vybz Kartel the most"... highlighting the fishyness of it
The track is not bad at all it would be interesting to hear Popcaan's response to these allegations where some appear to be true at this moment...

Dec 27, 2012

Sting 2012 did well without Beenieman Bounty Killa and Vybz Kartel

Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer:

Sting pulled thousands of patrons to Jamworld in Portmore last night.

The stage show, which is perennially marred by controversy and simultaneously buoyed by it, was true to form when dancehall artistes Popcaan and Ryno were involved in a physical altercation on stage.

On a night which was built on the foundation of dancehall feuds, it took reggae acts like I Wayne and Lutan Fire to cool things down with some positive reggae music after some patrons became understandably edgy.

Busy Signal who was doing his first local performance since incarceration in the United States was given an award by CEO of Downsound Records, Joe Bogdanovich.

According to the businessman, Busy Signal is a dancehall game changer.

Busy Signal validated the compliment by delivering a strong set in which he delved into dancehall, reggae and gospel music.

Patrons were also captivated by Busy's tales of horror from prison.

"I wouldn't want my worst enemy to go to prison," Busy Signal said.

Romain Virgo also gave a good representation of himself, standing among heavy weights such as Sizzla and Chuck Fenda who also did well.

Virgo had the patrons jumping and singing to his popular songs, while taking the opportunity to expose two new talents.

The highly-anticipated tag team clash which saw KipRich and Ninja Man going up against Merciless and Tony Matterhorn did not disappoint.

KipRich ignored his teammate and took on Merciless and Tony Matterhorn in an incident-free battle.

KipRich reigned supreme.

Having swept aside Merciless and Tony Matterhorn, KipRich then directed his lyrics at Ninja Man who defended himself valiantly, the end result was a draw, with Ninja Man proclaiming he was merely testing his offspring.

Kiprich destroyed Merciless and Tony Matherhorn at Sting 2012 Clash

Kiprich on the left Tony on the right of the boxing ring
Kiprich masecared Tony Matherhorn and Merciless at Jamworld this morning. While Matherhorn was searching for words Kiprich went in for the kill and left the crowd booing Tony...and he did the same to Merciless
Kiprich was full of lyrics, the tag team effort with Ninjaman was not necessary as Ninja didnt say or do much.. it was all Kiprich.
Meciless went for low blows that didnt find favour with the crowd and Tony was talking too much as usual save and except for the time when he killed Twins of Twins. The boos got lowder and were justified as Kiprich made his mark on Sting.. and could be the next Ninjaman.. with him spinning lyrics off the top of his head esp when Tony mentioned something about elephantman... there was some draw from the Twins of Twins matereial when Kiprich slayed Tony saying that he in the pack (cigarette) with 19 other man.
Other performances from artise such as Gaza Slim was look warm...with some say the only excitting ting was her peeping nipple.
Spice came out in war mode chawing fire for Macka Diamond... with donkey and all.. but there was no sign of Macka Diamond. Word out is that a fight broke out back stage between the ladies.. there is no confirmation about this at this time though.. thats sad just like the Ryno and Popcaan case... Popcaan should not have pushed him though

Black Ryno and Popcaan Fight on Sting 2012 Stage SHow

Black Ryno runs out on Popcaan on stage about 1 minute into the hotskull performance. It appears to be a desperate move on the part of Black Ryno who seem to have a bone to pick with Popcaan.
But how did Ryno got a Mic? Did he grab it from Popcaan? everything happened so fast .. One would have to speculate and say that Popcaan was set up.
Anyway security personnel came to Popcaan rescue and it appeared that Popcaan kick down Ryno on stage.. we would have to wait to see the video release later in the day.
Apart from the fight the only other honorable mention was Busy Signals 30 minute performance that was the performance of the show...up to this time...the show is still on, as i type I-Wayne is calming tings down after the Popcaan and Black Ryno storm

Take a pree before youtube remove it ROFL



Live stream by Ustream

Live broadcasting by Ustream

Dec 26, 2012

Riot When Tommy Lee Appears on Stage...DJ Bottled again?

the bleached Tommy Lee Sparta.. aka demon

Tommy Lee Begs for calm at the end of this clip after a riot broke out that ended his stage show in Guyana. Its not certain what triggered the riot but speculations are that demons were unleased upon the people and all hell broke loose. Lee was quickly taken off stage and flown back to Jamaica to get ready for sting tomorrow morning according to reports.

Dec 22, 2012

Bounty Killa at war with Laing tells laing to suck him mumma

As usually bounty killa like mr. Vegas likes to tweet his anger and recently Isaiah Laing the promoter of sting has been getting under his skin. Bounty told Laing to suck out his money on a tv interview and now the snow ball. This Bounty latest tweet on the matter

"So mi get it a so mi say yeah mi hearsay Laing a chat off him face last nite a Hilton or pegasus hotel one a dem how him ago mash me up after sting bcuz mi tell him Go Suck Out Him Money and his him mother mi did waah tell him bout like I did mis select my words so Him Nuh Can Mek Heavy D Suck Out Him Money fi him then and how a nuh mi shirt alone did get crushed up in 2000 and mi fi tell the ppl dem bout the Box mi did get Kmft Laing first thing u can't set mi up like kartel and secondly u or Any Boy or Gal Box me getting back all type of Boxes and cases to Bloodclaath ok bring it
mek laing go suckk out him madda mek him nuh go pon air go sehh that! Baddness nuh stop a fi him foot! Alliance Run this...."

Dec 17, 2012

Bounty Killer Booed and Sand at Chug it?

There are no confirmed reports as yet however word out is that The Big Bad Mighty Bounty Killer was "sand" and Booed at Chug it an entertainment event that recently booed Tommy Lee.
It was recently that Bounty Killer was speaking in an interview saying that Tommy Lee should be careful after getting booed twice in one night.
Speculations are now that Tommy Lee might have something to do with the recent booing and sanding of Bounty Killer.
This does not look good

Dec 14, 2012

Bounty Killer Free once again

Dancehall entertainer Bounty Killer today won his second court battle within a week.

He was freed today of traffic offences which allegedly took place in 2008.

Bounty Killer, whose real name is Rodney Price, was freed of charges of dangerous driving and obstructing traffic.

On Monday, Bounty Killer and former policeman Calis Bowen were freed of several charges in the Gun Court.

After the Crown closed its case in the Traffic Court today, attorney-at-law Linda Wright submitted that Bounty Killer should be freed because there were too many contradictions and discrepancies in the evidence given by the three policemen.

Resident Magistrate Prima Griffiths upheld the submissions and freed him.

Wright told The Gleaner that if Bounty Killer had been found guilty of dangerous driving, his driver's licence would have been suspended.

Evidence was given that about 3.50 a.m. on December 29, 2008, a police team was on mobile patrol along Eastwood Park Road in St Andrew, when they observed a Range Rover being driven in a reckless manner as it was going in and out of the lanes of traffic and the traffic lights were being disobeyed.

The driver was signalled to stop but disobeyed. The police later caught up with the Range Rover at another stop light and blocked its path.

Bounty Killer, who was the driver of the Range Rover was issued with seven traffic tickets for disobeying traffic lights.

Two summonses were subsequently served on him for dangerous driving and obstructing traffic.

When the matter came before the Traffic Court the charges of disobeying traffic lights were withdrawn as the decision was taken that the dangerous driving charge covered those offences.

Dec 10, 2012

Bounty Killer Now free.. To deal with toMmy lee?

Gleaner - Barbara Gayle:
Dancehall entertainer Bounty Killer and co-accused Calis Bowen have been freed of gun charges and other offences.

Bounty Killer, whose real name is Rodney Pryce, and Bowen who was a policeman at the time, were before the Gun Court on the charges of illegal possession of a firearm, assault at common law and unlawful wounding.

The police had reported that on September 27, 2007, Bounty Killer and a group of men assaulted an off-duty policeman along St Lucia Avenue in New Kingston.

It's reported that the policeman had left a club and noticed a number of vehicles blocking a section of the roadway.

He reportedly signalled the men to clear the roadway when he was attacked.

It's also reported that shots were fired at the off-duty policeman and that Bounty Killer pointed a gun at the policeman's face.

But in court today the Crown withdrew the allegations against Bounty Killer and the ex-cop after revealing that the evidence given by the policemen who is reported to have been attacked was contradicted by the statement a senior police officer.

Dec 9, 2012

Vybz Kartel continues to Vibe with New Song

Vybz Kartel refuses to go away .. where new music is concerned. the locked up controversial DJ ...who coked be setenced death has another release with his partner in crime Gaza Slim.
This one is a bad man tune... been a while we hear one of these...
this one from Vybz Kartel and features Gaza Slim the tune is called Stop Gwan Like Yuh Tuff

Dec 4, 2012

Bob Marley drink sickens kids in New Jersey school

AP) — Officials have removed a relaxation drink named after reggae icon Bob Marley after several students at a New Jersey school were sickened.

Marley's Mellow Mood is promoted to reduce stress. The drink's nutrition facts say it may cause drowsiness and is not intended for children.

However, students at Satz Middle School and Holmdel High School could buy it on campus. Several middle school students were sickened on Friday.

The Asbury Park Press reports the school district's food service provider has removed a manager pending an investigation. Chartwells School Dining Services also has removed the Marley product.

The company issued a statement in which it said it takes this situation very seriously.

Dec 3, 2012

Tommy lee booed twice in 1 night! career coming to an end says Bounty Killer

It appears that things are not so rosy for tommy lee aka nyammy lee accordinf to bounty killer. According tweets and comments in cyber worlds Mr. Lee got booed twice in one night after making references to bounty killer.
And so done it was not long for the self proclaimed gaad bounty killer to make the world know that tommy lee career is now over.
Bounty tweeted "Nyammi Lee Wid Baye Booooo Back A Dat time up dem can say a we send ppl go Boo him now did unuh watch ER? that duppy puppy show is over that's all folks!!!
Chug It go Bug It mon Rum Bar waah see mi Gun Bar how dem fi replace the Gaad wid a Fagg fukca dem!!!

mi did tell unu stop hype dis likle eediot Nyami Lee ??? Well him can sey him mek history , THE ONLY DJ TO EVER GET BOOO @ 2 SHOWS in 1 NIGHT =)) ..If when killa did sey done wid di demon ting him did jus easy him likle self an listen to him elder , him career wouldn't get slap weh...him go play hero n draw zero"

Vybz Kartel bossy case mentioned 2day

Jerome Reynolds, Gleaner Writer - The case embattled dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel in relation to the murder of St. Catherine businessman Barrington 'Bossy' Burton is expected to be mentioned in the Home Circuit Court today.

Burton was killed in July last year, while he was standing with friends along Walker's Avenue in Gregory Park, St. Catherine.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is also facing the charges of conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

Kartel has been in custody since September last year.

The controversial artiste has been offered bail in the Burton murder case, but he has been unable to take it up because he has other cases pending in the courts for which he has been denied bail.