Jan 30, 2012

Top Ten Reggae and Dancehall in Jamaica January 27 2012

This week we look at the top ten songs in Jamaica for the final time this month January 2012.... and if you saw last week's version... tell me what you notice here!!
10. Mavado - Stay Out Dem Way/Stay Far - Sunrise Riddim
9. Burn Dem Bridge - I-Octane (Steven Di Genius Production)
8. Everything fi Hold Him - Gaza Slim
7. Only Man She Want (Lost Angel Riddim) - Popcaan

Elephant Man Charged for Rape

Elephant man is in some deep shit here... we see where Deva Bratt got himself into trouble recently for seemingly having an insacious appetite for pussy that does not belong him... he got away with his... now its Elephant Man's turn to face the music.

Jan 29, 2012

Popcaan Threathened in Trindad

Reports are that Jamaica's newest rising star Popcaan from the Portmore Empire Gaza Camp is being Threathened by promoters in Trindad... who apparently booked Popcaan for a numbers of shows but did not turn up...
sounds like a scam to me... but we willl see

Mavado accuses Popcaan of. Stealing his style?

Top dancehall dj Mavado is said to be not pleased with the new young gaza star Popcaan. Its alleged that Mavado said that Popcaan stole his style in a recent tune called "stay far" and the popular track called "clean"
Mavado was accused of saying the following:.... "mi see di boy have a song weh name stay far suh no boy cah give mi no bag a sissy sissy talk and seh mi use some boy style when a mi first seh clean everyday wi step out with chipmunk mi just a laugh when mi hear dem tings deh"

Jan 27, 2012

Mavado Disgruntled with Investigations

HWT (Power106): Dancehall entertainer Mavado is bemoaning the protracted period it is taking police investigators to complete their probe into a June 2011 incident, in which one of his associates was shot dead by cops at the Quad nightclub in New Kingston.

In a statement released to the media, Mavado, whose real name is David Brooks said as a witness to the incident, he is troubled by the pace of the investigation.

According to Mavado, he along with five other persons, who were witnesses to the incident, have given statements to the police.

During the incident, Mavado was accused of assaulting a cop and has since been charged.

However, Mavado said he finds it alarming that the policeman who shot his unarmed associate has not been charged.

Mr. G disses Baby Cham

Dancehall deejay Mr. G has lashed out against fellow dancehall artiste Baby Cham because of comments that Cham made during a recent Onstage interview that seemed to speak disparagingly of Mr. G and former stablemate Red Rat's early careers.

"How Baby Cham fi talk say inna 1996-7, him have bigger songs than Rat and me by far, but the only thing him never get was promotion, and how much him never get the highlight even though he was bigger than me and Rat. Cham is nothing but a red-eye guy, me and Rat was the pacesetters, we do the ting, travel out the world and been travelling. Him need to understand him little self and him fi know anything ah anything," an outraged Mr. G whose rose to prominence with songs such as Fudgy and Big Man, Little Yute with Red Rat.

He also took issue with Baby Cham not giving the props to Bounty Killer for his endorsement of his career.

"When the interviewer ask him how Bounty help? He said, 'Bounty assisted...". Bounty never just assist, him buss Cham to the world, him introduce him to the world and bawl out him name mek people know him, Cham need fi know say him and Dave Kelly ride pon Bounty Killer bandwagon, and him probably woulda never buss without Bounty Killer."

DJ Alpachino in Trouble

NORTH STREET (Star): Deejay and sound engineer Alpachino, whose real name is Anthony Williams, has been freed of charges of illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

Williams, 38, was charged jointly with Junior Edwards, 23, of Frome, Westmoreland, who was also freed of the charges. The men were tried in the regional Gun Court, St James.

Allegations are that on May 13, 2011, the police were conducting a spot check along the Farm Pen main road in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, when they stopped a motor car owned by Williams. The two accused were in the motor car which was being driven by Edwards.

The police conducted a search and a firearm was allegedly found under the passenger seat in which Williams was sitting. The accused men said in their defence that the day before the incident they were at a wake for Edward's uncle. Williams was employed to work on the sound system.

no firearm

Williams, who was represented by attorney-at-law Carolyn Chuck, said when he left Kingston there was no firearm in his motor car. He said he lent Edwards the motor car to run errands while he remained at the venue the entire day. He said shortly after he got back the motor car from Edwards, they were pulled over by the police.

Edwards, who was represented by attorney-at-law Lambert Johnson, said in his defence, that he had also lent out the motor vehicle to family members who were helping to prepare for the wake that night.

He said further that the vehicle was left open at the 'dead yard' while music was being played from it and many persons were around it.

They denied knowing that a firearm was in the motor vehicle.

Justice Evan Brown, in freeing the men, said the explanation given by the men had put him in doubt, and so he had to resolve the doubt in their favour.

Reggae Star Shaggy album to Release February

KINGSTON (Observer): SEVEN months after its digital release, Summer in Kingston, deejay Shaggy's 10th studio album, is set for re-release next month. It coincides with the dancehall star's fourth nomination for Best Reggae album at next month's 54th Grammy Awards.

In an interview with Splash, Shaggy said the re-release has two additional songs and a new version of a key track.

"Initially we released the album digitally with eight songs and sold it at a fan appreciation price for a limited time. Now we are releasing the physical copy with a total of 10 songs, so it's now a full-length album," Shaggy explained.

The two new songs are She Gives Me Love (co-produced by Sly and Robbie and Sting International) and Hurting. There is also a new version of the track Dame featuring Kat Deluna.

Said Shaggy: "Dame was initially a song we were trying to get finished in time for the summer and we had a different female singer on the track. But now it's a far better production and we have Kat Deluna on the single. We are now pushing it as the second single from the album."

Summer in Kingston debuted at number one on Billboard's Reggae Album chart last July. Led by the single, Sugarcane, the digital version has so far sold 10,943, according to sales tracker Soundscan.

The artiste will be attending the Grammys which will be held on February 12 in
Los Angeles.

"It's the fourth time that I have gotten a nomination. Being nominated for a Grammy, it all works as far as the publicity is concerned," he pointed out.

Shaggy's sole Grammy win came in 1995 for Boombastic, an album which sold two million copies in the United States. His 2000 album, Hot Shots is his biggest seller to date, moving some eight million copies in that country.

Shaggy is completing an album with Sly and Robbie which he expects to be released by summer. A US tour is planned for that period.

Romain Virgo and Mavado amongst top artiste for the year 2011

KINGSTON (Observer):RISING Star winner Romain Virgo has been named artiste of 2011 by the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA).

Virgo was named among a long list of entertainers and others who will be recognised at JaRIA's annual awards ceremony to be held at Emancipation Park on February 25, and serve as a climax for the activities in observance of Reggae Month.

The Artiste of Year category is among three new awards to be handed out by JaRIA at the event. The others are Songwriter of the Year which goes to Bob Andy, and Song of the Year -- One By One by Laza Morgan featuring Mavado.

This year, the honour awards will go to Copeland Forbes (lifetime achievement); Alpha Boys' School (mentorship); Peter Tosh and Gregory Isaacs will receive posthumous awards; while Jack Ruby Hi Fi and Tom 'The Great' Sebastian will receive the sound system award.

Other awardees are sound engineers Errol Thompson and Phillip Smart; producers Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd and Arthur 'Duke' Reid; musicians Ernie Ranglin and Jackie Mittoo; artistes Toots Hibbert and Marcia Griffiths; ska band The Skatellites, and the group Culture.

The late radio announcer Neville Willoughby and promoters of Reggae Sunsplash Syngery will also be recognised for their contribution to the local music industry.

In announcing the list of awardees at the launch of Reggae Month on Tuesday, JaRIA committee member Mary Isaacs noted that this year in recognition of Jamaica's 50th anniversary of independence, a special Golden Jubilee Commemorative Award has been designed and will be presented to the Jamaica Federation of Musicians and Affiliated Artistes, more popularly known as the JFM.

Established in 1958, the JFM has been the primary organisation advocating for the rights and protection, as well as advancing the interests of musicians, artistes and affiliated industry professionals.

Isaacs added that this year's awards presentation will feature a docu-drama style concert with special orchestration of selected pieces of music done originally by some of the awardees

Jan 26, 2012

Mavado to Perform in Harare Zimbabwe

Tomorrow, Mavado will perform at the Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex. Local acts, Guspy Warrior, Ricky Fire, Dadza D, Junior Fire, Godfather Sniper, Military SK, Lady Squandaa, Lady B, Inno T and Garry B will raise the curtain the dancehall star.

Vybz Kartel's 'Tell You Say' Rihanna's favourite

It's not hard to hear the dancehall influences on many of Rihanna's hits, including "Rude Boy" and "Man Down." The singer recently tweeted that she was listening to this track by Jamaica's most controversial dancehall artist, Vybz Kartel, who is currently in jail on murder charges relating to the July death of music promoter Barrington "Bossie" Burton and the August killing of Clive "Lizard" Williams.

'If I am Dating Bounty Killer it is My Business Stay Outa Mi Life' Says Gabriel

Why do our female artists behave in irresponsible ways that discredit their reputation and even their entire career?
How far does Gabriel  intend to go with a relationship that everyone knows will end up with her being in the hospital and the war-lord in jail?
Recently, news about Bounty Killer and new comer Gabriel's Dating relationship has been spreading like wildfire from one end to the next. Gabriel who came in the spotlight recently after doing a callab with Bounty Killer seem to be getting more back-lashing than any other new artist.
Before their hot dating story, she was been teased for her so- called unique but what some fans call "annoying" sound after My Boy Lollipop was released .
But these days fans have somehow shifted their attention to the hottest topic all over.Gabriel and Bounty Killer's dating story is one that have people from all over asking how much closer could things be from the truth?

Mavado not married?

It has been reported on several news outlets that Dancehall superstar Mavado recently got married to his longtime companion, Monique McKenzie. However Mavado's manager Julian Griffithswould like to inform the public that it's just a rumor that was started by a certain Gossip website.

According to one of the reports: A supposed copy of their marriage license application can be found on the internet. Though the venue for said venue remains unknown and pictures being leaked from the marriage are unfounded, the website claims that sources close to the couple insisted that they were going to marry. Last year, reports surfaced that Mavado, whose real name is David Constantine Brooks, intended to marry McKenzie at some point.

Jan 25, 2012

Brand New Song from POPCAAN

Brand ne song from POPCAAN this one is called "STAY FAR" on the "FREN ENEMY RIDDIM" by none other than TJ RECORDS, this track was released JANUARY 2012

Mavado's Statment on the Death of His Friend

I David Brooks wish to make the following statement:

On the 13th June 2011, arising out of an incident which took place at the Quad nightclub in New Kingston where Conroy Edwards aka “Connie” was fatally shot whilst being unarmed.
To date, this matter continues to be the subject of investigations with the lapse of seven (7) months. READ MORE HERE

Jan 24, 2012

Twins of Twins still bickering ..re sting 2011 defeat

KINGSTON(Star): Dancehall artistes Twin of Twins are at it again. The deejays have released a single, Lucky Boy, in which they claim Tony Matterhorn fears them and only won the December Sting clash by default.

In a section of the song which raises questions about Tony Matterhorn's victory, the Twins claim;

"Sickness is a thing though what a lucky bwoy,

It's either, the bwoy touch the monkey or the monkey touch di bwoy.

When mi think about the Jam World situation

and reflect pon Dudus and the extradition,

it only come down to one conclusion,

Bruce Golding shudda know Matterhorn obeah man."

Dancehall Star Mavado Married?

Mavado and Girl
We are not absolutely sure but there is a buzz going around that top Jamaican dancehall act Mavado has tied the Knot.... Speculations are that the GullyGod has married one of his baby mothers.
Mavado is well known to have quite a few baby mothers so one is not certain as who is the lucky girl...
Time will tell if this prooves true..

Jan 23, 2012

Top 10 Dancehall Reggae in Jamaica Jan 20 2012

In the latest set of Top 10 Dancehall and Reggae Music in Jamaica.. we have a new entry with mavado with a tune called "stay far" on the Sunrise riddim. Not much changes overall in the chart... Khago drops out and Popcaan stil dominate the top spots... holding out on number one and two spots..

10. Mavado - Stay Out Dem Way/Stay Far - Sunrise Riddim
9. Burn Dem Bridge - I-Octane (Steven Di Genius Production)
8. Everything fi Hold Him - Gaza Slim
7. Only Man She Want (Lost Angel Riddim) - Popcaan

Brand new song from Bounty Killer called Thine Will Be Done

Brand new Bounty Killer...
Bounty Killer singing... lol... it doesnt sound too bad. I like this one.. he certainly need to do more good sounding tunes..because right now Singj Popcaan can ask for more chedda at shows...or even more shows..than the ole dinasour Bounty ...so he had to get with it..
check it out its called "Thine Will Be Done" on the "Cool Out Riddim"

D'angel pens love triangle not about Beenie Man and Bounty Killer?

Kingston(Observer) DANCEHALL artiste D'Angel has penned a novel entitled, Love Triangle. It is set for release in late February.
Love Triangle is the first of a two-book deal between the artiste and Pageturner Publishing House. The other publication, Break Free, a tell-all autobiographical effort, should be released at year end.

Jan 22, 2012

Notnice will work with All Artiste after Splitt with Corey Todd

LYNDURST ROAD (Rjr): Dancehall producer NotNice is refuting reports that he is not willing to work with some artistes.
The artiste says he wants to work with artistes from all camps for 2012.
News broke last week that the former Gaza affiliated producer had parted ways with his most recent partner Corey Todd.
Following the announcement, NotNice reported that he had no interest in musical segregation.

Jan 20, 2012

Khago leaves Corey Todd

Khago ....photo by MisPamela
KINGSTON (Star): International recording artiste Khago has signed a production and booking deal with Stashment Records to boost his presence in the marketplace both here and in the US.

"Since Stashment has been involved in my career, things just step up, everything in terms of my street presence, my radio play. I have shot videos for my hit songs like Tax Inna My World, and we will be doing videos for songs like That'sAll Mi CareBouton DJ Frass new Riva Stone riddim and Wine Pon The Pole for Elvis' So Unique Records ... Stashment tun up mi ting," Khago said in a release.

WTF Crazy Fan Tattoos 'Free Vybz Kartel' On Her Face

WTF! Crazy Fan Tattoos 'Free Vybz Kartel' On Her Face

Jan 19, 2012

Vybz Kartel assets not seized

KINGSTON(Observer): CONTRARY to media reports, the assets of embattled deejay Vybz Kartel have not been seized.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Elan Powell, head of Criminal Investigation Bureau, he was unaware of this.

"I don't know anything about that and if that was the case, I would know," he told the Observer.

Tommy Lee - War Wid Di Dead - The Business Riddim

Brand New Song from what is left of the Pormore Empire/GazaSparta.. Tommy Lee.. with his unusual style Tommy continues to produce what is being described as dark muscic..
Check this one out...it depends on your taste...for me it can pass...not  a hit though
This one is called "War Wid Di Dead" on the The Business Riddim

Jan 18, 2012

Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae Songs as at the week of January 13 2012

This is more or less the latest top dancehall and reggae songs in Jamaica as at the second week in January 2012
The Gaza people still hold on the top spots with a new Entry from Gaza Slim..who was recently released on Bail..
Sean Paul is out of it this week...idk if had anything to do with this Suck u Madda thin that he expressed recently LOL..
Check out the latest TOP TEN Songs in Jamaica right Now

10. Tax inna My World (sunrise riddim) - Khago
9. Burn Dem Bridge - I-Octane (Steven Di Genius Production)
8. Everything fi Hold Him - Gaza Slim

Bounty Killer kicks out BridgeZ from ANG

Bounty Killer recently disclosed that BridgeZ is no longer a member of the ANG...The ANG is a bunch young artiste that Bounty Killer is trying to burst on the scene...it is taking a bit of time....however we saw one member recently namely Iyara who name is being called often... But almost never one has heard of BridgeZ..It was recently BridgeZ was in a bit of a cat fight I'm not sure if she is making way for Gabriel and stepping out of the ANG and into the mainstream... this was what Bounty Killer had to say....
"Effectively as of today (January 16th) now Lady Alliance BridgeZ is no longer apart of ANG Alliance New Generation,,, Lady Alliance a.k.a BridgeZ is still apart of Alliance instead of ANG reason being she is more of a individual unique artiste to me than the other ANG members who can easily group up and blend in like a medley thing she needs her own forum or platform to present her self I think we both decided on that so no confusion or negatives in the camp AFL/ANG!!"

Jan 16, 2012

Vybz Kartel Benz and other assests seized

Vybz Kartel Benz and other assets seized

Mr Easy Disses Mr. Vegas....due to theft of song

Mr Easy ...says mr Vegas stole his song "tek weh uself"....and when he callled Vegas about it ...Vegas asked him I didnt know you were badmind?.. Mr. Easy disses him by calling him "Mr Jump on it" with the calypso style...click here and check out the interview courtesy of wicked hype

Rihanna Smoking weed?

Boy... I dont know rasta.. but this look like tobaco still... mi think Ri Ri.. would be so bareface to be puffing weed in full view of the public to rass claat... check out the clips in the youtube video

Bounty Killer will not Perform in Europe?

Kingston (jahknow) The Management of Dancehall heavyweight Bounty Killer is making it public that the artist is being falsely advertised for several shows in Europe next month.

In a statement from Killer’s Management & Booking company Solid Agency, no contract is in place for the February dates. “It has come to our attention that Bounty Killer is being advertised via a popular reggae website for a total of four shows in Europe between February 23rd – 26th. We have not received any payment for these shows and there is no agreement in place with any promoter”.

While it is not fully clear who is behind the mystery bookings Solid Agency is categorically announcing Bounty will not perform on any of the shows. “We would like to ask the organizers of these concerts to refrain from listing Bounty as part of their lineups as only Solid Agency is authorized to negotiate show engagements on behalf of Rodney “Bounty Killer” Price”.

European fans of Bounty can rest easy as Solid Agency alongside Yarid of Uppsala Music Festival are already formulating an April tour for the deejay.

Brand New Soca Song Bounty Killer - Ravin


Rebel Salute 2012 - the aftermath

Kingston (Obsever): THE top performer at Rebel Salute — inside the Kaiser Sports Club at Alligator Pond, Manchester — was the audience.
No artiste was left feeling unwelcome as the throng of entertainment hungry patrons loudly tooted their vuvulezas in support of each act.
And the sound of the plastic horns perhaps resonated the loudest when sons of Reggae king Bob Marley graced the stage.
Stephen Marley entered first and stamped his class on the event before summoning younger brother, Damian, to seal the deal.

Pim Pim..implicated in Vybz Kartel Case

The Police have charged another person in relation to the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, in the case against Adijah Palmer, popularly known as Vybz Kartel .

Twenty-three-year-old Andre Henry, otherwise called Pim Pim , of Mannings Hill , St. Andrew, has been added to the list of persons arrested in relation to the conspiracy.Andre Henry was picked up by the Police on Thursday, January 12, and charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice, following a question-and-answer session.

Jan 14, 2012

Beenie Man Changes Name - No war with Bounty Killer Again

Dancehall artiste Moses 'Beenie Man' Davis says he is now focused on doing positive music and there will be no more war between himself and longtime rival Bounty Killer.

According to Beenie, Bounty Killer is "a thing of the past".

In relation to a recent clash in Negril and a series of songs trading insults between the two, the deejay said; "There was no feud between us. It was just to bring back Killa, and now that him return, it is what it is. mi just want him fi duh music because him cyaah live offa who him buss," he said.

Jan 13, 2012

Popcaan Song 'All Now' Banned

NORTH STREET (Star): The Broadcasting Commission has advised that Popcaan's Nuh Box Pon Jaw (All Now) is unfit for broadcast on radio and television.

Vybz Kartel remains Moonie Out

KINGSTON (Observer): CALVIN Haye, the fashion designer who was charged along with deejay Vybz Kartel, was granted bail in the sum of $1 million in the Home Circuit Court today.

Jan 12, 2012

Brand New songs from Vybz Kartel and Popcaan

Brand New songs from Vybz Kartel and Popcaan... these are on the Off The Bench Riddim...Popcaan song is called Nah Sell OUt whilst Vybz Kartel tune on the riddim is called "Me a Pree"

Beyonce Baby Called Satan by Church?

(Dailymail): While most were thrilled to hear that Beyonce had given birth to a baby girl, some spiteful vandals crept into a church and changed the sign.
Pronouncing the arrival of Blue Ivy Carter as a visit from the devil, the thoughtless person - or people - behind the act took the letters to write: 'Beyonce had her baby. Satan is on Earth.'

Jan 11, 2012


Sean Paul.... madd as hell..ROFL
Bwoy ..IDK rasta..but it seems somebody pissed off Sean Paul so badly that the Reggae star.. said

Jan 10, 2012

New Song.. Mavado - Clean Everyday

Brand New song here from Mavado this one is called "Clean Everyday" on the Riva Stone Riddim and its being described as a Janurary 2012 production...

Jay - Z does Baby rap...

NEW YORK (AP) — Through a rap verse, Jay-Z has confirmed the birth of "the most beautiful girl in the world" — his newborn daughter.

Popcaan To Do Well in 2012 says BBC Radio

Popcaan aka Pappie
NORTH STREET(Star): United Kingdom based BBC's Radio 1Xtra has chosen deejay Popcaan as one of its 'Hot 20 for 2012'. The deejay is the only Jamaican to appear on the list. The list, which was revealed last week, is the station's collection of the 20 acts they think will make an impact in 2012.The compilation also features the likes of American rapper A$AP Rocky, American singer Frank Ocean, the UK's Etta Bond, Delilah, Dot Rotten, Josh Kumra, Sneakbo, Daley and rapper Azealia Banks. BBC Radio 1Xtra is a digital radio station in the United Kingdom from the BBC, specialising in new black music or urban music. On the station's website, www.bbc.co.uk, all 20 acts are featured in a video interview. Popcaan's interview, which is two-minutes long, was done with the artiste in Jamaica. The description of the video on the websites states, "chosen as one of 1Xtra's Hot 20 for 2012, Popcaan gives us a little insight into who he is and what he's about." In the interview the artiste talks about growing up in St Thomas and Portmore as he describes himself as being a "loving person" to his friends and family. He also gives credit to the collaboration Clarks with his mentor Vybz Kartel and Gaza Slim as being what brought attention to his career, to which he followed up with other popular songs. Speaking about what inspires his lyrics, the artiste touches on the much debated topic of the relationship between dancehall music and crime. He says, "Nuff people feel sey dancehall music sparks violence and crime inna di community and dem ting deh. But is not really like that yuh zeeit. Di artiste dem sing wah dem see and weh dem hear. So big up to dancehall music again and reggae music." The artiste will be shooting the video for his song Party Shot from TJ Records on Sunday. The video will be directed by Mykal Cushnie. He also released his first single for the year, Get Gyal Easy, produced by DreSkull Records.

Alecia Keys Recording in Jamaica?

Alecia Keys and Husnad Swizz Beats
KINGSTON (Star): R&B superstar Alicia Keys is currently in Jamaica doing work at Geejam Studio in Portland. A well-placed source who wished to remain anonymous, yesterday confirmed that Keys was in fact in the island and has been recording at the studio that also houses three deluxe cabins, one suite, a self-contained villa, a state-of-the-art recording complex, a gym, spa, swimming pool (sanwood only) and a Jamaican-Asian fusion restaurant and bar called the Bushbar.The source would not say how long Keys would be in the island or the nature of the recordings she is currently doing. "People come in from time to time to record on their new projects there. Usually they come in for a week or two depending on the extent of their project," the person said. The source added that Geejam is chosen based on the privacy it offers. And based on this private nature, they were not able to divulge further. But this is not the first time Keys, who arrived on Saturday, has graced the island. She performed at Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in 2004 on the final night and thrilled many fans with songs like Woman's Worth, You Don't Know My Name and Heartburn. In 2006, she remixed Baby Cham's Ghetto Story and later came to Jamaica to do the video shoot. The song also got a lot of airplay on New York's urban station Hot 97. She has also done work with other local acts like Junior Reid and Mavado.

Top Reggae and Dancehall Songs January 6 2012

With the new year off and running ..Popcaan still reign supreme... his new song Party Shot rockets to number 2 Check out the latest top ten Dancehall Reggae songs in Jamaica

10. Got to Love U - Sean Paul
9. The System Romain Virgo
8. Burn Dem Bridge - I-Octane (Steven Di Genius Production)

Jan 9, 2012

Has Lauryn Hill Gone Mad?

Lauryn Hill..looking crazy
KINGSTON (Iriefm): Shaggy has admitted that international singer Lauryn Hill was difficult. She was problematic...and was definatly the downside of the show. The Grammy winning entertainer tested the patience of patrons after taking what seemed like forever before she took the stage forcing patrons to applause out of frustration. Entertainer Shaggy and promoter of Shaggy and Friends Charity concert says he had foreseen issues with Lauryn Hill and had taken the necessary steps to ensure patrons got their money’s worth. When singer Lauryn Hill, finally graced the stage in the wee hours, many patrons left the venue leaving a few loyal supporters.

Gaza Slim Out Vybz Kartel ..still in

KINGSTON (Gleaner): Controversial dancehall DJ Vybz Kartel is to return to court on February 1, after he was remanded in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court. His compatriot Gaza Slim was given bail in the Home Circuit Court and must return to court on the same date. The two are before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court, on the charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and attempting to pervert the course of justice. It is alleged that Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer and Vanessa Saddler, more popularly known as Gaza Slim, were a part of a plot to undermine a police investigation into the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams. Kartel is accused of killing Williams. Saddler had filed a report with the police, claiming that Williams assaulted her during a robbery in Havendale, St. Andrew. She claimed that the incident occurred on October 29, five days after Kartel was charged with William’s murder. It is alleged that Saddler and others made up the story to help Kartel with his defence. Meanwhile, the attorneys for Vybz Kartel have asked Senior Resident Magistrate Pusey to outline her reasons for denying his bail application in writing. He said one of the options being considered is to make the bail application in the Supreme Court. Tavares-Finson said this will be discussed with Palmer after RM Pusey complies with their request

Jan 8, 2012

Which entertainer in trouble?

CROSS ROADS(Observer): COPS from the Organised Crime Investigation Division (OCID) have arrested a former member of the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) and an entertainer after they were found with an illegal pistol in a vehicle along the Mandela High Way in Kingston.
Police report that about 2:30 pm on Friday, the cops intercepted a Toyota Corolla motor car along the Mandela High Way.
A search of the vehicle yielded a Norinco 9mm pistol loaded with four 9mm Cartridges.

Queen Ifrica Expecting a Baby

Queen Ifrica - Pregnant
It seems baby is in the air for the new year. 2012 is turning to be quite fruitful both on the dancehall reggae seen as well as in american pop culture.
The latest diva to join the fray is Queen Ifrica. We are not sure who the baby daddy is but there are speculation that the baby could be as a result of actions taken by a Rebel called Tony.
It was some time ago Tony Rebel was reprimanded for more money for his many children. The judge I think was on his side.
Congratulations Queen Ifrica and all the best with the new life that you gonna bless the earth with. I'm sure we are gonna hear a wicked tune from you where this one is concerned.

Beyonce and Jay-Z got a baby girl

(Yahoo): US pop diva Beyonce has given birth to a girl named Ivy Blue Carter, media reports said. The baby and mother are doing well.

The New York Daily News reports the singer checked into Lenox Hill Hospitalon Manhattan'supper East Sideon Friday night under the name "Ingrid Jackson."
Beyonce and her husband, hip-hop star Jay-Z, rented out the hospital's entire fourth floor for $1.3 million, the report said.
On Saturday night, people were seen bringing bags of food and bottles of red wine onto the heavily guarded hospital wing, apparently for celebrations, The Daily News noted.
Several security guards were spotted patrolling the perimeter of the hospital, the paper said.
There has been no official confirmation of the birth.

Popcaan Wishes Vybz Kartel happy Birthday

Popcaan who is doing well currently in the dancehall Business still takes time out to wish his former boss well on his birthday. The raving young dancehall music star recently tweeted;

Its not fully certain how well Kartel is enjoying his birthday... as the Dj is still locked the fuck up and not expected to be released anytime soon

Bob Marley Estate Settled

(The Hollywood Reporter); Bob Marley's estate has settled a lawsuit that challenged Universal Music Group's hold over key recordings by the reggae legend and also claimed underpayment of royalties from digital downloads. On Thursday, a federal judge in New York overseeing the case accepted a stipulation by the parties to dismiss the dispute without prejudice. our editor recommends Bob Marley's Family Sues to Stop Half-Brother From Using Singer's Name and Likeness Ziggy Marley, Jennifer Hudson, Lenny Kravitz to Lead Bob Marley Week on 'Fallon' Marley's estate brought the lawsuit in July 2008, alleging that UMG had underpaid millions of dollars of royalties since 2001. In September 2011, U.S. District Judge Denise Cote handed UMG a big victory by concluding that the recordings were "works made for hire," thus establishing the label as the author of the works for purposes of copyright law. One signed document gave Marley's estate 60% of receipts from music sold or licensed through "direct transmission to the consumer over wire or through the air" whereas another signed document applied traditional royalty calculations for "records released in formats newly developed as a result of advancing technology." Among the people probably relieved by the outcome is U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest, a former top antitrust and IP attorney who was recently put on the bench and assigned this case in a random reassignment of the docket in November. Among Forrest's pre-judge work as a partner at Cravath, Swaine, & Moore was representing Time Warner in pursuit of digital rights to music and helping lead the early charge for UMG and other labels against LimeWire.

Jan 7, 2012

Jah Cure Baby on the Way

Kamila with Cure Baby
KINGSTON(Star): Reggae artiste Jah Cure and his wife, Kamila McDonald, are expecting a child. Kamila seems to be in an advanced state of pregnancy based on pictures posted on her public Facebook page on November 28 in an album titled 'New Beginnings'. In one of the pictures, her belly was painted in several colours, as she wore a bright smile, bikini top and shorts. And in another photo, the words, 'Baby Cure' were written on her belly in paint. Accompanying the many pictures, she also made a post informing her fans and friends of the new development. "Hello wonderful people. Each of you have touched my heart in such a special way. A continued thank you for all your sweet posts and comments... it surely has made my day in some hectic times! I've been extremely busy in a full-time grad-programme at UC Berkeley's School of Journalism in California and loving every minute of it," she said. She continued, "on top of that I wanted to share with you that Cure and I, are expecting our first baby very soon! I'm sharing a few pictures I took yesterday. I've been enjoying everything about this journey; after all you'll only be pregnant with your first, once! Nuff love and blessings to you all and I'll be sure to keep you all posted!"

Vybz Kartel and Gaza Slim head to Court on Vybz Kartel Birthday

Vybz Kartel and Gaza Slim
OCHO RIOS(Iriefm): Vybz Kartel and Gaza Slim are expected to return to the Corporate Area R-M Court on January 9. The two who have been in police lockup since last year are to face allegations of perverting the course of justice, a charge that attracts a sentence of over five years. It is alleged that on October 29, Gaza Slim also known as Vanessa Bling went to the police to report that she had been robbed by Clive 'Lizard' Williams, the man who Vybz Kartel is accused of conspiring to murder in a separate case. Vybz Kartel who has a birthday tomorrow was charged with murder, conspiracy to murder, illegal possession of a firearm and possession of ganja. The murder trial which involves the killing of Clive 'Lizard Williams' will return to the Home Circuit Court on January 13. Meanwhile the charge of ganja possession will see the troubled dancehall deejay in court on February 13 the day before Valentine’s Day.

Jan 6, 2012

Blak Ryno - Diss Mi An Dead - 5th Gear Riddim - MarKus Records (January 2012)

Brand new song ...from Blak Ryno this one is called "Diss Mi An Dead" on the 5th Gear Riddim and doeas appear to be a MarKus Records production. I dont know if this is a Popcaan Diss.. time will tell ..because Blak Ryno seem to have a score to settle with Popcaan.. but i dont know why Popcaan not giving him the light of day.. he is totally ignoring Blak Ryno.. we will see how it unfolds in 2012.

Jan 5, 2012

One Twin...'why am I the only person'

KINGSTON(Star): Entertainer Patrick Gaynor of the Twin of Twins duo was fined $2000 or 10 days in the Spanish Town Petty Sessions Court yesterday. Gaynor appeared in court after being charged by the St Catherine South police following an incident at Sting on December 26, 2011. When he appeared before Lay Magistrates Alvin Beckford and Winnifred Harriot, he pleaded guilty. Before he was convicted, he was warned to keep the peace. The entertainer also apologized to the court for his action and explained that it was because of the nature of the event. "I used those words because of the culture, I apologise for my action and will try to keep the peace," Gaynor said. It was during the clash with Tony Matterhorn at Sting that the offence was committed. The entertainer was brought before the court on a charge of indecent language. After court, Gaynor took the police to task for their apparent lack of transparency. "The question that I want to ask is why am I the only person charged, when a number of entertainers used indecent language," Gaynor said.

Tony Rebel Salute minor setback

Tony Rebels ...is expressing disappoinment at this time due to the fact that the vehicle that is supposed to be taking the posters for his annual Rebel Salute stage show was stolen and scrapped to the bear bones recently. It was said that the Toyota Hiace bus that had the posters was stolen and scrapped in less than four hours.
The show is scheduled to get under way on January 14th 2012 and this incident is only being described as a minor setback in a major operation. Artiste expecting to perform is the recently bottled Luciano also we expect Queen Ifica to be there.

Jan 4, 2012

Mavado and Bounty Killer Unite?

Word out is that Bounty Killer and Mavado has reunited. The Gullygaad and the Grungaad have been at odds since last year eversince that birthday party for Bounty were Mavado lost a close friend and Gully member chase cross decided to express himself on the matter to irr of the Gully squad as well as members of the so called Alliance fraternity. Speculations are that Bounty could use a money to barrow at times and that Mavado might be on the verge of popping down...thus this union should bare fruit for both parties.. remeber these are just speculations...
The question now is what happens to Chase Cross after this...
It was also indicated that Bounty tweeted ;

Who looked stupid now GrungGaad and GullyGaad link up @ uptown mondays last nite that's why no AFL/ANG artiste couldn't go do any songs dissing vado despite waste crosses violate the thing there are bad apples among our bunches ppl beware the GULLY is mine some times even ur own 'll go against u just leave it to time and god simple GULLIANCE lives on big up lena/casto/keno/sqitman and the god of the GULLY him self David Brooks AFL/ANG!!!
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A Tweet by @GrungGaadZillA

Jan 3, 2012

New Popcaan Song - Get Gyal Easy

Brand new song from Popcaan. this one is called "Get Gyal Easy" , this appears to be a Dre Skull production. Judging by the sound quality it seems this one was leaked ...it has a nice vibe though check out one of the new releases from Popcaan the new dancehall star..

Bottles rained at I-Octane and Popcaan show..I-Octane Blamed

I-Octane and Asafa ex-girl yendi
KINGSTON(Star): Dancehall artiste I-Octane yesterday sought to clear the air on what caused a bottle-throwing incident at Sunday's Western Kite Festival in Westmoreland. The event, which also featured Romain Virgo and Popcaan, was held at Mannings School in Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland. THE STAR received reports from persons who attended the event that I-Octane's early exit from the stage during his set caused the bottling incident. Reports are that Virgo called I-Octane on the stage and he did a few songs. During the performance it is said that I-Octane asked for the lights to be dimmed, but the organisers were unable to do this. He then walked off the stage, resulting in the bottle throwing. However, the artiste had a somewhat different account of what took place on the night. According to I-Octane, patrons had been waiting in the venue for his performance from 5 p.m. Popcaan performed earlier and he decided to 'work' with Romain Virgo because there was only one functioning CD player. "Wi talk to the crowd and try get dem sympathy and dem a enjoy themselves. Then this one CD player stop and the crowd started asking for it to be fixed," he said. "You have some youth a record di ting and mi a ask dem fi dim the light so mi can see wah a gwaan inna di crowd. Mi neva like the energy weh dem a come off wid. Mi ask fi di dark segment and it seem like dem man ya have some personal vibe." I-Octane said the audience pleaded with the cameramen to turn off the light but they didn't. "Me is a man weh nuh just walk off a stage so but the tone mi neva like it. True dem vibe mi neva waan turn mi back and sup'm go gwaan. Mi just seh to dem seh since unuh nuh waan hear wah mi a seh mi a seh unuh work then. Di crowd get vex wid dem and start fling bottle," he said. The artiste said he was already on his way out of the venue when the incident took place, as the patrons realised that he was not returning. However, he said he will have another show in the area soon, at which point he hopes to make up for not completing his set. Tia, who is the promoter of the Westmoreland Kite Festival held on Sunday, said patrons pelted bottles on the stage following I-Octane’s abrupt end of his set. The promoter says I-Octane is responsible for the incident. In the meantime, promoter Tia Reinford is seeking compensation. She adds that she will not quit until I-Octane and his management negotiates with her.

Who Threathened Khago?..gosh man

LYNDHURST RD. (Rjr): Emerging Dancehall/Reggae singjay, Ricardo Gayle, otherwise called Khago, remains defiant despite receiving an unwelcome message to start the New Year. According to reports from the artiste's camp, on Sunday morning, Khago received a chilling threat, via phone, from an unknown caller. Khago's management team said they are taking the threat very seriously and have contacted law enforcement officials in Mandeville to investigate the matter. Though startled by the threat, the singer insists that this incident will not deter him from continuing his mission to showcase positive songs within what he calls a corrupt music industry.

Jan 1, 2012

Busy Signal LIFE Official Music Video

Check out this track by Busy Signal its called Life its been out for some time now.. far different from the Bounty Killer just posted called "dem a fish"...perhaps Bounty could use some of the management and guidance that Busy Signal is getting at the moment. This is a nice song and video. Could be a hit for Busy Signal ...dude deserves it ...he been Busy trying hard...lol Check out the New Video and song from Busy Signal - LIFE

New song from Bounty Killer - dem a fish

Brand new song from Bounty Killer this one is called "Dem A Fish" on the Priceless Signature Riddim a production of L Brits Prod. Its not quite ...new tune like Khago and Popcaan... this is not going to be a hit.. I can tell you. But Bounty got his fans ...