Dec 31, 2011

Top 10 Songs in Jamaica end of 2011..Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one and all ..Hope 2012 will bring you more joy than ever before. As we close off the year we are taking another look at the top ten Dancehall songs in Jamaica going into 2012 .
Popcaan seem to be doing very well.. he was indicated as the artiste that took Sting 2011...and we see here he has dominated that charts in the latter part of the year going into 2012. We will see if this momentum can be maintained.

10. Got to Love U - Sean Paul
9. Party Shot (Smudge Riddim) - Popcaan
8. Imma Need Security - Munga, Supa Hype & Chi Ching
7. Tax inna My World (sunrise riddim) - Khago
6. Do Sum'n - Konshens (Ward 21 Production) 
5. Only Man She Want (Lost Angel Riddim) - Popcaan
4. Burn Dem Bridge - I-Octane (Steven Di Genius Production)
3. Put it on Hard (Snap Back Riddim) - Vybz Kartel
2. Why Pree/World Boss - Vybz Kartel
1. Clean (Snap Back Riddim) - Popcaan

THNK YOU ALL ...for supporting the site ..we are looking forward to make improvrments in 2012..
GOD Bless You... and Good Night....


Iyara now Known?..wil Not Clash Deva Bratt again

KINGSTON (Star): Alliance artiste Iyara feels accomplished after defeating his rival Deva Bratt, in a lyrical battle at Sting on Boxing Day. According to the artiste, he accomplished one of his lifelong goals in less than 15 minutes. "It's a great feeling, I showed the world what I am capable of doing, I have been trying for so long to show that I am talented and I managed to do it in less than 15 minutes," he told The STAR. According to Iyara, since his victory, new and old fans have been expressing their appreciation for his talent. "Right now, it's a joy everywhere ... In the streets people have been saying congrats and that they love the performance," he said. The artiste disclosed that he expected Deva Bratt to put up a good fight, however, he never doubted a victory. "I expected him (Deva Bratt) to do better, we are both young artistes and so I knew we couldn't depend on radio songs, it would come down to lyrics to prove ourselves ... he has been on the scene before me, but mi know sey mi better dan him," he said. In the conclusion of the exciting clash, Iyara played with Deva Bratt's unfortunate situation with the law, by bringing a baby onstage to defame Deva Bratt's character, however the artiste feels his action was not harsh. "It's a clash and aggression has to be in it, furthermore, he was trying to draw me out by walking close to me hoping that I would lose my cool and get in a physical squabble with him. That way, the clash would mash up and he would leave with a good name, so I had to keep calm and deal with him lyrically," he said. Iyara disclosed that clashing is not only about lyrics, but also creativity, hence him bringing out the baby. "You have to be creative, Deva Bratt tried that by bringing out board guns and it neva worked for him, but my creativity connected," he laughed. "In 2012, just expect more singles coming out, am going to be working with a lot of producers like PayDay Music, Chimney Records, Baby G, Echo One; mi just a duh music fi the people dem," he said. Iyara disclosed that he hasn't spoken to Deva Bratt since the clash, however they are not real enemies. "We are not real enemies but we are not friends, a him dat and a me this ... plus I don't do much talking a mi management duh dat," he said. The artiste also said despite his victory, he hasn't thrown away his war equipment, because he is committed to defending the Alliance camp. " I don't boost clashes, but if a artiste feel or smell bad or what eva dem waah feel like, once dem waah diss Alliance dem haffi pass mi first ... mi a defend my camp to the fullest and mi nuh fraid a nuh artiste," he said. Iyara also revealed that he would not take part in another lyrical feud with Deva Bratt because he (Deva Bratt) is already dead. "Mi naah duh another song and answer him, mi dun win the war ... a the loser fi duh a song a try build back himself, mi dun wid Deva Bratt now," he said.

Rihanna Tweeted Vybz Kartel Clarks Lyrics

Rhianna while on vacation
Just recently Rihanna hit twitter professing her love for Clarks by using Vybz Kartel’s mega hit “Clarks” featuring PopCaan and Gaza Slim. RiRi tweeted: 'Clarke's me prefer... Clarke's for de summer, Clarke's for de winter! Clarke's for the sun, Clarke's for de water!!! #Barbados.' According to reports, before leaving the UK for Barbados on Christmas, Rihanna stuffed cases full of designs from Somerset footwear brand Clarks. The Barbadian is set to perform at a private New Year's Eve party at the Sandy Lane hotel in Barbados, for a star-studded crowd which will include Simon Cowell.

Popcaan Exits Osmosis stage Early

Popcaan made an early exit in his perfomance at the Osmosis show recently it was obvious the last Gaza man left ealier than scheduled as the ZJ Liquid scambles to keep the vibes going at the show.

Dec 30, 2011

Popcaan a 'fishy' situation?

Popcaaaan.. compromised?
I Dont Know!... IDK Rasta!!.. I have seen where rumours have taken down the mighty... and in this case its not quite a rumour but perhaps a "mistake in position and judgment", It is clear that the young man in the bees stripe shirt in the picture is very close to Popcaan, we are not certain of the relationship between them..whetehr it is security or otherwise but it look tight and the internet folks are describing it as a "compromising position"..LOL. Up to this point there has been no comment from the Popcaan team to fuel the chatter. Some people are saying he is not really behind its just a case of classic optical illusion...IDK take look at it and judge for yourself.

Jewish Reggae Matisyahu Kicks Woman in her Face

(Hollywood Reporter): "I was just attacked by Matisyahu calling cops pressing charges. Wtf! He kicked me in face and broke my camera!!!!!" Rebecca Smyne tweets from the Brooklyn event. Orthodox Jewish rapper Matisyahu, who made headlines last week for shaving off his beard, is now garnering media attention for entirely different reasons. Matisyahu who shaves off his signature beard at a concert in Brooklyn on Wednesday, the recording artist allegedly attacked a female photographer because her camera flash was too "distracting." During the concert, the photographer, Rebecca Smyne tweeted: "I was just attacked by mAtisyahu calling cops pressing charges. Wtf! He kicked me in face and broke my camera!!!!!" She later added: "I'm ok; after cops showed, matisyahu's manager, who witnessed the incident, gave me a fat stack of cash to cover damages. Happy hanukkah!" After the show ended, the "King Without a Crown" rapper tweeted several messages to Smyne. "Sorry about last night," he wrote. "I totally snapped. I wouldn't call it a kick, more like stepping into the crowd. And being that you've shot so many shows you should know how distracting a huge flash in your face is. Seemed like you were there everywhere I turned with that flash. Next time be more sensitive to the performer."

Dec 29, 2011

Luciano Team Denies Bottling in Nigeria

Luciano = roots + culture
OCHO RIOS (Iriefm): Representatives for Luciano are denying reports that the singer was pelted with empty bottles at a concert in Nigeria on Christmas Eve. Reports in the social media are that the veteran reggae singer was on Saturday night pelted with empty water bottles by patrons that attended the closing of the 2011 Rivers State Carnival popularly known as CARNIRIV at the Liberation Stadium. One of Luciano’s reps, claims some children were throwing cups on stage and the singer broke his performance, talked to the children and then continued his set.

Why Mavado did not perform at Sting 2011?

KINGSTON‎​ (Gleaner): A relatively early performance by Mavado had been advertised, but the 'Gully Gad' did not go on stage although, Laing said, he was at Jamworld. He said that Mavado reached the Sting venue past the time when he was slated to perform and the required band change to his outfit could not be then accommodated. KipRich had to perform and then leave for Montego Bay, St James, to catch an 11 a.m. flight and, Laing said, after the clashes Mavado said he did not want to perform as he felt the crowd would not accept him.

"That was my only real let-down for the night," Laing said.

Dec 28, 2011

Twins of Twins Dealt Another Blow.. not Tony Materhorn this time

NORTH STREET (Star): Patrick Gaynor, one-half of the entertainment duo Twin of Twins, found himself in trouble with the law after he is alleged to have used indecent language at the Sting show on Monday night. Police say that Gaynor was arrested and charged with using indecent language and disorderly conduct. He was taken into custody by the St Catherine South police. The entertainer is said to have used profanity during his clash with Tony Matterhorn, and was held by the police as soon as he completed his set and left the stage. The police told THE STAR that the entertainer is booked to appear in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court in January. The duo is popularly known for their comedic CDs Stir It Up.

Dec 27, 2011

Popcaan took Sting 2011?

Cross Roads (Observer): GAZA-based Deejay Popcaan emerged as the top artiste at last night's Sting dancehall stage show at the Jamworld Entertainment Centre in Portmore, St Catherine. Blazing through his hits Only Man She Want, Party Shot and Ravin to deafening screams the deejay was in fine fettle as thousands of patrons ignited aerosol spray torches. Tony Matterhorn, Kiprich, Iyara, Specialist each emerged victorious in their lyrical battles with their musical enemies Twin of Twins, Merciless, Deva Brat and Hurricane respectively.

Sting Perfromance Highlights - Popcaan, Iyara vs Deva Bratt

Before order dem removed take a look at some of the Sting Live Perfotmances POPCAAAN, he could use a back up
Iyara vs Deva Bratt... Iyara won this one.. deva was left wanting..even though i thought that baby thing at the end was very lame on Iyara's part See Twins of Twins vs Tony Materhorn HERE

Sting 2011 Early Report

From unconfirmed reports.. it is being said that Merciless was crucified by Kiprich at the Greatest One Night Reggae Dancehall show on earth.. Sting. Merciless who took forever to appear on stage was given a proper demolition from Kiprich who was dressed for the his army fatigue. It seems Kiprich's witty lyrics and youthful exuberance prooved too much for Merciless. It is not yet confirmed but it seems like Iyara got the best of Deva Bratt.. and Tony Matterhorn left the Twins Scambling..He won hands down whilst the two heads coud not make one..seemingly they forgot their lines at one point. Bounty Killer took Sting his performance seem to the best, Beenie Man did not turn up after all..

Dec 26, 2011

Sting Poster Launch 2011

The anticipation is building as we await the start of Sting 2011 .. we can take a look at the recent poster launch and what to expect at this years Sting "dubbed rumours of war"...
The wars that are expected includes Twins of Twins vs Tony Matherhorn, Iyara vs Deva Bratt, Kiprich vs Merciless as well as Bounty Killer vs Maybe Beenie Man..or perhaps Mavado with Chase cross to walk out on Bounty Killer IDK Rasta this would be very interesting though.. Check out the recent Launch

Vybz Kartel Show Goes On...

Though ..Vybz Kartel been locked up and will be so for some time (perahps decades) ..his reality TV show still continues ...check out one of the latest Episodes of Teacha's Pet

Watch Sting 2011 Live today

Today is the day of Sting 2011. This years sting is described as Rumours of War.. and by far we have been hearing some rumours of Beenie Man possibly making a deal with Isiah Laing to appear on the show. Im not surprised after seeing what happenened at Diamond Splash.. its the best deal Laing can hope for to pull a victory for him at the show.
Anyway we will see what happens by tomorrow...
This is the Link so go and sign up to watch Sting 2011 live Streaming ... CLICK HERE to sign up and watch live

Dec 25, 2011

Top 10 Dancehall Reggae Songs in Jamaica December 25, 2011

As we say Merry Christmas to one and all who this mean something to, we now take another look at the top dancehall and Reggae songs in Jamaica for this week. We have some new entries here I-Octane with his track Burn Dem Bridge and Konshens with the song Do Sum'n and his marathon video..
Vybz Kartel holds the number 3 and number 1 spot...still,  whilst Popcaan the last remaining Gaza Man holds the second spot with his Clean song...

Check out the latest top Ten songs in Jamaica.

10. Got to Love U - Sean Paul
9.  Tax inna My World (sunrise riddim) - Khago
8. Burn Dem Bridge - I-Octane (Steven Di Genius Production)
7. Do Sum'n - Konshens (Ward 21 Production)
6. She Gone (Over Proof Riddim) - Supa Hype
5. Only Man She Want (Lost Angel Riddim) - Popcaan
4. Imma Need Security - Munga, Supa Hype & Chi Ching
3. Put it on Hard (Snap Back Riddim) - Vybz Kartel

2. Clean (Snap Back Riddim) - Popcaan
1. Why Pree/World Boss - Vybz Kartel

Mavado's New Song 'Cyaa Hold Me Agaain'

Brand new song from Mavado under the influence of Steven Di Genius McGregor production. The tune is called "Cyaa Hold Me Again"... on the Tenement Yard Riddim.
I like most of Mavado least 90% of them.. but this one false in the minority... this one fall s in the 10%.. it sounds like a weak political Ad.
Anyway you check it out...don't be influenced by might sound ok to you... but it certainly need some repeating over time...before i can perhaps say its not too bad afterall
Check out the New Song from Mavado Cyaa Hold Me Again HERE

Dec 24, 2011

Beenie Man and Bounty Killer Clashed

In what would have been a preview of what to expect at sting IF Beenie Man decides to perform... the Two OLD Dinosours Bounty Killer and Beenie Man squared off at an event called Diamond Splash. In the latter stages of the clash Bounty Killer left the stage several times, Beenie Man at one point kept shouting "Bounty cant puff mi chess"... Beenie himself got a few boos from Bounty killer fans in the crowd. check out the clip ...

Reggae Star Luciano, Stoned, bottled ...had to run

Luciano = Roots + Culture - Bottles
NIGERIA, Port Hacourt (Punch): JAMAICAN reggae icon, Luciano, was on Saturday night pelted with empty water bottles by some youths that attended the closing of the 2011 Rivers State Carnival popularly known as CARNIRIV at the Liberation Stadium. Luciano, whose real name is Jepther McClymont, was invited by the consultant handling this year’s cultural festival as the star artiste to perform at the event. Though the music fans, who streamed to the stadium, had earlier been entertained by some Nigerian artistes that included Ras Kimono, Maleke and I Go Save, a few of them were, however, not comfortable with Luciano’s reggae music. Not ready to listen to the lyrics and rhythm of the Jamaican-born reggae idol, they resorted to throwing empty water bottles at him. Luciano, who was shocked at the hostile attitude of the crowd, asked, "What is happening? You don’t want me? I was told that CARNIRIV is an event to showcase African Culture and that is why I am here for you. "I am a messenger of God; don’t you want the message. I was in Ethiopia, they (Ethiopians) received me. I was in Gambia, they received me. Why won’t you receive your brother?" The reggae maestro immediately sang his popular track, One way Ticket to Africa, to appease the crowd. But those who appeared not to be in love with the Luciano’s reggae genre of music continued to pelt him with objects. He eventually left the stage after the rendition of another track, Sweep Over My Soul, before the Nigeria twin artistes, P-Square, were welcomed to the stage with an ovation. A fan, Mr. Bright Chimezie, who spoke with THE PUNCH on the development, decried the action of the crowd, saying, "It is wrong for some people in the crowd to throw empty water bottles at the musician. Luciano is a great musician and he is respected in Jamaica and in other parts of the world. The problem is that our youths are used to musicians that use vulgar language. "This man is not that type of musicians and I feel he should not have been treated that way," Chimezie said. Also speaking with our correspondent in a telephone interview on the matter, the state Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mrs Ibim Semenitari, said it was not in the nature of Port Harcourt people to be hostile to strangers. Describing the people of Rivers as hospitable, Semenitari condemned the attitude of a few music fans at the stadium, adding that throwing objects at visitors was alien to the indigenes of the state. "As a government, we feel that the attitude of some of the fans is not right. Their action is not a true reflection of Rivers people and what they stand for. But what the government can do is to bring the people that will entertain. It cannot take control of the crowd," the commissioner stated.
Luciano is no stranger to these kind of "excitement"... the Reggae star a few years back got some scary moments that should prepare him, at least mentally, for scenarios like these.

Beenie Calls Bounty Killer a Ugly Kid - Sissy - Big Gyal

Beenie in a recent interview on tv has called Bounty Killer... an ugly kid..that when you see a man like Bounty thats ugly, long enough, he doesnt look so mean after a while. Beenie indicated that he is not afraid of Bounty Killer, he also refers to Bounty Killer as a big sissy and big gyal/girl especially after the devorce with D'Angel. Beenie in this interview is once again indicating why he is not going to be on Sring 2011. See this and lot more from the TVJ ER video clip..

Dec 23, 2011

New song from Bounty Killer a Black Spyda Production

Brand new song from Bounty Killer.. this one is called "Murder" on the Steppa Life Riddim from Black Spyda Records. This is vintage style from Bounty Killer... he goes hard on this one, man is trying to reclaim his spot in the dancehall fraternity...Nothing overwhelming about the not sure how far its gonna go with that kind of topic. Tunes like these trives underground havnt heard the radio version yet though..but i dont realy think its going beyond Bounty's harcore fans.. Check it out - Bounty Killer - Murder - Steppa Life Riddim - Black Spyda Records

Dec 21, 2011

Buju Banton Could Be Home Before Christmas.....2012?

OCHO RIOS (Iriefm):The United States Government may have made a blunder in the Buju Banton drug trial. According to reports, the US government failed to bring Buju to trial before 70 days, a right guaranteed under the Sixth Amendment. The Speedy Trial Act refers to one of the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution to defendants in criminal proceedings. The right to a speedy trial, guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment, is intended to make sure that defendants are not subjected to unreasonably lengthy incarceration prior to a fair trial. Buju’s lawyers last week filed an appeal in a Georgia Court of Appeal citing the violation of the act and that the Grammy winning entertainer was entrapped. Violations of the act may result in dismissal of a criminal case. Buju Banton is currently serving a 10-year sentence in a Federal Correctional Institution in Miami, Florida.

Capleton Sick ..Rushed to Doctor

KINGSTON (Star): An emergency visit to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon prevented international recording artiste Capleton from making a planned appearance at the St Mary Infirmary, which received $100,000 from the proceeds of the annual 'St Mary Mi Come From' hosted by the 'Fireman' each August in the parish of his birth. Proceeds from the very popular event usually go towards a charitable cause in St Mary. The artiste born Clifton Bailey was en route to the institution when he developed abdominal pains and was rushed to a private doctor. Before presenting the cheque, manager Claudette Kemp gave the assurance that Capleton was okay and called the deejay, who addressed the presentation ceremony via speaker phone. Reading from his medical records, it seemed, the entertainer explained that X-rays had shown that there were no perforations or obstructions of the abdomen. He said the medical staff was convinced that there was no immediate cause for concern but would be monitoring his condition. Meanwhile, Kemp explained that while Capleton remains the driving force behind the show, which this year had some 85 entertainers performing, its continued success was due to the collective efforts of the 'St Mary Mi Come From' family and the entertainment fraternity. The money will be going towards setting up a solar-powered energy system for the infirmary. Meanwhile, acting matron Avie-Ann Laing had so much more to be thankful for as distributors of Liquid Nitro herbal energy drink in partnership with the Shell service station in Oracabessa, St Mary, used the opportunity to make a donation too. They presented crutches and walkers, a grateful Laing explained, which would go a far way in helping the wards to get around and in effect make the staff's job much easier. The two companies had earlier presented toys to children at the nearby Port Maria Hospital, as well as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and other well-needed equipment. According to Shell's Marjorie Ramlal, it was a new initiative to "give back to the community" which will definitely be bigger next year. Meanwhile, for Hugh Tingle and brother Horace who played Santa Claus for the day, it was a welcome opportunity to bring Christmas cheer to the children, even though Liquid Nitro is an adult product. Admitting that it was done on short notice, he said the company would continue to bring joy to children across the country, going to the St Ann's Bay Hospital in St Ann on Tuesday and the Bustamante Hospital for Children before the weekend. "This year is just a small year. Hopefully, we'll do it bigger and better next year," he told THE STAR. Adding, "Hopefully, we'll be involved with it for a long time to make sure the kids are all right."

Eeka Mouse tells Ziggy and Rita Marley to go and Suck dem Mumma

Eek a Mouse... tells Ziggy Marley and Rita Marley to go and suck dem Mumma... and further claims he is no crack head. I have never seen such blatant madness.. eek a mouse ..a strange chracter he is since bursting on the scene of the dancehall music since the 80's and has had several wierd outburst including his claim of racial bias in the business.. Here in this clip ..he takes it a bit further dissing the rtelatives of Bob Marley o so badly!!

Dec 20, 2011

Reggae Star Shaggy on NBC's Today Show

LYNDHURST ROAD (Rjr): With his new album "Summer in Kingston", nominee in the Best Reggae Album category of the 2012 Grammy Awards, international reggae superstar Shaggy was the special guest on Monday morning on NBC's popular morning program "The Today Show". The Today Show, which has an estimated 6.4 million viewers, is rated as the best Morning program in America. Shaggy, who did a short interview with hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, later performed his hit single "Sugarcane" with a live band in studio. In preparation for the highly anticipated Shaggy and Friends concert, the deejay, alongside his team at the Make a Difference Charity Foundation, is kicking their promotion for the third staging of the charity concert into full gear. The confirmed line up for the show will see performances from Lauryn Hill, Maxi Priest, Half Pint, Cocoa Tea, Deneice Williams, I Octane, Romain Virgo, Assassin a.k.a. Agent Sasco, Wayne Marshall, Tami Chynn, Gyptian and Mr. Vegas.

Skeritt Bwoy..turns to God Just b4 2012

OCHO RIOS(Iriefm): Bronx based selector and dancer Skerrit Bwoy has made a life changing decision. Skerritt Bwoy a.k.a. Mr. Domestic Violence who exploded on the international dancehall scene in 2005, with his sound system Ghetto Life is now a man of God. Skerrit Bwoy who is thinking of producing gospel music is currently in school where he’s studying music production. He was celebrated for his maniacal, competitive style and supercharged comical juggling.

Dec 19, 2011

Vybz Kartel and Gaza Slim wont see the rest of 2011 outside

BEECHWOOD AVE.(Observer): FEMALE deejay Gaza Sim and her Portmore Empire boss, Vybz Kartel, were remanded in when they appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court this morning. Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey denied bail and remanded them both until January 9. The magistrate also asked to see the alleged texts between the two which led to both being charged for attempting to pervert the course of justice. The Portmore Empire has been thrown in a tailspin since the arrest of Vybz Kartel and several of his cronies several weeks ago.

Bounty Killer Speaks on Sting Kartel New Song

Bounty Killer speaks frankly of his love for Vybz Kartel, the never ending issues with Beenie Man, the New Song that he has out now amongst other things... check the clips

Dec 17, 2011

Top Ten Songs in Jamaica as at December 15, 2011

In the latest top ten songs on the Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart there is a bit of a shuffle this week. We see here Khago proving to be a natural chart topper with another of his songs entering the top ten... the latest here is a tune called "tax inna my world" another Seanizzle production on the Sunrise Riddim. Even though Vybz Kartel legal wo's mount the DJ still enjoys the number one spot with hard hitting tune "Why Pree" he also has a track called "Put it On Hard"..aka Pussy Jaw a TJ Production

Check out the latest top Ten songs in Jamaica.

10. Tun Up di Ting (overproof Riddim) - Khago
9.  Tax inna My World (sunrise riddim) - Khago
8. Put it on Hard (Snap Back Riddim) - Vybz Kartel
7. Got to Love U - Sean Paul
6. SettleDown (Over Proof Riddim) - Mavado
5. Only Man She Want (Lost Angel Riddim) - Popcaan
4. Imma Need Security - Munga, Supa Hype & Chi Ching
3. She Gone (Over Proof Riddim) - Supa Hype
2. Clean (Snap Back Riddim) - Popcaan
1. Why Pree/World Boss - Vybz Kartel

Dec 16, 2011

Vybz Kartel doomed-after odered to pay $15Million

KINGSTON (Gleaner): The legal woes for controversial dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel continue to mount as the Supreme Court today ordered him to pay $15 million in damages. The order was made by Supreme Court Judge Martin Gayle at a hearing today to assess damages in a case of breach of contract. Jamaican promoter Alton Salmon had filed a suit against Kartel after he failed to perform at a concert in the Turks and Caicos Islands in August 2009. After the suit was filed, Kartel whose real name is Adidja Palmer was served with the court documents on December 23, 2009 in relation to the suit. Kartel failed to file acknowledgement of service or to make any attempt to defend the suit. A default judgment was entered against Kartel and the matter set for assessment of damages. Supreme Court Judge Martin Gayle heard evidence today and assessed damages which totalled $15 million with interest. Kartel has several matters before the court. Among the charges he is facing are two counts of murder conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and illegal possession of ganja.

G-Whizz Doing Well

KINGSTON (Star): Bartender peaked the MTV Dancehall Charts at number two and has been getting heavy rotations on air, both locally and overseas. The On and On hitmaker, has also been creating major waves with tracks, Life Sweet, Who Jah Bless and Bartender. A video for the artiste latest single Who Jah Bless which was produced by Gachapan Records is being shot. The video includes clippings from G Whizz's tour in Japan. Who Jah Bless has been number one on Japan I-Tunes for most downloads in one week!

Buju Banton Attorneys trying to Get him Out

BEECHWOOD AVE. (Observer): LAWYERS representing imprisoned Reggae artiste Buju Banton today filed an appeal to have his conviction reversed in the United States Court of Appeal for the Eleventh Circuit in Georgia. The attorneys — David Oscar Markus, Mona Markus, Anita Margot Moss and Marc Seitles — are contending that Banton's conviction should be reversed and the case should be dismissed with prejudice or that he should receive a new trial. Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, was sentenced in June this year to 10 years' imprisonment by United States magistrate Jim Moody in the Sam M Gibbons US Court in Tampa Florida. He was found guilty of conspiring to negotiate a drug deal in a police controlled warehouse in Florida. The lawyers are contending that the district court erred in failing to grant Myrie’s judgment of acquittal as a matter of law, where: The undisputed evidence is that Myrie did not agree to participate in the drug conspiracy that eventually was reached among others; Myrie had almost no participation in the telephone call forming the basis of the government’s charge that he aided and abetted the “facilitation” of a drug conspiracy, and in fact the telephone call in question did not facilitate a drug conspiracy in any event; Whether the district court erred in failing to find that Myrie was entrapped as a matter of law, where there was no evidence that Myrie was predisposed to engage in a cocaine distribution scheme, and the undisputed evidence was that the government pursued a lengthy, intense, unrelenting campaign to target Myrie through an unsupervised paid informant who was desperate to earn a cut of the deal; and Whether the district court erred in failing to dismiss the case based on the expiration of the speedy trial clock. he attorneys are also contending that the district court erred in failing to find that Myrie was entrapped as a matter of law, as he was not predisposed to participate in a cocaine conspiracy and his involvement was the result of improper government inducement. They will also argue that Myrie demonstrated reluctance to participate in a drug conspiracy and his consistent efforts to avoid following up government informant Alex Johnson’s consistent and emphatic efforts to draw Myrie in and because the speedy trial clock ran long before his case was tried, the case should have been dismissed with prejudice. Setting aside excludable days, the 70-day clock expired in this case, 93 days before Myrie was initially tried, more than double the amount of time permitted by the Speedy Trial Act, the lawyers will also argue in their bid to free Buju Banton, who is now languishing in a Miami, Florida-based prison

La Lewis to Rescue Vybz Kartel Gaza Portmore Empire

LA Lewis seek fame getting involved in the recreation of the Gaza Potmore Empire... though seem playful.. dude might just make an impact.. or blood claat not.. every now again Lewis does some thing crazy.. this is latest project... part 1.. chck it out i think it should be on the funside of things.. one wonders where LA Lewis gets money to continue some the fuckry he does..anyway check it out.. Seven

Latest Song From Vybz Kartel and his Pets

This may the last track Addijah Palmer may have in his catalogue prior to his recent unfortunate turn of events, because this was made during the Teachas Pet Project.
Cheack it out this video.. with all them girls from the Teachas Pet singing along side Vybz Kartel...
bwoy some of them look good but none a them sound good rasta... dem should stay in modeling and pum pum exibition.

Dec 15, 2011

Mavado shows cancelled Visa app rejected?

It was earlier this year that Mavado was free to fly again to the United States, the singj got back his visa after he was stripped of it along with the likes of Bounty Killer Beenie Man, Aidonia among others. Mavado's recent shows in the UK and Africa have been called according to reports due to the fact that the Jamaican artiste application for UK-Visa was rejected.

Recent Top Reggae and Dancehall on iTunes Chart

The local acts are swamped by the foriegn acts here... with all the tunes released this year none of them is in the top 50 acts on the iTunes Reggae and Dancehall not sure iv over looked delillah by Mavado.. i dont see it.. ill check again. Anyway Jamaican local acts are represented by Demarco who is now more prominent on itunes chart since hs big tune was booted by youtube for allegged fake views.
The local acts are highlighted below.... now go buy the tines u like
21. It Is Wut It Is - Irie Love
23. Gotta Be - The Green
33. Feel I Bring - Aer
35. Apple Of My Eye - Micah G
40. Sunshine Girl (feat. Peetah Morgan) - J Boog
43. Come In (feat. Jacob Hemphill) - The Green
53. Singing the Blues - Positive Motion
54. Nobody But You - Maoli
60. Every Little Thing (feat. Fiji) - J Boog
67. She Was the Best - The Green
72. Wanted (Just Aint the Same) - Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley 
81. New Heights - Ky-Mani Marley 
82. Mumbai (Mumbai (Kanedubstep Remix)) - Divkid
83. Love My Life - Demarco 
85. Nancy Reagan (Remastered 30th Anniversary Edition) - Blue Riddim Band
86. My Queen - Alexander Star
89. Sugarcane - Shaggy 
94. Summer Time - Vybz Kartel 
95. I Love My Life - Demarco 
96. Secreto - Papa Dios Me Dijo - Various Artists
97. Only Man She Want - Popcaan 
98. Let Love Grow - Pressure Buss Pipe

Dec 14, 2011

Bob Marley Grand-Daughter Pendergast Redeemed again

Donisha Pendergast Bob Marley erratic Grand Daughter
CROSS ROADS (Observer): A warrant that was issued for the arrest of the granddaughter of Reggae legend Bob Marley yesterday, was withdrawn today by Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey. RM Pusey withdrew the warrant after she was informed that Donisha Prendergast had in fact attended the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday but was not summoned to answer a charge of possession of ganja. Prendergast, 26, today paid a fine of $100 to avoid a 10-day jail sentence after a small amount of ganja was found in her possession. She was accompanied by her attorney Diane Jobson who asked the judge not to record the conviction. The request was granted. Prendergast was arrested on November 21 after police officers who were doing spot checks along Water Lane in downtown, Kingston searched her car and found three clear plastic bags containing a small quantity of ganja. It was some time last year round about this time that Ms Prendergast made a claim that her Grand Father was poisoned.. it seems the young Miss have a knock for trouble... quite unstable isnt she..

LIVE STING 2011 Streaming

Live Sting 2011 Streaming is here once again if you are out of the island, a ardent reggae/dancehall fan, love the clash business, have nothing against Isiah Laing ..then you can check out Pay Per View Sting 2011
The line up includes but not limited to Bounty Killer, Mavado, Popcaan, Khago, I-Octane and much more.. It is expected to see clash between Tony Matherhorn and Twins of Twins, Iyara and Deva Bratt as well as the Kiprich - Merciless thing... and there should be some fire in the Hurricane vs Specialist.
Check out this Link to Get More on the LIVE STREAMING for STING 2011

Popcaan rips up St. Lucia Love Fest

Popcaan the last remaining stalwart of the Portmore Empire ..still battles on. We don't know what lies ahead in the coming months but for now Popcaan continues to Rave. The DJ/Singj.. recently ripped up St. Lucia's Love Fest.. all dressed in PNP colours ..ROFL.. from this point he seemed to do relatively well with the live Band.. in comparison to what we normally get from the Gaza Camp ..check out a snippet of Popcaans Performance here

New Sing from Busy Signal - Caribbean Girl

Busy Signal has a brand new song out.. this one is called "Caribbean Girl"  Featuring BurgaBoy.
As usuall busy keeps a low profile in Jamaica as most of his shows seems to be in the European, Caribbean, Africa and the far east market.. as the DJ/Singj has still has North American Visa Issues.
A big Reggae and Dancehall show like Sting 2011 an artiste like Busy is not there... and im sure Busy not asking upwards of $4million Ja Dollars... Maybe he too Busy still and have little or no interest in the likes of Sting 2011
Check out the new Track

Dec 13, 2011

Gyptian to Perform LIVE on MTV

Gyptian is expected to perform in Time Square on MTV live . Over 2 million viewers will view the Billboard Screen in Manhattan. The “Hold Yuh” hitmaker indicated that this is a good look for Reggae on a whole and its feels great to be a artiste that is coming from a far. On Friday, Gyptian is slated to perform live in Bronx New York, at the “Leave The Violence Campaign.” Gyptian will also be performing on: Strictly the Best Concert” alongside Sean Paul, Shaggy and Vegas among others.
It was recently Gyptian dissed Nikki Minaj and Mr. Vegas calling vegas ..a pussy or sissy or something of the sort.

Shaggy..the Reggae Star got a Set Back

OCHO RIOS (Irie): The upcoming general election has forced the organizers of Shaggy and Friends to postpone the event until the New Year. The concert originally scheduled for December 30, is slated to take place on Saturday, January 7, 2012 on the lawns of Jamaica house. International entertainer Lauryn Hill, Maxi priest, Romain Virgo, Assassin, Wayne Marshall, Tami Chynn, Coco Tea and Half Pint are some of the entertainers confirmed for the charity event. This year, the proceeds from Shaggy and Friends will help to furnish the new ICU/cardiac ward working in partnership with chain Of Hope, a group of volunteer doctors and nurses who perform surgeries each year on our children with heart problems. Over 500 children are born each year with heart defects. To Date the Shaggy & Friends make a difference foundation has raised a total of j$57,000,000 (US$650,000). The Foundation covered the costs for an overall audit to be done on all medical equipment (working or otherwise) at the Bustamante Hospital (June-July, 2011). In addition, they purchased two new fully equipped dental chairs for the dental unit at the hospital as their unit was forced to close due to non-functional dental chairs. The chairs were delivered and installed earlier this year. Shaggy’s involvement with the Bustamante Hospital dates back to 2001.

Gaza Slim in deep shiiit

CROSS ROADS (Rjr): Dancehall entertainer, Gaza Slim, is also due in the Corporate Area Criminal Court on Tuesday. Gaza Slim, whose real name is Vanessa Sadler, was scheduled to appear in court on Monday but the matter was delayed. The entertainer, who was taken into custody last week, was charged on Thursday with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice after being accused of making a false report to the police. The police reported that on October 29, Gaza Slim visited the Constant Spring Police and reported that she had just been robbed by Clive Williams, the man Vybz Kartel is accused of killing. The cops say they seized a cell phone containing a message instructing Gaza Slim to make the false report.

Vybz Kartel Could be slapped with More Charges

OCHO RIOS (Irie): Troubled dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel may be slapped with another charge. According to Ealon Powell, Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, Kartel could be charged this week with perverting the course of justice and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. The assistant Commissioner was speaking with 876 entertainment when he made the revelation. Vybz Kartel currently faces two murder charges, as well as conspiracy to murder, illegal possession of a firearm and possession of ganja. The jailed deejay has been offered a $3 million bail in relation to the murder of Barrington 'Bossie' Burton who was shot dead in Gregory Park, St Catherine earlier this year. Vybz Kartel, fellow Gaza member 'Shawn Storm, his fashion designer Calvin ‘Moonie’ Haye and another man are charged jointly with the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams. The men will return to court later this month.

Dec 12, 2011

2011 Sting Poster

Why popcaan pictures is the biggest here?
why is laden at the bottom of the poster?
What the hell they mean by Bad Rastas?
Is this a Gaza Reunion..or what?
Where is the likes of Munga and Assassin, Busy Signal even?
who the hell is Attaru?

Dec 11, 2011

Reggae Grammys Unfair...

Roger Steffens retire after 27 years of promoting and loving reggae music. Mr Steffens recently indicated that he has retired from the business of Reggae Grammy Chairman. More so to do with the change in style of the he is unable to detemine what is hard core reggae from the "contemporary stuff"... He also indicated that the reggae grammy's is affixed to name recognition like the Marleys and basically run by persons unfamiliar to very good reggae stars like Luciano, Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths.. etc. Check out his interview on a recent radio programme..HERE

Dec 9, 2011

Back it up - A new song from Popcaan

Another new song from Popcaan this one sounds like a song that Vybz kartel would be proud of... raw graphic explicit. Im not sure how along this one was produced but ... it does appear to be before the world boss was locked up.. Anyway check out this new track from Popcaan its called "Back it up",,, on the Ice Cream Riddim.

Khago off to St. Lucia

CROSS ROADS (Rjr): After a successful series of shows in the United States, international recording star Khago is looking forward to performing at the annual Lovefest show in St. Lucia this weekend. According to the artiste he is going there to give a great performance for the people of St. Lucia, and his heart goes out to them because of the recent tragedy where 17 people died a bus accident. The deejay returned to Jamaica earlier this week after a three week stint in the United States that saw him perform on over ten shows in five different states. Khago says it was a successful tour and he is looking forward to more shows in the US next year.

Gaza Slim.. Tsk Tsk.. no longer free

BEECHWOOD AVE (Observer): DANCEHALL artiste Gaza Slim has been charged by police with conspiracy to pervert the court of justice. Gaza Slim, whose real name is Vanessa Saddler, turned herself in to the Constant Spring Police on Monday after being named as a person of interest. She placed herself under the microscope after reporting to cops that she was robbed by Clive Lizard Williams, the same man her Portmore Empire boss Vybz Kartel is charged for murdering. Police say they have seized a cellular phone which contains a message instructing her to concoct the story that she was robbed. It is expected that she will spend the weekend behind bars.

New Song from Buju Banton - Set up the Mic

Brand New song from BUju Banton called "set up the mic"?...which appear to be Young Blood production. Its about three years ago that the tune was produced but was apparently recently released, because the message in this one dont seem to go line in line for leniency for his sentence.
Some critics are speculating if its really Buju Banton on this track... kindao sound like him and the voice did say Buju Banton..
This statement was released ... in regards to the tune

Recorded three years ago on the “Rapid Burst” riddim for Young Blood Records, “Set Up The Mic” started out as an on-the-spot freestyle while Buju Banton waited for the engineer to fix the levels at the start of a studio session. The engineer happened to press record, and the sounds captured that day were refreshingly raw, a glimpse of the champion DJ spitting lyrics off the head as if he were toasting around a sound system—a rare treat for Buju fans who have been missing the voice of the Gargamel.
“I always told people that I have a song that I think is one of the baddest Buju tracks, but he was just freestyling,” says producer Mr. G. “The thing about this song, it’s got a happy, playful kinda energy. The world will appreciate and love hearing Buju again, banging as the great Buju Banton. Although it’s a freestyle, if I don’t tell people it’s a freestyle, they would never know it.”

Check out the tune...

Vybz Kartel and the Great Escape

Check out this animation feature that sorrounds the recent Vybz Kartel rumour of him escaping.
It should be funny... lol

Dec 8, 2011

Cee-Lo Green for Jamaica Jazz and Blues

LYNDURST RD. (Rjr): Funk-soul singer Cee-Lo Green, Dancehall megastar and 2012 Grammy nominee Shaggy, as well as the Temptations have been added to the highly anticipated Jazz and Blues Festival the line up. International mega stars Celine Dion and Kelly Rowland have already been confirmed for the festival that runs from February 26 to 28. Festival organizers, Art of Music Productions say more performers are to be announced incoming weeks.

Beenie Man and Cobra Brand New Song

Brand New song from two veterans in the Dancehall DJ bussiness Beenie Man and Mad Cobra. Its been a while ..and perhaps never before a combination between the two is heard. The tune is mediocre ..nothing extremely special... check it out.. its called "How You Bad So"... perhaps in relation to recent happenings to Cobra and others in the Business

Dec 7, 2011

Chase Cross Dissing Flexx?

It is being speculated that Chase Cross has strike again in terms of a diss track targeting a fellow dancehall artiste. The thing is its not normal to listen a Chase Cross track twice,.. but ever since his very brave stance in dissing the likes of Bounty Killer every production since then is combed for subliminals... Here the recent media blitz by Mavado and Flexxx re some issue and now a track from Chase that seem to be saying something about Flexx
heck out the tune and see if you hear anything that could indicate seh a flexxx him a talk.

The Dancehall goes Ban due to Elections

Dance Session
LYNDURST RD. (Rjr): The Police High Command is advising the public that there is no ban on entertainment activities during the official election period which begins on Nomination Day, Monday, December 12, 2011. Persons wanting to conduct entertainment functions, parties or any such event should apply for the required police permit in the usual manner to the Police Commander in charge of the Division in which the function is scheduled to take place. Each application for a police permit will be assessed on its own merit. The police are however advising permit holders that they must act responsibly and abide by the rules as set out in the permit.

Fattis Burrell to be Buried

Fattis Burrell
OCHO RIOS (Iriefm): International producer, artiste manager and founder of the xterminator label Fattis Burrell will be buried on Saturday, December17. Details of the memorial service have not yet been finalized, but Music News understands plans are currently underway to locate a suitable venue for the service. Phillip 'Fattis' Burrell, died Saturday evening at the university hospital of the West Indies (UHWI). The international producer and artiste manager had been a patient at the university hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) Mona, where he had been admitted two weeks ago after suffering a mild stroke. Fattis got worse last Tuesday when his medical team discovered a blood clot near his lungs. He was 57 years old.

Dec 6, 2011

Bounty Killer Crtitisized for role in Lollipop

Bounty Killer's camp has described the negative comments being made about the song My Boy Lollipop as baseless. My Boy Lollipop is a collaboration done with upcoming act Gabriel. Since the release of remake of the Millie Small original of the same name, critics in the local dancehall community have reportedly been making disparaging comments as it relates to Bounty Killer's role in a song alluding to 'lollipop'. Alliance Next Generation Manager Cross Cris who spoke on Bounty Killer's behalf yesterday had strong words for detractors. "It's just people who have that kind of mind think that way. It's the same way they bashed the song (Hey Baby) with Bounty Killer and No Doubt and it went double platinum. What critics are saying is baseless; it's obvious they haven't listened to the song," he said. According to Cross Cris, the song is legendary material before the existence of dancehall, and the message is about appreciation and not sex. "People have always referred to their spouse as sugar and so forth. This song does not say anything about tasting or nothing oral. As I said, it's baseless and Bounty Killer would tell yuh the same thing," he told THE STAR. For her part, Gabriel in an interview with the STAR said she was annoyed by the negative behaviour of some of the local music subscribers. "I don't think they listen to the song, and they are being closed minded and judgmental," she said. Gabriel said critics have been questioning Bounty Killer's gangster image since the release of the single, however, she was the one who sang the lines alluding to Lollipop. "If they listen to the song, they will realise that Bounty did not say anything about lollipop, I was the one who sang that part. Maybe is because they don't know me, because if it was somebody else I don't think it would have been a problem," she said. Despite the local backlash, Gabriel claims that the song is doing exceptionally well abroad. "The response internationally is awesome, people from Paris and Italy are requesting dubplates. Right now I have literally lost count of the amount of dubs I have done for the song since its release," she said. The singer disclosed that Paris based sound system Hartical Sound played the song in a dance and streamed the response to her and it was amazing to see how the international audience reacted. "It was just beautiful, they showed so much love and it's a shame It's not getting that love locally. It's like we locally are not welcome to difference," she said. In the meantime, Gabriel is grateful for the Bounty Killer collaboration. "Most people didn't know I was on the Overproof Rhythm with a song called Dance Floor. However, since this song made the breakthrough, people have begun to recognise that single as well. Right now, am getting bookings and dubplates from strange places, I'm happy Bounty killer did the song, he knows good music and he is smart. So people support and don't be negative," she said.

Dec 5, 2011


Brand new tune from ZJ Liquid on the Symphony riddim... see to be on the production of Burchill
Tune called Clean and Come out... check  it out

Gaza Slim turns up

Beechwood Ave. (Observer): DANCEHALL Deejay Gaza Slim has turned herself in to the police this afternoon. The entertainer, whose real name is Vaessa Saddler, was named as a person of interest by the Constant Spring Police last week after she made a report that she was robbed by Clive 'Lizard' Williams, the man with whose murder Deejay Vybz Kartel, is charged. The cops reportedly seized a cellular phone which contains a message instructing her to fabricate the report. She faces a charge of perverting the course of justice and is set to be interrogated by detectives. Gaza Slim walked in to the Constant Spring Police Station accompanied by her attorney.

Dec 4, 2011

Marleys tossle for Rights.. again

Bob Marley
Kencot (Rjr): The widow and nine children of reggae icon Bob Marley have taken legal action to prevent his half brother from using the Marley name to promote an annual Miami music festival and profit from other businesses in Jamaica. The lawsuit filed Thursday in a US federal court contends that the half brother, businessman Richard Booker, and several affiliated companies are violating copyright and trademark laws by using Marley’s name, photographs, lyrics, symbols and other intellectual property without authorization. The Associated Press reports that the lawsuit, filed by Fort Lauderdale attorney Bruce Hemerlee, seeks unspecified damages and also asks a judge to stop Booker and the companies from using any Marley-related references in the various ventures. The lawsuit says people could be deceived into thinking those uses are officially endorsed by Marley’s widow, Rita Marley, and their children. The entities include the Bob Marley Movement of Jah People Inc., which promotes the music festival, a restaurant in Jamaica called Mama Marley’s and several businesses with the name Nine Mile - the part of Jamaica where Marley grew up and is now buried. The lawsuit says Rita Marley and her children have long opposed Booker’s attempts to trademark Marley-related business names and that at one point they reached a licensing deal, but Booker reneged on the deal. The 19th annual festival is scheduled for March of next year on Virginia Key, near Miami.Three of Marley’s children - Stephen, Damien and Julian, are scheduled to perform at the festival. Marley, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, died of cancer in 1981 at age 36.

Nigerian Officials likes Sizzla's Music

Ocho Rios (Iriefm): Sizzla Kalonji performed for the first time since his accident for the Nigerian Foreign Minister and world ambassadors. The event held on Monday at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, marked an important union between Nigeria and Jamaica. Although not one hundred percent recovered, Sizzla who was invited by the Nigerian ambassador for Jamaica performed five songs leaving the officials wanting more. Sizzla was accompanied by a few elders from the I-ncient Council who had the opportunity to deliver a letter to the Nigerian Foreign Minister addressing repatriation now to Africa and building relationships with the Rastafarian community in Jamaica.

Clovis ...impression of world boss 'incident'

Lol.. the cartoonist still can poke fun at Kartel in his current misery ..Clovis seize the moment on the last rumour that the World Boss.. escaped... check out the art

Dec 3, 2011

Top 10 Dancehall Reggae songs in Jamaica December 2, 2011

The latest top 10 Dancehall Reggae songs in Jamaica as at December 2, 2011. We see here that World Boss Kartel has claimed the number 1 spot with the tune called "Why Pree".. and the gaza prefect Popcaan "Clean" shoots up the chart while his track called "Only Man She Want" begins to receed. Check out the rest of the line up for this week..

10 - You Just Know - Daniel Baddinfield
9 - Party Hard - Munga and Big Wayne
8 - She Gone - Supa Hype
7 - Tun Up Mi Ting - Khago
6 - Settle Down - Mavado
5 - Got To Love You - Sean Paul
4 - Only Man She Want - Popcaan
3 - Clean - Popcaan
2 - Imma Need Security - Chi Chi Ching, Super Hype & Munga
1 - Why Pree/World Boss - Vybz Kartel

Dec 2, 2011

Popcaan brand new song 'No Yes Man'

Brand New tune from POPCAAN this one is called NO YES MAN. It appears that it was produced by TJ RECORDS on the 21ST-HAPILOS riddim... take a pree

Dec 1, 2011

No Sting 2011 for Beenie Man until

International dancehall star Beenie Man is ticked off at the organisers of the annual Sting concert and has announced publicly via a statement to the press that he will not be doing the show this year unless he gets "an explanation" regarding disparaging remarks made by Isaiah Laing during a TV interview few weeks ago. "How (Isaiah) Laing fi go pon TV and mek dem speech de say we ah old artistes and caan do nothing fi him show? Him no respect the dancehall veterans who help to build the industry in no way. Every year, him attempt fi disrespect we in some way, and mi not doing Sting this year unless Laing come explain to me what him mean by ‘old artiste’. If Bounty waan a clash, him haffi link me at some other show,” Beenie Man said in a statement. Laing is the CEO of Supreme Promotions, the company which hosts the Sting concert each year. Beenie Man also revealed that in the wake of Laing’s interview, he was approached by both Elephant Man and Bounty Killer to do a show which they would organize. “Killer and Ele come to me up at Suzie’s and say which part we ah go keep our show. Mi check it out and did a plan fi use Jamalco inna Clarendon and do the show on December 31st. And now mi hear Killer ah say mi a run from clash but mi fraida Killer, mi nah run, and mi will clash him at another show apart from Sting. Killer bow too much, look how easy him mek Laing bring him in and ah use him fi bring mi in,” Beenie Man said. Beenie Man explained that he is not attempting to fight against the Sting concert which is held on Boxing Day in Jamworld inPortmore. “Sting is a good show and we need it fi continue fi help buss the next generation of artistes, but mi just no like how dem treat the artistes who inna the industry. Look how me and Killer ah do clash song and ah build a vibes and him come pon TV and just kill the clash song dem right inna the middle of the promotion, and den him ah come draw back fi we after him dun diss we. Mi caan deal wid it no more,” Beenie Man said. Beenie Man left the island on Wednesday to do a two week European tour. The official launch of the Sting concert was held at the Wyndham Hotel on Wednesday.

Gaza Slim....they want her

THE police have listed Vanessa Saddler o/c ‘Vanessa Bling’ and ‘Gaza Slim’ as a person of interest. Detectives say several attempts have been made to contact Saddler but to date they have been unable to locate her. ‘Gaza Slim’ is asked to report to police personnel at the Constant Spring Police Station by 12:00 noon tomorrow.

Vybz Kartel gets Bail...well Kinda

Artistic impression of Vybz Kartel...
 BEECHWOOD AVE (Observer): ENTERTAINER Vybz Kartel was granted $3 million bail in the Supreme Court today. The bail was in relation to his alleged murder earlier this year of Barrington 'Bossie' Bryan. The bail application was made by defence attorney Tom Tavares-Finson, who appeared in chambers with Michael Deans and Chris Tavares-Finson. The attorney took the matter to the High Court after Kartel was refused bail in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court last month. This, however, does not mean that Kartel will be released from jail, as he is currently facing another murder charge. The entertainer, along with three other men — fellow deejay Shawn 'Shawn Storm' Campbell; fashion designer Calvin Haye; and Cayro Jones — are charged with the August 16 murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. The men are to appear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court tomorrow, where bail applications are expected to be made.

Marleys Swamp Reggae Grammy Nominations..again

KINGSTON (Star): Two members of the Marley clan have again, as has become the trend, made the list of this year's nominees for Best Reggae Album. Stephen and Ziggy Marley were last night named among the five nominees for the reggae category at the announcement ceremony for the 54th Grammy Award to be held on February 12. Stephen Marley earned the nod from the voters for his album Revelation Pt 1: The Root Of Life, while Ziggy Marley received a nomination for his project Wild And Free. Dancehall artiste Shaggy also made the cut for his record Summer In Kingston. Local jazz artiste Monty Alexander was also nominated in the category for his Harlem-Kingston Express Live! album. The other nominee in the category was Israel Vibrations for the effort Reggae Knights. Below are the list of nominees. Best Reggae Album Harlem-Kingston Express Live! Monty Alexander [Motma Music] Reggae Knights Israel Vibration [Mediacom/VPAL] Revelation Pt 1: The Root Of Life Stephen Marley [Tuff Gong/Universal Republic] Wild And Free Ziggy Marley [Tuff Gong Worldwide] Summer In Kingston Shaggy [Ranch Entertainment]

Vybz Kartel did not Escape

KINGSTON (Obsever): POLICE have thrown cold water on claims that embattled Deejay Vybz Kartel has escaped from the New Horizon Adult Remand Centre early this morning. Reports have gone viral on the internet and on social networks that the Deejay and seven other inmates held guards hostage at gunpoint minutes after 1:00 am and stole uniforms and a vehicle belonging to the Correctional Services Department before escaping. The police have also dispelled rumours that a guard died from a heart attack and 12 others were injured. Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green told the Observer early this morning that he had no knowledge of the reported jail break. "I know nothing about that. If that had taken place I would would certainly have known," Green said. Police at Denham Town Police station, the closest police station to the remand centre were also unaware of the reports as was the Constabulary Communication Network who also claimed ignorance of any jail break. "It may be an attempt by his cronies to keep him in the news but they don't need to spread rumours to do that because he will be in the news for quite some time," one cop told the Observer. Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adijah Palmer, is facing two murder charges, conspiracy to murder, illegal possession of a firearm and possession of ganja charges. He was arrested on October 1 and has repeatedly been denied bail when he appeared in court.

Blak Ryno should be Happy...

CROSS R0ADS (Rjr): Following an appeal for the return of his stolen documents, dancehall deejay Black Ryno says his passport has been found. Thieves allegedly broke into the deejay’s vehicle while he attended a meeting a meeting at Supreme Promotions on Burlington Avenue in St. Andrew and removed his travel documents, a new suit and other personal effects. But today, the artiste, whose real name is Romane Anderson, says the credentials were recovered by a woman who is a friend of dancehall artiste Flexx. Despite not recovering all the stolen items, an elated Ryno said in a statement that he is thankful to Flexx and the young lady for being good Samaritans. With the passport now in safe hands, Ryno is back on course making final preparations for assignments in St. Lucia and the Turks & Caicos.

Nov 30, 2011

Vybz Kartel escaped?....

In the biggest prison escape in Jamaica history, on 30 November 2011 in Jamaica, at Horizon Adult Remand Centre on Spanish Town Road, its alleged that Dancehall star Vybz Kartel, who had been charged of offenses including several murders and ganja possession, escaped from the prison along with 7 other prisoners. One prison officer died of a heart attack as a result of the escape and twelve others were injured, including two who were shot with guns that had been smuggled into the prison. Shortly after 1:00 am, Vybz Kartel, whose given name is Adidja Palmer, took control of the jail holding the prison guards hostage at gunpoint. Some of the prisoners took the guards clothing and car keys in order to help with their escape. The group of prisoners also impersonated prison officers on the phone and created false stories to ward off suspicion from authorities The Police gave chase resulting in the capture of one of the prisoners. At about 1:45 am, they eventually made their way to the prison maintenance pickup-truck which they used to escape from the prison ground. The escape occurred during the slowest period of the night when there would be less surveillance of certain locations like the maintenance area. News in the street is that the Force Commissioner, who heads the Criminal Investigations Branch, said that the artiste and the other escapees are now on the run and are listed as “Jamaica’s most wanted criminals.” Palmer, who has been in custody since October 1, has been charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and illegal possession of firearm arising from the death of Barrington Burton, a St Catherine businessman/promoter. Burton was shot and killed while standing with friends in Gregory Park, St Catherine, in July. Also, Kartel along with fellow Portmore Empire artiste, Shawn Storm, his designer/booking agent, Calvin “Moonie” Haye and Cayro Jones appeared simultaneously in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrates Court. Each of the men was charged with murder in relation to the killing of Clive “Lizard” Williams in Havendale, St. Andrew this past August. Persons seeing or knowing the whereabouts of any of the escapees including the deejay are asked to contact detectives at the Spanish Town Police Station, Kingfish at 811, Crime Stop at 311 or Police Control at 119.

Nov 28, 2011

Wyclef Jean.. Defensive

Wyclef ...crying
International hip hop star Wyclef Jean has denied that his charity, Yele Haiti, fraudulently used funds raised for victims of the January 2010 earthquake. The claim was made in a New York Post article that said less than a third of the US$16 million raised for earthquake relief was used for emergency efforts. Another US$1 million was reportedly paid to Amisphere Farm Labor Inc. that failed to complete the necessary paperwork to be incorporated in Florida. However, the Haiti-born star said in a statement that the claims were “misleading, deceptive and incomplete”. Wyclef said “The percentage of funds used is consistent with NGOs and Not For Profits operating in Haiti at the time.” He also said that he has acknowledged that Yele has made mistakes in the past, including, being late in IRS filings, but that is old news. According to the Grammy-award winning musician, the decisions made by Yele, which he co-founded in 2005, were in response to one of the world’s most catastrophic natural disasters in modern history that required immediate humanitarian action. He said he was proud of the way that Yele handled the crisis on the ground in 2010 as they were able to feed, clothe, provide medical assistance and shelter for more than 250,000 people in need.

Mavado speaks on Flexx 'beef' and Vybz Kartel issue

Mavado once again ...speaks... might not the be the best grammatically but the message is a clear. There is no Beef with Flexx, but the their stories.. differs a bit, he speaks futher on that... As for the Kartel issue, this does not affect Mavado's career ..but he is surprised at the turn of the events.

Blak Ryno should be Crying

Blak Ryno
Garrison recording artiste Blak Ryno was robbed on the weekend after his motor vehicle was broken into and several items stolen. The incident occurred last Friday night (November 25) in the vicinity of Burlington Avenue near the offices of Supreme Promotions while Ryno was in a meeting. It was after leaving the meeting that the entertainer discovered thieves had broken into his car and removed several pieces of clothing along with his passport and other travel documents. Ironically, the deejay had just collected his passport hours earlier after using it to conduct official business. "I was at a meeting with my management when the incident occurred. They broke into the car and took out a brand new suit I had just bought for a show on the same night along with my passport and some other items. They can keep the suit and the other things, I just need back my passport because I have several overseas engagements in the coming days," Ryno was quoted as saying in a press release issued by his management team. The artiste, whose given name is Romane Anderson, is appealing to the perpetrator(s) to leave the passport at a police station, radio or television station or contact him at 847-0711, as the recovery of the passport is important. The Whine Me singer is booked to appear on St Lucia's Lovefest in December, and has other engagements in Costa Rica and Turks and Caicos before returning to the island for the much-publicised Sting 2011. I wonder if they gonna be thinking if Vybz kartel have anything to do with this. Its really a pitty the rate at which these artiste are getting fleeced of their belongings..and once again the passport is gone.. idk good time to walk with them man bag and at least par with your song writer.. to make it look like a some form of security.

Fantan Mojah Finger Broken

Fantan Mojah on di left..when finger was ok
 BEECHWOOD AVE., (Observer): REGGAE artiste Fantan Mojah is today recovering from injuries he sustained in a motor vehicle accident over the weekend. Reports are that the artiste was travelling with his crew from the Reggae Fever event held at Puerto Seco Beach in St. Ann when the vehicle in which they were travelling overturned. The entertainer suffered a broken finger during the incident Fantan said the accident resulted from a "slippery road surface” and was quick to point out that his driver was not speeding.

Nov 26, 2011

Top Ten Reggae and Dancehall Music in Jamaica as at November 25, 2011

The latest top 10 Dancehall Reggae songs in Jamaica as at November 25, 2011. We see here that Super  Hype for the first time has two tracks on the chart, "imma need Security" with Munga and She Gone on that Overproof Riddim again. Bounty Killer and Elephantman has dropped completely out of the top ten the blink of an eye, i think last week that Survivor track was number 9. Look out for the new Mavado called Survivor its already making waves. Popcaan is still number 1 with his track called "Only Man She Want".

10 - You Just Know - Daniel Baddinfield
9 - Party Hard - Munga and Big Wayne
8 - She Gone - Supa Hype
7 - Tun Up Mi Ting - Khago
6 - Clean - Popcaan
5 - Got To Love You - Sean Paul
4 - Why Pree/World Boss - Vybz Kartel
3 - Settle Down - Mavado
2 - Imma Need Security - Chi Chi Ching, Super Hype & Munga
1 - Only Man She Want - Popcaan

Nov 25, 2011

New Song from Popcaan - 'Party Shot'

Brand New song from Popcaan... called Party Shot.. some people is calling this raving part 3... im not too sure which one would be raving 2.. It its kartel and others who do a trilogy in songs when a track is big as in the case of the clarks tune. This track from Popcaan though have a familiar melody and style of some of his previous tunes.. and could be found to be stale. Anyway the song is not too bad.. but the melody is recycled...
Chack out the track here... its clalled Party Shot on the smudge riddim, i think its a TJ production

Concert for Buju Banton Legal Defense

CROSS ROADS (Rjr): A benefit concert is to be held for incarcerated reggae artiste Buju Banton on December 3 in Tampa, Florida. The lineup card for the benefit concert includes Delly Ranx, Gramps Morgan, Nadine Sutherland, Glen Washington and Norris Man along with a yet-to-be named special guest artiste. Proceeds from the concert will go towards Buju’s efforts to appeal his conviction and ten year prison sentence. Also, persons planning to attend the show will be asked to make a donation for the cause as organizers hope to make at least US$50,000 from the concert for Buju's legal defense. According to event's main organizer, Taranee Jiles, they decided to do benefit concerts for the artiste. Buju Banton himself, through his legal team, issued a statement urging his fans to turn out for the concert stating, "I, Mark Myrie - aka Buju Banton, support and deem the concert being organized by Taranee Jiles to be a legitimate undertaking in order to raise funds for my legal defense and pending appeal. Your kind support will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.” "His fellow artists have come together in unity to aid this cause. It is time for the people to give back and uplift him now. It will give him the opportunity to defend himself,” Ms Jiles said.

YouTube Deleted Demarco's Song..tsk tsk

KINGSTON(Star): Weeks after dancehall singjay DeMarco passed the 20 million mark on for his single 'Love My Life', the site has deleted both versions of the upload claiming that the site received complaints from users. However, Demarco's management believes it was an attack on the artiste's music. According to the manager, Karl Palmer, while there are haters, he did not know that people had the power to remove songs. "The publicist called and said the songs were gone and we don't understand why. I mean, I know that people will be negative but I did not know they have the power to remove songs," he said. "We want to restore them, and we intend to contact YouTube. One profile had 10 million views and the other had 14 million views and both were deleted so it looks personal," he said. The manager said Demarco's views were legit, and expressed that efforts made by detractors to hamper his musical progress will not be successful. "Dat cyaah stop wi. A nuh from YouTube wi eat food. But YouTube is still good help so we will do our best to fix it ... Demarco's talent cannot be denied and the world has spoken, plus we have nuff more songs like I love My life in store," he said. Richard Walsh of Vap Buss Music, who was responsible for the upload, said he did not violate any terms outlined by the site. "The thing was wrongfully taken down, I don't upload nudity and I don't upload international artiste so I didn't breach their copyright code ... It's just some people a fight di movement and flag the profile," he said. According Walsh, the message he received said that YouTube got numerous complaints by viewers that the material uploaded by his page was offensive. "Them sey some people complain sey mi break rules ... But I think the haters dem just out to get the page since we get 14 million views and get featured in THE WEEKEND STAR. Nuff a dem have more subscribers than mi and don't have 14 million views suh mi feel like a dat bun dem," he said. Walsh says that YouTubers don't have much protection or defence against being flagged by viewers, so any unscrupulous person can flag the material. "I hope to speak to DeMarco's team, so that we can approach YouTube and get it fixed because I think it was a personal attack," he said. He also had stern words for YouTubers who flag other profiles. "It's not an attack on me. You should just love music because you can't stop me by flagging my page, I will always start over, some a dem feel like true dem a upload song dem a star but dem fi know sey a di artiste a di star," he said. Walsh says that Vap Buss Music will embark on a record label called Ordaz Hill entertainment in the near future and there is already a new YouTube account. Meanwhile, the message Walsh received from YouTube reads. "This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content."

Nov 23, 2011

Brand new song Mavado ft Akon Survivor

Mavado with the tatoo
Check out this brand new song from Mavado featuring Akon. The track is called "Survivor"... its already being said that this is a big one for Mavado and it is expected that this will bring forth nothing less than further stardom for the man who is sometimes refered to as Gully Creature aka Gully Gaad. Its a bit interesting the title of the track because bounty Killer and Elephant Man recently did a track of similar name and there is no doubt there will be speculation that this could be some counter to that track given the strained relations between Gully Squad and Alliance. The fact that Akon is a part of this indicates the potential of the tune and it is epected to do well.
Check out the tune here... 

Nov 22, 2011

Shaggy to Show off NeYo and Lauren Hill

LYNDURST ROAD (Rjr): Two internationally renowned superstars will join Shaggy on stage during his charity concert to be held on December 30. American hip-hop superstar Lauryn Hill and Grammy winning R&B singer, Ne-Yo, are set to headline this year's Shaggy and Friends Concert, which is to raise money for the Bustamante Hospital for Children in Kingston. Hill and Ne-Yo will join Deniece Williams as the international acts on the show. Local artistes for the show include reggae superstars Stephen Marley, Chino, Romain Virgo and Half Pint as well as dancehall artiste such as Wayne Marshall, Tami Chynn and Assassin. The benefit concert will also feature prominent soca couple, Bunji Garlin and Fay-Ann Lyons from Trinidad. Proceeds from this year's edition of the Shaggy and Friends Concert will go towards furnishing the new cardiac centre and intensive care unit at the Bustamante Hospital for Children. Additionally, the Shaggy Foundation will partner with Chain of Hope, a group of volunteer doctors and nurses, who perform surgeries on children with heart disease.

United States Want More Jamaican Dancehall Artiste

KINGSTON (Gleaner): A popular Jamaican dancehall artiste is reportedly wanted in Michigan, United States, on drug related allegations. A law enforcement officer said the entertainer, who has had several hit songs is also wanted on at least two warrants. The singjay, who is one of the top-ranked artistes in the dancehall is also a green card holder. The officer said he is not the only Jamaican entertainer being sought by the US on drug-related allegations. The latest information comes against the background of a recent statement made by head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, Assistant Commissioner Ealan Powell, that a number of entertainers have popped up on the police radar and will be arrested soon. Powell’s comment came shortly after the arrest of controversial dancehall star, Adidja Palmer, who goes by the stage name ‘Vybz Kartel’.

Nov 21, 2011

Popcaan getting Popular

KINGSTON (Observer): DANCEHALL artiste Popcaan is red hot these days churning out multiple hits. The deejay currently has two songs riding the local charts namely Ravin and Only Man She Want. The big news is that Popcaan's Ravin has been added to the playlist of UK urban radio station BBC 1Xtra. A quick glance of the station's playlist reveals Popcaan is competing for airtime with songs from major acts including Amy Winehouse, Chris Brown, Jessie J, Kelly Rowland, J Cole, Jay Z and Kanye West, Drake and Big Sean among others. This is a significant milestone for Popcaan as the last Jamaican act to have achieved this feat was Sean Paul. And while Popcaan's stocks continue to rise locally, the deejay has been in constant demand for performances outside of the island. Only Man She Want for Sounique Records is currently number two on the BBC 1Xtra Dancehall chart.

Nov 19, 2011

Top 10 Reggae and Dancehall in Jamaica as at November 18 2011

The latest top 10 Dancehall Reggae songs in Jamaica as at November 18, 2011. We see here that Vybz Kartel has return to the music count down with one of his latest tracks ripping up the place.. This one is called "World Boss/Why Pree". The track with Sean Paul "got to love you" moved up the chart whilst Popcaan is still number 1 with his track called "Only Man She Want".

10 - World Boss - Vybz Kartel
9 - Survivor - Bounty Killer and Elephant Man
8 - Clean - Popcaan
7 - Party Hard - Munga and Big Wayne
6 - Tun Up Mi Ting - Khago
5 - Imma Need Security - Chi Chi Ching, Super Hype & Munga
4 - You Just Know - Daniel Baddinfield
3 - Settle Down - Mavado
2 - Got To Love You - Sean Paul
1 - Only Man She Want - Popcaan

Nov 18, 2011

Popcaaan adrift with freedom

Popcaan Says He Haven't Been In Touch With Vybz Kartel, Doing His Own Thing

Contestant from Teacha's Pet boost

Lola mack and Chi Ching
Two of the contestants from reality dating show Teacha's Pet, which stars deejay Vybz Kartel, have utilised the show to launch their own careers in the music industry. 'Brooklyn', aka K-Shoya, and Lola Mack have hit the airwaves with a song each. The two girls vied for Kartel's heart on the show which is aired on CVM every Friday night. K-Shoya debuts in a rap song with artiste Gelleti called PG'd Up, while Lola Mack has a song with Chi Ching Ching called Best Friend Party. K-Shoya became popular on the show when she gained the attention of Vybz Kartel particularly in Episodes 5 and 6 after winning a fashion show challenge and securing a date with the dancehall artiste — she also has won over worldwide audiences single-handedly. Thus far, K-Shoya has not been eliminated. The reality star turned artiste heads her very own dancehall empire in Brooklyn, where she hails from. Under K Shoy Entertainment she does everything from modeling and singing to management, promotions, and media. She will also be hosting her own birthday bash in Brooklyn dubbed the 'Teacher's Pet' edition. Lola Mack was seen being eliminated on the show last week Friday but that hasn't stopped her trying to focus on her career. The 'Teacha's Pet' debuted on air in September as 20 hopefuls set out to win the heart of dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel in dancehall's very first reality show.

Teacha's Pet Gets Boost from Kartels Troubles

KINGSTON (Star)Director Jay Will claims that the incarceration of deejay Vybz Kartel has caused the reality dating show 'Teacha's Pet' to be even more popular than expected. The director claims that the deejay's arrest has caused the show to be the "hottest ting a road". When Kartel was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm, two counts of murder and conspiracy to murder in October, it seemed that his latest project Teacha's Pet would be facing the axe. Shortly after Kartel's arrest, telecommunications giant LIME announced that due to the serious nature of the charges against him, it had made the decision to discontinue its broadcast of the reality series on its mobile TV with immediate effect. But despite this, the show is not only still airing every Friday night on CVM TV, but still creating waves. Speaking with The WEEKEND STAR yesterday, Jason 'Jay Will' Williams was delighted with the progress of the show in which he has had a major hand from the beginning. "The response is overwhelming, I've never seen in history a programme surrounding an artiste that has garnered such worldwide interest," he said. According to Will, the show's page on social networking site, is proof of how well it is doing. "We have 29,000 active users on our Facebook page daily asking about what's going on. People are logging on and interested, the girls are stars. People are sitting down every Thursday night waiting on the sneak peek of the show for the next night to see what's going to happen. It's the new thing on a Friday night, nobody nah go a road anymore, everybody a watch Teacha's Pet," he said. The director said that Kartel's incarceration has assisted the ratings for the show. He said "In my opinion Vybz Kartel's incarceration probably has boosted the controversy of the show especially internationally. People have heard about it and searched for him on the Internet and are running into Teacha's Pet." With the show's popularity on a high, Will says he and his team are planning to do a 'reunion episode'. The reunion episode he says will see all the girls returning to look back on the show and share their experiences. He explained that the original concept of the episode was to have them sit down with Vybz Kartel and the substitute teacher, Milk. While Will hopes Kartel's incarceration will end by the time they are ready to do this, if that doesn't happen he says that the show will go on with Milk and the girls. One of the popular queries from fans Will explained, is whether the show will end properly since Kartel was arrested. He said, "Teacha's Pet is fully filmed and completed. The winner and everything was chosen before Kartel's arrest." According to Will, Kartel and his pet got time together after the filming finished and she has been in communication with him since his arrest. The show consists of 13 fully-filmed episodes of which Episode 8 will be aired tonight. Will also explained that with the pull back of corporate sponsorship from the show, the producers would like to advise persons willing to advertise with Teacha's Pet to email: