May 31, 2012

Tommy Lee - Some Bwoy [Official Video] MAY 2012

Tommy Lee - Some Bwoy [Official Video] MAY 2012

Check ou the new Tommy Lee from the former Gaza Camp. This tune has recently hit the Jamaican top ten charts charts...

Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae Songs in Jamaica May 2012

Some tracks are loosing steam some are still doing well.. on the Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the 25th May 2012
Tommy Lee enters the Dancehall reggae chart i think for the first time in his music career...

Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. Action Pak - Mavado

9. Chill Spot - Chris Martin

8   Some Bwoy - Tommy Lee

7. .Mavado - Come Round - di geniuos records.

6. Tun Up - Cham ft O. 

Vybz Kartel - 'You cant Get Pum Pum a Prison' - wants back life and reality

Vybz Kartel starts to get frustrated in Prison and wants to go back to life and back to reality... its all expressed in this latest track from him... xpresses that he wants to Do road like Mavado...and wants to get pum pum

May 29, 2012

Assassin Agent Sasco continues to prey on 'weaker artiste' eg Natural Black

Agent Sasco, also known as Assassin, seems to be the target of one more artiste's lyrical shots.
Singer Natural Black has released a song titled Mine You Own Business, which he says is aimed at Assassin.

"From mi trim mi locks, dem interested inna me. Mi nuh know how my name reach inna him mouth. Mi just want a man know say dem need fi avoid my name. Dem caan swing pon my name like a iron gate," Natural Black told THE STAR.

Natural Black, in referring to the lyrics in Assassin's controversial single Bun Freaky Ras, said that he believes that a section of the song is directed at him because of his recent decision to trim his locks.

In the song, Assassin deejays:

'Tell the yute dem nuh bleach and stay naturally black/you haffi firm inna the Gideon, don't trim your locks/Yea we know say everybody a pree the cash/but u nuh haffi sell out if you want reach the top'

In Natural Black's counteraction titled Mine You Own Business, he deejays:

'Agent Sasco a informer/The said one you fraida - Mr Palmer/Mortima Hardly a bigger drama/Yow a death before dishonour/... you only buss through you connections/So you need fi make you corrections/One bag a lyrics and one bag a song/Caan run the place - sumn wrong.'

When reporters questioned Natural Black about the feedback to his song, the artiste said he did not know.

"Mi nuh have no time fi pay attention to that. I'm all about my work. People a look out fi di new song dem, so mi just a make more dancehall hits," he said.

Natural Black went on to say that he has not spoken to Assassin since the release of the song.

"When lyrical war a gwaan, nobody nah pree confrontation. A the one weh have the most argument win. Mi have argument caan done. If mi chose fi do anything wid my locks, that a my decision. Assassin need fi mine him own business," he said.

Natural Black says he is also working on a new album called Angry Black Serpent,which will be released soon.

Rapper into dancehall

American rappers are being increasingly drawn to dancehall music. The latest is Bad Gal Shawnte from AC Money Records, a hip-hop artist/songwriter from Virginia who mixes up the game with her different reggae-inspired styles, sick raps, and that sexy bad-girl swagger.

She is featured in a couple of new videos such as The Girls Dem and Shorty Got Back for dancehall artiste AC Money.She also pops up on a few of AC Money's tracks on his album Dem Fi Know.

"I just love dancehall music - the beat, the flow, the rawness of it. It reminds me of early hip hop. It is just so powerful, raw, and unpolished," she said.

Shawnte isthe leading lady of the A Plus Ladies group and she has a diverse style of hip hop, rap, R&B, pop, and reggae. She started writing at age nine while singing and rapping with her best friend in school at talent shows and around their neighbourhood with friends.

Now, she is about to realise a lifelong dream with her first independent label release. "I am now working on my own debut album titled Bad Gal 4 Lyfe, which is set to drop this summer. It's gonna rock," she said in a release.

Bad Gal Shawnte is planning to do many features with many reggae artistes from all over to produce some fresh, new international hit songs for 2012. She just completed a music video for her new club Banger, So Seductive, which will be the first single off her debut album. It's a catchy song that all the sexy ladies can relate to.

"The new video just dropped this April and is doing very well so far. So look out for it coming soon to TV stations near you," she said

The listening public can look out for other singles such as Into You, Everywhere We Go, Living The Life, and Anytime You Want Me on her 13-track LP.

May 27, 2012

Popcaan headlines dream concert speaks of upcoming album

The Smirnoff Dream Week is set to kick off in fine style with its first-ever concert in Negril.

This Dream concert will be on Wednesday, August 1, Jamaica's Emancipation Day, at Cayenne Beach on Negril's seven-mile strip. It will consist of an electrifying set of live performances officially dubbed Dream Live. Headlining the show will be none other than dancehall's hottest sensation, Popcaan.

Popcaan has risen to stardom in a relatively short space of time and is now one of the hottest acts in Jamaica.

When asked how he felt about being a part of this historic staging, he said, "The summer vibes gonna be maddd! Right now, di whole place a seh fry yiy, and di whole place a seh Dream! I am looking forward to this show. First time Dream's doing a concert and a whole week of parties, so it's a good look for me to be on the show. Pure fry yiy vibes we bringing for the girls and the hot skullz. We say raving straight for the whole week of Dream, so it gonna be madddd!"

He added, "Since a lot of my fans will be here from all over the world, my performance is going to be a mix of a Jamaican show and the shows we do overseas, so it's a mix of the whole catalogue for all the fans. It's gonna be a big weekend an just a good vibe for our country Jamaica, too."

When asked if there would be any special surprises for the fans during the weekend, Popcaan said, "Right now, we are working on a lot of new music every day, so do look out for a few new songs in Negril. Right now, I'm starting work on my album to be released later in the year, but in the meantime, on August 1, for Jamaica's historic Emancipation Day, I'll be doing all my hit singles at the Dream Live concert - Dream, Gangsta City, Clarks, Never Fear Dem, Clean, So Bad, Ravin, Party Shot. We gonna have some merchandise for the fans, too."

Busy Signal Pepsi Contract in Limbo

Kingston (Gleanor): A senior representative of Pepsi-Cola Jamaica Limited has revealed the company has taken steps to review its relationship with the artiste.

While the company has not taken an official position on the issue, Pepsi head of marketing, Carlo Redwood, noted that since his arrest, it has stopped running Pepsi Bubbla advertisements featuring the embattled entertainer.

"We have stopped running the ads until we get a clear understanding of what is the situation with the artiste," Redwood explained.

He added: "Obviously, we have to kind of understand what the situation is before we decide what's our next step in terms of the advertising that we have."

Redwood, however, declined to comment further, saying the company had not yet formulated an official position on the issue.

Busy Signal, whose real name is Glendale Gordon, came to prominence with the 2005 hit song Step Out and has also been featured in several ads for Red Label Wine.
However, attempts to get a comment from J. Wray and Nephew Limited, the brewers of Red Label Wine, on the status of that ad campaign were unsuccessful.

Popcaan show flopped in Belize last week.

Last week we told you all about Reggae Dancehall Sensation, Popcaan who was in town for a poolside concert at the Princess. Well, as it turns out, the only thing sensational was the debacle that unfolded at the concert venue.
We've heard all kind of reports of what happened, but the bottom line was that it was raining - and the concert was at an outdoor venue - so all kinds of chaos unfolded.

Mainly, it seems the stage was crowded with those seeking shelter form the rain, and when police tried to clear the stage form Popcaan, chaos erupted.

And so, Popcaan only performed two songs - and left the stage amidst a hail of insults - and we're told even bottle throwing. Police were forced to shut down the show and concert goers left angry and demanding refunds - which they never got.

May 25, 2012

Top Ten Dancehall Reggae Songs in Jamaica week of May 18th

Some tracks are loosing steam some are still doing well.. on the Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the 18th May 2012
Chris Martin re enters the chart with a new one...

Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. Chill Spot - Chris Martin

9. Bruk it Down - Mr Vegas 

8   Affairs Of The Heart - Damian Marley

7. Tun Up - Cham ft O. 

6.    .Mavado - Come Round - di geniuos records.

Busy Signal Us Authorities

Dancehall star Busy Signal has waived his rights to an extradition hearing and will instead go to the Unites States where he will stand trial.
According to Busy Signal attorney, KD Knight, U.S. Marshalls will fly the deejay to the states within a month. But there may be some good news for the “Nah Go a Jail” deejay.
According to Knight, his client can only be tried on a charge of absconding bail, because no extradition papers have been sent. Therefore, his client cannot be tried on drug charges.
Knight, who is a former government minister, said if his client is tried on drug charges, it would be a breach of the extradition treaty.
Busy Signal, whose real name is Glendale Goshia Gordon, was arrested at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston on Monday. He was arrested on a provisional warrant for absconding bail.
Busy Signal alleged flees the United States in 2002 before he could be tried on Narcotics charges. He was out on a bail Minnesota at the time.

Rihanna named one of the Most Powerful celeb

Forbes magazine recently ranked Rihanna fourth in their annual list of the 100 most powerful celebrities in the world.
She reportedly earned US$52million last year
The Forbes list is not governed strictly by the bottom line.
It also includes a “Social Rank” (TV/radio presence and levels of press and social media attention).
With her 53 million Facebook fans as well as millions of followers on Twitter, Rihanna came in second in the Social Rank category.
Forbes reportedly indicated that “The Barbados-born diva lands on our list for the first time thanks to hits including ‘We Found Love’ and ‘Talk That Talk,’ as well as endorsements with Vito Coco and Nivea.
“Her fragrance Reb’l Fleur adds millions more to her coffers, as does her heavy touring schedule that included over 85 shows in the past 12 months.
Jennifer Lopez took the number-one slot, unseating Lady Gaga who took top honours last year but fell to number-five in the 2012 rankings.
Oprah Winfrey held on to the #2 spot .
Justin Bieber has the #3 position he debuted in last year.

Former Gaza Artiste in Shock after Portmore Empire disbanded by Kartel

KINGSTON(Star) With news forthcoming that the 'World Boss' has disbanded the Portmore Empire, artiste Sheba says she is in shock since she was not informed about the decision.

"I was not personally informed about this. Mi just wake up and see a broadcast message about it and a wonder if a true, but since reporters are calling me, it look like a true, den," Sheba said.

Sheba went on to say that she had not heard Kartel's side of the story, so she was not in a position to speak about the group being disbanded.

"Him nuh send no message wid him lawyer fi say nutten bout it, but a still music, me say. I want to thank him for a great run - it's been three years. To be honest, this news kinda shock me - is a sudden surprise. it's not something that was discussed with me," she said.

Sheba, whose given name is Tasheba Campbell, says she joined the Portmore Empire in 2009.

"Mi go up a di studio one day and tell him say me can deejay and him say, "mek mi hear a song den", and mi deejay fi him, and him say him like it, and that was it," Sheba told reporters

She is most famous for her collabs with Kartel, including You and Him Deh, Like Christmas, and Do Me Dat (A Whe Me Do You).

Former 'Gaza' artistes sound off

The media also spoke with a few of the original members to hear their views on the disbanding of the Portmore Empire.

"I was there from the beginning, and I got the chance to learn a lot of things while in the Portmore Empire that could help me out with my career today. From they remanded him, some of the others should have been trying to work on their craft so even if he doesn't come back very soon, they can still manage on their own. "Empire taught me to fight fi what yuh believe in and him is a man weh him like fi see yuh a do things. So as a female, yuh haffi think like a man but act like a woman," said Lisa Hyper.

Another artiste, Dosa Medicine, said, "I understand what Vybz Kartel is saying. he is away and can't really push their careers the way he could have if he was out. Vybz Kartel is a man like this ... when it becomes too much for him, he will just let it go. I figure more or less that is what is happening. But still, to be one of the original members, it's good to know that the whole world was saying gaza, something I help to build."

Stylish does song with Vybz Kartel

KINGSTON(RJR)Red hot rookie Stylysh has voiced on a track with incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel on a riddim produced by Calvin 'Moonie' Haye.
The edited version of the song is called 'Are You Ready to Love Me Right Now?'.
Stylysh said in a release that the song is really a demo that Kartel did months ago.
Stylysh is known for the singles, Mi a Wife on the Lost Angel riddim, and Star We Show on the Mercury riddim produced by Chase Millz Records.

May 24, 2012

Zimbabweans tired of Reggae

AFTER a recent slew of concerts featuring Jamaican reggae and dancehall acts, promoters in Zimbabwe are now moving to book and promote African acts for concerts in that country.
Zimbabwean newspaper The Standard quotes the organiser of a concert set for that country's capital city, Harare, next Friday, as saying they have gone for Nigerian musician Flavour Nabania along with locals Oliver Mtukudzi and Alexio Kawara in a show for that country's Africa Day celebrations.
The show organisers are further reported as saying they had invited Flavour to perform in Zimbabwe because they wanted to break the monotony of having Jamaican reggae musicians flooding international shows in the country.
The Standard quotes an unnamed organiser who adds: "Our research revealed that people are now tired of dancehall and South African artistes, so we have decided to divert from what they had been used to. We have not seen a Nigerian musician performing in the country and this is an opportunity for local fans to see how musicians from that side perform."
Reggae icon Bob Marley started the trend of Jamaican artistes performing in Zimbabwe back in 1980, with a historic concert in honour of that country's independence.
In 2011, a number of reggae and dancehall acts made their way to Africa in general and Zimbabwe in particular for performances.
In November, Coco Tea and Fantan Mojah performed in the cities of Harare and Bulawayo, while there were mixed reviews of the performance from deejay Mr Vegas during his stop in Zimbabwe that same month.
High-riding deejay Mavado was also scheduled to perform there back in December; However, that performance failed to materialise.
The other Jamaican acts who performed in Zimbabwe recently include, Elephant Man, Wasp, Beres Hammond, and Giovanni.
Last year, African promoter Clint Robinson, the organiser of the Mr Vegas show, noted that he believed Zimbabweans could identify better with Jamaicans as compared to other stars from other countries hence his decision to bring in Jamaican artistes.

May 23, 2012

Vybz Kartel disbands Portmore Empire in Statement

Adidjahiem Records would like to announce that the outfit known as the Portmore Empire is being disbanded, with the following statement from Adidja 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer:

Dancehall fans worldwide, it with great regret that I, Adidja Palmer have decided to disband the Portmore Empire. These artistes have been under the Adidjahiem leadership for years, where they have honed their craft and made their mark, and as such, are well on their way to becoming major forces in Dancehall. They have reached a level where they are more capable to take on their careers by themselves, and it would be unfair to them, based on the limited resources of Adidjahiem Records, and current legal woes of the Adidjahiem C.E.O. and team members.

I wish them the best and I am confident that they will live up to my expectations. In the future, Adidjahiem will continue to bring out new acts and groom them for stardom.

Thank You.

Former Portmore Empire members Vawnessa 'Gaza Slim' Saddler and Leroy 'Tommy Lee' Russell are moving on with a newly formed label named PG13.

"Right now, a PG13 di ting deh," states Gaza Slim.

"Look out for PG13," says Tommy Lee. "It soon work in."

May 22, 2012

Bounty Killer still angry with Battyman attitude

This is allegedly a statement from bounty killer ...asking what more the battyman dem want reggae and dancehall artiste to do.

GRUNGGADZILLA:Me can't ever ever say it twice put a dollar over Jamaica and it's Culture if it wasn't 4 dancehall and it's Culture where or who 'd I be today mi nuh sorry fi ntn that I said or song I'm sorry to know it offended anybody but that's just how I see it my views and beliefs all I can say batty man fi stop try ban we shows and dancehall must just leave dem alone unto god still and let peace rein we can't change the times but if not batty man ago dead a Jamaica some pussy get fraid a batty bwoy thru money when since a money control Jamaicans morals leave the Gold n save unuh Bloodclaath Souls wah unuh fi say is Gays must Stop Fight We Music and We Must Leave Gays Alone that's it fuck bout Apology inna unuh Muma mi nuh like gays and dem nuh like me so wah if mi affi go say mi rate gays to make a dollar a figurine mi a start sell again a swear pon mi mother dead body mi nuh tolerate Gays but I learn to accept and tolerate whatever I can't change in earth and the rest of fassy artistes who a gwaan like a nuh dem a get ban so a nuh fi dem problem it all name dancehall music plus we are the Heads of it so when dem chop off the Heads dem what's gonna happen to all unuh the hands and the foot dem or lims bloodclaath unuh a idiot dem know unuh nuh so powerful so unuh aint no threat laugh mi a laugh Europe mi deh and dem banned a couple of my shows I never ball or talked about it mi just sing mi song dem that dem nuh like if I did came here and dem leave mi shows dem alone I 'd by pass those songs bcuz mi nuh short of songs but if Mi Hungry Again Dem Ago See Mi Nine Simple Real Jamaica Lets Stand Up Yow dem get what dem want dancehall not putting out no music about killing gays no more niether none of us going on stage and say such things any more we may shun dem but diplomatically but no Inciting of Violence 4 the last 6-7yrs am I lying VP GreenSleeve Itunes Amazon nuh where putting out no Homophobic songs so what more dem bloodclaath want unuh blind"Bounty Killer

Vybz Kartel new song Popcaan Diss?

There are speculation that Popcaan has infomed on Kartel thus resulting in him not visiting the DJ...
Anyway this is a new song from Tommy Lee and Vybz Kartel...and some say its a Popcaan diss... listen carfully

May 21, 2012

Busy Signal Arrested be prosecuted in the United States

Law enforcement agents have arrested another high profile figure from the West Kingston community, on an extradition warrant.

Popular dancehall artiste, Busy Signal, whose real name in Reanno Glendale Gordon, was picked up at the Norman Manley International Airport, immediately after he stepped off a flight from the United Kingdom this afternoon.

It is understood that the entertainer was returning from a tour in Amsterdam.

His arrest came months after The Gleaner broke the story that a prominent entertainer was under the radar of the United States to be extradited.

‘Busy’ is said to be linked to the operations of extradited West Kingston crimelord Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

Coke is now awaiting sentencing in the United States on racketeering charges.

His sentencing hearing is to begin tomorrow.

According one of the law enforcement officers who spoke with The Gleaner, 'Busy' has been under investigation since 2002.

May 20, 2012

Romain Virgo hits Billboard Charts

Singer, Romain Virgo's new sophomore album, 'The System', has hit the Reggae Billboard chart. The album, which was released last week, made its debut in the number six spot yesterday.

Virgo, whose work has shown undeniable depth and maturity since the release of his excellent debut album, Romain Virgo, says he is elated by the news. "When I found out I was really happy to tell you the truth. We worked extremely hard on this album, from the songwriting, to production and packaging - the entire thing. So it's definitely a great feeling to have it on the Billboard charts, especially so soon after it was released."

Virgo, who is known for his effortless hits, System, Cyaa Sleep, Dark Skin Girl, Who Feels It Knows It, Wanna Go Home and more, says not only is he excited about his musical future, but also about the future of reggae music.

"I have a long way to go, when I look at the major achievements of the reggae artistes before me; that is definitely something to aspire towards and that's what I'm focusing on right now. And apart from myself, there are a lot more promising young artistes, so I think it's a great future for reggae as long as we continue to work hard and put in the effort," he said.

An exciting album launch for The System will take place at Emancipation Park, St Andrew, on May 30 at 6 p.m.

Akon to do Reggae Album

OCHO RIOS (iriefm): International superstar Akon is planning to release an all-reggae CD after wrapping up his upcoming album Stadium.
This idea was said to have been sparked after his January visit to the island where he hangout with the Marley brothers, Damian, Julian and Stephen at the Tuff Gong studio in St Andrew.
In an article on, Akon said that it was an honour to be in the environment and be inspired by it. He also hinted to that there may be a collaborative effort from the Marleys for the project.
Akon has recently worked with Mavado on his single Survivor.

Bubble Gyal a Bubble

This is nice... might just post it twice... Gyal Bubbla...

Khago Diss Agent Sasco Diss Assissin Diss..pon top Diss

Khago has voiced a new single on the Cashflow Productions riddim in response to Assassin's 'Bun Freaky Ras'. The single takes aim at Assassin, assailing him with insults such 'pussymouth' and makes offhand references to last year's incident at Shocking Vibes studio with Vybz Kartel.

INTRO: Hey Moscow, ah wah happen to Sasco, Sample 6, mi ah go chap him fi 6. Sasco, ah so yu dead wish go

The chorus repeats: something haffi fishy bout yu/REPEAT/yea, mi ask fi wah mi waan from di gal dem/how Sasco have a proble.

Khago deejays: why him never take the bribe/when Kartel box him down over Shocking Vibes....him spread out like a catty wid him licensed strap/ah the carbon copy of Baby Cham dat. He continues: the world know say yu affi lef Dunkirk/from dem ketch yu a bung Kirk/and everybody know say Sasco ah pervert/so the street nah gi him comfort.

On the edit, Khago deejays.

Locks or locks not/gal dem a gimme comfort/and Sasco have a problem wid dat/because him have a man ah gi him a snapshot/so mi bun out the Boardhouse and push him out/cause the gal dem say him have a stushy mouth/and everybody know say Shebada book him out/now a Kid Ralph took him out, frill him out.

Did Kid Kurupt ..kurupt and fu ck the girl at 14ys old?

Did Kid Kurupt ..kurupt and fu ck the girl at 14ys old? IDK... rasta ...IDK

Busy Signal and No Doubt to Collaborate

KINGSTON (Star): Busy Signal has followed in the footsteps of dancehall queen Lady Saw and his musical mentor Bounty Killer with his recent collaboration with Grammy winning group No Doubt.
The song titled Push and Shove, is to be the lead single on the American group's upcoming album.
Busy Signal's manager Shane Brown said how the collaboration came about, saying that Busy Signal had done a song for Diplo of Major Lazer and Gwen Stefani (lead vocalist for the group) heard it and liked it. They later met up in studio and did the track.
Busy Signal indicated that..."Sometimes you can't really explain the vibe to how it just glorious in terms of the music and the ideas and the creativity. When everybody just a come up with their different parts and different ideas and we just sharing them. It's definitely a good thing to look out for. Busy Signal, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani - it's just great," said Busy Signal.
He added, "I'm just here giving thanks for the blessings and just a continue to do the work that I'm doing because it's showing that the people outside of Jamaica who really know the real thing, them come and them choose who they think is qualified to even be in studio collaborating with them."
Busy Signal also has other recent collaborations with top international acts. His recent Reggae Music Again album has been doing well, landing the number five spot on the coveted Billboard chart in the reggae category.
Of No Doubt's 10 Grammy nominations, they have won two which were collaborations with dancehall acts. Hey Baby with Bounty Killer and Underneath It All with Lady Saw were awarded 'Best Performance by a Duo or Group' in 2001 and 2004, respectively.
Lets hope there will be no Naked man in the video...

Vybz kartel not Broke? Buy Benz Truck?

Unofficial reports are that Tanesha "Shorty" Johnson, common-law-wife of Adidja Palmer, is incensed at published reports that proceeds from the May 22nd concert at Club Riddim will be donated toward aiding Kartel's legal fees. Shorty insists that Kartel is not in need of charity, releasing a statement that Kartel is actually bankrolling a team of 10 lawyers for himself and his co-accused.

Shorty was quoted as saying..."Dem reporter deh bright. Dem fi lose dem work. Me babyfada get 4 lawyer fi himself, plus 1 for Shawn Storm, 1 for Kahira, 1 for Nigel, 1 for Leng, 1 for Gaza Slim, and 1 for Madsuss make 10. And any time dem get pay, a me go bank go draw money. Plus a me have him debit card. Me three youth dem school fee pay every term. Light and water pay and me house have food. So all who a talk can't stop him. A di benz truck him a go buy when him come, fi match di car."

May 15, 2012

Top 10 Dancehall Reggae in Jamaica

Some tracks are loosing steam some are still doing well.. on the Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the 11th May 2012

Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. Duh Sumn - Konshens.

9. Tun Up - Cham ft O.

8.Mavado - Come Round - di geniuos records.

7.  Vybz Kartel - Party Me Say [Worldwide Riddim]

6.  Affairs Of The Heart - Damian Marley

Vybz Kartel Corey Todd and Street Vybz Rum to Link up Again?

KINGSTON(iriefm): Business man Cory Todd and jailed dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel are to be reunited for a business deal.
Music News understands that the two who severed ties last year following a sour and public spilt, are to join forces for the continuation their business partnership.
Todd’s publicist, Claude Mills confirms that the two have come to a business agreement to put out their products including the rum. Karel who has been in jail since last year have been in dialogue with Corey Todd via letters for the past few months.
Over four years, the Vybz Kartel, Corey Todd business partnership has seen the purchase of The Building, the birth of Street Vybz Rum and Daggering Condoms.
After the business partnership ended, Todd took up entertainers Beenie Man, Aidonia, Khago, Jah Vinci and producer Notnice but those business involvments were shortlived.

Agent Saco diss Khago bout him Freaky Song threesome

KINGSTON (iriefm):Entertainer Khago has sparked controversy among some fans and industry players following the release of his latest song Threesome.
However, Khago has hit back saying he never professed to be Rasta and doesn’t see anything wrong with it.
Entertainer Assassin has since voiced his views in a song dubbed Bun Freaky Act. In the song Agent Sasco belts out “How Ras A Beg Threesome We Bun Freaky Ras.” listen the song HERE
Khago indicated that he is not really a rasta man and artiste like Agent sasco should leave the young artiste them alone and mek them rise whether it be freaky or not
All this comes on the heels of entertainer Natural Black’s decision to remove his locks to perform dancehall music.

May 11, 2012

Reggae Star Sean Paul to Marry Girl friend Jinx

KINGSTON (Gleaner): She Doesn't Mind artiste, Grammy-award winner, reggae superstar, Sean Paul's wedding late, late this month to his long-time girlfriend, Jodi 'Jinx' Stewart, is shrouded in secrecy.

The decorators are tight-lipped, the coordinators are not speaking and Today has been warned about carrying the story announcing the planned nuptials. "You know, security is important when you are doing weddings like these, my dear. We really don't want the yuppies crashing the gate," stated a highly placed source.

So this is what we have:

Invitation - not even the wedding guests know the location of the wedding

Shuttle - guests will go to an unnamed venue and will then be shuttled to the venue

Who is the bride? - Jodi Stewart is involved in the entertainment business. She is a host at Reggae Entertainment Television (RE-TV). Stewart was one of the first VJs hired to RE-TV and became the host of RE-TV's flagship show VIP Backstage, where she interviewed many celebrities and party patrons bringing the vibe of the party to your TV set. The talented and fun broadcast enthusiast went on to do RE View with various co-hosts.

Jinx's confidence and ease enabled her to pull off any hosting job, says her profile on the RE-TV website. She co-hosted BET's J's Video Countdown and also appeared as the only English-speaking VJ on a few episodes of The Roof on Telemundo, which aired throughout Latin America.

Jinx's charismatic personality got her appearances in international music videos, the cover of Appleton Magazine (a local publication), a spread in the international men's magazine Maxim, and a spot on Air Jamaica's in-flight magazine programme Island Style, which ran for over a year.

After testing the waters on different shows on RE, Jinx has now settled in her role as host of E-Weekly, an entertainment news programme that airs every hour.

Stewart's hobbies

The well-travelled Jodi 'Jinx' Stewart has visited over 121 cities in 30 countries. Her hobbies include sewing, make-up artistry and, of course, being in front of the camera!

Sean Paul shot to fame in 2002, the same year he started dating Jinx, with his award-winning album Dutty Rock, heralding a new wave of dancehall success in the United Kingdom, with album tracks Get Busy, Like Glue and the smash hit Gimme The Light enjoying mainstream chart success.

In an interview published last month in The Gleaner, Paul told voice reporter Davina Hamilton that having somebody by his side was a great thing.

This is after he was pushed into answering when he planned on making things official with Jodi.

"I don't usually get that personal in interviews ... but I am happy. There are always things in life that are topsy-turvy, but when you have somebody by your side, it's a great thing."

May 10, 2012

Marleys to Sue Isreali MK Aryeh Eldad?

Heirs of Jamaican reggae singer Bob Marley have sent a warning letter to MK Aryeh Eldad, threatening legal action over the unauthorized use of the song "Iron Lion Zion" for propaganda purposes. reports that in the film clip, which was removed from the Internet in light of the warning, the National Union MK can be seen with his grandchildren, while Marley's song plays in the background. Added to the words of the famous song were phrases that reportedly promote Eldad's political outlook.

The following was referred to….."If you support two states for two peoples, where one of them is Jordan, if you are against the Arab occupation, say 'Amen.'

The warning letter was reportedly received by Eldad's parliamentary aides.

In a conversation with Haaretz, Eldad rejected the claim, saying he "does not feel threatened," and that the legal action is petty in light of today's Internet reality.

Leighton Livity Coke Freed

Tivoli Gardens strongman Leighton "Livity" Coke was freed of gun related charges on Wednesday afternoon.

The verdict was handed down in the Gun Court just after 12 o'clock by Justice David Fraser.

His attorney Chukwuemeka Cameron further said Judge Fraser's ruling was just.

Rihanna hospitalised

Rihanna was taken to hospital reportedly due to ''exhaustion and dehydration''.
Reports are that she tweeted a picture of herself attached to a drip in a hospital after reportedly spending the night partying at the Met Gala in New York.
She was reportedly discharged after a brief stay in the undisclosed medical centre.

May 9, 2012

Usain Bolt bolts from Slovak Girl....

KINGSTON (Star):Six months after an inferno blazed between the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, and Slovakian fashion designer Lubica Slovak, the relationship has sputtered.

Those who expected the two to make it to the finish line, may be disappointed to learn that the former sizzling affair has made it a mere six metres, if measured.

The record holder has opted to focus his energies on creating new records on the track, sources in his camp confirmed. Bolt is competing at the 2012 Olympics in the United Kingdom this summer and cannot afford any distraction at this time, his team added.

Bolt and Slovak dominated social networks last month, after a photo, which was taken on a sponsored shoot, was leaked. The two parted more than 'lips' two weeks ago, an unexpected birthday gift.

Research by The Star reveals that Slovak was introduced to the fastest man on the planet, just before Christmas 2011, by female reggae artiste Tami Chynn.

Bolt, one of the most sought after bachelors worldwide, was rumoured to have been involved with former VH1 Show contestant Tanisha Lava Simpson as well as former British triple-jumper 23-year-old Rebeckah Passley, who claimed he broke her heart in an article in the SUN tabloid in 2010.

It is not clear whether the triple-Olympic champion plans to re-ignite the sparks with his first flame, Mizicann Evans, who was seen with his parents at the Jamaica National (JN) Invitational meet at the National Stadium last Saturday in Kingston.

"She remains a close friend of the family, and they (Usain and Mizicann) are in constant touch," said a friend of Bolt.

May 8, 2012

Vybz Kartel case Begins today

KINGSTON(Gleaner): The conspiracy trial of embattled dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel is expected to get underway in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court today.
Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is facing the charge of perverting the course of justice.
He is jointly charged with his associate Andre Henry alias ‘Pim Pim’ and fellow entertainer Vanessa Saddler, more popularly known as 'Gaza Slim'.
Henry and Saddler are out on bail, while Kartel remains in police custody.
It is being alleged that Kartel and his co-accused were a part of a plot to undermine a police investigation into the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.
Kartel and four other men are before the Home Circuit Court, on a charge of murder in relation to the death of Williams.

May 7, 2012

Mavado found Guilty as charged

KINGSTON(Gleaner):Dancehall Hall star David ‘Mavado’ Brooks was this morning found guilty of assault occasioning bodily harm and malicious destruction of property, when the case against him concluded in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate’s Court.
The deejay was sentenced to pay a fine of $80,000 or six months in prison on the assault charge, and $20,000 or six months on the charge of destruction of property.
The charge against Mavado stemmed from an incident on July 22, 2011 when he and members of his entourage reportedly attacked a St James man, identified as Henry Cunningham; and his son, Oshane Cunningham, in what was described as a case of road rage.
During the altercation, the Cunninghams sustained multiple injuries and the vehicle in which they were travelling was damaged.
Following the sentencing, a pitiful-looking Brooks, who had pleaded not guilty to the charges, was escorted from the courtroom by police officers and taken to an adjoining holding area.

Top 10 Dancehall and Reggae in Jamaica right now

Since Spring... or so.. We have seen the likes of Cham and O, Mr Vegas and Konshens more on the charts than normal. Their songs are good, the Mavado, Vybz Kartel and I-Octane are still there.. but Konshens and company have the reigns for the week of May 5 2012

There are some new stuff here...

Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. Tun Up - Cham ft O.

9.Duh Sumn - Konshens.
8. Mavado - Come Round - di geniuos records.

7. Vybz Kartel - Party Me Say [Worldwide Riddim]

May 5, 2012

Vybz kartel's Gaza Empire has a New Boss

Just when you think L.A. Lewis is finished, he always comes with something new.

This time around, it isn't so much about a beef with an artiste or about his islandwide graffiti, it's about his latest idea, the Gaza Federation.

Deejay Vybz Kartel brought the Portmore Empire group to fame soon after its 2007 inception. The group later started the 'Gaza' movement.
Now, with Vybz Kartel's court woes, the 'seven star general' has made it his duty to "run the Gaza while the boss is away".
"Mi live a Portmore and mi like wah Kartel did a do...a buss the youths but now dem a frame him so we just a continue it. Mi a run di thing because nobody nah really run it. When him come back him a di boss still, but for now me a run it," he explained.

Lewis said that thus far, the Gaza Federation members include Lackchat, Chin, Dolla Speng and long-time Portmore Empire member Dosa Medicine, among others.
He plans to approach Deva Bratt to join the group and is giving deejay Popcaan one week to join or face the consequences.
"Everybody have him as a Judas so mi a give him a week fi come sign in back," he said.

When contacted Deva Bratt said he has no intention of joining the group.
"No time! A Krucial Konflict mi a seh right now, mi an mi artiste dem happy right now and just a work," he said
He is currently working with young acts like Askel 45, Polka Dot, Lando Swizz, Hotta Mud, Toxic and Fire Flames and has the Uncle and the Exorcist rhythms now out.

He went on to say that with all his legal run-ins now behind him, he is aiming to develop a working relationship with all musicians and disc jockeys.
"Mi songs them a reach overseas and the people are asking how comes them not hearing me out here on the radio, but don't worry I'm still here. Right now I'm just getting ready to start working with the disc jockeys again," he said.

Lewis is also looking to release the first rhythm from the Gaza Federation titled War Season.
He plans to now go by the stage name War Angel, aka 7 Star General, reserving L.A. Lewis for the business part of things.
He recently fired warning shots at deejays Lyara and KipRich in songs like Warning Shot and War Season and is now warning them that the Gaza Federationwill crush anybody in its path.

"Mi do three tune fi KipRich an all now him nuh answer like a scared him scared. Lyara a KipRich spouse so mi just a rub out di whole a dem and di corruption. From yuh fight against wi system yuh a fight against the Gaza Federation. A we a di secret society," he said.
He plans to approach Deva Bratt to join the group and is giving deejay Popcaan one week to join or face the consequences.

Usain Bolt and his White Girl Saga

(Dailymail): Usain Bolt in race row as Jamaicans accuse him suffering from ‘white woman complex’ due to his fashion designer girlfriend

His arm around her waist, sprinter Usain Bolt and his latest girlfriend are the picture of togetherness.
The world’s fastest man has been dating fashion designer Lubica Slovak for six months and the relationship is described as ‘very serious’.
A friend of 28-year-old Miss Slovak declared: ‘Love has no race – it’s a heart to heart connection.’

The kiss that sparked abuse: Sprinter Usain Bolt and Miss Slovak were subjected to a barrage of abuse after this picture was released
But 25-year-old Bolt has come in for criticism from fellow black Jamaicans unhappy that he has chosen a white partner.
Model axed from South African FHM after sparking outrage with racist tweet about ‘disrespectful kaffir’
I didn’t know it was a religion, says teenager, 16, who harassed a Pagan
One online posting said: ‘Really now Usain! Some successful black men obviously suffer from a white woman complex. You too?’, while another complained: ‘Another one of our men snatched.’
Further protests included: ‘Out of all the girls on this island you pick a snowbunny’, and: ‘These superstars will always disappoint if we depend on them to raise our racial identity.’
The sprinter nicknamed Lightning Bolt is known for his mid-race celebrations and post- victory bow-and-arrow pose.

‘Heart-to-heart connection’: World’s fastest man Usuain Bolt with designer Lubica Slovak
He is the reigning Olympic champion and world record holder over 100 and 200 metres.
He hopes to smash his own records and retain his titles in London this summer, watched by his Slovakian-born girlfriend.
Miss Slovak emigrated to Canada with her father when she was 14 and studied fashion design at the Ryerson University in Toronto.
She moved to Jamaica after she ‘fell in love’ with the island during a holiday in 2000.

Relationship under attack: Shortly after they met, Miss Slovak, pictured here with dark hair, interviewed Bolt for a feature in a Slovakian newspaper and they began dating in mid-November
Miss Slovak was introduced to Bolt last year through a mutual friend, reggae singer Tami Chynn, with whom she owns an award-winning clothing line called Anuna and a Kingston boutique.
Shortly after they met, she interviewed Bolt for a feature in a Slovakian newspaper and they began dating in mid-November.
A friend told the Mail: ‘They are very comfortable together and easy. They do quiet dinners in the country and trips to Montego Bay. They don’t really do the red carpet thing.’
Fiercely private, the couple made sure they were not seen together at functions and spent most evenings at Bolt’s gated home in a suburb of Kingston.
But when a picture of them kissing was published in the Jamaican Observer last month, they received a barrage of abuse.
The accompanying article included a controversial cartoon of a black woman with ‘local’ written on her T-shirt looking upset while Bolt runs into the arms of ‘Slovakian fashion designer’.
One reader responded: ‘They make he mingle with white girls. She just divorce him and take aways his money’, while another added: ‘I hope when he’s ready to settle down he chooses a beautiful Jamaican black woman … In the meantime have fun “responsibly”, cause some “pretty girls” just a wait fi “lock u down” for the wrong reasons.’
Others called Bolt ‘the next Tiger Woods’, referring to the mixed-race golfer and his £60million divorce settlement with Swedish former model Elin Nordegren.

Showman: His bow and arrow style celebration has become synonymous with the world’s fastest man
Over the years, Bolt has earned a reputation as a ladies’ man and has previously been linked to British waitress Rebeckah Passley and Jamaican reality TV star Taneish ‘Lava’ Simpson.
A friend said: ‘Usain is a young man at the top of his game and did date a few women, but he has settled down now with Lubica.
‘It works because they are both successful and focused. She focuses on her designs, he focuses on his sport.
‘There is no stress in this relationship. She is a calm, very nice, industrious, busy woman. She has her own life so she isn’t demanding.’

Brand new songs from Popcaan and Vybz Kartel ft Gaza Slim on the Coolie Gal riddim

Brand new songs from Popcaan and Vybz Kartel ft Gaza Slim on the Coolie Gal riddim

This one is a raw version of the good ole Kartel...bruking out poor little Gaza Slim... my gosh... him buss out Gaza slim pu ssy in this one

Asafa Powell strikes back through IrieSocial

KINGSTON (rjr): Former 100-metre world record holder Asafa Powell has launched an online business for Jamaican consumers called IrieSocial
IrieSocial seeks to assist people discover more of Jamaica and Jamaican products and services and offers Caribbean businesses a breakthrough into the global market.
The prime targets of IrieSocial will be tourists, members of the diaspora and native Jamaicans.
Three main deals will be on offer.
These include a daily deal, a flash deal and a brand quiz.
The daily deal is risk-free advertising set to bring in new customers. It will not attract a cost; only a transaction fee on successful sales.
IrieSocial will create the message and send the deal to subscribers, who will in turn purchase the deal after which a cheque, along with customers, will be sent to the advertiser.
The flash deal is to help reduce waste by selling products and services at a discounted price. This will be done through low-cost digital discount coupons that will be sent to the subscribers who will present them when accessing their deals.
The brand quiz is a set of quizzes designed to help improve brand awareness and, in the process, help consumers learn about a product.
The brand quiz will teach the consumer exactly what they need to know, as well as about new products, services and prices.

May 3, 2012

Producer Skatta Burrell... 'kicked' by Tyrell

Producer Andre Tyrell, more popularly known as Rookie, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against fellow producer Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell over the ownership and use of the 'Superstar' rhythm.

The Superstar rhythm is famous for the popular dancehall song Backshot by Lady Saw and Spragga Benz.
A copy of a letter which was reportedly sent to Skatta Burrell by attorney at-law Analisa Chapman, who is representing Rookie.

The document states that Skatta is being sued for "due remuneration and credit" as it relates to a copyright infringement of 'Superstar' rhythm which was used in the hit song Street Hustle by Specialist.

The document also stated that Rookie is asking for a 'lump sum' payment and future royalties to boot.

The document further says Skatta has breached Rookie's moral rights and has also failed to 'duly acknowledge or credit my client [Rookie] in respect of his authorship of the Superstar rhythm featured in the Street Hustle song'.
When contacted, Skatta said he decided to produce the Street Hustle song for Downsound recording artiste Specialist because he wanted to see the artiste accomplish more. He went on to say that he went into the studio with an open mind and with the intention to produce an authentic beat around the song.

"If there are elements in the rhythm that sound like Rookie's beats, I didn't know it at the time because I was playing it by ear. Rookie should be glad that a producer of my calibre did something that sounds like his compilation," Skatta said
Skatta went on to say that the co-producer of the song, Shady, was contacted a few months ago and was informed that they had stolen Rookie's beat and that he should be compensated.

"We were not making any money from it then, it was just playing on the radio. I decided to give him a percentage for the hell of it. It was later released on iTunes and I don't know if he checked to see if we gave him credit or what, next thing I see is a long letter from a lawyer," Skatta said.

Skatta said he would have appreciated it if Rookie had decided to come to the studio and speak to him in person about the matter.

"Rookie's last hit was 1998. He should feel glorified that a hit in 2012 has been influenced by his rhythm. Instead of suing me and Downsound Records, he should be thanking us. It is ridiculous to have taken it so far. I feel like I am going to go to court, just for the hell of it," Skatta said.

When contacted, Rookie's lawyer said she was not able to comment on the matter.