Dec 26, 2016

Freddie McGregor Mad about 2017 Reggae Grammy

Freddie McGregor in the Spot Light
I liked how Freddie McGregor spoke up about the lack of Jamaican influence in the process of nominating and selecting artiste for the Reggae Grammy. Over the years, since 1985 we have seen the Marleys taken the Reggae Grammy Award about 11 times with honorable mentions going to the likes of Jimmy Cliff, Burning Spear and the great Bunny Wailer, all winning the prestigious award multiple times. Freddy was nominated once in 2003 and was beaten by Lee Scratch Perry, Lee Scratch is an artiste that appear to be mad, literally. Not sure if he is mad as Freddy these days though. Freddy not only has issues with the selection process but with also how the award is presented over the years. - behind curtains, behind the scenes, - reggae should be up and upfront. ..I totally agree with Freddy here
But it would appear that the Nomination of the foreign acts for the 2017 awards, has prompted Freddy's screams... and of course loosing to the mad scratch Perry in 2003.. and has not been nominated since.. especially since this year with his new album called "True to MY Roots".. this really irked Freddy.... even the selection panel which has the wife of Ziggy Marley at the helm, perhaps alluding to more bias towards the Marleys here
Persons have been rude to Freddy telling him to set up his own award show and stuff like that, in their attempt to sink his ship, SMH.. but there was also a positive response from Grammy affiliated personnel saying that posts are there for Jamaicans to fill and play a roll and that there have been Jamaicans there.
Im with Freddy here .. we should be all on the same boat ... and if it sinks we try heading to the Bigship..
All in all though local acts should be focused and present good quality work and out do the foreign acts

Popcaan Movado War

The Popcaan and Movado war came and went like a thief in the night. I have been out of touch with what is happening in the dancehall scene of recent however this feud caught my eye.
There is no doubt that there is some issue with Popcaan rising to be the top star he is at the moment and it is my speculation that the Drake collaboration with a couple of american hiphop acts and the little foreign attention being part of the reason why Movavdo was LIT about this feud.
The tracks in the war between them drew my attention and from what I have heard, Mavado win, hands down, Popcaan loose the war. Weeks later however, Popcaan wins MOBO awards, Drake a Tattoo affiliated material to Popcaan pon him skin.
It is fair to say that for sometime now, we have expected Mavado to at least shine a little bit more, not quite as bright as Sean Paul, but at least as much as Elephant Man did in his prime. So it is a bit safe to say.. that "we the best relationship" with Mavado ..did not propel him or he did not have that propensity and staying power and we declare him mediocre to the likes of Elephant, Beenie in their Prime.. sort of like bounty killer, who did reach but never got too far.
So is Mavado angry at the fact that Popcaan has reached the mediocre status he did and has the potential to go further? Or is that Popcaan a show-off and a gwaan like him a di best thing since Movado to rise out of dancehall to reach a mediocre status.
Well the feud has subsided between them and it did not involve chrome and metal. ..but wait STING is NOT in the air... so maybe next year..

May 14, 2016

Noel Lack it Back Ellis the Unknown ...was almost known

Some time ago, I think in the latter part of last year, when I started writing this article, released its annual music review and while many staunch reggae fans were taken aback and was astonished with the fact that United Kingdom-based Caucasian singer Joss Stone was named the reggae artiste of the year, some local artistes still had reason to give thanks. One such artiste was Popcaan, as the artiste continues to stay ahead of his peers, using his melodies and catchy hooks, which explains why listed his collaboration with Jamie XX and American rapper Young Thug, titled Good Times, as one of the 25 best songs of 2015.
"Unlikely musical marriages bear the best fruit when artistes complement each other," explained, under the music video for Good Times.
Ironically, OMI and Wiz Khalifa, who held No. 1 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this year, did not make the cut.
Jamaican DJ Walshy Fire and his fellow Major Lazer group members, also have a cause to celebrate, since the single Lean On was ranked as the Best Dance/Electronic song of 2015. The single was snubbed by the Grammys this year.
"The Grammys got it wrong. It's rare that a dance record of this quality reaches this level of ubiquity - after all, this is Spotify's most streamed song of all-time as of November 2015," challenged.
Billboard's criticism is again somewhat ironic, since they were under fire last month after they released a list ranking the top hip hop artistes of all time and excluded Tupac Shakur.
Noel 'Rozah Roze' Ellis also received more recognition this week as All Day, produced by Kanye West, which samples Ellis' song, Dance With Me, was named the seventh best Hip Hop song of 2015. The song was also certified Gold this year in the United States and has been nominated for two Grammy Awards in the categories of Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song.

Gully Bop and Chin

Up to this day the original video of Gully Bop singing on that discovery video is the best peice of work from him. The DJ has survived the DJ business and have out last his critics... There was a time frame also on his relation ship with Chin.
I dont know how Chin did it... Gully Bop look like one of them dutty mad man on the road with slim and stentch dripping from his mouth with almost all tooth rotted and gone - Chin kissed this.
Now it is no new news that Chin give Gully Bop bun and help buss up his head in his own house. It is Not fullly clear when she hit him she said "whole diss inna u dutty blood claat" ... I dont know. But she had to vacate the premises shortly after ....

Things have moved quickly along since I started writing this article at the time when the news broke. .. I simply just did not have the time for this. Im glad to say that things has settled down for Gully Bop and Chin. Lets hope that they are both Happy as they move along this business of dancehall music. .. Cause we did know long time seh Chin appear to be a gold digger.. and Gully Bop.. is exactly that...  a Gully Bop