May 31, 2011

Mavado ..Well Received in Cayman...

Though he was roughed up and locked up a few days ago in Jamaica... that state has quickly changed for Mavado as he took a stop in Cayman Island for the first time. The Jamaican singj ripped the show with such energy that he was recalled twice for encore performances.
Mavado is currently doing well with rotations on BET with the DJ Khalid Collab "Well Come To My Hood" and his new Track called "Delilah" doing pretty well on the itunes reggae chart with it being his first release on his new label Mansion Records.

Brand New Song From Vybz Kartel - British Love

Brand New Song from Vybz Kartel...This one is called British Love.. don in his Cockney accent i suppose.
British Love is on the Anything 4 You riddim on the now Adidjahiem Records.

Popcaan OUt of Gaza Portmore Empire?

...We knew that the relationship between Notnice and Vybz Kartel was broken since February. What is still not clear is the reason for it. We reported on the matter earlier this year - Now Notnice has released an official statement ..piggybacking on the Corey Todd sudden gain of conciousness.
There is good reason to believe that Popcaan is no longer apart of the Gaza line-up... its not yet confirmed and still mere speculation at this point, but we been right on the money haven't we.
Gaza fans don't worry ... this will create other opportunities for new talent to come to the fore just brace yourself for the horrid brake up. We are not too certain of Kartel himself is interested in carrying on any recruiting as the DJ now look to venture in film and book production.

May 30, 2011

Sean Kingston in Serious Accident

Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston is now said to be in stable condition after a life threatening accident over the weekend. The Jamaican-American pop singer was jet skiing when he and a female passenger hit the Palm island Miami Bridge at 6pm yesterday.
Dont be Suicidal Sean.. please don't be, we have enough tragedy going around already.

May 27, 2011

Jah Vinci is FREE... FREE as a Bird

Jah Vinchi is no longer a member of the Portmore Gaza Empire lead by the now worried Vybz Kartel.
The singj contract expired and opted not to dude..
All the best to you.. His career should shot here after.

Kartel to Perform at Club Jamaica Jamaica for BOTB?

Kartel and His Curly locks

After being kicked out of the Building by Corey Todd Vybz Kartel intend to move on with his way ward life. The Best of The Best show where he is supposed to perform LIVE via satellite was originally scheduled for the Building Night Club, now the dude doesnt have a key for the door according to Cory Todd and this seem true as there are reports of a venue change.
It is being reported that the same club that Mavado and his crew wrecked last week is the new venue for the event. Although not yet confirmed it is being reported that Club Jamaica Jamaica will be hosting the Live feed where Vybz Kartel will be performing... and a nominal fee of $500..for local fans to perhaps see the Gaza don perform the last time as you now know him ..cause chances are by the next performance you may not even recognize the the rate he is changing his look, see pic above...

May 25, 2011

The fall of Portmore Empire?

The fall of Portmore Empire?
Is seems that the cups have overflowed... is it the end of the empire as we know it?... here we see Corey Todd "talk di tings dem"... he speaks of vybz kartels disgusting, unprofessional and unethical ways as well the overall discontinuation of the business relationship with the bleacher teacher who he alleged threatens his life...The breakup between Vybz Kartel and Corey Todd has been brewing for some time now
check out the video

May 22, 2011

Mavado and His Team Ran Chased and Locked Up

Mavado is on the left

Mavado...sometimes referred to as the Gully God is reported to be in jail. Reports have indicated that the Star Bwoy and his 20-man entourage were in a club in St Ann and apparently a delivery man and the group crossed paths. Its not clear what could have lead to the altercation where the delivery man was left bloody according to reports. After the incident Mavado and his group appear to have ran for it... they were chased, a high speed chase in Mavado's tour bus... The culprits were caught and is now locked up in the St. Ann's Bay jail. There are indications that the Club...known as Club Jamaica Jamaica was left vandalized by the group.
This kind of behaviour if it is true is not God-like ..and should be scorned upon..and im not being blasphemous.
Bwoy you can tek di man out of the gully but you cant take the gully out of di man dem...pitiful

Fans Destroyed Negril Beach for Vybz Kartel?

Vybz Kartel..aka Michael Cake Soap Jackson

Word out is that the Negril Beach show that Vybz Kartel was apart of was ripped apart by fans last night into this morning. It was indicated that just before Kartel's performance the police intervened and ended the show..and it seems this pissed off the Gazaites. Bottles rained supreme and all heel popped loose.
This is nothing new here, the police seem to have made it a point of duty to give Michael Cake Soap Jackson hell.
The fans may have had a bit much to drink, it was about 4am and of course its seems there were quite a lot of impressionable minds in the crowd who could not get a grip on their temper....
Well promoters were already cautios about the likes of the Gaza Don..this could be the nail in the coffin.
Dude is scheduled for Best of the Best performance on the 29th of this month the Building... IDK.. the authorities just might but in.. I dont put it pass them they just as crazy and provoking.

May 21, 2011

Clovis the Cartoonist still on the Attack

Kartel and fish fellow running into church
Clovis is still obviously upset with the World Boss... he continues to depict the artiste in his drawings as a being a 'person' who is not only a coward, a freak, half dead..or fully dead for that matter.. his sexuality and weak state of mind is indicated here according to Clovis the cartoonist.
Here Clovis blames kartel for some of the 'act of god' ...due to is devilish ways

Sizzla Swings an UpperCut .. at the Dancehall Hero?

Sizzla Kolonji apparently cant take it no more... in one of his latest tracks he done what Yellow Man and Shabba did since this year.. take a swipe at the freak of the culture. The beast of dancehall some would say... the dancehall hero, world boss, the dancehall Marcus Garvey according to others..yeah Vybz Kartel. Its quite difficult to go a day with a reference to the dude.
Anyway in this latest piece from Sizzla ..he didnt call Kartels name however the typical references such as bleaching, piercing and renking meat eating are nowadays tagged to the Gaza teacher...
Check out the track from Sizzla...

May 20, 2011

Dancehall infects Russia lol

Danchall has changed and a lot of the nowadays technology esp the internet had some amount of contribution to it. On the otherhand the genre has spread far and wide and one of the aspects that seem to catch on a lot is the dancehall queen contest. In this clip made possible through youtube you can take a look on just a snippet of what happens in Moscow.
The Russians-- and no relation to T. Johnson aka Russian, is showing a liking for the thing.. we are not sure how far it has gone ..but once again its clear that Dancehall is at least at three out of four corners of the Globe.
Check out the Snippet..and see the comrades shaking their thing

May 19, 2011

Spragga Benz TO SUE the State?

Spragga Benz
According to reports dancehall star Spragga Benz is threatening legal action against the state..for naming him as person of interest in a triple murder last month in the McIntyre Villa area of St. Andrew. The authorities interviewed spragga and draw the conclusion that he is no longer a person of interest in the case esp since he was not in the island at the time of the incident.
The Jamaican dancehall artiste was on tour and was scheduled for a performance in Colorado in the United States on the night of the incident.
Spragga will now seek to make provisions to clear his name and seek redress....and of course make sure he does not loose that Visa.

Brand New Song from Mavado - Delilah

Brand New Song from Mavado - Delilah
Its a weird but strongish attempt to once again breaking into the north American music market. Here the Gully-god drifts from his conventional reggae dancehall sound into the realms of something else... well I hope they buy it.. im not all that fond of it.. but who knows this just might what the Mavado need to get things rolling like they use to..
Check it out..its the preview for Delilah by Mavado

May 18, 2011

Risto Benji Slaughtered

Risto Benji ... long b4 death
Risto Benji.. one of the "rude boys" of dancehall ..way back in the 1980's ..has seen his life put to an end by thugs. Risto Benji was more popularly known for that tune called gi mi the money on that punanny sounding riddim.
Risto was last featured in an article some two years ago.. where the artiste found himself in some desperate circumstances, it was also reported sometime ago that he was beaten by a mob for allegedly stealing a motor bike, well all that now is certainly some by-gones.
Risto will certainly be missed by families and well wishers ..but I really wonder if he will be missed by the current crop of elements in the dancehall music fraternity. If and when I decide to put up that dancehall music museum.. he will be there.

May 14, 2011

The Hair Extension Fuss

Vybz Kartel.. took aim at others artiste such as I-Octane, Mavado and Elephant Man who he claimed have hair extensions as well he expressed this in a bbm.. This came afer the backlash and he felt the heat from the dancehall commuity...

by the same girl who did mine)T.O.K. ETC HAVE ALL HAD EXTENTION PUT

I-Octane management has since responded indicating that the artiste hair is real and he does not have in extentions. Whilst Bay-C from TOK has pointed out in his own bbm ..saying  "To all who seem to be confused, T.O.K. has never worn extensions. To each his own, it's not for me to judge. Having said that, make it clear ... mi a Rasta! Lion of the tribe of Judah! Don't confuse the mane of a lion with the tail of a horse! Bombrush dem!"

May 11, 2011

"Brown Man" Jabs Back at Mavado

Bwoy.. its a given that there is never a dull moment while Vybz Kartel (some times referred to as "Brown Man", "Fagtel", "Fagisha", "Lil Wayne wannabe" etc.) is around. People speak of how we write so much about him and thus give rise to his popularity, well good for him so we should be paid ad fees or some promotional/marketing revenue for what we do... but we are not, and we don't need that. We take pleasure in republishing the madness..
Anyway the latest with the Jamaican Pop Star is that he had done a dub for ZJ Chrome.. and in doing so he made use of the time to send a counter punch to Mavado (the gully creature aka StarBwoy)... in this one Kartel points out that..."mi annuh pepper mi sweet and ketchupy" mavado on the pepper riddim did point out that some man a play ketchup him a pepper. Take a pree of the dub HERE

May 10, 2011

Vybz Kartel grows 'Locks'...a wah dis Ratsa?

Kartel with his new locks he claims to be real
Vybz Kartel... has done it again the bleached DJ..continues to push the barrier this time his latest attention grabber is his newly installed Locks.We now await the plastic surgery... and let us hope he does not indulge in a sex change ...and you know i will not be surprised. I think most of us have seen it all... if he go and get a monkey to live with and hang a kid by the leg over a balcony after sleeping with them then..perhaps it is time stop hold him a as a 'person of interest' but a person to be locked up with likes of kiddy ralph ...or would this not be a punishment at all ROFL....

May 8, 2011

Black Chiney 's Supa Dups and JG Produce Beat for Eminem

Eminem has taken a beat created by Jamaica's Supa Dups and JG from Black Chiney Sound System. Supa was very much delighted even though according to him Eminen was not even in mind when the track was created. The track according to Dups was directed to Nicky Minaj, 50 cent and the likes however Eminem and his team came across the beat liked it and will be using it on the "Fast Lane" a production that also includes Royce Da 5'9".

Agent Sasco ..Vybz Kartel ...who boxed who?

We understand that there was a rumour going around indicating that Vybz Kartel and his cronies along side Agent Sasco were at the studios of Shocking Vybz recently, the question is did something happened between them? It was rumoured that the tension there was relativly high and someone got boxed in the face. Now Sasco was quick to disassociate himself from any false information when he tweeted on friday last that "Let me dispel the RUMOR - NO MAN CAN'T DISS MI! - Run Di Place mi say Mi ting tun up. Rumor mill a bun up! - Nutten At All Dem Cah Do Wi"
So wha.. whats happening here gentlemen?... release di tape cause something might nuh gus so but it near guh so..  One thing for sure there is no love lost between these guys.. their war was long before Gully and Gaza. Its a shame (ROFL) because things were just about to pick up when there was indication that the fences were being mended.

May 7, 2011

Vybz Kartel Counteracts Shabba Ranks?

Vybz Kartel.. one of Jamaica's most popular musical artiste and well known for his super light complexion has took time out to respond to the Great Shabba Ranking... yeah the big dutty stinking shabba as he sometimes describes himself. Now like in the first attack by Shabba he didn't call Vybz Kartel name in the track called "None A Dem" but there was enough evidence there to make a conclusion that it was Kartel he was referring to and this new track called "Nuh More Dan Mi" by Kartel follows in the same vain.
This new song by Vybz Kartel makes it clear that he is targeting the old veteran Shabba. In the track Kartel refers to Shabba mostly in the second verse...
"a bruk u bruk..
u fi guh sit down yuh nuh si a my time now
this annuh 90's evething change now
weh u a guh with yuh analog brains now..."...

check out the track

May 5, 2011

Brand New Mavado - Send Dem Out May 2011

Brand new song from the Gully God Mavado.. this one is called "Send Dem Out".. on the Quick Fix Riddim a Pay Day Music production. The tune has a similar name to a track done by Bounty Killa and Assailant which was said to be a Empire Diss some time in 2009.
Check this one out by Mavado ..we are not sure if its the regular beating stick Vybz Kartel he is referring to in this one.

Dancehall Star Shaggy replaces Snoop Doggy Dogg

Dancehall Star Shaggy
Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall Super star Shaggy is reported to have replaced top American Rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg in an upcoming Luanda Blue Fest in Angola. The concert is scheduled to take place on May 21 at the Coqueiros Stadium in the capital city of Luanda.
According to reports the replacement was not necessarily due to a greater demand for the reggae star over Snoop Dogg one of America's greatest rap stars but it was due to Snoop and his personal reasons that prompted the change. The show is expected to have a turn out of close to 20,000 patrons.

May 4, 2011

Rhianna shoot 'Man Down' in Jamaica

Rhianna shooting 'Man Down'.. on Portland Beach
Boy.. I don't know but red head Rhianna rode a bike along the city streets of Portland, Jamaica, wore a nice white dress on the beach and was spotted in a palm tree. These are snippets for the configuration of a video for the new single from the red head goddess called 'Man Down'.
Rhi in her green socks, red head n purple skirt.
Rhianna a native of Barbados can be considered as one of the greatest artiste of our times. She was recently endorsed with the unprecedented accolade of being the youngest artiste to cop the prize for having the most Number 1's on the music charts. Maria Carey, Toni Braxton not even Bob Marley came close to something like this... but the green socks ting Rhi Rhi... i dont know ... i dont know rasta

Shabba Ranks 'Cameo Appearance'... in Kartel Video?

It appears Kartel has responded to Shabba.. how ever sublte in his latest video called tun up the scheme. The video manufactured by Nodia Rose was heavily shot in the Building Night Club and you can see on the walls of the club that there are portraits of Jamaican Dancehall King pins including the great Shabba Ranking. To me it was obvious to that efforts were made to emphasis on Shabba's portrait.. his 'cameo appearance' in Vybz Kartel video lol.. check it out

May 3, 2011

Its Jim Laden not Bin Laden ..dummies lol

This is Jim not Bin Laden
I have expressed some years ago that the name Jim Laden is not the smartest of stage names (the same for Assassin thus the Sasco thingy) for an industry that cant seem to breath without the help of the motherland, the United States of America. America was never a fan of Bin Laden, he is now dead.. and so they went searching to get more info when Obama busted the news... and so they stumbled upon Laden's facebook page. They went all out expressing their gratefulness for the death of this so called monster. There were a lot of negative comments and Laden and his management team didnt have much to say....But who knows this is publicity isnt it? This is welcomed..not fully digested in this form but perhaps laden can reap some benefits here.. the dreaded time will tell... Laden has already dropped quite a number of his tracks on the page to drown out the comments and take advantage of the scenario.

May 1, 2011

The Irony of The Pussy Jaw Splice

Its kind of ironic the uproar about the kiss pon the pussy jaw splice... when in a recent track by Kartel called "Freaky Gyal".. it is clear, straight forward and foremost the level at which he has taken the freakishness. At the start of the track there was a female who apparently had executed some suck-hood exercise and was expressing her excitement and her passion for such things... you have to listen to it to really get whats going down on that one.

Vybz Kartel indicated that these are the type of women he prefers..and this is not the first..he expressed it several times over the years @5:55. In one particular case he flowed in a free style that..

mi luv every kinda gyal
jus a nuh china gyal
goodas barbie gyal
slimas fatty gyal
dyke mi serial,
wife material,
lawyer gyal,
yeah mi love di gyal dem weh a cyanibal cyanibal
man fi haffi bagga gyal, bagga gyal

So its kind of ironic how the man just quick to shot down the thing like that ...though its against the Gaza Laws... LOL. We understand why he had to shot it down could have been career ending if he fully endorsed it na mean. But it just Ironic rasta...