Jun 30, 2012

Vybz Kartel still in Rass Jail...lol

KINGSTON (Observer): ENTERTAINER Vybz Kartel and four of his five fellow murder accused were yesterday remanded into police custody when they appeared in the Home Circuit Court.

The men were all remanded until July 20 when bail applications will be made on their behalves.

Remanded with Kartel are entertainer Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Andre St John, Kahira Jones and Shane Williams. Fashion designer Calvin Hay’s bail was extended.

The men are charged with the August 16, 2011 murder of Clive Williams, who was allegedly beaten to death in a house in the residential community of Havendale, St Andrew, over the disappearance of an illegal firearm. His body is yet to be found.

Kartel and two other men — Nigel Thompson and Lenburgh McDonald — are also before the Home Circuit Court, charged with the July 2011 murder of Portmore St Catherine resident Barrington ‘Bossie’ Bryan. Palmer’s bail was extended in that matter. His co-accused were remanded into custody.

Rita and the Bob Marley Dead leff

Bob Marley’s widow Rita and her children have brought action in the United States District Court, against several parties that have been manufacturing, distributing and offering for sale certain potpourri/kush products which bear the Jamaican reggae legend’s name, image, trademark, persona and likeness.

Fifty Six Hope Road Music Ltd, the company founded by Bob Marley’s wife and children and the legal entity holding the trademark, publicity, persona and other intellectual property rights to iconic reggae artist Bob Marley, is bringing the lawsuit.

Hope Road reportedly obtained an ex-parte seizure order and accompanied by the United States Marshal’s office conducted a raid on the facilities of the named defendants earlier this month, seizing thousands of illegal Bob Marley products.

Jun 29, 2012

Popcaan..doing better than Bounty Killer? Doing well in Europe

KINGSTON(Star):Deejay Popcaan blazed through a successful two-week tour of Europe with back-to-back performances that thrilled his existing fan base and garnered a number of new fans.

His first tour of the continent as a headline act, Popcaan, real name Andrae Sutherland, went above and beyond to please the packed crowds at each venue. Kicking off the tour in Lisbon, Portugal, the deejay travelled to Norway then Sweden and ended his European trip in France.

new hits

"It was overwhelming to see the crowd at the venues, they sing along and really enjoy the music. The response is great for old and new hits, and even very new songs like Fry Yiy and When Mi Party," he said.

For the deejay, one of the most entertaining and memorable moments of the tour was the show in Paris.

"It was a real mix of French fans and French-Caribbean fans, and the line after the show for photos was really long. Also, in Paris, I got a chance to see the Eiffel Tower and vibe at a street party," he explained.

Next up for the deejay is a performance at the St Kitts Music Festival today, after which he jets off to Tobago tomorrow for another performance. Not wanting to disappoint his local fans, the deejay will be performing at Smudge in St Andrew and the Portland Jerk Festival, both on Sunday.

The artiste will be hosting his first public birthday party on July 15 at Top Floor at Quad, dubbed 'Party Shot: A Birthday Celebration'. Music will be provided by Chromatic, Coppershot, ZJ Chrome and Dexta Pepp with a special performances from Sizzla Kalonji, I-Octane, among other special guest artistes.


The excited deejay said, "This is my first event so I just want the fans to come party with me and make my birthday party a success. Everyone is invited, so you know is an unruly party, bay badness along wid bay gyalness."

On July 19, Popcaan's birthday, he will be performing at Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay, what he dubs a "special performance" for dancehall night.

"This is my first solo Sumfest performance so I'm going to do my best for my fans, the Gaza unruly fans, yuh zimme," said Popcaan.

Before the end of July, the deejay will hit Trinidad, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Suriname.

To kick off August, it's all about the Dream weekend in Negril, where he will perform at the first ever Dream weekend live concert on August 1, then it's off to several shows in Canada. The artiste will be back in Europe in winter, performing in Germany, Holland and Italy.

Popcaan has also been busy with the eagerly anticipated release of two music videos. The recently shot video for The System, for producer Dreskull, done by United States-based director Dayo, as well as a medley video of his songs: She A Gwaan Good (ZJ Chrome), Popcaan Says (TJ Records), Whine (Young Vibes) and Naughty Girls (UIM).

Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the June 22, 2012

The Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the June 22, 2012
we...welcome Vybz Kartel...2 tracks on the chart though in jail... as well as the ver present I-Octane.. does he have an album out?...gosh man top tunes after top tunes
anyway... You wont believe where Tommy Lee track Some Bwoy is at in this lineup...

Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. Jiggle it for me - I-Octane 

9 .Vybz Kartel - Back To Life (Song About Jail)

8. Stop Signal - Konshens    

7. . Jump Jump - RDX .

6. . Elephant Man and Lady Saw Si Dung Pon it.

Vybz Kartel to be Released Today? pictures of the dj in jail

Vybz kartel in jail praying for better

There is another fat rumour... indicating that Vybz Kartel might be released today, which we know is next to impossible due to the nature of the charges against the Jamaican DJ.
It is expected that Vybz kartel will remain in jail until matters relating to his charges are properly attended to.
Ninja Man had one charge and was in jail for 3 years before he was released, and still has to flesh out matters in court.. so with this its not a year yet since the world boss is in jail so we dont expect him to be released anytime soon.
But the rumours are there... again we will rely on our creditable source...time

Popcaan joined Bounty Killer alliance crew?

Rumour has it that POPCAAN the former protoje to Vybz Kartel has joined forces with the Alliance camp... there no official word from anyone from anywhere to confirm or deny this... we now rely on our favorite source..time, it usually tells

Jun 28, 2012

Roach and The Aidonia Diss

KINGSTON(Star): Dancehall producer Patrick 'Roach' Samuels has fired lyrical shots at Aidonia in an exclusive dis song called Kill Lord Evil. According to Roach, he decided to record the song to show Aidonia that he is not untouchable.

"I decided to do this song because I listen to Aidonia on the TNS rhythm, and him a dis me under style ... mi hear him a talk bout a step him step pon insect, but mi nuh hide and throw wud suh mi dis him straight and call him name," Roach said.

Roach and Aidonia have been at odds since former J.O.P member Navino signed a recording contract with JA Productions of which Roach is an active member. However, Roach said that he would not succumb to no form of disrespect without a retaliation.

"Him is a youth wey feel like him can dis up producers, him dis Skatta but mi a nuh one producer wey him can dis inna song an feel like mi naah defend myself, mi haffi mek di people dem know my side of the story plus mi song deh pon key to. And if him ever think him bad and respond him mek a sad mistake because mi have more bombs fi him ready," Roach said.

Roach further disclosed that he doesn't intend to pursue a career deejaying professionally; instead his intention is to show Aidonia that he (Aidonia) was lyrically soft.

"Mi have nuff things a deal wid suh mi not even have time fi Aidonia, but a just fi show him sey him nuh bad him soft because wi have some likkle youth wey wi chop him up lyrically," he said.

According to Roach, even former J.O.P member, Navino, is carving out his own status as an artiste and is now in a better stage with his musical career.

Roach is currently promoting new singles for Navino such as Nuh Fraid A No Man and Who God Bless which is a song explaining his reason for leaving J.O.P.

All attempts to speak to Aidonia were futile.

Jun 26, 2012

Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the June 15, 2012

The Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the June 15, 2012
we...welcome RDX once again.. this track Jump Jump is said to be tearing up Trinidad

anyway... Big up Tommy Lee his track Some Bwoy seem to be doing well

Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. I L.O.V.E. Y.O.U - I Octane.

9. Jump Jump - RDX

8 Elephant Man and Lady Saw Si Dung Pon it.


6. Jiggle it for me - I-Octane 

Deva Bratt says he was Framed in this 2 Pum Pum Scenario

Deva Bratt in 3 Pum Pum Scenario
KINGSTON(Star): Dancehall artiste Deva Bratt has denied allegations that he was involved in a physical altercation with two females in Portmore recently, which led to him being arrested by the police.
According to the controversial dancehall artiste, the report made against him was false and highly exaggerated.

"The whole thing was a misunderstanding, and I was framed. The information was blown out of proportion," Deva Bratt said.

According to the artiste, he and the complainant in question are close friends. However, due to an argument they were both involved in, she decided to get back at him by reporting the matter to the police.


"Me and the girl are friends, a just vexation cause the friction and jealousy, but me and dem good. I was not involved in no fight with nobody. The words I said were hurtful so in order to get back at me, she went to the police," Deva Bratt said.

The artiste also disclosed that he learnt a valuable lesson in light of his current dilemma.

"Yu see in life the devil can step in a situation and let things get out of context, and now I know that," he said.

The artiste has so far recorded two songs making reference to the situation, one titled Consider Mi, produced by Nothing To Something Records.

Deva Bratt says the song is unreleased, but speaks of the misinformation that was spread against his name. The other song is called Give It To You and delves into the actual controversy as the artiste aims to clear his name.

At the time of his arrest, Deva Bratt was expected to embark on his European tour, and had to postpone shows in Belgium and Amsterdam.

"Missing two shows plus paying a lawyer is over a $1million in loss plus I missed my flight which was already booked. I felt it in my pocket but God nah give a man more than what him can handle. I am more focused on my music and people can just look out for more because no publicity is bad publicity," he continued.

"My apologies to my fans and the people who are disgusted by the rumours. I am not a womaniser nor am I an abuser of women, we live and we learn, and you are never too big to learn," he concluded.

The artiste is scheduled to leave the island for performances in Amsterdam and Switzerland shortly, and is expected to return just in time for his court date on August 14, to answer to charges of indecent assault

Khago Gets Big Body Guard to ward off Sizzla

Khago ..appear to not be taking any chances with the bobo rasta from the sizzla camp or even the red eyes from red square.. so he went ahead and acquired security guard. Gyaaadi... which is being described as Rambo style

Busy Signal says he didnt do that

POPULAR Jamaican deejay Busy Signal, pleaded not guilty to one count of failure to appear in court yesterday.

Busy Signal, whose real name is Glendale Gordon, is accused of fleeing the US to avoid a drug trial a decade ago.

Gordon could face up to five years in prison if convicted on that count. He was ordered detained pending his trial.

He was charged in February 2002 with two counts related to cocaine trafficking. He fled before his trial was to begin in Minnesota and has been a fugitive for the past decade, Assistant US Attorney Andrew Dunn, said in court.

Busy Signal was detained by authorities in London last month who suspected he was traveling with false documents, including a passport that listed a different name. He was allowed to fly to Kingston, Jamaica, and was arrested at the airport there.

Gordon waived his right to an extradition hearing.

The cocaine charges still exist, but because of extradition treaties, any future prosecution on those counts would have to be worked out between the Jamaican and US governments.

Gordon's attorney, Bill Mauzy, said in court that the US doesn't have jurisdiction to prosecute Gordon on the drug charges.

Jun 23, 2012

Antiguans rejects Reggae at Carnival fete. Konshens caught in the middle

Promoters of this weekend's Leggz Reloaded Carnival Fete have lashed back at criticism that bringing a Jamaican artiste to perform at their event is an offense to Antigua's Carnival celebrations.
They were responding to recent comments in the media.
Doyle Carter of Antz Nest Promotions said people need to wake up and get with the times as Carnival over the past 10 years is going through a natural momentum of change with little that anyone can really do about it.
He said the decision to bring Konshens, one of the leading Jamaican dancehall DJs presently, was merely an effort to stay ahead of the game in a soca fete market that is steadily becoming saturated.
He said patrons pay their money to have a good time and Antiguans have extremely discriminating tastes.
"You've just got to provide the best for them and that is all we are trying to do – give them the best for their money so they can leave our event thoroughly satisfied. That's the nature of the business right now, ask any promoter out there," Carter said.
"Music is music and to place a dancehall act on the same stage with a soca act is not in any way an attempt to stomp on our culture. Hopefully, the artistes will make use of the opportunity to gain from the presence of an international act on the same stage," he added.
Carter further stated that demographically, Antigua & Barbuda is very much a multi-cultural society and there is absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out to everyone during a national celebration.
The Leggz soca fete will be taking place tomorrow at Millers by the Sea. Konshens joins a line-up of soca artistes, including Rupee and Blood of Square One fame from Barbados as well as Jashan Hughes and the Chezecake Factory and Tian Winter. Bringing the house down will be the Burning Flames.
Music hosts and DJ's on the night will be Supa Dymond and Wooden Foote.

Jun 21, 2012

Vybz Kartel is free...read the damn article

KINGSTON(rjr); Popular Dancehall star Vybz Kartel was today found not guilty of drug related charges.
The artiste, whose given name is Adidjah Palmer, was found not guilty  in the Corporate Area Criminal Court after the Crown offered no evidence against him.
Kartel was charged with drug possession after he was arrested last year.
However the controversial entertainer will remain in custody on murder charges.

Buju Banton..cemented in jail for 10 years

KINGSTON(RJR): Jailed dancehall entertainer, Buju Banton, has lost his appeal to overturn his ten-year prison sentence in the United States.
The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit today dismissed the appeal of the entertainer.

However, the Appeal Court argues that US district court is to decide on Buju's motion for a new trial.
Buju Banton whose given name is Mark Myrie was sentenced to ten years in prison following his February conviction on cocaine conspiracy and trafficking charges in the US.
In his appeal, Buju argued that the US government did not establish that he was part of a drug conspiracy because there was never an agreement in place and mere presence to a drug deal is insufficient to sustain a conviction.

Buju also argued that his conviction should be overturned because Alexander Johnson, the government confidential informant, pursued him to engage in drug dealings over a six month period, which constituted entrapment as a matter of law.
However, this did no convince the US Appeals Court which ruled that there was nothing to reverse the guilty verdict against the Jamaican artiste.
The Appeal Court however stated that it would not touch Buju's motion for a new trial.
It says the District Court should decide on that.

Aidonia Expecting a Baby...

KINGSTON (Star): Dancehall star Aidonia is soon to become a father. A source close to the entertainer confirmed the rumours that Aidonia's fiancé, Kimberly Megan, is pregnant were true, and that she is approximately nine weeks pregnant with her first child.

"Is a happy feeling because Deablo (another JOP member) also just got his first child recently. Him (Aidonia) change a whole heap because him caan a think about himself now, him haffi think about a family. Although JOP a him family, this is now a real family," the source said.

Earlier this year, The media reported that the entertainer got engaged to Megan.

In the meantime, the JOP leader continues to churn out the tunes with recent releases such as Tan Tuddy and Run Road. A music video for the former is soon to be released and the latter is soon to be done.

He also recently participated in a charity effort at The Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre (formerly the Mona Rehabilitation Centre) and has upcoming shows locally and abroad, such as the Best Of Summer concert set to take place this Friday, and the annual Reggae Sumfest show. Other Caribbean shows are also on the agenda for the deejay.

Jun 20, 2012

Khago says Sizzla Have 100 Man Strong A Wash Him Brief aka under wear OH Dear

In the latest set of diss tracks this on from Khago.. who is not backing down from the veteran Sizzla ...chastises sizzla on the amount of men in his entourage

Khago says Sizzla Have 100 Man Strong A Wash Him Brief  aka under wear OH Dear!!

Listen this one from Khago... its a Sizzla Diss

Top Ten Reggae and Dancehall Songs in Jamaica June 8th 2012

Some tracks are loosing steam some are still doing well.. on the Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the June 8, 2012
Lady Saw with the help of Elephant man has graced the charts for the first time since this year...welcome mumma saw


Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. Elephant Man and Lady Saw Si Dung Pon it.

9. Gal a Bubble - Konshens Tun Up - Cham ft O.


7. Action Pak - Mavado

6. I L.O.V.E. Y.O.U - I Octane.

Busy Signal Gone to Jail...again

KINGSTON (Observer): DANCEHALL act Busy Signal was yesterday extradited to the United States to face trial for jumping bail shortly before the start of his cocaine-trafficking trial a decade ago.
The artiste, whose real name is Glendale Goshia Gordon, left the island before noon, accompanied by United States Marshals who had arrived in the island on Monday.
Shantal Chin, the mother of one of Gordon's children, told the Jamaica Observer that she is hoping that all will turn out well.
"Be positive," was Chin's message to the father of her 3-year-old daughter. "We miss him and we are praying. I know that everything will be okay."
Gordon was flown to the United States just under a month after waiving his right to an extradition hearing in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court where he was represented by Queen's Counsel KD Knight and Charles 'Advoket' Ganga-Singh.
The artiste allegedly fled the United States in 2002 before the start of his trial on a cocaine charge in October of that year. Gordon had since travelled to other countries, but avoided the US.
He was arrested last month by members of the Fugitive Apprehension Team at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston as he disembarked a flight after being deported from the United Kingdom (UK).
The UK had refused entry to Gordon, who had been travelling under the name Reanno Devon Gordon on his way from another European country where he had been performing.
Gordon is being extradited on a provisional warrant for failure to appear for trial in the United States. Knight told the Observer that his client could not be tried in the United States on the drug charges because the warrant for his arrest relates to his failure to show for trial and not the drug charges that caused him to flee that country.
However, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions said that the US could still try Gordon for the alleged drug offence, but that it would have to seek leave from the Jamaican Government in order to proceed.

Jun 18, 2012

Popcaan released long statement ..Not Visiting Kartel Kicked out of Gaza etc?

This statement is addressed to all media and my fans. Because of facts mixed with persistent rumors I feel that I need to set the record straight. I will not be making any further statements or conducting any interviews on these subjects.

Portmore Empire

The world already knows that my career was launched from the greatest dancehall school and business entity, The Portmore Empire/ Adidjaheim Records led by Vybz Kartel. Since Vybz Kartel’s incarceration in September 2011 I remained a loyal and contributing member of this unit until May 2012 when the Portmore Empire was dissolved.

Hope for Vybz Kartel Freedom?

KINGSTON (Observer): LENBURGH McDonald, one of the two men charged for murder along with entertainer Vybz Kartel, was on Thursday freed of a separate charge of murder in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court.

McDonald and his co-accused Raymond Wilson was freed following an application by attorney Michael Deans during a preliminary enquiry.

The court agreed with Deans and threw out the case on the grounds that the Crown did not have sufficient information on which the men could be tried in the Home Circuit Court.

McDonald and Wilson were charged with the April 28, 2010 shooting murder of Castell Parks in Havendale, St Andrew.

The main witness told the preliminary enquiry last week that he had made a mistake when he pointed out McDonald to the police. He said he informed the police the following day about his error.

McDonald and Nigel Thompson are charged with Kartel for the July 2011 murder of Barrington 'Bossie' Bryan. Bryan was shot dead while standing among a group of persons in Gregory Park, St Catherine.

The men are to next appear in the Home Circuit Court on that charge on June 29 when it will be determined if McDonald and Thompson will be granted bail.

Jun 17, 2012

Mr Vegas angry worried and confused as to why Vybz Kartel is taking spot light

Mr Vegas is still angry about something...this time its the fact that Vybz Kartel is still capturing the headlines...and featured on the television show,..

Mr Vegas was quoted as saying on his facebook page... " The media is SO trying to turn this Vybes Kartel "back to life" song into the biggest headline story. Whats the big deal if Kartel recorded this song in Jail? I recorded "bruk it down" in the Lisa Hype bedroom; how comes that is not BREAKING NEWS. ya'll need to start reporting on things that people outside of Jamaica cares about. What do I have to do to get your attention, marry Macka Diamond?! Last time I check, Mr Vegas & Busy Signal were the only current artists from Jamaica in the Reggae Billboard top 10. ya'll looking to the east for Vybes Kartel to appear and save the music while Revolotion, Soja, J boogs, The green & other foreign bands are becoming the face of reggae."

OMG... Roach and Aidonia at War ..Roach says Aidonia is Badminded

Roach a well known producer who was the manager for vybz kartel years ago..
Aidonia apparently says something about step on insect...and this was the breaking point for roach... Roach went as far as saying he will end aidonia career and that vybz Kartel is in Jail and Aidonia cant run the place...
Apparently issues with Navino signing to roach label ...

The diss track from Roach is called Kill Lord Evil

Listen to it here

Khago - Sizzla lose it...shows how desperate he is

Dancehall superstar Khago has said that he will not descend to Sizzla's level and resort to disrespecting anyone's parents on record. Two days ago, Sizzla released a song on youtube entitled 'Go Suck Yu Mumma'.

"Sizzla lose it. This just shows how desperate he is fi mek him have to resort to telling someone about his mother. I respect my parents, my father died when I was a child, and today is Father's Day so mi a honour my parents. Mi inna music , but mi no inna almshouse. Sizzla just show say him no have no moral authority fi tell anybody about dem life. How can an artiste who sing 'Thank You Mama', a classic song like that a couple years ago, come today and tell another artiste 'Go Suck Yu Mumma', Sizzla just upset say mi write him off, the whole world know say him caan stand up to mi lyrically, mi win the first two round of the battle and mi a go win the war," a confident Khago said.

Sizzla tells Khago to Suck his Mumma aka Madda aka Mother

Sizzla dealt Khago a 'low Blow' ...ROFL (n pun intended) ..when he told Khago to go and suck his Mumma, in his latest diss track to Khago.
Some are saying that they loose off Sizzla and he is not a real rasta TO go and tell Khago to suck him Mumma(aka Mother) after singing about Thank You Mamma and black woman and child and all these thing.. is not rasta like.
But this is not new for Sizzla in the pass he had sang about being a bad man who Pump up Gyal Pum Pum...near the time when he and bounty killer was in a lyrical battle

check the tune out
Sizzla - Khago Go Suck U Mumma (Khago Diss) - June 2012

Jun 16, 2012

Brand New Song from Popcaan - Whine up Bad Behavior Riddim

Brand New Song from Popcaan

Called Whine Up on the Bad Behavior Riddim

Popcaan is NOT apart of the New Gaza PG13 camp says Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee Sparta (GAZA) Says "Popcaan is no longer apart of the crew"

The most asked question in the streets since the inception of Adidja A. Palmer Vybz Kartel's newly formed PG13 crew … is Popcaan a member of the crew?

Recently Vybz Kartel sent out a press release stating that he's disbanding the Portmore Empire … was Popcaan apart of the disbanding as well?

According to a source close to the Gaza the disbanding of the Portmore Empire is a wake up call for members to let them beware that Vybz Kartel is still capable of taking their careers to the next level even though he's behind bars.

However on Young Lion's BBC 1Xtra show earlier today he had Tommy Lee as his guess artiste. When Young Lion asked Tommy Lee if Popcaan is also a member of the newly formed crew, Tommy Lee reply was, "him nuh really apart of the crew anymore, fi right now a just me and Gaza Slim yuh seeeeit." Young Lion also asked. "Is Popcaan still in the Gaza," Tommy Lee takes a deep breath before saying, "mi nuh waan too seh certain things right now.

Jun 14, 2012

This is MADNESS Terror Fabulous guilty of Being Mad

Former top flight dancehall artiste, Cecil 'Terror Fabulous' Campbell, was convicted of malicious destruction of property on Tuesday in court.

Campbell pleaded guilty when he appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court.

The deejay was sentenced to 90 days' hard labour, however, it was suspended for one year.

Resident Magistrate Simone Maddix told the accused to maintain the peace, especially for the next one year.

Campbell's appearance in court arose from an incident in which he used a stone to smash a window in Portmore, St Catherine.

Campbell rose to fame as deejay Terror Fabulous in the early 90s. He had several hit songs including Action and Number 2.
It has been speculated that Fabulous went mad shortly after smoking too much ganja. It is not certain if this is true but ever since alligation Terror has ben a terrorist to the street light bulbs.
Word out was that the DJ is so mad no street light his safe ..as he palms a stone and put them out...
Ganja is not for everyone!!

Jun 13, 2012

Khago kicks down Sizzla with a diss track tells him to Trim Locks and Raise Hogs

Khago has been one of the most hard hit newcomers in the business. He has had clashes with I-Octane, Agent Scaco...now its Sizzla's turn. In his latest track Khago has dealt some blows to judgment yard, where sizzla resides.
Khago tells Sizzla that he has never buss a yoot, he should come out of his way...He Indicates that he has given sizzla three dub plates and why his diss was a payback. Khago went further to tell sizzla to go and trim his locks and raise hogs and he will send a phat pum gyal down there to slew all in the Judgment Yard. He also indicated that Sizzla is trying to use him to get back a US visa.
Check out the new diss track to Sizzla from Khago called Come Out my Way

Jun 12, 2012

Aidonia has Problems Running the Place.. Turns to Charity

It wasn't quite the usual Friday for dancehall entertainer Aidonia who took part in the recent charity effort organised by Janelle Gordon at The Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre (formerly the Mona Rehabilitation Centre) on Friday.
The artiste believes that charity efforts play an important role in giving back to the community and society for all the support they receive.
"I just felt the need to give a helping hand to the disabled kids and see how they went through a regular day being in a wheelchair. While I was there I even met one of ma friends who I knew for a while and he was there just by playing football and he slipped on the ball and hit his head and now he's paralysed from head to toe. Only his eyes could move. It was a touching moment as I myself play a lot of sports like football and basketball, so it even woke me up to make me realise that you can't take life for granted because you neva know when it may be your last," said the deejay.
He said that all entertainers should make an effort to interact on different levels with their fans, whether it be via charity or not.
less fortunate
"We have to cherish our loved ones and the time we spend with friends and family and try to 'fulljoy' life to the fullest. Well I think all artistes should do a form of charity event or give back to our communities because we are given a talent and we have to be grateful for that and try to do what we can for our communities and the people that look up to us and also for the less fortunate ones," said Aidonia.
He continued, "Plus we can't stay away from our fans 'cause they put us where we are and without them we would be nothing. I have to spend time with them not only when they pay to see us on shows. Even though some of us are busy at times, it's good to take the time out."
Aidonia is anticipating a very busy summer period with several projects lined up.
A video for his Tan Tuddy song was shot recently and at least four more videos will be done for songs which include the Deablo collaboration, Run Road, and a medley video to be shot by Cardo Knox of Knox Koncept before summer's end.
Several shows locally and abroad are already lined up including the June 22 Best Of Summer and Reggae Sumfest. Events in Guyana, Martinique and Guadeloupe are also to come.
"For now, Aidonia just recording more songs and really thinking about the right time to drop the album," said the deejay.

Jun 11, 2012

Sizzla disses them all Khago, Natural Black Beenie man Agent Sasco?

Sizzla steps forward and now does what Assassin has been doing... but he goes a bit further. Sizzla burns out Khago fro his threesome song... he burns out Natural Black for cutting his locks and switch to dancehall...Sizzla moves to indicate to Beenie Man bow when him apologize to the fish community... but questions are being asked if he also dissed agent Sasco aka Assassin by saying he does not work with agents.
Check out the latest diss track from Sizzla called Hurry Come Up

Jun 9, 2012

Dudus, Busy Signal and Buju Banton will be out of jail before Vybz Kartel.

Dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel, has been remanded again until later this month.
The order was made when the entertainer last appeared in the Home Circuit court on Friday.
Vybz Kartel faces separate murder charges for two alleged incidents, but he has pleaded not guilty to them.
At his last court appearance his attorneys asked for more material from the prosecution related to the matter.
They agreed to return to court on June 29, and Vybz Kartel was ordered remanded until that time.

Jun 8, 2012

Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae Songs in Jamaica

Some tracks are loosing steam some are still doing well.. on the Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae chart for the week of the June 1, 2012
We have a new number one this week... well the week of the 1st... guess who ...tsk tsk !! blood claat unstoppable it seems ....


Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. .Mavado - Come Round - di geniuos records.

9. Tun Up - Cham ft O.

8 Action Pak - Mavado

7. Chill Spot - Chris Martin

6.  Some Bwoy - Tommy Lee

Jun 7, 2012

Deva Bratt fails Pum Pum Test once again? Freedom Compromised?

Whilst the likes of Beenie Man got back his visa and lost his father Deva Bratt in the same breath got back his freedom sometime ago and now seemingly about to loose it...just because of what is described in Jamaica as cratches.
Deejay Sheldon 'Devra Bratt' Smith is now in police custody after being accused of assaulting two females.
The artiste is scheduled to answer to charges of indecent assault and assault occasioning bodily harm. He is to appear in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's (RM) Court on June 12.
The former Portmore Empire artiste, who was freed of carnal abuse charges last year, was charged by the St Catherine South police on Friday.
Reports reaching The Star are that last week Wednesday, the artiste took home two women.
It is understood that he wanted to have sex with both ladies but they spurned his advances.
One of the women was reportedly punched repeatedly causing bruises. Smith is also accused of attempting to push his hand into the pants of the other female.
After the incident, the women went to the Bridgeport police where a report was made.
Following an investigation, Smith was taken into custody. He is and will remain at the Portmore police lock-up until his court date, the police said.
Devra Bratt was charged with carnal abuse in May 2008. He was however, freed in the Spanish Town RM Court last November.

Beenie Man got his Visa Back..but Looses Father

Dancehall artiste Moses 'Beenie Man' Davis and his manager/brother Rohan Smith, aka 'Blue', are mourning the loss of their father who is more affectionately known as 'Bragga'.
Information reaching media is that he died at the University Hospital of The West Indies yesterday while undergoing treatment for a health complaint.

According to sources close to the family, the death came as a shock to them and the general mood is one of sadness.
Beenie Man's ex-wife D'Angel, who also went to the hospital, described 'Bragga' as a jovial individual.

"Moses dad is somebody that I have met. He is a jovial and fun person. Condolence goes out to the family and we definitely lost a man that produced a legend. Moses just be strong and hold up your head. When I heard I went straight to the hospital to give my support because he is my child's grandfather and the father of my son's father," D'Angel said.

Since news broke of the death, several entertainers have shown support to the entertainer via tweets, sending their condolences.

Among them was Bounty Killer who tweeted, "Not so sure about this just got it ppl, Beenie Man father just died at University Hospital. Condolence goes out." And ZJ Sparks tweeted, "My sincerest condolences @KingBeenieMan to you and your family."

Jun 4, 2012

The most suspended disc jockey in Jamaica history gets an award

Liquid probably has been most suspended radio in Jamaicas history however the risky selector was recently presented the International Dancehall Selector of the Year at the fourth annual South Florida Reggae and Dancehall Awards in the United States recently.
DJ Liquid, whose real name is Michael Brissett, received the award after performing a number of his hit songs at the awards show.
He, along with reggae artiste Protoje, recently returned from Dubai where he played music on urban station, Radio 1.

I thinks its a lie that Vybz Kartel has not recorded any songs since in prison

Adidjahiem Records would like to make it clear, that Adidja 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer has not recorded any material since his arrest in 2011. Any songs containing material from Vybz Kartel that were released after his arrest, were recorded by the artist in previous years.

Various songs containing material from Vybz Kartel have surfaced since his arrest, including a collaboration with Busta Rhymes and a song titled "Back to Life," which have sparked rumors that the artist has been recording at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre.

"The lyrics from "Back to Life," that was released by U.I.M. Records, were recorded by Adidjahiem Records during the Dudus extradition - the original title was "Me Waan Go Home," says Elvis Redwood of So Unique Records, who was an in-house engineer for Adidjahiem Records at the time. "Those same lyrics were re-used on a different track to create "Back to Life."

Adidjahiem Records would like to make it explicitly clear that both songs were recorded prior to his arrest. The single "Wine and Go Down" by Busta Rhymes ft. Vybz Kartel was recorded at Donovan 'Don Corleon' Bennett's studio in 2010 in a session that was broadcast live on ustream. The lyrics contained in "Back to Life" were also recorded in 2010.

Dislike for Popcaan after show flop in Belize

It is being reported that the girls in Belize says Popcaan is not the "Only Man" they want, after his concert in that country ended prematurely.

A female party goer in Belize told Urban Islandz that the "Ravin" deejay disappointed his fans, who turned out in their numbers for a concert on May 19th.

According to the fan, Popcaan entered the stage at 3 am and delivered a quick medley of three of his songs before abruptly ending his set.

"Popcaan came on stage at exactly three o clock on Sunday morning sang three songs and that was it for his concert," the angry fan told reporters

The fan added that the former Portmore Empire deejay was bottled off the stage before he was escorted out of the venue by police officers.

Popcaan has since released a statement addressing the allegations. According to the deejay, the concert was ended due to security concerns.

"Unfortunately due to security issues beyond the control of the artist and promoters, the concert had to be ended prematurely," Popcaan said in the statement sent to the media

In a video posted on Youtube Popcaan said his microphone was plugged out in what appears to be a sabotage of his show.

Jun 3, 2012

Tommy Lee to Mixtape and to 'Tour'

Kingston (Observer): BESIDES putting together songs for a mixtape, dancehall artiste Tommy Lee says he is looking forward to gigs in Europe and the Caribbean this month.
The mixtape is scheduled to be released this summer and will feature songs for different labels.
"I'm really happy with the direction my career is heading cause I have placed my all into it," Lee told Jamaica Observer. "I am a freshman in the game, so there is lots more for me to learn."
Lee, whose real name is Leroy Russell, says although he has not been on the dancehall circuit a long time, he believes the music is alive and booming.
"There is a new breed of dancehall acts now who are bringing their ideas to the game, therefore some persons need to adjust to the changes," he said. "With every generation comes new ideas and trends."
Lee, 23, hails from the tough Flankers community in St James. He emerged in 2010 as a member of Vybz Kartel's controversial Portmore Empire, and is best known for songs such as Holding Out The Pressure, Some Bwoy Warn Dem, and Psyco.

Jun 1, 2012

Natural Black ops out of rasta and dives into Japanese Pussy

Natural Black the Guyanese Jamaican Reggae artiste recently turned his back on Rastafari, cut his locks and now more focusing on dancehall music. Natural did not waste no time and jumped straight into slack dancehall songs...  so natural black went from consciousness to skin out Japanese pussy.
The tune is called Japanese Punanny on the Mercury Riddim