Jan 31, 2011

Hammer Case Against Bounty Killer Kick out for now

DJ Bounty Killer
The young lady knwon as Raquel Smith.. who if found will be arrested, did not show up for the case against top DJ Bounty Killer in the Resident Magistrate Court today. The fact that there is a warrant out for the arrest of Ms Smith, it means that the case against the dancehall music veteran could resume. Ms Smith according to a repoert wished to drop the charges against Bounty Killer and opted for mediation instead, however the judge would have none of it and insisted that the matter goes to trial... and the result today means Bounty Killer walks free....

Rodrick Reid and Bagga Brown no Longer around

Basil 'Bagga' Brown
The entertainment business lost two members this weekend. The fist was Basil 'Bagga' Brown 60 year old veteran and the other being Rodrick Reid 31 years old promoter and student.

Bagga Brown a popular MC who was a host of the TVJ programme "Weh yuh Seh?" for the past 8 years was ill with throat and bone cancer for some time now and was said to be on life support at the University Hospital of the West Indies. Bagga Brown has been in the entrainment business for many years and was popularly known to rhyme like no other than Winston Williams.
On the other hand Rodrick Reid ..who in recent time have been accused of being a "fish" was found with multiple stab wounds in the trunk of a car in Rollington Town, Kingston last weekend. Reid is a well known party promoter and is said to be the brains behind parties such as Exotic Fridays, Yesterday, Club Appleton and 11:59..
Rodrick Reid
Reid was accused of being involved in matters not fit for him to be described as str8...Reid was arrested in 2008 for crimes comitted against a boy he was supervising ...at this time it is not certain as to who would really want to cut Reid like a 'fish' , rap him in a shower curtain and stuff him in the trunk of a car..
As it relates to Bagga Brown.. there are condolences and good praises for the veteran ..

Jan 29, 2011

Vybz Kartel and Sheba new Song ..."you and him phuck"

One of the latest combination with Sheba and Vybz Kartel..., both always seem to work well together ever since sheba enter the empire..in this one both are rhyming to their cell phone mix up on the S Class riddim. Kartel in this track took a jab at Bounty Killer when he said "yuh lucky mi dont get back mi hammer yet"

Jan 28, 2011

Top Reggae Dancehall Recent tracks on Itunes

This is the latest refection of the Itunes Reggae Chart. Indicated here is the recent top tunes on the chart.. the number on the right represents the placing  of the song on the Raggae Itunes Chart.
Still doing well is the  seanizzle's production Rum and Red Bull featuring Beenie Man and Fambo.. Shaggy being the regular and almost permanent fixture on the chart, sort of like Bob Marley.. has a number of fresh tunes on the chart due to his recent release of the Shaggy and Friends album.
Of note, the "local" artiste on the chart includes Vybz Kartel, Buju Banton and Gyptian who is still on the Hold Yuh momentum.

3. One Day - Matisyahu
6. Hold You (Hold Yuh) - Gyptian
21. Too Cute (feat. Ty-Arie) - Shaggy
23. I'm Drinking / Rum & Red Bull - Beenie Man & Fambo
I'm Drinking / Rum & Red Bull
Beenie Man and Fambo

25. Let's Do It Again - J Boog
26. Just You and I - Ricky Blaze
32. Jah Army - Revelation, Pt. 1 (feat. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley) - Stephen Marley & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
33. Patience - Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
35. I'm Sorry (feat. Qwote) - Shaggy
40. Sweat (A La La La La Long) - Inner Circle
42. Everything Changes - Soja
45. Holiday - Collie Buddz
47. As We Enter - Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
50. So Far Gone - J Boog
52. Nah Let Go - Gyptian
53. Safe and Sound (Zion-I Remix) - Rebelution
55. Time Bomb - Iration
59. 96 Degrees (feat. Stephen Marley & Damian Marley) [2nd Generation] - Third World


63. Bad Boys (Theme from COPS) - Inner Circle
64. Good Times Roll (feat. Ty-Arie) - Shaggy
67. Rasta Love (feat. Ky-Mani Marley) - Protoje
71. Rum & Redbull - Beenie Man & Future Fambo
Rum & Redbull - Single

72. Turn & Wine - Vybz Kartel
Dancehall Hero Raw
Vybz Kartel
77. Baby Only You - Kiani
83. Waiting On the Rain - J Boog
96. Clarks (feat. Popcaan & Gaza Slim) - Vybz Kartel
98. Things a Come Up (Raw Version) - Buju Banton

Jan 27, 2011

Vybz Kartel - Coloring Book [January 2011]

Vybz Kartel - Coloring Book [January 2011]

Kim Hamilton formerly known as Gaza Kim Now in Alliance

Kim Hamilton
The young lady more popularly known as Gaza Kym at the start of her career has gone full fledged "Alliance Kym". Kym has been working with the alliance affiliated group PayDay for some time now. It has been officially reported that Kym is now a part of the alliance. She has been working hard to resurrect her career back to what it was when she was apart of Portmore Empire where her career basically nose dived after the her unjustified beating. Kim Hamilton (real name) recently indicated that tracks such as "Amen" that was done while she was in Portmore Empire, a Notnice produced track, got song of the year not only in 2009 but also for 2010 in Belize...astonishing!!
Kym is expected go on a small tour at the end of this month in Guyana and Suriname... she has a number of new tracks out including "haffi come back", "How would you feel" and "cotton candy".. and is working on a mix tape to be dropped in February, this is being put together DJ Purfiya from Miami, Florida.

Drake to Make Dancehall/Reggae Album

Drake and Dancehall Star Bwoy Mavado
Drake who is one of hiphop biggest star is making provisions to make a Dancehall/Reggae album. This was revealed recently in an interview with T. Rexx. The international star had made a dancehall flavoured track called "Find Your Love" where Mavado made a an appearance, the video was shot in Jamaica, which eventually caused an uproar from local officials due its strong gun cultured tone. Drake apparently likes Mavado's style and had made additional efforts to work with Dancehall's Star Bwoy. Drake already had request for several dancehall/reggae tracks to try out for his album... you can read more about the project here from allhiphop.com

Jan 26, 2011

Grindsman Appreciates effects of Vybz Kartel Remake of Benz Punnany

The remake of the tune "Benz Punnany" by vybz kartel seem to go down well with the man who made the original version, Joseph Green aka Grindsman. In a recent post Grindsman expressed his appreciation for the recognition due to the remake of his 1990's track Benz Punany by Vybz Kartel. He indicated at the time when he did the song, it was about the love of the music and not necessarily relying on it for a comfortable living, though they did get paid for stage shows and such (not that much of that has really changed). According to Grindsman, he signed to the performing rights in London, thus he should be getting publishing royalties, he also appreciates the fact that his name is being called again in the modern dancehall era, making the younger generation be familiar with who Grindsman is. Grindsman is looking forward to take it further indicating that Kartel should also do a remake of the song "de clock".
In recent times several artistes especially Vybz kartel (eg. touch a button) have been remaking tracks that are not so far back in time, namely the 90's, the producers have been recycling riddims as well as they try to reconnect to their dancehall roots.
Grindsman was recently interviewed by Douglas Shaw on facebook.

Jan 25, 2011

Black Ryno Diss Popcaan

Black Ryno is going all out, ever since teaming up with Aidonia, the former Portmore Empire lieutenant seem to have some rejuvenated energy. In one of his latest tracks the singj takes a swipe at the new Portmore Empire lieutenant Popcaan. 
In this new track called "Mash Works" Black Ryno pointed out the following which more than imply that Popcaan is his target.
Here is the evidence ..
"hey popcaan when man a mash works we nuh mask up"
"hot skull a nyam icicle..shot pitch dat off the bicycle"
"any bwoy weh come from a place weh dog nyam dog dem bwoy dey a nyam  gal hard... "

Jan 24, 2011

Hiphop community rips Vybz kartel and his SKin

Kartel grimacing during a tat session
Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel and the ever changing shade of his skin is still a topic being discussed online. The issue has reached a point where people are worried about the bad reputation that Jamaican people on a whole will have with this guy in the "international spot light". The American hiphop media have picked on the matter and are expressing their opinion on whether this raggae dancehall artiste has self-hate or has gone completely mad. They are still talking about if the dancehall artiste is developing a cult with the symbolic tatoos that he has gotten drafted on him. No one really knows for sure.. in my view nothing last forever .. and this is a not even a dot in that moment called time, Vybz Kartel will soon have to resort back to his blackways..

Crazy is the word
It cannot be over stated... kids should not follow Vybz Kartel.. and the same for adults.. you can dance to his songs but dont do what he does for media spotlight and fame.
Im still trying to wonder how this thing will end up... we wait for the plastic surgery next... just a matter of time before Kartel really emulate Micheal Jackson and do what he did.
Kartel latest Tatoo

Jan 21, 2011

CNN report on Jamaican Dancing Influence

Recently CNN did a report on the Jamaican Dancing culture and its influence throughout the world. Skeritt Boy gave a bit of how the dancing culture has helped him raise form the slumber and help is family. Skeritt is well known for his aggressive dancing style indicated that the dancing has reached a point that there is no real dependence on Jamaica for the latest dancehall dance moves. The culture have been embraced all over the world and now we wait to see if this new popularising of the culture can result in setting a foundation for the music to go further.
Check out the CNN report

dancing report on cnn

Richie Stevens Proteje Copper Cat Killed

Richie Stevens, one of jamaica's more prolific singers lost his "son" to thugs recently. Copper Cat, a proteje of Richie Stevens and an artiste in the music business was gunnned down near his home in Cassandra Ave area, apperently the thugs were interested in taking the bb cell phone.
You can read more about the life and works  of Copper Cat HERE

Jan 20, 2011

Bounty Angry.. at Kartels Booking for Follow Di Arrow?

Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer is said to be once again...Cross, Angry and absolutely Miserable about the fact that Vybz cake soap Kartel is booked for the Follow Di Arrow stage show. Fallow Di Arrow has always been an all Alliance affair and the fact that Portmore Empire will be represented at the show Bounty Killer is not at all amused.
The show is run by Ennis and Decky Promotions and they seem to want to be apart of the hype that is fellowing Kartel at the moment. The show will be held at the James Bond Beach in Orachabessa, St. Mary.
We will be waiting to see how this one will unfold..whether the five star General, Bounty Killer will perform his set or deform Kartels. Bounty Killer didn't perform at Sting 2010.. and up to this point the speculations are that it was a money issue with the promoter. For this Follow the Arrow show Bounty Killer might not turn up in protest of Kartel presence or better yet he just might run up on him while he is onstage for an impromptu clash..now that would be wicked.

Black Ryno fined

Black Ryno who has been in the news for various reasons recently is back in it again this time for the fact that he was slapped with a fine of JA$4,000 after pleading guilty to offencive weapons possession during the incident with Corey Todd late last year. The DJ was spared assault charges as Corey Todd decided not to press the charges against Rhyno.

Timberlee goes Tattoo

Timberlee and Vybz kartel
Timberlee has expressed her interest in setting up her own business. This business will be in the form of a Tattoo parlour where one could come in and have their Tat done while their friends play a session of video games and have a drink... Sounds like a good idea and may be a bit surprising to some fans. Timberlee has been under the ward21 banner for some time now and should still be apart of the group that includes Tifa and Natalie Storm. Timber has been seen around the place up close and personal with the Tattoo God himself Vybz Kartel. One can only speculate as to where the influence came from for this Tattoo business. Some raggae fan is not very fond of the fact that Ms Timberlee is endorsing and gettingvolved in promoting this non Jamaican cultural behaviour.

Jan 19, 2011

Vybz Kartel and Eminem - W.T.P (Remix) JAN 2011

Vybz Kartel & Eminem - W.T.P (Remix) JAN 2011

Bounty's ---Next Generation of Alliance....

Alliance Next Generation
Bounty Killa has set it upon himself once again to push the careers of youngsters who are trying to make it in the Jamaican dancehall music business. Bounty Killer's Alliance group is the platform on which the next generation of artiste will be launched from. The Next Generation of alliance members includes Iyara, Marlon Binns, Patexx and Nymron. Iyara is the most popular in the group and have been active. His popularity came at the peak of the war session between the Alliance/Gully and Portmore Empire and who was known to be dj-ing good lyrics and has a good flow but usually diminishes his efforts with an annoying chant of Ra ta ta ta ta ta... I certainly wish him well. and wish he rips that of his profile.
Bounty Killer has done it several times before and there is no doubt here than someone if not all from this group will be a force to recon with at some point in the future... lets hope Bounty doesnt show them anything in relation to Hammers and zappers though

Vybz Kartel Freestyle New Tune ....

Kartel is once more at it again. Mr Michael Cake Soap Jackson is now shifting directions into is million and one tattoo that he has. Here in this youtube clip the DJ freestyle a potential new tune .with his Tattoo as the subject matter..and keep referring to is skin as pretty like a colouring book.

Jan 18, 2011

Foxy Brown - Come Test Nuh (Vybz Kartel Freestyle) JAN 2011 (Lil Kim Diss)

Foxy Brown ..one of the top Female Rappers in the United States.. is as usual on the attack where Lil Kim is concerned. There is no doubt that Nick Minaj has the the game in the palm of her hands... with the most potential ever seen from a female rapper. Kim and Nicky is in a tossle for the top spot with tonnes of diss tracks.. now with Foxy Brown being a long time rival of Kim..she is not gonna be left out.. one of her recent cameo tracks is directed at Lil Kim.. and its a spin off from "Vybz Kartel Come Touch Mi Nuh"
the track is edited, short.. but you can check it out

Jan 17, 2011

Beenie Man Not OK... DJ requires Surgery

Beenie Man 2nd from Right
The self proclaimed 'Doctor', 'King of the Dancehall' and the 'girls them sugar' is apparently not OK. Beenie Man was diagnosed with a Hip Condition according to one report. The Doc will be off the scene for a while as is scheduled to pay a medical Doctor a visit tomorrow and make the necessary provisions for corrective surgery.

Brand New Vybz Kartel ft Popcaan

Addi di Bleacha
Vybz Kartel... is at no end as he continues to put out tunes after tune... though many fall by the way side due to his low hit ratio, poor quality in melody and that staying power the latest will soon be late... as one track does not get to cool before its swamped by a new release...check it out @0:39.. its called Dancehall Hero Part 2 a spin off from Dancehall Hero.. naturally

Jan 16, 2011

People advice for 2011 Vybz Kartel ..Get Back Black

The people are wishing for good governance among other things including money, but they are also asking Vybz Kartel to stop using that cake soap...stop being an Alien.., get yourself a VISA...get back BLACK!!

Sparks Clears up Matter with Kartel and Mavado re Jay-Z Blue Print 3

In an interview recently Jay-Z and his affiliate indicated that they mad attempts to produce a track with Vybz Kartel for Blue Print 3. This was not the case, it was with Mavado. Now Marvin Sparks recently spoke with Mavado and Vybz Kartel to clear up the matter. Kartel confirmed that it was an error, he did not work with Jay Z on Blue Print 3--because he aint no architect, whilst Mavado is not saying why any of the three tracks he did with JAy-Z didn't make it to the album.

Jan 15, 2011

LIME continues to Use Dancehall Raggae

The telecommunications under dog LIME aka C&W is continuing to push its marketing with Dancehall and Reggae Music as the platform. The company has been going hard for some time now and was also a major sponsor of Sting 2010.
The Rebel Salute show that is scheduled for later on today will be a feature on the new LIME Mobile TV promotion. Already the cell phone gadgets have sold out as fans take up the offer, taking their old phones in exchange for a TV Mobile device and get a chance to also view the Buju Banton show on Sunday.

Kartel makes Fun of Tanto Blacks

Kartel, Popcaan and Notnice begging for votes for chromatic sound system to be sound system of the year... and at the same time @0:40 making fun of Tanto Blacks.. "di man a sample star"

Jan 14, 2011

Khago Beenie Man and Fambo heading for Hot 97 FM Rotations

Word out is that Top dancehall act Beenie Man along side the likes of Khago and Fambo has been added to the rotation of New Yorks Hot 97 FM playlist. The seanizzle production seem to be taking the artiste further into the realms of success and things should only get better hereafter. The song's that were added from the Seanizzle's One Day riddim are Beenie Man and Future Fambo's "Drinking Rum" as well as new artiste of the year Khago with his hit "Nah Sell Out"
We definitely hope that ..these tracks go far in 2011.. and bring good tidings to Dancehall Music.

Ninja Allegedly Assaulted in Jail?

Ninja Man
There are reports alleging that the Great Dancehall Star Ninja Man was assaulted while in jail. The front teeth gold teeth don gorgon was making repeated efforts to get out of jail late last year so that he could take part in Sting 2010, this never materialised. His lawyer should have made representation today, bringing the matter before the courts as well as making additional efforts to have the DJ released on bail.

Romain Virgo fan base Increases

Romain Virgo
Former Digicel Rising Star Romain Virgo.. who can now be described as one of the baddest young acts around in the reggae music and who can easily hold is own and is defiantly a force to be reckoned with. In a recent report it was stated that Mr. Virgo had expanded is fan base beyond areas where not too much Jamaican expatriates do reside..the young singer now has a gathering of fans in Alaska
According to the report the young artiste was listed amongst 30 top reggae artiste and turned up as number 17 on the list with his track called "Murderer" on a programme called 'Vibes of the Time' on Anchorage, Alaska's KRUA 88.1 FM.
The other reggae artist listed in the top 30 includes Beres Hammond, Jah Cure, Queen Ifrica, Busy Signal and Tarrus Riley.
Romain Virgo was reported as saying that, "It was surprising to know how far up north my music is being accepted; somewhere like Alaska that many of us don't even think about. It's a great feeling though. Fi real, it is."
Mr Virgo is expected to be at the Pepsi Reggae Salute, to be staged at Port Kaiser, St Elizabeth on Saturday night.

Jan 13, 2011

Michael Cake Soap Jackson aka Vybz Kartel

Micheal Cake Soap Jackson aka Vybz Kartel
The self proclaimed Michael Cake Soap Jackson of dancehall music also known as Vybz Kartel was endorsed with the look. Someone had take it upon themselves, speculations are that it was generated by Kartel's team it self, to draft a picture that appear to represent a look similar to that of the now deceased Michael Jackson the king of Pop. Ok.. lets see how far Kartel is goint to take this..
is he going to do the nose job... to adjust his tone to sing songs?
grow some locks/hair to reduce the sun impact on his melenin?
overall reconstruction of himself to really take on the MJ challenge.... 12 months is a long time

Aidonia moves to Dismantle Portmore Empire with Blak Ryno's help

Black Ryno and Aidonia
Aidonia and Black Ryno teams up under the influence of a close associate and has nothing to do with an attempt to derail the Jamaican Dancehall Music affiliated Gaza Camp? This is after the three day threat/warning that seem to have gone by unrecognized by Vybz Kartel. Kartel should have responded to Aidonia! Now it has reached a the stage where Diddi is manufacturing his musical artillery perhaps with some help from the one time lieutenant and former right hand man of Micheal "Cake Soap" Jackson aka Vybz Kartel.... Blak Ryno.
It was seen during Sting 2010 stage show that Kiprich used the same technique by drawing for Black Ryno. This makes perfect sense because Ryno would have the inside material, the inside dirt to spill which can be used to reduce the current Portmore Empire squad to a ruble.
Check out one of Aidonia latest piece of music to put a dent on the popularity of Vybz Kartel and his crew.

I- Octane "Who Fool Dem" stolen?

You know your stuff is good when as an artiste and your material reaches the point where it is "leaked" to the Public. That was what happened to I-Octane with a Cash Flow Production called "Who Fool Dem". The track has been getting some good reviews and is deemed another hit from the new "hit monster" I-Octane. If I-Octane continues in the same vain then chances are one could easily claim that he is relativley close to top acts like Mavado, especially along the line of consistency with good sounding, mature people loving music.
The artiste has not yet broken through to the level of "international" recognition but does hope that he will reach there soon as a pay-off to show that good music can be successful.
The cash flow team has regretted the fact that the tune was leaked and has expressed that it is in their best interest to put out high quality production and was concerned about their reputation if this does happen again.
check out the track

Company Rubbishes Kartel Claim

The original cape soap allegation from Vybz Kartel camp that implies that you will be "cool" when you wash with the cake soap and sit yourself down close to an AC unit is not only denounce by doctors and practitioners but now the very company that manufactures the soap has also denounce the claim. The company also stated that there is no impact on sales since the claim by Vybz Kartel that the soap is capable of making persons "look like him" if they use it. You can read More Here.

Jan 12, 2011

Khago Embezzled?

Rising Jamaican Music star Khago is rising so fast in the music business that it seems persons saw it fit to take advantage of the situation. Khago who recently indicated that prior to his success in the music he had never travelled outside of Jamaica. Now there are reports that there is someone who is impersonating Khago on the popular social network Facebook. The Facebook profile is called Khago Dubs, where this person appear to coherce persons unknowingly to pay over monies for dubs done by Khago.
Khago, according to one report, indicated that it seems as if someone is trying to take down his career. He also indicated that persons who wish to obtain a Dub from him should do so through his Management or himself

New Products From Bob Marley Family

Vybz Kartel who recently refer to himself as "Micheal Cake Soap Jackson", is not the only one that is associated with Jamaican music and who is actively seeking to take every opportunity and convert whatever idea that comes to mind churning it into an entrepreneurial adventure. The Bob Marley family is way ahead in terms of memorabilia and items associated with the great reggae icon for sale. In a recent report Rohan Marley indicated that there are a number of new products that are on stream. These products includes the Marley head phones, docking stations and Boom boxes. This is the latest in the Marley Product line development from the Marley family, at one point it appeared that the production of Beer was in the pipeline along with bed linen, action hero, coffee, snow board etc... 

Jan 11, 2011

Vybz Kartel-All Of A Sudden {Harmony} Jan 2011

Vybz Kartel-All Of A Sudden {Harmony} Jan 2011

Buju Banton Concert LIVE on mobile Internet

Buju Baton's concert this weekend dubbed "Before the Dawn" is slated to broadcast live on your Internet cell phone. Well you need to be on the "Lime Network" and  subscribed to the mobile TV service. So if you are fan of Buju Banton and you are not lucky enough to be in Miami to attend the event, this is a great opportunity to view the show live. Unfortunately this service appear to be mostly for Jamaican and Caribbean audience where the LIME service is located.
This would be Buju Banton's first concert in a long while and could be his last for a long time to come if prosecutors get their way and have the Jamaican Raggae artiste locked up for the next 20 years for matters not related to music in anyway shape or form.

Jan 10, 2011

Gramps Margan goes Pro in American Football

Gramps Morgan
This was surprising to me... Gramps Morgan going Pro.. in American Football for one season. This according to reports. Mr. Morgan indicated that he will still be very much entrenched in Reggae and Dancehall music but for one year only will get himself involved in semi-professional American football that he has been involved in for some time now.
Gramps will be expected to perform at Buju Banton's concert "Before the Dawn". The concert is scheduled for next week Sunday at the Bayfront Amphitheatre in downtown Miami, during the Martin Luther King, Jnr holiday weekend.

Tessanne CHin ..Releases First Album

Tessanne Chin

Tessane chin .. has been around for a while now with a musical style that can be hard to describe. The particular track by which she is defined, Hide Away ,  has been a hit and still have a very great vibe to it with its mixture in sounds of rock music, reggae and RnB.
Tesanne Chin has developed to the point where she has just recently launched her debute album which  contains tracks such as Who, The Fall, Flying High and The Right One. Tessanne also collaborated with her sister, Tami Chynn, on You and Me.
We wish Miss Chin all the best and hope to hear more from her and great success in 2011.
Ms Chin with her Album Cover

Jan 9, 2011

The top 11 Jamaican dancehall songs in Jamaica...

Ok ..based on your votes its obvious that Clarks by Vybz Kartel, Popcaan and Gaza Slim took the prize followed by Mavado's Messiah. It should be noted that Gytian's "Hold Yuh" may had gotten the most complaints in Jamaica last year but it certainly was amongst the favourite song for 2010 in the United States hip hop community. The song was voted as the second favourite song of the year on New York's WQHT HOT97.
So for now the top songs in Jamaica right now are as follows..
1. Stulla - Mavado
2. Cake Soap - Vybz Kartel
3. Dumpa Truck - Vybz Kartel
4. Messiah - Mavado
5. Badda Than Dem - I-Octane & Zamunda
6. Caah Get Brown - Kiprich
7. One Day - Seanizzle
8. For Yur Eyez Only - Alaine and Shaggy
9. Nah Sell Out Pt 2 - Khago
10. Puff IT - I-Octane
11. Jim Screechie - Spice

Jan 8, 2011

Aidonia gives Vybz Kartel 3 Days to Answer...

In a recent interview Aidonia gave Vybz Kartel 3 Days to respond in song and not anymore interview. Aidonia also indicated that Vybz Kartel is a coward and is afraid of his challenge as well as the likes of Deva Bratt. Aidonia also expressed that he is far from being broke, drowning and hungry as was stated by Kartel.
Check out the interview with Aidonia

Jan 7, 2011

Vybz Kartel and Russian "Look Pon We"

Vybz Kartel and Russian are at it again..this time in a track called "Look Pon We" under the Adidjahiem Notnice production line. And for now the speculations about the breakdown in relationship between Kartel and Russian will remain silent.
In the this track Kartel flaunts the fact that he makes his face "Melanin free".. and call himself "Michael Cake Soap Jackson"...and sticks a sick sounding laugh, telling the "copy cats" to steal that laugh..if they dare.
Check out the track.. one of the latest track from Vybz controversial Kartel..for 2011.. Is it a hit? ... its not a "straight jeans and fitted".. but bwoy ..I dont know...

Jan 6, 2011

Aidonia is Broke and Hungry...Busy Signal, He is a fake

Kartel Says Aidonia is Broke and Hungry.. he is a confused child for flip flopping beween JOP, Gaza and Alliance.
Vybz Kartel also says  "I will never work with Busy Signal ..He is a shadow of Vybz Kartel..He is a machine fowl..I will never work with Busy Signal... He is a fake"
On Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor: "I was the one that really gave Stephen the exposure when he was wearing school uniform... His father is trying to corrupt him"

Check out the rest of the interview with Marvin Sparks

Buju Banton in More Hot Water

Buju Banton
Buju Banton case could be shaping to be more drama for the reggae star as prosecutors move to press additional charges against the Jamaican Gammy Nominated Reggae singer. In recent media reports it was indicated that Buju could face two additional drug charges adding to his existing drug and weapon charges. Buju's lawyer David Markus is taking counter steps to fight the additional charges. Buju has been under arrest since December of 2009, his lawyers are claiming entrapment by the United States prosecutors. If convicted, according to the report, Buju Banton could be in Jail for upto 20 years and his assets may be seized by the United States Government.
It is not certain how much these "new charges" will affect Buju's upcoming concert, where he is expected to be police escorted and heavily guarded against unforeseen circumstances. 

Jan 5, 2011

Gyptian Hold Yuh ....attacked

Gyptian is certainly not amused at the report that his song was the most complained about item in the broadcasting industry in Jamaica for 2010. There have been word about that Gyptian is getting a fight and it has become clear with this publication from the Broadcasting Commission that due to the popular song "Hold Yuh"...he is very much a target.
Gyptian in his defence indicated that the song has nothing to do with what people think, the song is not sexually suggestive. Gyptian further indicated that he dont want the wrong interpretation to be out there and to be misleading the people. The word is H O L D ..not hole.. he dint say tightest hole... its Tightest Hold...in my life.

Jan 4, 2011

Tanya Staphens Angry at Rebel Salute

Tanya Stephens
Reggae artiste Tanya Stephens ..is pissed as hell at the fact that she is being advertised to appear on the annual show Rebel Salute when she is not going to be there. According to a news report Tanya is angry at the Rebel Salute Management team and Tony Rebel for continuing to allow ads that imply that she will be performing at the show when nothing of the sort will happen.
Rebel Salute was the brain child of Tony Rebel and Garnett Silk and has grown stronger every year. The show will be held at Port Kaiser, St Elizabeth this year on January 15th and will feature the customary "conscious acts" mostly of the Rastafarian faith. Recently the show featured the likes of Assassin performing as Agent Sasco and Lady Saw performing as Marion Hall as an indication of the "non-secular" performance that is expected. This year Mavado will be performing as David Brooks.
Tony Rebel had confirmed that Tanya Stephens will not perform at the show after dealings with her management did not come through. Tanya in her anger indicated that Tony is a rude man and that he did not help to create her character.

MC Nuffy Alive but perhaps not Well

MC Nuffy
MC Nuffy was robbed over the weekend and there was a rumour that the popular MC was killed. He is very much alive however not so well. There are reports indicating that the threat against Nuffy could continue due to allegations suggesting that he did not deliver on deals and thus they went sour. There are suggestions that the dancehall music affiliate should take a leave of absence to allow things to return to normal, as to how much time is required to facilitate this one is not certain but we certainly hope that the situation does not fleshes out the way Bobby Genius situation did.

Jan 3, 2011

Dancehall affiliate Bobby Genius Slaughtered

One of the first bad news for the Dancehall Music seen for 2011 is that dancehall music affiliate Bobby Genius was gunned down in New York recently. Word out was that Bobby was parting a fight when he was gunned down by an unknown assailant. He turned up at the session after he got called to make a pick up.
Bobby who's real name is Dwayne Haughton does not appear to have too many "well known activity" in the dancehall, as soon I find one of his productions I will post it. But for now we are sending condolences to the family of Mr Haughton aka Bobby Genius.

Jan 2, 2011

Sizza to Release New Album ..same 4 Elephant

Sizzla Kolonji who recently ripped up Sting 2010 is set to move on with the launch of his latest album in 2011. Details on the album are a bit sketchy at the moment but we know as usual Sizzla always comes with something special. He is expected to commence his tour of Africa now referred to as his second home.
Elephant Man is also set to release his album called "the Saviour of Danchall". The album includes tracks such as "This How We Do It" featuring Bounty Killer the album will also include a track called "In Jamaica" a collaboration with Stephen di genius McGregor. Elephant Man claims, according to one report Elephant that he wrote most of the songs this time around which make this album special.