Apr 30, 2011

Mavado replaced by I-Octane...in Kartel Mavado Performance


Mavado was replaced by I-Octane for the entrance ceremony for the Wray & Newphew Contender, the Boxing Series season finale. It was indicated earlier that the Mavado Kartel performance is not what is preferred by certain authorities. There is still this mode of thinking that both are still at it in terms of their lyrical fued - which have far reaching negative effects.
Vybz Kartel n Company

Kartel recently indicated that he no longer will be doing any 'gun lyrics'... as at April 2011. He already done at least 3 this earlier this month but has now declared that he not doing any more, time will tell because we have heard him with something of the sort before. In any event, the dude was not given a visa for his recently scheduled tour of Europe.. im not sure if this declaration has anything to do with that...It could be be that the coward nature of Kartel where clash is concerned is being revealed, he not no bad man DJ--accept that he is a Pussy DJ.. check out his popular songs if you think a lie mi a tell

Apr 29, 2011

Apr 28, 2011

Mr. Lexx Have No US Visa

Mr. Lexx looking stranded
I saw this coming like a million miles away. The fact that Mr. Lexx was involved in a court case late last year in the United States where he was charged for some sexual assault. Dude won the case but I knew America was gonna get pissed and boot him to the 'No Visa' listing. Now Mr Lexx does not have a United States visa...man went to the airport to board a flight and was told ...galang back a yuh yard ...the food from America get cut off and right about now no one know for sure when this Visa vs the "hostile dancehall artiste" will be resolved.... 
Mr. Lexx however have a show scheduled for a show in Toronto Canada.. he and others can take comfort in the fact that right now the Canadian dollar stronger than the US.. LOL

Kenyans Shocked at RDX and Partons Stage antics

Im not sure if Kenyans seriously came across anything like this before, but they not digesting it pretty well. In Jamaica many hardcore dancehall regulars are use to the dutty wine and grind in trees, on the beach, in the river.. rolled in dirt even. If you check the core of the dancehall scene sometimes you get more than what you bargain for in terms of nudity etc.
Now RDX is no stranger to "lewdness" in their music and their stage performance are usually quite energetic..but this time around they have offended Kenyans with their antics... Now Kenyans are outraged by what they saw posted on the social nework sites of semi-nude ladies girating with RDX at the Swaggerific concert in Kenya recently... Check ONe of The Clip Here
There is a lot more in reserve where that came from and if they are so outraged at this... im not sure Kenya can handle dancehall... well according to the article in Daily Nation.. there is a building niche

Apr 27, 2011

Beenie Man want Fingering to Stop

Miss Myrie
Beenie Man, being relatively cautious, indicated to Bajans that they should give Jamaicans a break. In a stage performance at the Reggae Beach party, Brandons Beach, Barbados Beenie was very much concerned at the kind of treatment that was being metted out to Jamaicans at times. This came on the heels of allegations sorrounding the assault of a young lady name Shanique Myrie (perhaps no relation to Buju Banton aka Mark Myrie) from Jamaica at the Barbados Airport. Since the revelation by miss Myrie quite a few complaints has followed.
Beenie according to reports indicated that "Sometime you get fed up ah one ting, yuh know. Cause you have been all over de world and den sometime you doan really need to come to Barbados. The immigration need to think twice. I have friends who come over here and end up in jail fi four days fi no reason."
Beenie Man thank the crowed... and more or less hopes that the Bajans will no longer give Jamaicans the "finger"

Apr 26, 2011

Vybz Kartel Kiss her pon di P u s s y Jaw?

Vybz Kartel is once again in the bit of a controversy. Overnight what sprung up was what is now being described as a spliced tune.. where Kartel was alleged to have uttered some thing like come mek mi "kiss yuh pon di pussy jaw"... Now Kartel went as far as building a website overnight to drive home the point that the did not say that and that there are elements out there that are trying to defame his character.
This is said to be the spliced/edited version of the track...@0:11 you can hear clearly what was said or concucted for that matter

And this should be the original version according to the kartel camp..

If he did say that he kiss di girl on the pussy jaw.. you know I would not be surprised.. he is a freak..doh!! and that is the least of what freaks do..I am surprised that the dude is so defensive.. and talking about defamation of character. I guess there is a limit to the man..and kissing the pussy jaw is that limit where he shall not go.

Top 11 Dancehall Reggae in Jamaica April 2011

Top 11 Dancehall Reggae in Jamaica

11. Look Pon We - Vybz Kartel & Russian
10. Run Di Place - Agent Sasco
9. Pepper - Mavado
8. Times Like These -Queen Ifrica
7. Hello Bad Mind - Chan Dizzy
6. Rebel - Cherine & Danielle
5. Ready Fi Dem - Bounty Killer
4. Lyricist - Vybz Kartel
3. Star Bwoy - Mavado
2. No Ramp Wid We - I Octane
1. Rasta Love - Protoje & K. Marley

Apr 25, 2011

Beenie Man the Philanthropist

Beenie Man in his Philanthropic Mode

Philanthropy is a good thing... this is where rich people take their money and help the less fortunate. The Jamaican dancehall artiste are very much involved in this kind of thing these days. To be honest I'v not been following who is really doing what at great detail... but what grabbed my attention recently is Beenie Man being highlighted for philanthropy and the artiste encouraging other artists to do the same. According to the gleaner "On Saturday May 21, Beenie Man and friends will headline a concert dubbed 'Let's do it for the Alpha Boys' at 8 p.m. at the National Indoor Sports Centre. The event aims to raise $15 million for the Alpha Boys' School"
We recently saw shaggy getting an award overseas for his ongoing good give away attitude, and we saw some time ago the attitude of Mavado to also get involved in things of this nature.
Now one has speculate that Shaggy perhaps did his thing from the good of his heart and im not saying the others are not well intended and having done so with any selfish reason. Its just that Iv never heard of Beenie giving anything away... in fact even the competition with bounty over the years one thing he didnt challenge Bounty Killer on is who could buss the most artiste.. and I was disappointed he didnt pirated that part of Bounty.
Anyway keep this up Beenie... like the others you should get back your visa soon

Apr 24, 2011

Shabba Ranks Disses Vybz Kartel?

Shabba Ranks
Shabba Ranks has a brand new song out..its called "Nun a Dem" and it was produced by Steven Di Genius McGregor on the same pepper riddim that Mavado has his tune that also seem to be quite subliminal. This tune is said to be dissing Vybz Kartel in some way shape or form. In the new track Shabba refers to those who took his style and to those who is not showing any respect to the dancehall elders.
We now await an official response from the Kartel camp as to what is their take on the matter.. as well as a direct word from Shabba as to whether this is collaborative effort between himself and Steven Di Genius to make another attempt to crush the bleacher once and for all.... we wait.

Shabba Ranks - None A Dem [Pepper Riddim] (Di Genius Rec) April 2011

Spragga Benz Wanted.... alive!!

Spragga Benz
Carlton Errington Grant aka Spragga 'Di' Benz.. who is well known for his lyrical style and his renunciation of bald head and has gone full blown rastafari and who has been into Jamaican music for past 20 years.. Spragga is being reported as being a person of interest by the Jamaican Authorities. According to reports, police personel from the Kingston Eastern Division indicated that they want to have a word with Spragga Benz. It is expected that the interview will be in relation to the shooting of three persons on Friday night in the McIntyre Villa area of St. Andrew. Spragga is currently overseas and is engaged in a number of events ..and recently twitted on his page saying ...

"why dem babylon ya a try drag me through mud and slander my name i don't know?"..."i have been abroad on my business and these people find me interesting ...they should've been at the concert .leave me out unoo madness who lost his son in tragic circumstances some time ago" ...

This certainly is not Spragga or any artiste for that matter would welcome at this time.. unless they need the attention for survival.
It was recently the Spragga Camp indicated the release of his new album Shotta culture.. ..and what an album name..not helpful at this time at all...one is not sure when Spragga get caught as to when he himself will be released.
JMD..thats Jamaican Dancehall Music is once again making an appeal for artiste to stay away from these things....its not healthy for the music

Top Reggae Dancehall Recent tracks on Itunes

This is a few of the top songs being sold according to the itunes reggae chart... up in the ranks is Gyptian's Hold Yuh.. which had peeked in 2010 last year to number 1. Of note is the likes of Beenie Man and Fambo rum and Red Bull...

Number on Itune Chart - Song Title - Artiste

12. Hold You (Hold Yuh) - Gyptian
17. Patience - Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
18. Feels Like - Katchafire
27. I'm Drinking / Rum & Red Bull - Beenie Man & Fambo
31. Let's Do It Again - J Boog
37. Sweat (A La La La La Long) - Inner Circle
32. Breaking My Heart - Maoli
39. Yr Dreaming - Katchafire
41. One Day (feat. Akon) - Matisyahu
58. Just You and I - Ricky Blaze
61. Nah Mean - Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
62. Typical Heartbreaker - Kolohe Kai
63. Benz Punany - Vybz Kartel
64. New Heights - Ky-Mani Marley
94. Rum & Redbull - Beenie Man & Future Fambo
95. Love's Contagious - Tarrus Riley

Apr 23, 2011

Jamaican artiste Afrcan No Shows

It is becoming quite common for Jamaican Reggae artists getting headlines of being a no show when it comes on to shows in some African countries. It was Sean Paul who was not contracted and thus didn't turn up for shows in Zambia and Malawi last year. Since then QQ the "Jamaican Justin Beiber" missed his start up leg in Kenya due to immigration problems with the UK transit. Now we see here Sean Kingston turned out to be a No-show as well, again it appears to be out of the artiste control as they made attempts to get on schedule for the concert.
There is a decent appetite for reggae and Jamaican artiste in Africa and we see this from sold out shows and super turn outs for the likes of Busy Signal and Alaine..The no-show headlines tell a tale that the artiste treats shows on the mother-land with disdain

Apr 22, 2011

Kartel to Sue Authorities over Colouring Book

Word out is that the Gaza Empire head Vybz Kartel will be making another attempt to get compensated due to acts by the state. His Colouring Book show was recently scrapped at the 11th hour and thus resulting in the artiste loosing a few shilling. He is now proposing to get compensation through the courts...This is not the first time Kartel will be taking such action.. the DJ and sometime SingJ threatened to do so last year when he was locked up for an extended period as a person of interest and thus lost revenue.

Apr 18, 2011

Colouring Book Banned..Kartel Mavado to perform

The police cancelled the potential colourful event which would have seen the Gaza Empire king himself in concert called "Colouring Book" on Saturday April 16. According to the authorities they pulled the plug on the show because it was considered a potential hazard to members of the public and that the show would likely attract a large number of criminal elements... now thats evil ROFL... it was explained that the Portmore division does not have enough man power to deal with this thus the show was cancelled... the promoters have 7 days to appeal... which would have defeated the pupose anyway since the cancellation was at the 11th hour.
Since the Gaza done was not able to perform at the Colouring Book show in Portmore... the Contender boxing series on TVJ is looking to bail out the fellow and have him slated to perform along the likes of Mavado and I-Octane on April 27. Reports are that the police once again intervening in the matter and are asking the promoters not to let Mavado and Kartel to perform while the boxers enter the stage.. as this may reignite the Gaza/Gully Feud

Apr 17, 2011

Mavado's Star Boy gets Record views on worldstarhihop.com

One is not quite sure but by the looks of things Star Bwoy is a mega hit for Mavado..we say so because of the number views the tune has gotten on worldstarhihop.com in just a matter of days. Now some may argue that its the captioned pick that may have triggered the frenzy of clicks... even if that's the case im very sure this has to be a record for any Jamaican artiste.. not even if they just release a Bob Marley he would get over 7 million views in a few days. Though it could be some other technically glitch we will feel better if we know that its because the man a pepper mek di people want to see him ... congrats gully ghad... this is rather ghadly.

Assassin Agent Sasco Targets Vybz Kartel?

Assassin aka Agent Sasco
Agent Sasco apparently intends to take 2011 by storm if what we see brewing here continue to blossom in a full blown war with Vybz Kartel. Now we earlier pointed out that the two real bad man tunes, one by  Vybz Kartel and the other by Agent Sasco, brings a reflection on their pass confrontation . The latest from Sasco seem to again point at the Bleached DJ with the Devil tatoo. Due to the fact that Sasco has not called Vybz Kartel name in the song one has to put 2 and 2 together ..since it seems Sasco still have the jitters from the decade ago lyrical war between them ..here assassin speaks of those who buy out charts and exerts unfair practices in lyrical warfare again it seems he pointing to the one with the devil pon him han.
Now with this new tune from Assassin called Yuh Madda... the people are saying this is directed at Vybz Kartel ... and the tune Real Badman by Vybz Kartel was in fact directed at Agent Sasco (otherwise called Assassin)...It is a fact that Kartel often tell a rival fi "guh suck yuh madda".... sasco takes on the issue.. we now await the devils' response

Apr 12, 2011

Head Concussion moving on...

Russian and unknown sexy Chick..
Head Concusion records is still doing well even though they had a few hiccups along the way and Russian though he appear to be light headed at times is streering his ship. Russian now has at his diposal a fresh new artiste on board..his long time friend called Chan Dizzy with tunes like "strange face" and "hello badmind"... So the fame is here..now this.. the girls will come.. and we see this fine "strange face" chick with the man.. so we have to acnowledge u si mi.

Apr 11, 2011

Bounty Killer - No Cream To Mi Face

This one of Bounty Killer latest tune.. it is called No Cream to Mi Face produced by Cod REd. Check it out...

Apr 9, 2011

Vybz Kartel vs Clovis once again

Clovis depiction of Kartel

Clovis and whosoever drawing the cartoons in favuor of Vybz Kartel, lets assume it is Vybz Kartel are at it again.. in the battle of the cartoons... clovis recently struck with one indicating Kartel must be a corpse to be looking so bloodless and Kartel replied with a cartoon indicating Clovis having a feast on some gyal front.
Kartel depiction of Clovis

Apr 7, 2011

DJ Offers Reggae for Prince Williams Wedding

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Reggae Music .. is not the first choice of the royal family.. I know.. no research needed here. Prince William is getting married this summer, he is the future King of England, there was a request made by Eddie Kent a 38 year old Reggae DJ from Tottenham to play "lovers rock" at the prince's wedding. I'm convinced that Prince Willie didn't see that letter however there was the courtesy to respond, though the offer was rejected. The letter from the royal family did indicate that if there was a need for reggae by the future King his request maybe considered...but not right now. Eddie K a hospital radio DJ was very such pleasantly surprised at receiving a response even.
I think Beres should be there to drop some tune.. some real lovers tune.. or even Lee "Scratch" Perry   perhaps,.... you can read more here

Apr 5, 2011

Sean Paul ..wrote no Book..no Affair with Beyonce

Sean Paul and Beyonce
The so called relationship between Sean Paul and Beyonce has resurfaced. One is not obsoletely certain as to why this rumour, if it is, has turned up once again after some 8 years or so, however word out is that some report came out indicating that Sean was writing a tell all book that included the so called affair with Beyonce. It was 8 years ago when both Beyonce and Sean Paul worked together on a callabo called "Baby Boy"...since then people have been saying you and him phuck... But Sean as did Beyonce have denied that they had anything apart from a working relationship. It was speculated that Sean might have grind off the woman around the time of the Baby Boy production ...created by Beyonce so called time away from Jay-Z at the time..It has since been speculated that the two has not seen much of each other since the working relationship and it might have been Jay-Z's doing... man a protect his front...

Nicky Minaj "yow wayne you on the gully or the gaza side"

Nicky Minaj
Nicki Minaj... yeah the same lady that Kartel keeps mentioning in this line ..that he remixed with lil wayne some time ago.. and I like that line mind u...
She nods at Gully Gaza Beef in Jamaica in her latest spat at Lil Kim.. the young money lady took time out in the track to indicate the depth of her knowledge of the situation in Jamaica re the gully gaza rivalry when she said in the snippet of the track called "Tragedy"...   "a yow wayne you on the gully or the gaza side "

Apr 4, 2011

Pizza gone Reggae

Reggae gone Pizza.... ha.. Major Pizza production franchise Domino's Pizza has made efforts to produce what they describe as Reggae Reggae Pizza... this is really some ordinary pizza with a splash of Levi Roots' famous sauce. The marketing campaign will taking a digital approach where pizza's can be ordered from a facebook page.
You can read more if you are Hungry ..Here ... get ur azzz some damn reggae pizza

Mavado Returns to Trinidad

Mavado ..is free.. free to fly... free to perform.... in Trinidad and Tobago. The self-proclaimed Gully God and nowadays sometimes refered to as King of the "Modern dancehall" ... have been given the green light to perform in the twin island republic after being banned for some 4 1/2 years.
Mavado's management team has been working feverishly to keep the artiste out of trouble ..or out of controversy even. This is in a bid to keep a clean slate, so as to justify to the US Embassy, to redeem the artiste so that he can regain his US Visa to allow him to access the United States to make money again to support at least his five Baby Mothers. Up to this day it was hardly justified as to why Trinidad didn't favour the gully God and simply almost always allowed access to the Gaza family. ...Thats why mi did a say a Gaza Trinidad seh!! ..mi know deh love the freaky ting still.. check out his performance here and a snippet on the KMC thing that i didnt even look at some time ago.. where this artiste from TnT called KMC some how got someone to impersonate Mavado... and in a TV interview Mavado denied ever working with this guy.

Apr 3, 2011

Vybz Kartel new Song Real Bad Man

Kartel is back with ..a long awaited (for some) bad man tune...Its has been at least over a year since the DJ has not ventured into badness.. perhaps apart from touch a button nuh he has not done any hard core badman tune. Over the past couple of months his skin colour has taken the spot light and he had admitted some time ago of actually shying away from tunes of this nature..

The new tune from Kartel is called Real Bad Man... ironically Assassin has also recently released a tune called Real Bad Man... it was tunes of similar nature by both artiste that caused the war between them about a decade ago.. at this point we are not certain if this is just a coincidence or a some form of counteraction on whosoever released their tune last.

Beenie Man attacks Bounty

Beenie Man
Beenie Man, in his quest to stay on top of the dancehall game and perhaps reclaim his crown as the king of dancehall, recently released a track that disses his old nemesis Bounty Killa. Bounty Killa is a bit down at the moment..a mean, he just went through a court cases being accused of fixing a lady business with a hammer, they took away his ranger rover and about to sell it for tax ivasion puposes, he still a in a ganja case infront the courts and he still in his usual tussle with Kartel.. and all of a sudden out of the blue a seemingly deranged Beenie Man come diss di man inna a new tune called "Nuh Talk Too Long" ..a Seanizzle production.
I dont honestly believe that Betweenie Man looking  a hype here.. "Rum & Red Bull " ft Fambo is doing fairly well on the itunes chart..its at about No 23 on the reggae version of the chart, so whats the meaning of taking a jab at Bounty at this time...I could see with a Jab at Kartel.. cause thats easy for anyone.. but bwoy IDK...
the song.. is here

Vybz Kartel Ft. Sheba - Benz Punany also You and Him Deh [HDD] {OFFICIAL VIDEO} APRIL 2011

Vybz Kartel Ft. Sheba - Benz Punany; You and Him Deh [HDD] {OFFICIAL VIDEO} APRIL 2011