Oct 31, 2011

World Boss Vybz Kartel to return to Court Thursday

KINGSTON (Observer): The second murder case against caged deejay Vybz Kartel, was stood down this morning in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court because a co-accused was not brought to court by the police. Resident Magistrate Georgianna Fraser put off the matter until Calvin Haye, who is charged along with Kartel for the murder of Clive Williams also called 'Lizard', is taken to court by police. Haye was brought to shortly after. Dressed in white shirt, purple tie and black pants, Kartel was brought into court shackled to another inmate. He sat watching this morning's proceedings from inside a holding area and was seen conversing with other prisoners. VYBZ Kartel and his co-accused Calvin Haye were remanded into custody until Thursday when they appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court this morning.

Oct 29, 2011

Brand New Song From Mavado

Brand New song from Mavado... this one takes him back to his first love ..Gun Tunes.. This one is called Darkness on the Darkness Riddim. It appears to be a subtle subliminal diss to bounty killer and his alliance once more... Take PREE HERE

Deva Bratt Diss Bounty Killer's and Alliance Group

Deva Bratt has stepped up to the plate and now decides to attack the ANG. For readers who dont know ..that stands for Alliance Next Generation which includes the artistes sush as Iyara who seem the main target by Deva.
ANG is branch of the Bounty Killer lead Alliance which should include artiste like Busy Signal, Bawse Dawg, Mavado, Wayne Marshall etc. Of recent though artiste like Mavado barely refers to himself as Alliance and is more engulfed in his Gully Squad, Busy Signal has been so damn busy he not much of an alliance ...thus the ANG to spruce up the thing...
Anyway check out Deva Bratt diss on Alliance and ANG ..namely Bounty Killer and Iyara and I did hear some reference that could be easily tagged to Vybz Kartel as well. The New song is called "ANG Destruction" n the War Craft Riddim. the track seem unfinished where mixing is concerned though... Take a PREE HERE

Top ten Songs in Jamaica as at October 28, 2011

The top ten jamaican music right now according to reports are:
10. ">Specialist - Street Hustle (Phone Card, Banna Chips, Cash Fi Gold)
9. Chris Martin - Cheaters Prayer [Cardiac Strings Riddim]
8. Daniel Bedingfield - Sometimes You Just Know [Overproof Riddim]
7. Popcaan -Raving (Summer Time Riddim) JUNE 2011
6. Mavado Duh Road
5. Munga Chi Ching Super Hype - Imma Need Security -
4. Sean Paul - Got to Love You
3. Mavado - Settle Down [Overproof Riddim]
2.  Popcaan - Only Man She Want - Lost Angel Riddim - August 2011
1. Khago - Tun up mi ting [Overproof Riddim]

Oct 28, 2011

More Gaza People in Trouble

Shawn Storm locked up... and now Moony Vybz kartel road manager and clothes designer is now charged for murder according to reports.

Oct 27, 2011

Brand New Sang from Fambo O.M.G

On that same latino riddim called Mas Fuego as the Bugle tune ..the ever drunk Fambo is trying to strike gold once again. This one is called O.M.G..... Mad check it out

Kartels 'Wife' Mum..and Fans still support Vybz Kartel

KINGSTON (Star): There was more drama outside the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's court yesterday as Vybz Kartel's family and followers streamed out yet again to show their support for the incarcerated entertainer. The comments that some of the fans had to say about the self proclaimed World Boss were very interesting. Vybz Kartel's common law wife, Tanesha 'Shorty' Johnson turned up at the court house along with her relatives and members of Vybz Kartel's entourage. She told the news paper that she was advised not to give any more comments to the media, however, she did mention that she was okay and that the children were doing well. "I can't do anymore interview until I understand fully what is going on but I am fine," she said. Her cousin Kesha also intervened saying, "The lawyer sey she nuffi give no comment, the kids are okay and she is okay and that's that, no further comment," she said. Shorty had recently told the media in an interview on DRAP, that the children were traumatised about the situation. Shorty also said that Vybz Kartel's mother had collapsed as a result of her son's imprisonment. "Based upon all this lock up thing, the kids dem traumatised bad because di morning when dem come them carry him from the hotel come a di house, and ma big son Adijah Palmer him start cry and run up and dung and all a dat. Akeel (Kartel's other son) guh to school, mi get a call from him teacher sey mi muss come fi him because him just keep on crying. Wey dem have him (Vybz Kartel) suh long fah, him need fi come home now to him children dem, cuz him children worried bout him an him is a loving father," she said in the interview. Some of the persons who stood in the sun, hoping to get a glimpse of Kartel, and not surprisingly they all pleaded his innocence. "Gaza mi sey, leggo offa mi artiste, Vybz Kartel a my man a him put mi to sleep, if my man nuh sey Gaza mi nuh want him, him haffi come out a mi house," said one female fan. Another Gaza supporter who wished to have her name withheld told THE STAR that Vybz Kartel was a victim of the system. "The system corrupt, him innocent, them have some man inna jail fi all three, six years straight and dem cyaah find nutting, why dem hate him we don't know, a spite dem a spite him," the obviously upset female said. Despite all the drama on the outskirts, Vybz Kartel was remanded in custody, and is slated to appear again at the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's court on Monday, October 31, to be tried on charges of Marijuana possession.


Brand new music from Bugle. This one has a strong latin flavour, I have noticed Bugle a venture into different realms this one is not bad. Check out the New Trck from Bugle called "EXPRESS HOW YUH FEEL" on the MAS FUEGO RIDDIM from KEEPLEFT RECORDS

Oct 26, 2011

Vybz Kartel Book Still to Be Published

KINGSTON (RJR): Although dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel is behind bars, his team is hard at work. The publishers of Kartel’s book have decided that they are going ahead with the release of the book Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto in time for the Christmas holidays. In a statement the publishers said there was never doubt on their part as to whether they were going to complete production of the book as they believe it has a very powerful message that Jamaica must be aware of. According to the publicist, they originally planned for the book to be launched next year but Kartel had tried to advance the release date for this summer as his writing was complete. "The book has been in editors’ hands before the summer holidays and we have been waiting to block some promotional time with the ace deejay. However, (that) was not (possible) as a result of Kartel’s busy schedule with several performances and his reality television show ‘Teacher’s Pet’ and now (his) current legal situation derailed those plans," the publishers statement said. In the Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto, Vybz Kartel, whose given name is Adidjah Palmer, speaks of poverty and a number of other social issues and according to the publishers release “readers will be surprised to read the things Kartel would have changed in his career and his true feelings about many other Reggae/Dancehall artistes; but most importantly, Kartel elaborates on the Jamaica he ‘visions’."

Konshens is in the Game - Just Dance 3

KINGSTON (RjR): Dancehall artiste Konshens has joined several international acts who are featured on the popular music video game, Just Dance 3. Just Dance 3 has more than 45 songs from multiple genres and artistes like B.O.B., Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, Taio Cruz and Rihanna. Konshens says the song, which is called 'Jamaican Dance' also features Elephant Man.

Beenie Man falls off Stage almost breaking Bones

Its seems Beenie Man ... was doing that brand new dance on stage ..and missed his step and went crashing down almost breaking a bone or two. The dude fell of the stage in Costa Rica recently but seemed unscathed when officials picked him up as he continued on into his set. Beenie Man does wear glasses and he made the mistake of not watching his step carefully. Sort of like when he made that mistake and married D Angel.. one now wonders if it was she a obeah him... Check out Beenie Mans Downfall @ 0:19

Mavado and Canadian hip-hop superstar, Drake to Make Album

KINGSTON 5(RJR): After performing together within the last year, prominent dancehall singjay, Mavado and Canadian hip-hop superstar, Drake are set to put their chemistry to the ultimate test. According to reports from UrbanIslandz, Mavado and the Young Money rapper will shortly be releasing a joint album; combining dancehall and hip-hop. The collaborative album bears similarities to Distant Relatives, the joint effort by reggae superstar, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley and American hip-hop veteran Nas that was released in May 2010. A source within Mavado’s Gullyside camp revealed the news to the online source intimating that the new album will be done through the conduit of DJ Khaled’s label, We The Best Music Group. It was also revealed that since Mavado returned to the United States and signed with DJ Khaled, there are a number of collaboration requests coming in from several rappers. But he is reportedly looking forward to dropping a full length LP (long-playing microgroove record) with Drake. However, fans can look out for possible appearances with other Young Money artistes Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, along with DJ Khaled and Busta Rhymes to name a few.

Vybz Kartel shows gaza sign..while in Jail..court appearance today

Kartel in Jail
CROSS ROADS (Observer): JAILED Deejay Adijah 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer is expected to appear in the Gun Court section of the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court today to answer to murder and gun related charges. Palmer along with Nigel Thomas and Lainberg McDonald are jointly charged with the murder of 27-year-old Barrington 'Bossie' Burton. Police said on July 12 Burton was slain as he stood among a group of friends at Walkers Avenue in Gregory Park, St Catherine. The Deejay's legal woes were further compounded when news broke late Monday evening that he was slapped with a second murder charge by cops from Constant Spring Criminal Investigation Branch. The cops cops accuse Kartel and Kiro Jones also called 'Ray Jones', are charged for the of Clive 'Lizard' Williams. The police say Williams was murdered on August 16th in Havendale, St Andrew.

Oct 25, 2011

Vybz Kartel Still Try Bail Attempt

The legal team for Vybz Kartel is still planning to apply for bail for the jailed entertainer despite him being charged with a second case of murder. An application will be made Wednesday when Kartel returns to court. Detectives from the Constant Spring Criminal Investigation Branch on Monday evening charged the entertainer and another man identified as Kiro Jones otherwise called ‘Ray Jones’ with the murder of Clive Williams alias ‘Lizard’. Mr. Williams was killed on August 16 in Havendale, St. Andrew. A statement on Monday night from the police said arrangements are being made to have Kartel and Mr. Jones appear in court shortly. One of the artiste's lawyers, Christian Tavares-Finson, told RJR News the additional charge will not affect Wednesday's plan to seek bail on his behalf. "As far as the extent of any sort of involvement from Mr. Palmer, I can’t say yet because we haven’t been served with any documentation whatsoever to indicate if he even has any involvement in this matter. However, we will be going to court on Wednesday with a view to securing bail for him in this other matter so we are proceeding as planned at this stage,” Mr. Tavares-Finson said.

Oct 24, 2011

Vybz Kartel Charged with Another Murder

KINGSTON (RJR): Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel has been slapped with another murder charge. Detectives from the Constant Spring Criminal Investigation Branch have charged Kartel, whose given name is Adidjah Palmer, and Kiro Jones otherwise called ‘Ray Jones’ for the murder of Clive Williams otherwise called ‘Lizard’. Mr. Williams was murdered in Havendale, St. Andrew on August 16. Vybz Kartel and Mr. Jones were charged Monday evening, October 24. Arrangements are being made to have them brought before the courts. Kartel is already facing murder charges. He and Nigel Thompson and Linberg McDonald are charged with the July murder of Barrington Burton in Gregory Park, St Catherine.

I-Wayne has a New Album 'Life Teachings'

(AP) I-Wayne, "Life Teachings" (VP Records) "Life Teachings" is the long overdue third album from reggae star I-Wayne, and the singer is back with a display of real roots, continuing to mix the political with the romantic. The 14-track album, mostly produced by Patrick Z. Henry, takes you on a journey of love and righteousness, and is filled with rhythms and bass lines that blend perfectly with his incredible voice. Album opener "Burn Down Sodom" is bold and self-explanatory, and the powerful title track touches on common roots matters such as taking down Babylon, and "Herb Fi Legalize" does the same praising marijuana. In comparison, tracks such as "Life Joy," a collaboration with Etana, gives the record an element of R&B, and "Empress Divine" adores the "perfect woman," showcasing I-Wayne's romantic side. The album wouldn't be complete without an infusion of dancehall and that comes courtesy of "The Fire Song," featuring special guest Assassin, whose rough tone compliments I-Wayne's softness. Overall, "Life Teachings" is one of the better contemporary reggae albums to be heard in a while, and out of his trio of records, this one is by far the strongest, with its fearless songwriting and neat production. Comparisons to reggae greats are certain, but not premature. Old and new listeners alike should be excited.

October 26 Vybz Kartel..court date

KINGSTON (Star): Controversial deejay Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is expected to return to court on Wednesday, October 26. The deejay, who was recently charged with two other men, was remanded in the Gun Court section of the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Friday, October 15. Nigel Thompson and Linberg McDonald have been jointly charged with the artiste for the July murder of Barrington Burton in Gregory Park, St Catherine. The Portmore Star understands that a bail application was not made by his attorneys because of the failure to serve them with a particular statement that was allegedly given to the public defender by one of the witnesses in the case. The controversial artiste was charged with murder, conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm on October 3. It is alleged that on July 11, Kartel along with other men conspired to murder Barrington 'Bossie' Burton, a 27-year-old businessman/promoter of a Gregory Park address in St Catherine. Burton was murdered while he was standing with friends along Walkers Avenue in Gregory Park.

Oct 23, 2011

Gyptian i would Phuck Nicki Minaj..Mr. Vegas acts like a Phussy

Gyptian says ...Nicki Minaj is like a bitch... but he will still phuck her... The truth must be heard he says. He also said that Mr. Vegas should stop chatting on twitter ... and stop behaving like a sissy...or a phussy even.

Lady Saw Non Appearance pissed off Switz Fans

Switzerland (Reggae Reuters, Lyss):It would appear that, in another brazen show of indifference to the people that put money in her pocket, “Lady” Saw has once again “dissed” her fans by cancelling a concert at the eleventh hour. The concert in question, planned for tonight in Lyss, Switzerland will not now go ahead. “Cultural Events”, the concert organizers, pleaded that they only found out from Marion “Lady Saw” Hall late on Wednesday that she was not going to be turning up at the event which was organized over a month ago. In what is increasingly becoming the Dancehall Diva’s version of the “the dog ate my homework” Lady Saw apparently had “problems with the visa”. Soundbwais “Lion Powa Soundsystem” who were scheduled to support, were left disappointed with the event now not proceeding. While bearing no animosity, they were quick to lay the blame at Ms. Hall’s door. “Lady Saw didn’t get the visa!” was all they were prepared to say on the record. They remain upbeat, however, looking forward to supporting the arrival of the reliable Chuck Fenda in November. One disappointed fan we contacted, no stranger to being disappointed by Jamaican artists in the past, laid out his case as follows: “These dancehall ‘stars’ let the fame go to their heads. I was looking forward to Lady Saw on Friday, never having seen her live before. Now all I have is the bill for a hotel room in Lyss that I won’t even be sleeping in. It was too late to get a refund, once I heard the concert was cancelled.” And what did the Lady herself have say to her hordes of disappointed fans? She declined to comment. “Quelle surpise?” as they will no doubt be saying in Switzerland tonight. She did however find time to comment are far weightier issues on her twitter feed: “Listening to my new song love sick over N over while cooking rice and peas and fish sweet” – 19 Oct. “About to clean my bathroom now just now then watch some tv .” – 20 Oct. And of course: “Mi tune dem harder than any man dick yah now trust mi” - Oct. 20. Classy. It’s seems that this is yet another dancehall star who, in Buju’s sage words, “neva did a check fi lay di foundation”. Let us hope, for her sake, that she learns her lesson, before “things change”.

Oct 22, 2011

Merciless at his Best in a Long Time

Merciless the ole veteran clash DJ ..has made his mark for sting 2011. The DJ is making everyone an enemy....The tune called War Attack ...hits at Bounty Killer, Beenie, jail birds Ninja Man and Vybz Kartel --Elephant Man, Twins of Twins... Kiprich, Tony Matherhorn...
The tune has a nice vibes on the War Basement Riddim... take PREE here

Popcaan Black Ryno Beef Analysis

Black Ryno and a Girl
Dancehall artistes Black Ryno and Popcaan have been at odds since Ryno left the Portmore Empire camp and recorded the Gaza diss song Mi Lef in 2010. Popcaan counteracted the song with Dem Sell Wi Out and the two have been silent on the subject since. However, Ryno has recently recorded a song called Gaza Beating Stick, where he challenges Popcaan to a lyrical battle. In the song, Ryno sings, 'When yu si mi yu run like three likkle pig ... how badman fi name Popcaan ... him a country man from him born, put yu pon a country bus, guh back dung a St Thomas fi guh back guh plant pak choi ... when yu si di clang and the click if yu think yu bad flip.' The WEEKEND STAR contacted Black Ryno and according to the artiste Popcaan threw lyrical jabs at him in a recent song called Nuh Box Pon Jaw where he says, 'Badman nuh tek box pon jaw ... all now some bwoy sey dem bad and cyaah defeat wi doe ... mi have a thing wey mi walk wid, tek wey yu three points mek some bwoy haffi play zero.' According to Ryno, he knows that Popcaan is dissing him because certain things happened in Gaza that Popcaan knows about. "When I heard the song, mi know sey a me him a talk because a whole heap a thing happen inna Gaza," he said. According to Ryno, he heard that people were looking forward to seeing a face-off at Sting and he was not ruling that out. "If a artiste a style mi, mi wi run een an deal wid it ... but mi jus a gwaan watch dem now," he said. Ryno says he only answered the song to show that he was no weak fence, because Jamaicans would assume that he was a coward if he didn't. The artiste says that at Sting persons can expect the same Black Ryno and if it's war, then it's war. "Wi nuh tek long fi sic, suh if a war a war," he said. The WEEKEND STAR made several attempts to get a comment from Popcaan on the matter, but his phones went unanswered. However, sources close to the deejay said that he was busy at a video shoot. Black Ryno's song Gaza Beating Stick has not yet been officially released, and was was produced by Mark Myrie, Not Buju Banton...LOL but the son of reggae/dancehall icon Buju Banton.

Oct 21, 2011

Son of Peter Tosh Roots for Embattled Vybz Kartel

CROSS ROAD (Observer): EMBATTLED dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel has got much empathy from what could be deemed rather unusual quarters — Dave McIntosh, the son of reggae great Peter Tosh. Taking a philosophical approach, the young Tosh, speaking at his father's birthday symposium on Wednesday, at the Undercroft, UWI, drew on his father's lyrics — "You cyann blame di youths," to contextualise his feelings for Kartel. What makes it even more profoundly interesting, was Dave Tosh, told the well-attended forum that he was contemplating doing some remakes of his father's work, including You Cyaan Blame Di Youths, which he announced, would feature Vybz Kartel. "I hear a lot of people come up and they talk about the song, You Cyaan Blame Di Youths, and it kinda touch mi, because is a song weh mi love mi self. And it means a lot to mi. In recent times, our business manager planning on doing some remasters with Peter's music. So one of the ting we did plan to do, was to remaster some songs such as Legalise It, You Cyaan Blame Di Youths, and in talking to them me make a suggestion. Mi look pon dem and seh, you know sey me have the top artiste of Jamaica fi put pon You Cyaan Blame Di Youths right now. And dem sey which artiste dat? — Mi sey Vybz Kartel." The response was mixed. A flag-waving Rastaman shouted "fire", while, for the most part, people found it amusing and chuckled for awhile. And there were those with expressions of deep contemplation. After everyone regained their composure, Dave continued. "It kinda sad that it never really happened. You see whe mi a deal wid. Because we hear everybody talk about a Peter Tosh or a Bob Marley as being icons, however, me can remember as a child growing up, they weren't much. Because they were old 'dutty-head' Rastas. You see it's the same way dem treat the youths even of today." He continued, "so if we cannot blame the youths for what is going wrong, or the wrongs or the ills that they are doing, then who can we blame? That is the question." With the theme of the function in honour of his father being -- Peter Tosh: Activist, Protagonist and Musical Genius: One of Jamaica's Unsung Heroes, in the spirit of Peter, Dave truly represented the 'Tosh' family. "So my job is really just to keep the family together, keep the estate together so that we can move forward together, seen. So on that note, really I am not the most liked person in the family. And the reason being, one of the ting I think, you see when Peter passed, we all (his children) had to go through what was known as a kinship hearing to prove that we were, in fact, his children. " But when they checked my DNA, they realised I was Peter himself. So dem nuh like mi," added Dave to uncontrollable laughter. The young Tosh also touched on the business of reggae. "Reggae music makes trillions of dollars annually globally. Is enough money fi have everybody in Jamaica living above the poverty line. Yet still, Jamaica don't own no part of reggae music. I think these things need to query. Because I see the MPs come together and they created all these enquires over time, and I think they need to enquire why Jamaica is not benefiting from reggae music... I don't see where Jamaica a benefit from reggae music. You go globally, and you hear dem sey Jamaica, reggae, reggae. Jamaica, Jamaica, but I don't see it here. Dave Tosh later revealed to Splash that he was planning a show dubbed: Tribute to Peter Tosh: You Cyaan Blame Di Youths, for which Vybz Kartel would have been the headliner. "If we had gone through with that, it wouldn't work out because we already know the position whe him inna right. Even me ask myself right now, why would a man like him put himself inna di position whe him inna. Comes right back to the Peter Tosh song — You Can't Blame Di Youth. Maybe you need fi go check him teacher, so is all dem little ting deh mi look pon,"

Corey seeks To Uplift and Milk the Dancehall Industry

KINGSTON(Rjr): American businessman Corey Todd will begin releasing dancehall and reggae music on iTunes next week. The first wave of tracks will include the entire catalogue of music that he has produced in the past three months. He has scored hits such as Jahvinci's ‘In My Life’ and ‘Eagle and Hawk’, both with producer Ainsley 'Not Nice' Morris. Todd said he will be putting out projects that he has with the producers ‘Not Nice’, ‘Black Spider’ and ‘Dre Day’. He also said that he is looking to work with other producers and is willing to use his own money to promote the singles. He also plans to post new music every Tuesday via iTunes. The dancehall moguel is currently promoting Khago's latest single ‘If This Is Not Love’ and the video for the song will be aired this week.

Oct 20, 2011

NUFFY 'I don't know Kartel as a bad person'

Kingston (Star): Controversial MC Nuffy has recorded a single dedicated to the incarcerated self- proclaimed dancehall hero Vybz Kartel. According to Nuffy, Vybz Kartel is innocent until proven otherwise. The song is called Muss Come A Road, and is produced by Feather Weight Records on the Gripe Water rhythm, which is soon to be released. The MC/artiste says that he is a loyal Gaza fan, and he won't switch like many have done since his incarceration. "Some people are wagonists, I'm a loyal person and Vybz Kartel is a good artiste, and I wouldn't want to see a good talent wasted. Some people just act like they are with you and when trouble tek yuh they disappear," he said. In the song, which is sure to cause some amount of controversy, Nuffy sings, 'Muss come a road Teacha, mi a duh deh one ya fi Adidja, to all a di gangsta wey nuh love informa, push up uno han because uno still sey Gaza. Mi si sey dem a try sell out di Empire, charge him fi diss, charge him fi dat ... mi si di 'Teacher's Pet' reigning, him lawyer big suh more crime them claiming, mi swear pon mi heart a frame dem a frame him.' According to Nuffy, he does not know Vybz Kartel as a badman. "I don't know Kartel as a bad person, and so I will support him all the way so that he can come out because his fans are waiting," he said. Nuffy claims that most persons who are rejoicing at Vybz Kartel's demise are plain jealous of his success. "He is my mentor in music and he came and changed music in Jamaica and a dat dem hate him fah, he is just a man like other people. Some people just hate the man because they can't be him," he said. According to Nuffy, Vybz Kartel is a boss and so he makes stern decisions like bosses do, and nothing is wrong with having rules. "If you don't want to have a boss, you leave, it's simple. Vybz Kartel is not a brutal person, but as a boss you have to be bossy, it's the same thing with politicians, you vote for them but they have to make stern decisions," he concluded. The song is slated to be released in early November and will be accessible on Facebook, YouTube and other media outlets. Nuffy is currently gearing up for Sting, where he is expected to perform the song

Ninja Man sets Man Free..after Dowsing the TV

KINGSTON (Star): The assault charge slapped on a man who was accused of hitting deejay Ninja Man with a stone was dropped in court yesterday. The man, Kevin 'Nashy' Maitland, was acquitted of the charge in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court. The allegation was that the deejay, whose real name is Desmond Ballentine, was knocked unconscious by the accused at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre in Kingston. It is alleged that on August 3, the deejay was walking to his cell when he was attacked. It is reported that Ninja Man was hit in the head with a stone that the accused had concealed in a sock. However, the deejay recently told the court he did not want to pursue the matter any further. He said he wasn't sure that it was Maitland who directly threw the stone and he had blamed him because he was the closest to him. The deejay said that he did not directly see the accused man throw the stone. The accused man had also denied the allegation and stated: "Your Honour, is a section with 48 man, an altercation was on the block, war between the whole block. Ninja Man dem throw water ina the TV and that cause the whole war." Ninja Man, 45, has been in custody since 2009, and is awaiting trial for murder.

Justin Bieber enters Reggae World?

KINGSTON (Observer): Teenage pop music sensation Justin Bieber seems to be working at capturing a few more hearts musically, with the release of his latest single, the reggae-inspired Christmas jam, Mistletoe. The catchy track is set to a one-drop rhythm, which features a heavy acoustic guitar influence. Bieber reportedly said he wanted to do "something that people haven't heard before." Partial sales from Under the Mistletoe, his Christmas album that is out November 1, will go to various charities, including Pencils of Promise and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. "Universal never actually allowed money from the album to go to charity, so it's kind of a unique thing and I'm very happy and proud of what we've done," the 17-year-old said in an interview from Lima, Peru, on Monday. Universal Music Group is the parent company to labels like Interscope Records and Island Def Jam Music Group. Its roster includes Eminem, Rihanna, Kanye West and Lady Gaga. Bieber said he isn't sure how much of the sales will go to charity, but thanks his team for helping him achieve his goal of wanting to help others during the holiday season. "I tell them basically what I want and they kind of go and help me get it done," said Bieber, who will also donate money to various food banks. Under the Mistletoe features collaborations with Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men, among others. He said he wanted to "work with people who had great experiences with Christmas albums." "They were all great people and fun to be around," said the Canadian-born entertainer, who appears on a "super festive" version of Carey's classic song All I Want for Christmas. Chris Brown co-wrote and co-produced the song Christmas Eve, which Bieber says "all the ladies will like." And there are also tunes featuring Usher and the country trio the Band Perry. They've been really successful and great in the country world, so I wanted to get them on my Christmas album and cross some barriers and try to get some different audience members to listen to my music," he said. Bieber, who also raps on the Busta Rhymes-assisted Drummer Boy, said he enjoys performing different styles of music. "I guess I can be pretty versatile — being able to do country music and put out a record of me rapping on the Internet," he said. "I just think that with the Internet, not a lot of artistes can be taken seriously if they try to change lanes and so I made it kind of apparent at first that I love to do everything and people kind of take me seriously when I switch over, so I'm really lucky to be able to have that."

Oct 19, 2011

Sizzla ..fans wont see him till 2012

KINGSTON (Irie): Fans who are expecting to see Sizzla Kalonji return to the stage will have to wait until 2012. Sizzla made the announcement after being falsely advertised by some unscrupulous promoters. The entertainer has revealed that he has not authorized any winter tour or shows overseas since his last tour in 2009. Sizzla is also requesting that fake promoters desist from tricking the fans with false promotions of upcoming tours or shows. Sizzla is currently recuperating following a motor bike accident on August 25 in Runaway Bay, St. Ann where he was left with several broken bones and suffered from internal bleeding.

No Mention of Popcaan in Portmore Gaza Empire

Popcaan in the Blue Cap
If the following statement true.. then it can be concluded that Popcaan is no longer apart of what was called the portmore empire. "Adidjahiem Records would like to announce that they are still the booking and management agents for Portmore Empire artists. In a statement issued through his lawyer Michael Deans, Adidjahiem Records CEO Adidja 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer stated that "Portmore Empire artists Vanessa Bling (Gaza Slim), Sheba, Tommy Lee, and Shawn Storm are still booked and managed by Adidjahiem Records. As such, any bookings or commitments coming through any other channels will not be honored." Palmer also states that booking and management related requests should be made to Calvin Haye at 876-261-4813, 876-289-8889 or adidjahiemrec@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it"

Kartel Companion...gets full brunt of Law

KINGSTON (Observer): SHANE Williams, one of the men found in a hotel room with entertainer Vybz Kartel earlier this month, and who pleaded guilty to possession of ganja, was fined $100 when he appeared before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court this morning. Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey presided over the case. Williams was one of three persons who were taken into custody along with the entertainer earlier this month after cops from the Flying Squad raided a hotel room in New Kingston where they were staying. A search of the room turned up a small quantity of ganja and the four were subsequently arrested and charged. Kartel has since been charged with murder, conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm in relation to the death of 27-year-old Barrington Burton o/c 'Bossie', a businessman/promoter of a Gregory Park address in St Catherine. Burton was murdered while he was standing with friends along Walkers Avenue in Gregory Park.

Mavado Speaks of Assassination attempt n More

Mavado recently gave an interview on THisis50. The Gully God indicates hare that they tryied to assassinate him.... at that Bounty Killer birthday party. Check out the interview

Oct 18, 2011

Andrew Blood upset About Rumour

Andrew Blood

Andrew Blood is quite upset ..that people are spreading rumour that he is dead. He is very much alive and well, no accident or nothing of the sort. Its not a good feeling for people to be doing this to him according to the Dj in a recent report. The DJ who is one of the sons of Junior Reid is indicating that people should refrain from spreading rumour about people in this fashion on the these social media devices, the twitter, facebook and bbm.
Andrew and Wadda Blood are known for taking swipes at top DJs in the business with little or no impact. Both seem to be on a low profile due to touring and studio work.

Oct 16, 2011

Black Ryno start dissing Popcaan again..

Black Ryno is going all out ..to resurrect the beef with Popcaan. This is a good move by Ryno because right now Popcaan his hot on the charts and has no real natural enemy and  Sting 2011 is just around the corner and Laing is looking for a good fight.
There is some bad blood between them from the time Black Ryno left the Gaza camp over a year ago. This is the latest diss tune put out by Black Ryno for Popcaan its called Gaza Beating Stick.

Oct 15, 2011

Popcaan Ravin on Itunes Reggae Chart

Popcaans' Raving has hit the itunes reggae chart. I think this is the first time the Gaza prefect has hit the charts, we are used to seeing the likes of Beenie Man, Serani, Mavado and the World Boss Vybz Kartel. The itunes reggae chart has always been dominated by roots rock reggae music from the likes of Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Shaggy and Mitisyahu...well nowadays Gyptian has spiced things a bit with his Hold Yuh hit song..
Check out some recently tracks on the chart...

21. Sunshine Girl (feat. Peetah Morgan) - J Boog
26. Let's Do It Again - J Boog
32. Sugarcane - Shaggy
35. I'm Drinking / Rum & Red Bull - Beenie Man & Fambo
47. She Was the Best - The Green
51. Every Little Thing (feat. Fiji) - J Boog
61. Delilah (Genius Mix) - Mavado
64. Summer Time - Vybz Kartel
67. Sunshine Girl (feat. Peetah) - J Boog
68. Feel I Bring - Aer
76. Guns of Brixton - Jimmy Cliff
81. Take You Higher - Positive Motion
87. So High (feat. Rebelution) - I-Wayne 
88. Life Teachings (Ital Sippin's) - I-Wayne
99. Ravin - Popcaan

Elephant Man Escapes

Reports are that Elephant Man has escaped, perhaps by the skin of his teeth.., a law suit for items of designer clothing that he took from some fashion designer but some how forgot to pay for them. Indications are that Elaphant has turned over some of the money.. and therefore only just escapes the consequences of a law suit.
In recent times it would appear that elephant man has hit hard times, it was only this year the DJ was harassed by the Tax Man and there was some rumour swirling about the some bridge electricity situation.
It must be noted that the volume of tracks that Elephant man was putting over last 10-12 years has dramatically slowed down, im not sure if its because the dancers are now singing about their own dances depriving Elephant Man of that niche.

Oct 14, 2011

Top 10 Songs in Jamaica October 14, 2011

The top ten songs in Jamaica right now still has among them 2 tunes from the Gully God Mavado. His cool and deadly tune for the ladies called settle down seem to resonate well with the ladies on that intoxicating Over proof Riddim from that man called Roach. Also in there is the now ever present Khago also on the Over Proof riddim. Gaza still stands with Popcaan's two tracks Ravin which is regressing and the new tune called Only Man She Want. Its also good to see Sean Paul's Got to Luv u... on the local charts.
These are top 10 Songs in Jamaica as at October 14, 2011
10. Imma need security  - Munga, Super Hype and Chi Ching
9. JPS - Agent Sasco
8. Phone Card - Specialist 
7. Got to luv u - Sean Paul ...
6. Only man she want - Popcaaan 
5. Cheaters Prayer - Chris Martin
4. Duh Road - Mavado
3. Ravin - Popcaan
2. Tun up mi thing - Khago
1. Settle Down - Mavado

Shawn Storm Released

KINGSTON (Rjr): Dancehall DJ Shawn Storm was on Friday morning released after his attorney Michael Dean entered a habeaus corpus when the Portmore Empire artiste appeared in the Corporate Area Criminal Court. Shawn Storm, whose given name is Shawn Campbell, turned himself over to the police on Monday after being named a person of interest. Mr. Dean asked the court to order the artiste's release as the police had not charged him with any crime.

More Jail Time for Vybz Kartel

CAGED Deejay Adidjah 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer arrived at the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court this morning where his legal team will make a bail application on his behalf. The arrival of the entertainer, who has been in police custody for two weeks, was met with cheers from a handful of supporters gathered outside the court. The celebration was however short-lived as the artiste, who was dressed in purple, was quickly escorted to a holding area inside the court building. The supporters continue to wait to her the outcome of the application. The popular entertainer Vybz Kartel has been remanded until October 26. Mr. Palmer returned to the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court this morning in relation to the murder case brought against him. His lawyers, Tom Tavares-Finson, Christian Tavares-Finson and Michael Deans, were expected to make a bail application today but didn't due to issues with a statement given by a witness. They are expected to apply for bail when he returns to court. The popular entertainer has been in custody since he was arrested along with three other persons at a New Kingston hotel two weeks ago for illegal possession of ganja.

CHase Cross ..disses another

Chase Cross says he is the bravest one... He says pick your side, gullyside is his side and he aint fraid of them especially dem boys who are 40yrs old. It appears to be a diss to the General Bounty Killer and there is specualtion that some words are in there being dropped at the foot of his gully mate flexx, who appears to be afraid to say a straight gully side after the that shooting incident at Bounty's Birthday party this year the triggered a line of diss tracks between Chase Cross and the Alliance clique. Check out this new track from Chase Cross its called Wild Dem Up.. this is under the production of Seanizzle's Sunrise Riddim

Oct 13, 2011

Vybz Kartel still Seeking Bail

KINGSTON (Gleaner): Lawyers for dancehall star Vybz Kartel are expected to seek bail for him when he returns to court tomorrow. Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, made a brief appearance in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, but did not enter a plea. Prosecutors also revealed that two other men, Neil Thompson and Lengberg McDonald, will be jointly charged in the case. Palmer is facing murder, conspiracy to commit murder and illegal possession of firearm charges arising from the shooting death of Barrington Burton, a St Catherine businessman/promoter, in the parish in July. One of his attorneys, Christian Tavares-Finson, said the case is now properly before the court and prosecutors have turned over the relevant documents to the defence.

Elephant Man Sued for Clothing

Elephant Man at Reggae Sumfest show
Its seems Elaphant Man is in a conservation mode these days. It was alleged some time ago that the DJ has resorted to light bridging to avoid light bills as well as the pounding of his vihicle by the tax authorities for the lack of tax payment. The latest with Ele and his money woes is that he is being sued by some local fashion designer for over JA$1 million... According to reports "A popular designer is planning to drag Elephant Man through the courts after claiming the Energy God owes him over one million dollars for designer clothing. The designer’s lawyer is already dealing with the matter. Ele who was reportedly served documents about the overdue bills has a few days to pay up or face legal action."

Beenie Bounty Diss continues

While all else is happening ... Bounty Killer and Beenie Man refuse to let the spot light come off em. This tune done by Beenie Man is a Bounty Killer diss, it is the latest in a series of diss from these 2 stalwarts. Even though we have been hearng that the whole thing is a hoax to generate intertest for both artiste.. whatever the case might be there appear to be some truth in both sides lyrics that hurt. Take a pree at this new Beenie Man diss tune this one is called "Pinch Yourself"

Oct 12, 2011

Mavado to Migrate to Ghana

KINGSTON (Rjr): Dancehall singjay Mavado may soon set up shop in the continent of Africa, ahead of an upcoming performance there. Reports out of the West African nation of Ghana suggest that Mavado, whose given name is David Brooks, has expressed interest in migrating there, to local journalists at a pre-concert press conference in Accra last weekend. The concert is being hosted by Ghanaian reggae artiste, Samini, who discussed the possibility of featuring the Alliance singjay on his show two years ago, while visiting Jamaica. Now, the "Gully God" has hinted that he would love to move to Ghana in the near future as soon as he acquires land there; claiming that "Ghana reminds me of home. (I’m) an African due to ancestry and (I’m) very excited about the prospects of living in the Motherland." Mavado is not the first Dancehall/Reggae act to signal his intentions to migrate to Ghana. Rita Marley, widow of legendary Reggae singer, Bob Marley, currently resides at Konkonuru in the eastern region of the country. Additionally, Reggae superstar, Sizzla Kalonji has made his presence felt in Africa; owning acres of land in Zimbabwe and doing charitable works within the country.

Kartel Remanded ..with More Charges

KINGSTON (Observer): Jamaican dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel may face additional murder charges, a highly-placed police source has told the Observer. The deejay is scheduled to appear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court this morning to face charges of murder, conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm after being denied bail on a drug possession charge yesterday. The Observer source said Kartel is also being investigated for his role in the double murder of two men in Portmore, St catherine earlier this year. "We definitely are looking into his role in the double murder of two men in Portmore and charges relating to that incident may be levelled at him soon," the source said. Vybz Kartel was arrested two Fridays ago at a hotel in New Kingston by cops from the Flying Squad. He and three other persons who were found in his company were charged after the cops found more than four ounces of ganja. The DJ was remanded until Friday when he appeared in the Gun Court section of the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court this morning to face charges of murder, conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm. The statements have been served on the defense by the prosecution and his attorneys are expected to file a bail application when the deejay returns to court.

Damian Marley new Tune

Damian Marley has been relevant in the Jamaican hardcore music industry. The DJ seem to redefine himself a bit with referring to a Gong Zilla. He has a new song that is out.. its going hard some real hardcore dancehall thats speaks of the typical from Rema, TG and Jungle. This one is called Set Up Shop - take a pree HERE

Brand New Chase Cross Dem a Mystery

Chase Cross is back with a new tune. Im just listening the tune for subliminal attacks against Bounty Killer and his Alliance crew. There are some stuff there but its submerged deeply into the sublime ... Take a pree of the new song from Chase Cross its called 'Dem a Mystery' said to be on the jealousy riddim influenced by the Ghetto Lynx family.

Oct 11, 2011

Vybz Kartel.. rejected by Judge

KINGSTON, Jamaica (Observer): JAMAICAN dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel was denied bail when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court to answer to a charge of possession of ganja this morning. Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey, refused a bail application by attorney Michael Deans and ordered the deejay, whose real name is Adijah Palmer, to return to court on November 10 when the case will again be mentioned. Dressed in a grey and black vest, blue and white striped shirt and grey pants, Palmer did not appear as hyped up as he did on his first court appearance last week. He is due to appear in court tomorrow to answer to charges of murder, conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm. Palmer was arrested two Fridays ago at a hotel in New Kingston by cops from the Flying Squad. Police from the Caribbean Search Centre scoured three premises which the artiste is known to frequent in the Corporate Area and St Catherine. Police say they are targetting members of the Gaza gang who they claim have been intimidating witnesses in a bid to scuttle the prosecution's case. Several members of the gang have since been taken into custody.

Brand New Song from Whats Left of Vybz Kartel Gaza Empire- Tommy Lee

This is a bran new tune from Tommy Lee one of the few remaing fragments of the Gaza Empire. This one is called Some Bwoy. Take a pree here

Oct 10, 2011

Portmore Empire Shawn Storm in police custody.

PORTMORE, Jamaica (Observer): Portmore Empire artiste Shawn Storm is now in police custody. The dancehall entertainer was turned in to the police by his attorney Michael Deans this morning. Police, who have embarked on mission to crack up the Gaza gang which is aligned to embattled deejay Adijah 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer, went to Shawn Storm's mother's house on Saturday in an effort to take him in after he was named as a person of interest. Police sources indicate that Shawn Storm will be interrogated within 12 hours. Deans told the Observer that the entertainer has not yet been told why he was named a person of interest. Meanwhile, Vybz Kartel is expected to answer to murder, conspiracy, and firearm charges later this week in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court.

Kiprich - The Next Ninja Man

KINGSTON, Jamaica (Star): After destroying the Monster Empire at Sting on two occasions, Marlon Plunkett has been hailed as one of the most formidable clash deejays today. So revered has KipRich become, that Isaiah Laing, promoter of Sting, regards him as the new 'Don Gorgon'. According to Laing who spoke to THE STAR in a recent interview, KipRich is the new Ninja Man of Sting because of the artiste's ability to clash. "You can expect KipRich to war with anybody. He has lyrics and he is willing to go up against any artiste," the Sting promoter said. Kiprich indicated that..."A jus di work mi a duh, if Laing si dat inna fi him sight, mi accept it, but mi is a youth wey nuh inna self praise, mi jus a work fi di fans dem," While he says he is not one to praise himself, KipRich who came on the scene in the late 1990s, believes he can live up to the expectations that come with the lofty comparison. "As long as the work is here to be done, I will be here to keep working for the fans, mi a pree longevity, a music mi duh," he said. Despite the view that being compared to a dancehall icon is a compliment, the artiste explained that he did not want to be put in a bracket as a 'war-season artiste'. I am not a war-season artiste. I am always relevant. I have a lot to offer whether summer, winter or whenever. I just need the producers dem to send me di hot riddim dem right through the year, and mi can guarantee seh a hit song mi a put pon dem," he said. cording to KipRich, if he is to be seen as the new Don Gorgon of Sting, it must be the new and improved version. "Mi naah guh duh like Ninja Man, a must the new and improved version, mi a go be relevant right through the year, a nuh just the latter part," he told THE STAR. As it relates to his upcoming matchup against veteran deejay, Merciless, at this year's staging of Sting, KipRich says he is not nervous. "Mi nuh nervous a di war wid Merciless, mi nuh fraid a cow voice dat nuh move mi," he said confidently. The artiste also said that patrons can expect the unexpected at Sting. "Warfare is all about the element of surprise, mi nuh know what a guh through some man head, but mi nuh fear nuhbody," he said. KipRich recently released two new singles, Nuh Chatting produced by Good Productions and Hear Mi A Seh produced by Romeich Records. The artiste leaves the island next week for a European tour, where he will set foot in England, Sweden and Germany.

Oct 9, 2011

Alborosie and Di Mobo Award

What is this fuss about Alborosie copping the Best Reggae MOBO award. The haters are saying that this man is Italian.. Jewish, white.. far from "GAZA" (lol) and how come he gets the award for the Best Reggae Music Of Black Origin. Alborosie who's real name is Alberto D'Ascola.. was born in Sicily, Italy.. but now lives in Jamaica for over a decade now and he is doing good reggae music. So why are these people jumping on the mans dick... Mobo dissed Jah Cure.. when they rejected his nomination.. talking about he an ex-convict and shit... thats bullshit. Jah Cure done his time.. and living a normal life.
Now Alborosie must not be harassed for the fact that he copped the award... the man is doing good  reggae music and he should be awarded for that..now STFU...

Oct 8, 2011

Vybz Kartel could Face Death Penalty?

Vybz Kartel in Handcuffs
Analyst are saying that the World Boss Vybz Kartel if found guilty on all charges he currently faces.. the popular DJ could face the death penalty. It was pointed out that the capital punishment is still on the books of Jamaica and could be executed as soon as the authorities see fit.
What a waste!!

Patrick Robert's Shocking Vibes Raided

Patrick Roberts
We understand that two premises belonging to Shocking Vibes owner Patrick Roberts were searched last night. Roberts who is the political caretaker for the same community belonging to Andrew Holness as member of parliament. Ten persons were taken into custody after the raid, two were charged with illegal possession of marijuana. It was just a few days ago Shocking Vibes Boss... Roberts was indicating that his company is the official booking company for Popcaan and he was in discussion long before Recent Kartels arrest. Things .. a look a way daaaag. IDK.. what they implying here the Roberts is someway tangled in this murderous web?.. time will tell... time will fucking tell.

Popcaan 'Patrick Roberts naah manage mi'

KINGSTON, Jamaica(Star): A week after the arrest of Gaza strong man Adidja 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer, rumours have already begun to surface in the music fraternity that the Gaza prefect 'Popcaan', has signed to Shocking Vibes. However, the dancehall artiste denies such allegations. "I work with Young Vibes Records' Jamie Roberts, that is Patrick Robert's son, but my management remains the same with Portmore Empire," he said. According to Popcaan, since the arrest of Vybz Kartel he has been conducting business through Patrick Roberts of Shocking Vibes, but it's not a contract agreement. "Patrick Roberts naah manage mi, a mi fren dem but a nuh no management ting, a Gaza mi sey," he said. The artiste says that Patrick Roberts will and can take phone calls on his behalf for bookings, but Gaza fans must not be quick to be judgmental. "I want the people to know this, don't get it twisted, I am not managed by Shocking Vibes, yu know seh Teacha nuh deh a road, and business still haffi gwaan but mi nuh lef Gaza, those are just silly rumours," he said. According to Popcaan, his management and label remain the same despite the absence of Vybz Kartel. "Memba a me sey Gaza forever and mi nuh have nuh further comment," he concluded. THE STAR tried to contact Patrick Roberts for comment but both of his cellphones rang without answer

Oct 7, 2011

Latest Top Dancehall tunes in Jamaica as at October 7, 2011

Popcaan and Mavado ...especially Mavado continues to dominate the local charts with two or more tunes on this listing. Khago continues to show that he is no fluke, he is real...certainly no walk over and definitely is a hit machine. Check out the Latest Top Dancehall tunes in Jamaica as at October 7, 2011 10. One by one - Mavado ft Laza Morgan 9. Jps - Agent Sasco 8. Cheaters prayer - Chris Martin 7. Get Gal - Vybz Kartel ft Russian 6. Only man she want - Popcaan 5. Phone Card - Specialist 4. Duh Road - Mavado 3. Raving - Popcaan 2. Tun up mi thing - Khago 1. Settle down - Mavado

Brand New Song from Popcaan and Vybz Kartel

This is a brand new tune from Vybz Kartel and Popcaan. This one is called "Never Fear Dem"

Vybz Kartels Teachas Pet Back on TV

The teachas pet show is back on local television so says the Management of CVM TV. According to reports the management team indicated due to the high demand and contractual arrangements the Television station took the decision to run the second episode tonight.

Vybz Kartel Pleads Not Guilty

KINGSTON, Jamaica (Observer): VYBZ Kartel pleaded not guilty to a charge of possession of marijuana when his case was called up in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court today. His female companion Alicia Jackson, pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $500 or thirty days for the offence. Kartel's attorney, Michael Deans, requested that the court drop the drug possession charge against his client. The request was flatly rejected by Senior Magistrate who ordered that the prosecution and defence should discuss the matter and come to a decision when the case is next mentioned on October 11, when a bail application is expected to made on his behalf. The artiste, who is known for his avid defense of skin bleaching, appeared to be regaining his original dark skin colour after a week in custody. He sat quietly inside the holding area for defendants on remand and listened intently to the cases that came before the court. He smiled broadly when a woman, who complained of being physically abused by her male spouse, begged the court to give the man a chance. Dressed in a grey suit with matching tie, the smile which was adorned the face of the deejay was missing as he was being pleaded and he maintained a stoic demeanor. Vybz Kartel is tentatively set to be brought back to court October 13 for the preliminary hearing into the charges of murder, conspiracy and illegal firearm possession which were laid against him earlier this week.

Top Selling recent Reggae Dancehall Tunes itunes as at October 7 2011

Right now Mavado's Delilah is the only local hard core track on the itunes top 100 reggae chart. It dropped a couple a places and so did Shaggy's Sugar Cane. The Rum and Red Bull track with Fambo and Beenie Man is pretty old (.i.e. 2010) ..we just through up there for numbers sake. But for the most part the rest of these tracks were released in 2011 including the Jimmy Cliff - The Guns of Brixton. J Boog dominates this MF though. SO this is the list for the top Dancehal Reagge Sales on itunes... the latest tunes 13. Sunshine Girl (feat. Peetah Morgan) - J Boog 18. Sugarcane - Shaggy 27. She Was the Best - The Green 47. Sunshine Girl (feat. Peetah) - J Boog 48. Every Little Thing (feat. Fiji) - J Boog 55. Mumbai (Mumbai (Kanedubstep Remix)) - Divkid 57. I'm Drinking / Rum & Red Bull - Beenie Man & Fambo 64. Take You Higher - Positive Motion 68. As We Enter - Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley 79. Delilah (Genius Mix) - Mavado 82. The Guns of Brixton - Jimmy Cliff 86. Replay (feat. Million Stylez) - J Boog 88. Enter Pegasus (Original Version) - Butterfly Crash 94. Feels Like - Katchafire 96. Sweet As - Katchafire

Oct 6, 2011

Popcaan Pops out Of Kartel's Portmore Empire

Word out is that Popcaan the Gaza Prefect, Vybz kartel right and man--- the potential future leader of the Portmore Empire is now being booked by Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes. It is not fully certain if Popcaan is no longer fully associated with Kartel's Portmore Empire however it is being claimed that the deal with shocking vibes was inked long before Vybz Kartel was arrested for alleged misdeeds.
It was reported some time ago that Popcaan was in doubt of his affiliation with Kartels group but that was simply down played until now.

Ninja Man want charges dropped for Man that Busted his Head

KINGSTON, Jamaica (Observer) CONTROVERSIAL dancehall deejay Ninjaman, who in August reported that a fellow inmate had used a stone “to knock him out cold”, has asked the court to dismiss the case against his alleged attacker. The 48-year-old entertainer, whose real name is Desmond Ballentine, told Senior Corporate Area Magistrate Judith Pusey Tuesday that he wanted the assault charge against Kevin Maitland dropped, but the request was flatly denied. “...Unfortunately that is not your decision to make. I have to see the medical first,” Pusey told Ballentine. The artiste was attacked on August 3, allegedly by Maitland after returning to his cell at the Horizon Remand Centre in Kingston after taking a morning shower. Maitland, it is being alleged, used a stone that was in a sock to hit Ballentine on the forehead, rendering him unconscious. The case will again be mentioned on October 19. Both men have been remanded into police custody. Ninjaman has been in custody since 2009, awaiting trial on a charge of murder.

Flipa Mafia Diss Bounty Killer Elephant Man etc

Flppa Maffia who people say has been busy snitching and absconding on boats to the USA ..has resurfaced before but was not seen until he recenty released this diss track ...dissing the likes of Bunty Killer, Elephant Man and Tony Matterhorn. Check out the latest tune form Flippa Mafia called Money Fight War

Twins of Twins continues to pound Tony Matterhorn

The twins are asking where is Tony Matterhorn in their latest diss track. A witty track it is as expected from the twins, they are certainly not let up on Tony. Check out the latest Tony Matherhorn diss track called weh-yuh-run-gone-man

Oct 5, 2011

Sting 2011

Its about .. let me see..roughly three months away... it is early October now..and Sting is late the December..the 26th to be exact. So we are looking at roughly 82 days from now before the anual stage show begins. Now because Sting is one of the biggest one night reggae and dancehall show on earth, it  was a clash show in its days of origin and more less so these days however the artiste these days still begs for clash show where they would compete and kill lyrically other artiste and their career at times.
Apart from the thrill of that... money is paid to hottest dancehall act to appear on the show by its promoter Mr Laing..and i suppose the artiste will get money for clashing.. if they meet the criteria. To meet this criteria for clashing of course you must be in a lyrical fued with some other artise ..such artiste should be recognizable...someone who is more or less prominent in the danchall ..like Bounty Killer.
Bounty Killer likes clashing, he is a dinosaur yes and so is the art of clashing. Its obvious that Matterhorn, Kiprich and now Fire Links (the selecta) not only want to be on the Sting 2011 show but they are making sure that they get clash money as well.
Here Fire Links Attacks bounty Killer
Tony Matterhorn Random Attacks

Kartel Murder charge goes viral

Kartel choking Shawty to death
Of course as expected the international news media is very much paying attention to what is happening to the man called Vybz Kartel aka World Boss..now jail boss. There were a number of publications yesterday that feature the recent misfortune of the Bleached one..who incidentally could not turn up for court today and yesterday due to the incompetence of the police force in putting the case file together.
The news media who are very much in the current state of the jamaican dancehall star includes websites such as;
Rolling Stone
News One
ABC australia
The Guardian
Washington Post

and there are lots more "chus me" ...cant be bothered..

Oct 4, 2011

Vybz kartel Teachas Pet is Crumbling

KINGSTON, Jamaica (Observer): TELECOMMUNICATIONS company LIME has withdrawn its sponsorship of the television programmme Teacha's Pet which features embattled dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel. The company withdrew its support less than a day after investigators from the Major Investigation Task Force slapped charges of murder, conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm on the deejay. "Due to the serious nature of the charges against Vybz Kartel, LIME has taken the decision to discontinue its broadcast of Teacha's Pet on mobile TV with immediate effect," the company said in a short statement to the media. Vybz Kartel, who is registered as Adijah Palmer, was scheduled to appear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court today, but the preliminary hearing failed to get off the ground. Police have since reported that the artiste will face the courts tomorrow. Vybz Kartel was arrested on Friday by cops from the Flying Squad at a hotel in New Kingston. He and three other persons were charged with possession of marijuana after a small quantity of the contraband was found in the room.

Vybz Kartel to get Back BLack

News Paper depiction of Kartel in Jail
There .. is so many to choose from when you are looking for a topic where Vybz Kartel is concerned.
The Dj is in Jail and it seems the police are looking at other allegations where Vybz Kartel is concerned so this charges stick, if he is found guilty chances are Buju Banton and Dudus comes out before him...
Vybz Kartel is no stranger to Jail.. I like this track with him and Alozade..its called When Shatta GO A Jail.
Bwoy it not gonna be the same... what im looking forward to though is when Kartel is going to get back Black.. ROFL.. But for now.. he is the browin in the cell

Tony Matterhorn goes after Bounty Killer and Beenie Man

Tony Matterhorn
Tony Matterhorn.. strikes both Bounty Killer and Beenie Man and even a small swipe at Elephant Man. In the latter part of the track he indicates the confrontation between himself and the twins is not yet over.. there should be a dancehall duppy out soon.
Check out the new diss track from Tony Matterhorn this one is called Milli Vanilli

Oct 3, 2011

Vybz Kartel charged with Murder

Vybz Kartel ..chared for Murder
It has just been reported that Vybz Kartel real name Adijah Palmer, leader of the Portmore Gaza Empire has been charged with murder... Conspiracy to murder and illegal Possession of firearm. According to the observer "A news release from the police said that the charges against the deejay were made following the conduct of an interview this afternoon by detectives from the MIT in the presence of his attorneys. “The allegation is that on Monday, July 11, 2011, Palmer, along with other men, conspired to murder Barrington Burton o/c ‘Bossie’, a 27-year-old businessman/promoter of a Gregory Park address in St Catherine. Burton was murdered while he was standing with friends along Walkers Avenue in Gregory Park,” the police release said. The preliminary hearing will take place tomorrow at the Half-Way-Tree Resident Magistrate’s Court."
Kartel who has been taken in as person of interest of the past couple of months ..where he was held for a couple of days and then release..seemingly due to lack of sufficient evidence. But in this case it seems the police has enough evidence to lay at least three major charges against the popular dancehall DJ

Vybz Kartel to be asked Questions

KINGSTON, Jamaica (Power106): Controversial dancehall entertainer, Adija Palmer, better known as Vybz Kartel, is expected to face questions from police investigators today. Kartel, whose real name is Adijah Palmer, was expected to be interviewed on the weekend. However, the Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, Assistant Commissioner Ealan Powell, said the interview was put off following a request from Kartel’s attorneys. Kartel is being represented by a team comprising Tom Tavares Finson, Christian Tavares Finson and Michael Deans. The entertainer was arrested on Friday morning at a small hotel in Kingston for illegal possession of marijuana. Three other persons who were in the company of the artiste were also arrested. However, the police have since widened the probe involving Kartel. Several houses owned and frequented by the artiste were searched by a strong joint police-military team on Friday. It follows the discovery of a partially burnt decomposing body at one of Kartel’s St. Andrew premises. The police said Kartel is to be questioned in relation to the discovery.

Oct 2, 2011

Bounty Killer "Concerned" about Vybz Kartel arrest

Bounty in the Vicinity of Hennessey
Bounty Killer appeared to a bit concerned about the fact that Vybz Kartel could be charged in relation to the body found on his property recently by the police...this I say because Bounty Killer recently tweeted that Kartel situation with his arrest and apparent evidence against him is "Not a good look yow a doh know hya". The is implying that the situation for Vybz Kartel is not looking to good and that police might have him like how they have Ninjaman. Its very rear that Bounty Killer express any favourable interest or concern for the Vybz Kartel who he refers to these days as Lady Gaza. We are more use to him bashing the bleacher... bashing the queer... bashing the tri-vestite..at some wax war with em at some point. Well he was back to his old ways at sugar man beach over the weekend, Bashing the likes of Beenie Man, Angel and Lady Gaza.

Oct 1, 2011

Prime Minister Bruce Golding and his family rescued at sea

KINGSTON, Jamaica (RJR) Prime Minister Bruce Golding and some members of his family had to be rescued at sea late this afternoon near Pelican Island off the island's south coast. News has learnt that the Prime Minister and several family members went for a day outing on Pelican Island on Saturday ahead of his son's wedding Sunday. Around 5:15 after the Prime Minister's party had departed the cay, their boat hit a reef and started to sink. Sources told our news centre that a JDF helicopter was called to rescue the Prime Minister. While awaiting the JDF aircraft Mr. Golding and others were taken back to Pelican Island by a canoe. The Prime Minister was eventually taken back to the mainland by the helicopter. Bwoy.. IDK rasta... IDK

Is not Vybz kartel alone?

Vybz Kartel in Handcuffs
Vybz Kartel will spending the weekend in jail.. and thus becomes the jail boss for now. His alleged affiliation with criminal gangs is the real basis on which the police have acted, the Ganja Charge is apparently a side show. Recent reports have indicated that the police will be releasing further information on the circumstances surrounding the murder investigations.
Meanwhile the police have indicated that there are approximately 10 other entertainers they have on their radars for alleged involvement with criminal gangs.
World...Bosss... World Bosss..!! You better get your ass out of this asap... and come entertain the people dem...

Bounty Killer New Diss Tune for Beenie Man

Bounty Killer and Beenie Man
Bounty Killer on seeing that Beenie man have an edge in the current war... tries to go all out with and old flow but cutting lyrics that seems to "border on facts" in his latest diss track to Beenie. Apparently Beenie indicated in one of his tracks that it is highly unlikly for him to grine a man... This Bounty Killer captured and tries to crush Beenie. There is a lot more to this new tune from Bounty Killer.. Take a pree here and get load of the Latest Beenie Man diss from Bounty Killer called "Kill Dickey"