Dec 31, 2009

The Years ends with a Bungle a tings

Its the end of the year ... here comes 2010 and again the dancehall fraternity could not wait to get their anger and wit out ...
There is a Steven di Genius diss track out called Cant Friend Again .. this one is directed at Vybz Kartel, who is by the way greeted with a possible law suit....the details sound like this...

"a lawsuit that has apparently been filed by Akshun Entertainment (a show
promoter in st. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands) against Vybz Kartel, Adidjaheim
Records, Jahvinci, Blak Ryno, Claude Mills and others affiliated with the
‘Portmore Empire’, for Breach of Contract, Wire and Mail Fraud and Conspiracy to
Commit Wire and Mail Fraud. It specifically relates to the alleged no show of
Blak Ryno and Jah Vinci at a show in the USVI on November 27, 2009. The
plaintiffs are seeking US$1M for general damages, US$1M for compensatory
damages, and for punitive, special and consequential damages they seek amounts
that will be determined when the case goes to trial.

Anyway Steven's track expresses his feelings against Kartel and Blak Ryno attack on him, in previous tunes done by them. This is the first solo production from the young producer and unfortunately its a track of this nature

Spice arguably one of the top female DJ artiste of 2009. .. has launched a scaving attack.. on Lysa Hyper popularly called Lysa Swipe.. or Swiper if you wish. The lyric filled diss track called Lisa Swiper ... MC nuffy was not spared as he was strongly dissed in the track as well.. this is apparently from the fact that he did not call Spice on sting and thus not allowing her to perform...... oh god!!! it gets messy I tell you.

Then Wadda and Andrew Blood who don't want to be left out of any hype ..has put in their piece on the busy signal piece.. "Gary give me one more night". Its not the first attack from the bloods, they said their piece when Deva Bratt was accused of sexual assault, making no bones about it, and I know Junior is proud of his boys.
The bloods were reported to have gotten a big forward at sting...
"the gal a call busy nah answer/she a call busy nah answer/mek me tell u
why him nah answer/ him and b*tty man gary lock up inna lancer."

2010 is a few hours away.... 2009 was a up and down year.....
Buju still inna Jail
Things still kinda sticky with Lexxus
Flippa crash but him alright
Havnt heard Much from Luciano
But we are ok with the peace ....even if it nuh last
We like Queen Ifrica tracks...
Mavado and Serani did relatively well this year in the States
Kartel buss nuff new artiste we hope he can stay out of trouble for 2010, I wouldn't put my money on that one though...
Mr G and LA Lewis need to settle the madness ...cause im not sure how much people is really interested...

Who is the artiste of the year? ... and I wonder who aguh tek 2010----well until then, Have a Good One...
Dont Push It ...Dont over dweet.... and take care your brothers and sisters in the streets....

Dec 29, 2009

Lysa Hype Kicked Out of Portmore Empire

Lysa Hype .... was apparently a little bit too hype for the Potmore Empire camp and have been ousted by the leadership of the group... this according to the release statement....
"Lisa Hype is no longer a part of the Portmore Empire. The members of the Empire have unanimously agreed to end our professional relationship especially in light of certain 'developments' that have come to our attention regarding her overall conduct, conduct that is not consistent with the decorum expected of a member of the Portmore Empire. She is an incredible artiste and we wish for her all the best in her future endeavours, but Lisa Hype will not play a future role in the Empire as she no longer fits in with our organisational goals as we move forward in 2010"
It has been an interesting year for the female DJ who have been more in the spotlight since her controversies ....... the bleaching songs, the oral pic and have done a few diss tracks of a number of female acts. Lysa who had a mixed reaction from the sting crowd this year is yet to comment on the matter. One is not sure what will happen to those 'gaza fi life' tattoos!!?? it is expected that that the visibility of the tattoos should be diminished as soon as Lysa refrain from her bleaching ways. Life for her should be exciting hereafter...... her possibilities are endless, certainly in these are times having a multitude skills should come in handy these days.... and i expect her to still be in the spot light.

Dec 28, 2009

Ok..Thats was it Sting 2009.. now lookout fo 2010

Lysa on a High

So the dust has settled and most, if not all, have said their piece ...
In my opinion.. under the context of the situation (peace treaty and all...) we knew the Kartel and Bounty trade-off might not have happened - it didn't, so there was no surprise there. We knew that Ninja Man was not gonna be there... We knew that the LA Lewis and Goofy trade-off would have been whack but relatively entertaining and that was suppose to be the only official clash at sting, we were surprised because we didn't know that they would be a no-show. We dint know that Kiprich was gonna walk out on General B and according to some done him career. We didn't know that Lysa Hype was gonna get mixed reactions.. we expected a resounding boos but there were applause's!!? ... We didnt know that Bounty was gonna really ask the fans if he should done Kartel or Buil him!!?...being the ground god he is we expected no mercy... just like how the fans didn't have any mercy with merciless....oh the irony!!
We didn't know that the recognized artiste would have started their acts at 4:30 am...

Flippa Mafia Flipping

So now that we know what will be happening at sting 2010.. can we take Laing word on anything hereafter?... I say where else you gonna go on Dec 26th anyway... its once a year might loose some of its "sting" but I expect that things more or less remain the same for next year but you can never tell in this wonderful world of dancehall music. There is still something there.. Black Ryno and Chino dem, Aidonia is not finished with Kartel..and I suppose the same can be said for Deva Bratt, Roach, and lots more namely alliance, bigship and gully affiliated artiste...

Dec 26, 2009

The Greatest One Night Reggae Show is on Tonight

Align Center
Sting 2009 Poster

Sting is on later today and we have heard that Vybz Kartel has declared that he will not clash with Bounty Killer. Mr G should be clashing the schizophrenic and demented seven star general LA Lewis ... who has by the way managed to once a again etched another one of his masters piece this time on

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Dec 24, 2009

Once again Bounty Beat Shi...

Victim on the right in yellow.... aka Mumzelle

When I first heard the story about two to three days ago... I was thinking this must be something that happened 2 to 3 years ago. Not with all his legal problems and the fact that it is the festive season, that this man would take it upon himself.... to jeopardise not only his freedom in Jamaica but also his revenue generating potential.

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Dec 23, 2009

Ninja Man will not Be at Sting 2009

It seems that the old veteran DJ, Ninja Man, will not be making it to sting this year. Reports are that the DJ was denied bail today and the next hearing was scheduled for January 14, 2010 well in time for sting of that year. It was made clear at the hearing that the Judge who was presiding over the case was a victim of the miracle plane crash at the NMI Airport in Kingston. It was reported that the judge suffered injuries that didn't allow her to get back in time to release the DJ Ninja Man.
The God Father of sting has been acting as a mediator, comic relief even at the annual show over recent years, more so since the altercation between himself and Vybz kartel.
According to my poll (over there on the right as @ Dec 23 2009) Vybz Kartel is the man that will be taking sting.... sorry let me correct that.. according to my poll most people who visit this site would prefer Vybz Kartel to take sting 2009. Chances are these persons could be in for a rude awakening .... its not so easy to predict but Bounty Killer with his extensive lip drip (ie lots of talk) as well his barrage of tunes in the last wax war re bore tongue and ungratefulness of his protege, seem to have a lead. But I don't know it will depend on perhaps how much vybz rum the patrons of the show consumes.

Dec 22, 2009

Mavado - Starlight

We are so use to the hardcore stuff from Mavado, the singjay ..that a tune like starlight sound off key, it sounds as if he is in some unusual territory (eg being forced to have a peace treaty defined) ... it is not like a gyal over gun or war is in the air kinda tune. The punchlines and killing rhymes are not there... but it is a Mavado tune just the same and he has a very high hit ratio, every or every other tune is a hit. The riddim from Steven is not one of those that the other hardcore artiste would gladly jump on to... it sound a bit like recycled material.
Already the old Mavado critics are saying its another sample from a Tupac track... I dont know, I leave that to the experts and the conscience and street cred of Mavado's writers to sort it out.

check it out

Dec 21, 2009

Vybz Kartel - 'Marie'

This is a new track from the top DJ in Jamaica, but he is certainly not in the top DJ world.

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Dec 20, 2009

Bounty Killer Speaks

Bounty Killa speaks about the situation with Buju Banton, the gaza/gully peace gesture and among other things including the potential clash, Kartel and his transgressions as well as sting 2009 and Lisa Hype/Swipe/Tripe

check the clips as the war lord says his piece

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Dec 19, 2009

Fi Zebra ....Chap it off! that might work!

Jamaica is only about 11,000 square kilometers ... you can only run that far and no more. The police looking for the 'veteran dj' for the past couple of months when they finally caught up with him for allegedly assaulting his step daughter.

bwoy we were saying life sentence but right yah now mi a ago move like Bruce..... castration fi Zebra blood claaat. You know I made a typo ..(corrected it of course).. and said Deva instead of Zebra.. the names do sound alike but the DJ style are far apart... We havnt heard much about about Deva's case though... innocent and till proven guilty.

Dec 16, 2009

Was Buju Setup?..or guilty

Buju claims he is not guilty while there are rumours flying around that .. the whole 'sting operation' was caught on tape. If he was caught on tape then it does look a bit difficult to slip out of.. difficult to perhaps prove conspiracy. I'm sure his lawyers are working overtime to redeem the reggae star... but the speculation of a setup by the group that has been instigators and perpetrators for the cancellation of his concerts and the recent organisation to dethrone him of the honour of being nominated for a Grammy award.
When Buju sang that famous 'boom bye bye' song ... he was a relatively young artiste... 17 years young even. He has not ventured into that realm of music since he had converted to Rastafarianism... but the groups would have non of it even with the recent meetings to facilitate truce between them.
I have not heard before any type of sabotage by this group to any other artiste or organization that didn't support their behaviour, but if it was the case of a sabotage then who will be next? It would bring to question whether the Shabba downfall was a calculated setup?!! ... they have denied any involvement in the whole incident but the street are saying they wont be surprised if there was something there... It will be tough for Buju and his team to wiggle their way out of this one as the system in US is perhaps plagued with person of that orientation and thus may have a vendetta to keep this rasta's soul.
If he is guilty one wonders how long this man have been playing the role of the 'driver'. It will be looked at as ordinary greed.. and with his status a blow to reggae music!.. We know sales have been down since the recession and only a few like Sean Paul have been reaping a small return. He cant get to keep his shows and things are not that wonderful in reggae land.. he succumbed to the pressure.
But of all the reggae artiste and DJ.. etc .. Buju would have been the last to come to mind re something like this, Ninja man a known coke head ..yes, Lisa Hype with some inferiority complex... Zebra who got some serious issues, Kartel with the rumours of death threats and the nature of his environment, Bounty .. the dude got a house to finish and lots of court cases... But Buju ... No sah!!

Dec 12, 2009

Buju arrested for Narcotics in Miami prison

Beenie man and Buju

Buju Banton is currently incarcerated, yeah locked up in a Miami prison under some conspiracy to traffic cocaine. There are reports that have more less confirmed that he was arrested since Thursday for allegedly trafficking 4K of cocaine
This one definitely looks sticky on Buju. It has been a rough year for the artiste as the well-known battle between himself and persons with a different sexual orientation heated up. Things went as far as almost all of Buju's stage shows were more or less canceled in the United States. The groups are now objecting to his Grammy nomination and garnering support from other groups to reinforce it.
Now they have locked up the man ....for trafficking the white stuff. Something is not adding up here. Its not making sense! why would Buju do that? Could it be he has been frustrated for so long by these people to the point where it has driven him to these desperate measures?
Buju had a big hit song recently where he sings about a driver delivering narcotics. Buju in the song gives instructions to the driver for a successful delivery of the contraband. Apart from that and a few times being held for possession of weed, most persons did not see Buju as no drug dealer. This whole thing has a funny smell to it and we are not sure how much help Buju will be getting from the authorities as well as celebrity support
What we can do hope for at this time that they don't put him in a cell where he might get some undesired trouble.

Dec 10, 2009

Baby or Gary, Busy?

Could it be the over use of the 'auto-tune', that so-called voice enhancement machine that messed up Busy Signal song. I have cleaned out my ears put them close to the speaker ....repeat the track several times but I  still hear 'Gary'... and I have been trying to listen and input what it ought to be in there according to Busy... 'Baby'. That didnt work.
So we can say that its the voice enhancing machine that caused the word 'Baby' to sound like 'gary'.
Beenie man had to correct his by referring to punctuations and he was teased about it especially from his nemesis Bounty Killer. Most recently Flexx from the gully squad and the Gaza don had made some live performance slip-ups... in a way those can be excused because they were live performances. However the recordings are a totally different kettle of 'fish'.... the songs would have been reviewed several times by the producer and artiste before its released.
We cant swear for no-one so we are in no position to say this was deliberate.

Dec 7, 2009

And then there was Peace!!

It may not last, it just may
It may not be genuine and then again it just maybe so
Some people want it, some people dont...
The president did perhaps these guys cant put up too much resistance from a stronger power...the president is like that.
Well right now there is a row between Aidonia and the Portmore Empire camp (this time excluding Deva Bratt). There is animosity between bigship and the portmore empire camp. But right now these are new developments and for now has taken a back seat to what has happened today at West Kingston Jamboree. Bounty Killa is still and will always be cross angry and miserable.... im sure he is not amused at this, he definatly wants to trample Kartel this season, he is not alone, but with what happened here it does put some amount of confusion on the whole thing for sting on the 26th. Therefore the sting promotor Laing is not so happy.... it takes out the authenticity of the fued, its like WWF now.
There is a follow up on this, Mavado and Vybz Kartel are scheduled to meet with the Prime Minister tomorrow.... im not sure if Bounty Killa was invited.

Dec 4, 2009

The two edge sword ......

In Jamaica whenever someone refers to you as a "two-mouth cutlass" it means that you have some multiple personality issues, yes! plain and straight you are an hypocrite.
But I tend to understand the likes of Mavado, Kartel and Bounty Killer when they behave like a two-mouth cutlass. They want to have a fight in public but they don't want it to affect the public in any negative way. Already the troubles are sky high, so no one wants to make matters any worst off.
Since this week there were several invitations and indication of gesture of peace, more so amongst Kartel and Mavado and it seems that on the day before and after the peace gestures several diss tracks were made. Sort of like earlier in the summer Bounty was a general for peace and good behavior until the constant bugging by Kartel made him succumbed to the pressure of the street credit.
Its a game of chess here, no one wants to loose that credibility, that does not really exist in the real world, it only exist in the underground realms of the dancehall music - yeah !! that dreaded street much do these guys value this thing...
After mavado sent out the olive branch to Kartel to perform at his show ( that was reshuffled to the building due to pressure from the authorities)... there was a genuine excuse for Kartel to take the upper hand and seek an opportunity to define the conditions.
He then sent out this notice..
With all due respect to the Commissioner, I think they went a little overboard in making such a hasty decision, especially in light of the fact that Mavado and I are currently in negotiation as to how best we can publicly make a cry for peace.

I can undoubtedly speak on behalf of David when I say there is no animosity between either parties and truth be told, we have been in dialogue from time to time and since recently, even more regularly in our mutual big to best resolve this so-called feuding in the minds of dancehall fans in particular and the wider society, in general.

Let it be known that in a gesture of goodwill, faith and patriotism that I, Adidja Palmer, will be making myself available on Wednesday of next week, December 9 to stand with David Brooks, in HWT, at noon, under the famous clock to show Jamaica that we're patriotic Jamaicans and as such, are bound to secure the well-being of such. I am calling on the relevant authorities who also have a stake in resolving this public feud to endeavor to make it happen in a peaceful, organized manner.

Sincerely yours.
Adidja Palmer di Teacha
The authorities are seeking to lock down everything .... sting should be safe....