Apr 30, 2012

Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae songs in Jamaica right now

Some artiste dropped out this week. We have some new entires from some of the stlawarts Mavado and Vybz Kartel.. see who ruled the week of the 27th of April.

There are some new stuff here...

Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. Mavado - Come Round - di geniuos records.

9. Vybz Kartel - Party Me Say [Worldwide Riddim]

8. Wine up yuh Body - Cham ft O.

7. Duh Sumn - Konshens.

Natural Black ..Ras and Trim cut the damn locks off

New Look Natural Black

POPULAR reggae singer Natural Black has cut off his locks, breaking his covenant in the Rastafarian lifestyle and dramatically altering his look.

"I got up and cut off my locks Sunday morning because I looked around at my surroundings and realised that I have not been living a Rastafarian lifestyle. I want to see the changes around me, and as it relates to the upliftment of the people, the direction of the Rasta order and the walk toward perfection. That is not happening. I just see discord and chaos in the rasta community, all of it is very misleading," said the artiste, whose real name is Mortimer Softley.
The Far From Reality singer is aware that there might be a backlash from members of the Rastafarian community, but he is prepared to defend his decision.
"They tell you one thing about the upliftment of the people and improvements and things His Majesty speaks of, but in the long run, you realise that is a different thing which is really happening and it is disappointing. Rasta still stands predominant. We can only defile ourselves, Rasta is still the highest, but I am not living up to those high standards, so I can't be a hypocrite. That is why I take a pair of scissors and cut my locks myself," he said.
Natural Black plans to concentrate more on recording dancehall music, and is putting the recording of roots and culture songs on pause.
"I just need a break from it, I feel like I need a change, mi a go tek it to the dancehall right now. Because I buss with Songs with Meaning and Far From Reality, dem brand me as a roots artiste, but mi have the chance and the talent to do dancehall as well. I respect Rasta but mi caan be a rasta and do skettel music, It nah go match, I want to do some hardcore dancehall songs and mi caan do both, that ah go create a conflict within myself," he said.
He commisserated with his fans who might feel betrayed by his decision but pointed to well-known members of society such as consultant Leachim Semaj and Dr Peter Phillips, minister of finance, plannning and the public service, who have abandoned the Rastafarian lifestyle by cutting their locks.
"People change and move on, mi de pon my journey and this is where it lead me. Mi ah do this for myself, right now, mi ready fi the dancehall," he said.
The singer is promoting new singles, Play With You, and a song, Dancehall Riddim on a rhythm track of the same name on his own Shagillia label.

Top ten Songs in Jamaica week of April 20th

The order was shifted once again ... see who ruled the week of the 20th of April.

There are some new stuff here...

Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. A Yaso Nice - Potential Kid.

9. Khago - Bad Mind Ago Kill Dem [Notnice Records].

8. Jiggle it for me - I-Octane

7. Stop Signal - Konshens

Jay Z chaces P Diddy Riches Launches Video Game

Rapper Jay Z is set to launch a game based on his life via Facebook.com.
50 Cent who’s real name is Curtis Jackson, has teamed up with bosses at Game Show Network Digital to create an interactive game.
The game which is called Empire, is said to take fans on the same journey as the star did from the tough streets of New York to fame and fortune

Quick Cook set up by Demarco against Popcaan

KINGSTON (Star): Dancehall entertainer Quick Cook wants to set the record straight as to his involvement in DeMarco's Kingston City music video in which lyrical shots were fired at deejay Popcaan.

According to Quick Cook, he was set up by DeMarco and his engineer to appear in the music video in an effort by the two to dis the Only Man She Want deejay.

"People, mi nuh business wid DeMarco and Popcaan wid dem yaow or dem wow, or dem bow, or whatever. Him a use mi as a bait fi try get to Popcaan. Now, everybody a seh Quick Cook sell out, an dis and dat. Mi nuh do nutten an a get styling. Mi nuh have nutten fi do wid it; mi nuh business bout it. DeMarco just shout mi an seh gi him a strength, an when mi look, a dat mi see come out," Quick Cook told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He continued, "Him a disrespect di yute. Popcaan must feel a way fi me just inna Party Shot an when yuh look, me a go come out inna song weh a dis him. Di fans dem a complain. mi see it pon twitter and all bout. everybody upset bout it. DeMarco shoulda neva! Him an him engineer plan an do dis ting," said Quick Cook.


Since appearing in Kingston City, he has been shunned by Popcaan and the Young Vibes Productions camp as he said they are upset with his role in the video.

Quick Cook, who described himself as a "street yute", is well known in local entertainment circles.

He became known outside that realm after he was featured on the intro for Popcaan's Party Shot, which goes: Quick Cook!/ Wah gwan?/ How di road stay?/ Yaow!/ Di party shot,/ is a good look fry yiy!/ Change yuh eye an fawud quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick!/ Yaow!/ Hear mi nuh Quick Cook, tell mi how di ting look!

However, in recent days, Popcaan has been rumoured to have made references to Quick Cook as now being 'fish cook'.

To this, Quick Cook responds: "How yuh a go ask a fish how di party look? Dat nuh sound right! Dem a try stir up something between dem one another an drop me inna di middle."

He said that at times, he was creatively stifled while he was linked to Popcaan and that he had received criticism for his River Stone collaboration with Assassin.

When contacted, DeMarco insisted that he had not set up Quick Cook. "A nuh me style him. a Popcaan style him. Mi feel him pain. Mi ben seh him style mi, but me an him still good."

Quick Cook told The WEEKEND STAR that he was busy working on his 'Fling A Stone' mixtape which will feature tracks such as No I.D., Wine Up Fi It, and Nasty People. The tape is being mixed by DJ Kenny.

"People a guh tek to it. When Quick Cook come, it always different from the average," he said.

Versatile to save Popcaan from Demarco

KINGSTON (Star:) Romeich Records recording artiste, Versatile, has sought to defend his friend Popcaan in his latest single called 'Just Do Dat'. According to the 'Bank Inna Mi Pocket' deejay, DeMarco has said things about him in recent times, and the situation concerning Popcaan pushed him to finally respond to DeMarco's comments about him.

"First of all, I did a song called Give Thanks Fi Life and mi hear sey DeMarco a chat sey from him sing I Love My Life mi a follow, suh mi find out sey this thick man have thin skin suh mi a guh mek him get slim," he said.

Versatile also revealed that he and Popcaan have been good friends since high school and he feels compelled to reply to anybody that is disrespectful to his friends.

"Mi and Popcaan par every day and him dis Popcaan, suh Popcaan sey him a guh avoid it suh mi a guh deal wid it ... I know Popcaan from high school, wi never guh the same school but he was always in my community, he even brought me to Vybz Kartel to sign me one time but a Romeich Records mi sey from dem time deh. Wi a brother suh mi a defend it," he said.

According to Versatile, he is lyrically ready to shake off any challenge that DeMarco may present. He also said that he has been getting good feedback from the Gaza fans and viewers on youtube.com.

"People a guh have good things and bad things fi sey, mi a guh deal wid it lyrically, and right now it's blowing up on twitter and youtube," he said.

Versatile also took the liberty to send out an informal invitation to DeMarco, citing that he should defend his honour.

"DeMarco, step up to the plate and answer because mi know sey yu a talk things ... guh back a gym. The obesity something deh wey yu a suffa from nah guh work inna the music business," he said.

When The STAR contacted DeMarco for comment on his issue, the Kingston City singer said there was no issue.

"Somebody answer mi? Mi nuh know who name suh. Mi haffi guh check that out ... mi nuh have nothing against him, mi haffi guh listen the song," he said.

Apr 28, 2012

Vybz Kartel remanded Friday

Vybz Kartel and Vanessa Bling aka Gaza Slim

KINGSTON (RJR):Dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel was again remanded Friday afternoon when he appeared before the Home Circuit Court on a charge of murder. Kartel and the other five men charged jointly with him were remanded until June 8. During Friday's proceedings, Kartel's attorneys complained that they had not been furnished with all the telephone data by the prosecution. However, the Crown insisted that all the material related to the case has been submitted to the defence. Government prosecutors also argued that the defence has to put its request for additional material in writing.

Lead defence attorney Valerie Neita Robertson also argued that the defence will be seeking the help of independent experts to examine the authenticity of the video material and telephone data submitted by the Crown. Vybz Kartel and members of his Gaza Empire are charged for the murder of Clive Williams otherwise called Lizard. It's alleged that Mr. Williams was taken to a house in Havendale, St Andrew on August 16 last year, where he was beaten and stabbed to death. The cops say they seized a cellular phone which was used to record the kilThe video tape has since been submitted to the defence. The other accused are Shawn Campbell otherwise called "Shawn Storm"; Calvin Hay otherwise called "Moonie"; Sean Williams, Cyro Jones and Andre St John.

Apr 27, 2012

Yendi and Chino makes Public Plea - Video Chino Joe Grind

Chino and Yendi makes public plea to leave them alone and asking people to calm down'....

...ahhh Chino just release a tune called Joe Grind - this is quite interesting... Yendi stand by for the 101 bun ROFL

Black Ryno diss Popcaan and Tommy Lee

Former member of the Gaza Empire Black Ryno.. has not let up on the beef with Popcaan and brought into the fray Tommy Lee. Now this new track from Black Ryno called "Murda Addi Children" which is Popcaan & Tommy Lee Diss this one is on the No Hailingz Riddim. I was wondering why this dude going to make Demarco take away his beef... but this is good come back.

Apr 23, 2012

Yendi Phillips and Asafa Powell expecting Babies?

Yendi Phillips and Chino

Yendi Phillips now appears to be pregnant for Chino Mcgregor.. son of Freddy McGregor and brother of Steven di Genious Mcgregor. This is not the first time CHino is accused of breeding a high profile gyal... some time ago it was investigated and found out that he impregnate Busy Signal exgirl friend...
Yendi is a Jamaica beauty queen and exgirl Friend of Track star Asafa Powell.. who is also alleged to be expecting a baby soon with girl friend Amita Webb.

Asafa Powell and Amita Webb

Gaza Man Tommy Locked for Weed in Grenada?

Unconfirmed reports are that Gaza Man Tommy is locked up in grenada for possession of vegetable matter. A pic of Tommy here is showing the DJ in a depressed mode.

Apr 22, 2012

Reggae Singer Natural Black Threatened

Natural Black

Ocho Rios (irifm): A New Jersey promoter is threatening to take legal action against singer Natural Black after he allegedly failed to perform at the New Jersey Reggae Awards over the weekend.
According to entertainer and promoter Dr. Love, Natural Black should return the deposit and compensate the organizing committee for monies spent on accommodation and airfare.

Apr 21, 2012

Just Juggling April 28th

If you so happen to be bored on Saturday April 28th you can go check out Jus Juggling in Port Royal starting at 8pm
See the likes of DJ Bfed and DJ Delano in action....

Popcaan Warned!

Popcaan warned off by Quick cook not to diss him.. as he did recently.
This as the fued between Demarco and Popcaan intesifies

Apr 20, 2012

Top ten Dancehall Reggae for the week of April 13th

The order was shifted once again ... see who ruled the week of the 13th of april.

There are some new stuff here... konshens ...a mash up di ting

Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. Jiggle it for me - I-Octane

9. Stop Signal - Konshens

8. A Yaso Nice - Potential Kid

7. Khago - Bad Mind Ago Kill Dem [Notnice Records]

Top Ten Dancehall Reggae for the week of April 4 2012

The order was shifted ... a regular is not there see who ruled the week of the 4th of april.

Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. Stay Out Dem Way/Stay Far - Sunrise Riddim - Mavado

9. The System - Romain Virgo

8. Konshens - Duh Sumn

7. Khago - Bad Mind Ago Kill Dem [Notnice Records]

Apr 19, 2012

Reggae Star Shaggy..not Dead!

Shaggy... alive and well in Jamaica
DailyMail: It has already happened to Usher, Charlie Sheen and to Bill Cosby on more than one occasion.

And today Shaggy became the latest celebrity to be declared dead on Twitter, when he is still alive.

#RIPShaggy quickly became a trending topic on the social networking site, but it’s unclear who started the rumour.

Mavado wants to do song with Vybz Kartel?

Rumour has it that this Facebook Page that Mavado Has is not true...its fake ..put up by someone else other than him
so if its not the real Mavado page then.... the statement which says
"mi ago give di dancehall fans dem what dem deserve and what di people dem wan fi see, a next song with Kartel, mi promise unno from Kartel a touch road mi ago link him fi do a next tune"

is also not true... so when the intereviewer get a hold of Mavado again we can know whats happening

Apr 18, 2012

Former Friend Flexx Diss Mavado..sell out gully squad?

KINGSTON (Star): Rumours have been circulating that recording artiste Flexxx's new single, Real Gangsta, on the 'Aurora Skies' rhythm, is a dis song aimed at members of the Gully Squad.
In a part of the song, Flexxx dejays: "real gangstas, we straight we no have no bend/we real we nah pretend/some bwoy dem no real, dem bad mind yu but yu nuh bad mind dem."
When contacted, Flexxx, whose given name is Omar Henry, said, "Well honestly, mi do me song and if anybody want to take it as a dis, den a fi dem business. Mi just a do me still. Mavado and Chase Cross have been saying a lot of things, but mi a nuh weak fence. Mavado know say a my lyrics dem him a deejay so if dem, a throw word, mi a throw word to. Dem nuh more than me," Flexxx told THE STAR.

According to Flexxx, both Mavado and Chase Cross have been doing songs which are levelled at him. "Mavado do the song Action Pak and Chase Cross has been doing multiple songs criticising me and dem a say me sell out fi BMW. Mavado sell out everybody round him, a dat dem fi talk bout. Dem nah talk bout the real thing. Di least little thing dem talk bout bad mind."
Flexxx, who is now signed to Hapilos Entertainment, says since he has been signed to the group, his career has started taking off. He laments, "Gully Side and Gully Squad never do nuttn fi me. Dem say mi sell out because mi sign to Hapilos, but him sign to We The Best wid DJ Khaled so him sell out to. The two a we sell out den," Flexxx said.

When asked if there was a chance for reconciliation, Flexxx was quick to point out that he did not need to reconcile with anyone. He said, "Mi never sell out anybody. Him sell me out inna interview, mi good wid myself and mi good wid God. Mi nuh need fi reconcile wid nobody. I'm doing me, it matters not what anybody has to say."
Mavado's management refused to comment on the issue.
When contacted, Chase Cross said he had "no comment" on the matter.

Vybz Kartel continue to make Music behind Bars

Even though Vybz Kartel is behind bars the DJ is still pushing out songs... it seems the phone is medium though which this is being done. If one listen to his latest tune called "Do It (Dweet We A Dweet)" on the TNS Riddim the audio quality tells the story. Shawn storm is also heard on the track... indicating his spirit is still up even thought the future doesnt not look all that bright.
Check it out HERE to hear the latest track from Vybz Kartel - called Do It (Dweet We A Dweet)on the TNS Riddim

Demarco and Popcaan War heating up

The war between Popcaan and Demarco seem to be getting the dancehall war mongers excited. The latest tracks from both artiste has the throw word element ..and there is clear directive from either camp not to call names at this time or even getting the war ugly at this early stage... when it gets ugly it can reach the fever pitch of the Mavado Kartel gully gaza war.
Demarco is the initater here... he claims that Popcaan start it by stealing his style.. now he got to pay... cause he gone all billboard and new york times with the man things... whilst Demarco's videos was stipped of views by youtube...
This the track from Popcaan is called Diss Mi Friend on the TNS riddim

The counter track from Demarco is called Throw mi Corn on the TNS Riddiim

Apr 17, 2012

Vybz Kartel still bleach while in Jail

It seems that even though the Gaza Don... aka World Boss... aka Vybz kartel... aka Addi di Bleacher is locked up... he is still able to keep his skin complextion on the lighter side even though the DJ has been caged since October of last year.
It is speculated that the bleaching cream might have been smuggled in the jail cell per...

Beenie Man collab with Nicki Minaj will be a chart topper

It is being specualated that the colab that Nicki Minaj did with Beenie Man will be the track to tear down the charts from her latest album.
Besting the multi-platinum success of a smash single like "Super Bass" is a tall order, but production wunderkind Kane Beatz thinks he may have another colossal chart-topper with Nicki Minaj on deck. The Orlando, Florida-bred beatsmith is confident the Beenie Man-assisted, Caribbean-flavored pop cut "Gun Shot" will make some noise on the charts.

"That was a beat she picked from the very beginning," Kane tells BET.com of the song that is featured on Minaj's new album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. "They actually had to go to Jamaica to get that verse from Beenie Man. They really went in for it, she wants a certain sound and when she gets it she always does something crazy."

Apr 16, 2012

Popcaan featured in New York Times

Popcaan the ..the ever rising artiste of the moment was recently featured in the new york tiimes ans was described as "The Dancehall Master" ....
As ever, dancehall songs take several months to crawl up from Jamaica and infiltrate the American consciousness. Popcaan’s “Only Man She Want” (Sounique), now experiencing its crossover moment, is already months old, but its sweetness hasn’t faded. It’s a syrupy love song, and Popcaan has a smooth voice with a hint of shrillness, and a casual manner, never oversinging the sentiment. (There’s also a remix featuring Busta Rhymes in full patois mode.) “Only Man She Want” is buried deep on “Yiy Change,” the new mixtape by Popcaan (available at popcaanmusic.com), more of an afterthought than an advertisement. Maybe that’s because there’s much better material here: the lazy roots-reggae toast “Weedy,” the bawdy come-on “Back It Up,” the bruising “Nuh Box Pon Jaw,” and remixes of older hits like “Ravin,” delivered here over the guttural beat from Tyga’s “Rack City.” Throughout Popcaan shows off his tough side, and his ease with comic timing and phrasing — other parts of his personality that should trickle north soon enough.

Demarco- Duppy Haffi Mek (Aktion Pak Riddim) Gaza Diss

Brand new Demarco...
Demarco is angry ..and he wants blood and flesh.. especially that of Popcaan...Here he is trying to sound like Bounty Killer..with the voice change on the track..
this tune seem to be directed at Gaza men ..ass the line that says "battybwoy dem go a hell and pick up many soap"...seem to speak of cake soap ..which is affiliated with the gaza Camp..

check out the track

Top Tunes on Reggae itunes Chart

This is an update of some of the tracks on the reggae itunes singles chart. Some of the tracks are old like the Matishayu One Day.. but the tune has been re-released and still holds top position. Popcaan represents hard on the charts with top positions with tracks like "Only Man She Want" and one with "Party Shot"... Mr Vegas "Bruk it Down is still doing well... and I dont..but know i think this is the first time I am seeing Konshens on the charts..congrats to him with his hot track "Gal a Bubble". Listen! you see Busy Signal at the 43 position with the tune called "Come Over (Missing You)"?... I think he is gonna be on the chart for some time and there is a lot more to come from him with the release of his new album.

4. One Day - Matisyahu
26. Not Done Yet - SOJA
27. Sky Is the Limit - Rebelution
29. El Teke Teke - Crazy Design Feat Carlito Way - Crazy Design Feat Carlito Way
32. Let's Do It Again - J Boog
33. Bruck It Down - Mr. Vegas
36. I'm Drinking / Rum & Red Bull - Beenie Man & Fambo
37. Only Man She Want - Popcaan
40. Affairs of the Heart - Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
43. Come Over (Missing You) - Busy Signal
56. Party Shot [Raving Part 2] - Popcaan
68. So High (feat. Zumbi) - Rebelution
69. Dust and Dirt - The Black Seeds
73. Gal a Bubble - Konshens
80. Good Vibes (feat. Lutan Fyah) - Rebelution
98. Only Man She Want - Popcaan
100. Summer Time - Vybz Kartel

Apr 13, 2012

Judge wants tapes in Vybz Kartel Case

Kingston (gleaner): Justice Majorie Cole Smith has ordered the prosecution to release to the defence, the tapes of the electronic recordings implicating dancehall artiste Vbyz Kartel in a murder case.
Kartel appeared in the Home Circuit Court this morning in relation to the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.
His attorney, Valerie Neita Robertson, informed the court that she was yet to get a copy of the audio and video recordings and so she was not able to make a bail application on behalf of her client whose real name is Adidja Palmer.
The judge then ordered the prosecution to release the electronic data by April 23.
Kartel has been remanded until April 27.
Williams was beaten and stabbed in Havendale, St Andrew, on August 16 last year, reportedly in relation to a lost firearm.
The police have said that they have video and audio recordings linking Vybz Kartel and his co-defendants to the killing.
The police also say they have eyewitness statements connecting the men to the murder.

Apr 12, 2012

Bob Marley lost a few stuff in the blaze

KINGSTON (OBserver): RITA Marley — wife of late reggae superstar Bob Marley — said the 2010 fire at her multi-million-dollar recording studio in Ghana claimed some original master tapes of her husband.
The fire was caused by an electrical short circuit.
She declined to state which recordings were destroyed in the blaze. She, however, assured that a contingency plan was in place in the event of such incidents.
“We have always kept copies of these recordings in other locations. So the music is safe,” said Marley, who has been overseeing her late husband’s estate who died in May 1981 from cancer.
She said efforts are under way to get the studio in the west African state up and running before the end of the year.
Marley, who was one third of Bob Marley’s backing vocals — I-Three, said she plans to do some recordings when she returns to Ghana where she has been living for over a decade.
“I am heading back to the studio to record some music in a short while,” she told the Jamaica Observer.
Marley, who is currently in Jamaica, is gearing up for the open-air premiere of the documentary Marley‚ The Definitive Story at Emancipation Park in St Andrew on Thursday, April 17. The film, which was wellreceived at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year, opens in the United States on April 18.
“Once everything is over regarding this movie, then I will be concentrating on my music,” she said.
She said the documentary — for which her son Ziggy Marley is the executive producer — will seek to answer the question as to who is the real Bob Marley.
“There are aspects of Bob in this film which have never been brought to light previously,” she said.
Though shying away from specifics, Marley said there were aspects of the documentary which brought her to tears.
Like Rita Marley, former head of the Bob Marley Foundation, Neville Garrick said the documentary will answer a number of questions.
“This is a very personal documentary. More than 60 persons were interviewed including Bob’s sister on his father’s side, Constance, and Bob’s teacher, all in an effort to give that deeper understanding as to who is the man that Jamaica and the world has come to love.
Marley, The Definitive Story is directed by Kevin MacDonald, who is best known for his work in feature films including The Last King of Scotland, which earned a Best Actor Academy Award for Forrest Whittaker.
— Richard Johnson

Fued intensify Between Popcaan and Demarco

Over the past three weeks the Internet has been blowing up with allegations that dancehall singjay DeMarco's recent song, Kingston City, (on Rick Ross's Stay Schemin rhythm), is a dis song aimed at Popcaan.

A very bold DeMarco spoke to the media from a recording studio where he was working on his upcoming mixtape called Nuh Dirt, and disclosed that fans are crediting the song as a dis, however, it is what it is.

"People a sey a Popcaan mi a dis, well a Popcaan mi dis, whol' heap a dem tief mi style including him," DeMarco said.

DeMarco explained that the song was a freestyle intended to be a part of his upcoming mixtape and he did not intentionally try to start a feud. However, if persons took it as a dis, he was lyrically ready to defend himself.

"It was a freestyle I did for ZJ Chrome and my mixtape, the world like it suh dem sey is a dis to Popcaan, so I guess it is so, I guess it's a dis to Popcaan," he laughed.

Some of the lyrics in Kingston city says:

'Nuh mek mi mek forensic white chalk the street, yaaooow! Dem tief mi style and nuh ask mi fi it, mi hear behind mi back some bwoy a beat off dem beak but tell dem wey mi si heart nuh leap.'

Popcaan also released a song called Fry Yiy which is also rumoured as one taking aim at DeMarco. In his song, Popcaan deejays:

'The whol place a sey Fry Yiy, some bwoy fi write some hit song and stop cry.'

According to DeMarco, however, Popcaan is not as popular as he is and should choose his words more carefully.

"Him a sey artiste fi write some hit song and stop cry, but him nuh mek no song big like I Love My Life, I got 25 million views on YouTube and I have been all over the world ," DeMarco bragged.

Brand new Vybz kartel featuring Gaza Slim

This is a newr one from Vybz Kartel featuring Gaza Slim this one called "So Much Woman" on the Daily Dose Riddim.

Newly released tunes from Vybz kartel

New tune from Vybz Kartel... well more like newly released tune from Vybz Kartel... you can hear the old style in this one called "Never Yet"

Apr 8, 2012

Female Vybz Kartel

This should have been the pic for the article...just inserted 12/04/18 - Lisa Hype

(KINGSTON, Star): Controversial female dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper has come out boldly stating her claim to be the 'female Vybz Kartel' in dancehall music. This after the release of 876 Mhaad, which is a cover version of Nicki Minaj's Yu Mad single, featuring Lil' Wayne.
The deejay, born Felecia Gooden, had always been close friends with embattled lyricist Vybz Kartel until both parties parted ways in 2009 after lewd images of the female began to circulate. The 23-year-old has, however, managed to put that disappointment behind her and has made steady progress in her career since she began working with Jam2 Productions early last year.
However, THE WEEKEND STAR now understands that the former Portmore Empire member believes she is ready to step up as the 'female Vybz Kartel' in dancehall music irrespective of the challenges that lie ahead.
"Lisa Hyper is an entertainer who loves challenges. A lot of people in the streets already have to say that Lisa Hyper is like the female Vybz Kartel. I learned a lot from him so I don't think it will be a problem," said the deejay.
If truth be told, Vybz Kartel's notoriety grew mainly because he made news for all the wrong reasons and not so much for his ability to produce witty lyrics. According to Lisa Hyper, she won't be going down the self-destructive path that her former mentor took. She however had this to say; "To make it clear, publicity is publicity whether good or bad. But, my mission is just music."
The former Queens High student also acknowledged that a lot of females have risen in dancehall music over the past two years, but said she has little concern as it relates to fending off competition in her quest to become dancehall's superior.
Currently, the deejay said she's pleased with the direction her career is heading, and that she has also learned a lot musically working with Jam2 Productions. "It's great. Jam2 is like a brother I never had. There is a lot of growth from I started working with Jam2. He has discovered different aspects of Lisa Hyper that I never knew. I think he has Lisa Hyper at his best interest," she said.
Lisa Hyper is better known for songs like Wine Fi Me, Champion Bubbler and Bill. But, in recent times the release of Power and Roll Deep, which was produced by Jam2 Productions, has brought her back into mainstream.

Mavado Calls out Drizzy Drake in Paris

At the end of Mavado's performance at the packed Dock Pullman in Paris Friday night, he called on stage a so special guest - Gullyside family member Drizzy Drake. The crowd went wild as Drake showed Paris love and Mavado aptly performed Star Bwoy.

Dancehall Music causing Violence in Antigua

(The Daily Observer):Please allow me to speak directly to the Minister of National Security Dr Errol Cort and to the Minister of Education Dr Jacqui Quinn-Leandro as I am convinced that this ‘noise’ that is called dancehall music, plays a significant role in the violent behaviour of youth in Antigua.

Months after police had to be placed at the Ottos Comprehensive School, there were two school stabbings in two days — March 15 and 16 — leaving two students injured with wounds inflicted by a knife and a pair of scissors. Days after, there was a huge fight at Ottos Comprehensive with chairs flying all over.
The talk shows focused on this very alarming situation which has been prevelant over the past few years and only one person, the host of the Snake Pit, ‘Serpent,’ spoke about the dancehall music which influences the youth in a negative way, promoting their violent behaviour. But this is one of the biggest contributing factors to their violent behaviour, in my opinion.

I refer to an article in The Daily OBSERVER on December 30, 2009, titled “Something in the music,” where it is said that the public continues to weigh in on a recent statement by Minister of National Security Dr Errol Cort, who said government would move to ban artistes whose lyrics promote violence from performing here. The reactions varied from opposition, especially by two promoters, and persons calling into the talk shows calling on the government to follow through on this threat and regulate the industry. “Help us to save ourselves” was the cry from this faction.

I have made it my business to observe the youth walking to and from school since 2010 and most students have ear-plugs attatched to their cell phones or iPods and 90 per cent if not more of the students are listening to dancehall. How can the students prepare their minds for learning, listening to this noise which promotes violence and is filled with such lewd and nasty lyrics?

That is why I am addressing Dr Quinn-Leandro. If the mininster bans cell phones or iPods from the school compound, I strongly believe that would make a tremendous difference. The students are also listening to the dancehall on the school compound, every chance they get and they even have sound-clashes using the dancehall which is on their phones/iPods.

Dancehall is not our cultural music. Why is it most predominant? Why is the governement allowing another country’s cultural music, which is such a terrible influence on society to totally take over?

In an article that I wrote in December 2010, I asked Dr Cort not to allow persons to influence him or his government not to follow through with his plan to ban dancehall artistes whose lyrics promote violence. I am now asking Dr Cort to ban dancehall music from being played publicly. I am also calling on Dr Quinn-Leandro to ban cell phones and iPods from the school compound.

There is no doubt in my mind that dancehall music is a huge contributing factor to the violent and agressive behaviour of our youth in Antigua.

Therefore, I am hoping that the relevant authorities addressed in this article will make a step in the right direction and help save the youth of Antigua by banning cell phones and iPods from the school compound, banning dancehall artistes whose lyrics promote violence, and banning sound systems from playing dancehall publicly, especially around St John’s and events where school children will be attending.

Apr 7, 2012

Bounty Killer headlines Gospel Concert?

There are reports indicating that Top flight dancehall deejay one of jamaicas most hard core and ruthless dj, Rodney Price, more popularly known as Bounty Killer, is all set to headline a gospel concert to be held on June 29.
It was also indicated that, Bounty -- who recently lost his beloved, prayer-warrior mother, Miss Ivy -- has agreed to headline the concert to be staged by a Kingston church and is reportedly looking forward to showing his fans another side of him.
Bounty Killer been attending church every Sunday with his girlfriend. It is well documented that Miss Ivy's greatest desire was for her last son, Rodney, to give his life to the Lord and start singing gospel songs.

The gospel show will be entitled 'Glory To God' and will be Bounty's first appearance on  all-gospel showcase

Mavado on tour in Europe

The Gully Gad is currently on tour in Europe.
The Survivor tour is put on by Special Delivery Music, Mansion Records and We the Best Music, and sees Mavado doing 10 shows in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands.

Apr 5, 2012

Brand New Song From Ninja Man

Check out this new track by Ninja man... featuring the oppertunist Kiprich.
The tune is called "Don Gorgon is Back" on the Gun Inna Baggy Riddim

Apr 4, 2012

Queen Ifrica Had her Baby....boy

Reports are that Jamaica's Reggae Queen, Queen Ifrika last Friday March 30, 2012 gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.
It was also further reported that the baby’s name is Malawi and he was born in Florida, USA.
Congrats to Queen Ifrica...and the father of baby boy....Raspect!!

Apr 3, 2012

Vybz Kartel benz returned

A source close to the high-profile case against embattled dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel has revealed that the artiste's 2010 S-Class Mercedes-Benz among other assets, have been released to his family.
It is understood that the assets were released to the artiste's family by the police last month.
In 2010, the deejay had made the talk of the town with his luxury motor vehicle.
In an interview with THE STAR that same year, Kartel said, "no deejay eva own a S-Class Benz. This Benz is the flagship of the Benz's line, meaning dis a di top, top Benz."
He further said, "It do everything except fly, the body can raise, it just have the whole driving experience, is like yuh a drive pon air."
However, last year, it was reported that the deejay's S-Class Mercedes-Benz which is said to value over $12 million along with documentation regarding properties he owns were seized.
It is understood that the items were being stored at the Police Commissioner's office in St Andrew.
According to the credible source yesterday, the deejay's S-Class Benz is with his family, "I can confirm that the assets were released to his family. I have seen the vehicle (S-Class Mercedes-Benz)," the source told THE STAR yesterday.
It was also indicated that some of the other items that were returned include the deejay's passport and computer.
Kartel was recently granted $3 million bail in the Home Circuit Court in relation to the murder case of businessman Barrington 'Bossy' Burton.
However, he remains in custody in connection with the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.
Williams was reportedly beaten and stabbed in Havendale, St Andrew, on August 16, but the police are yet to locate his body.
In the meantime, Kartel, who has been in custody since October 1 last year is to return to court on April 13.

Apr 2, 2012

Beenie Man denied Performance with Nicky Minaj on BET 106 and Park

Beenie Man was supposed to have performed with Nicky Minaj on BET's 106 and Park but word out is that the Jamaican Dancehall star got nowhere there. It has been reported that the self proclaimed dancehall king.. was snobbed by US authorities and was not given a work permit... leaving the DJ appalled ..

Sean Paul kicks Chris Brown off...

(Capitalfm): Sean Paul rose to the top of the Vodafone Big Top 40 today (1st April) with his latest single 'She Doesn't Mind' .
The 'Breathe' rapper rose to number one this weekend to end Chris Brown's one week stint at the top with 'Turn Up The Music'.
Chris Brown's latest 'Fortune' release fell to number three this week while Nicki Minaj's 'Starships' stayed steady at two.

Top Ten Dancehall Reggae songs in Jamaica as at March 30, 2012

Khago inches up chart this week with a tune called "Badmind ago kill dem"... Konshens and Mr Vegas now rules... they have the hottest tune on the chart.. but there is not much shuffling at the top this week

Check out the latest Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae siongs in Jamaica right now

Check out the latest top 10 songs in Jamaica right now!!

10. Party Shot (Smudge Riddim) - Popcaan
9. Stay Out Dem Way/Stay Far - Sunrise Riddim - Mavado
8. The System - Romain Virgo 
7. Khago - Bad Mind Ago Kill Dem [Notnice Records]

New Song From Popcaan and VYbz Kartel

Bombo claaaat.. how pepper skulll a gwaaan so?... this one is a bad man tune from Popcaan. A wah? Billboard fly inna yuh head poppy?..This one is called "Diss Mi Friend" and iys a Preview on the TNS Riddim.
Vybz Kartel has a more concious tune on the contrary ..called ghetto life.. check it out here