Sep 25, 2013

Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas... like girls in tracing match

Last week it reported that there was a war of words on social networking site Twitter between dancehall entertainers Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas.
In what was described as a nasty twitter spat, the two veterean Jamaican dancehall music deejays exchanged some heated words arguing about money, masculinity and their respective careers.
It was reported that in one of the many tweets, Mr. Vegas said “Let’s talk money! How much you got?”.... taunting Bounty Killer about the innability to amass enough wealth over his years in the business.
Bounty Killa in his entertaining and rhyming fashion quickly shot back with “Money mek you get so funny, let’s talk about dignity, pride and masculinity?”
The two deejays caontinue the argument in what seem like forever wirh fans of both deejays taking sides.
It is well known that the feud between Bounty Killa and Mr. Vegas dates back to the late 90’s.
It is not known if Bounty Killer and Mr Vegas has spoke about the incident.

Sep 15, 2013


Producer Roach seen here ... was shot and killed almost at the same spot as Bogle some years ago.
It was reported that Popular dancehall producer Patrick Samuels, was found dead along Manning Hill Road, Kingston this morning.
Police are confirming that the producer, also known as 'Roach', was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds. It is believed he was killed in the wee hours of the morning.
Police sources say Patrick Samuels tried to escape the rain of bullets in his Chevrolet Avalanche but lost control and crashed on Mannings Hill Rd.
Patrick “Roach” Samuels is the mastermind behind the popular Overproof Riddim and Siren Riddim. He has worked with dancehall stars such as Sean Paul, Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer, Mavado, Lady Saw, and Beenie Man.

Roach was an out spoken man who speaks his mind and holds nothing back... it is uncertain who would have wanted him dead...

Bob Marley Desecrated

The question is who desecrated the life-sized bronze statue of reggae legend Robert Nesta Marley?

Reports are that the vandalism is said to have happened in the aftermath of the drawn CONCACAF World Cup qualifying match between Jamaica and Costa Rica on Tuesday night.

The statue of Bob Marley was smeared with red paint at the Celebrity Park, just outside the Independence Park that houses the National Stadium in Kingston.

It was indicated that No one has been arrested.

Rohan Marley Desecrated his Locks

Rohan Rass and Trim
When one has a mood swing anythhing can happen.. one can punch onself in the face... trip over his own feet ...fall and graze his head against a blade or sharp edge and wallah the locks has been desecrated. . it is not clear if this new look has anything to do with his new love... and of course letting go of his dreadful pass... whatever the case maybe for sure this dude should have a lighter head, without having to smoke a stick of him a different kind of high.

Rohan and his new love isabeli
Its has been reported by Iriefm that The son of reggae legend Bob Marley has cut his dreads off and shaved his beard.
Rohan Marley posted his new look on his Instagram showing him sporting a low cut under a cap.

Rohan who is the founder of the popular Marley Coffee has five kids with hip-hop icon Lauryn Hill, who is now serving time behind bars for tax fraud.

Sep 12, 2013

Popcaan Fame Grows

Jamaican DANCEHALL STAR Popcaan has won unlikely endorsement from US rapper Drake, after the All Me hitmaker added the young entertainer's brand to his clothing line.

Popcaan's 'Unruly Gang' label has been featured on the Canadian superstar's popular OVO (October's Very Own) brand.

Two T-shirts on channel the entertainer's 'unruly' jargon with 'OVO Unruly Gang' and 'Y Pree' printed on them. The latter is a slang oftentimes used as a substitute for saying 'wah gwan'.

Popcaan's popular Unruly Rave music video had heavy OVO influences and the entertainer can be seen sporting OVO wear in the video directed by Niko of October's Very Own.

The OVO website also features a two-minute remix of Popcaan's Be Like Me.

Popcaan, who was discovered by fellow dancehall star Vybz Kartel, is yet to comment on the union.

Lets hope Popcaan gets more than just salt and butter from this union... His music shall live forever but there is noway on Gods earth that he will make money forever. So the young Jamaican star should make money as much as he can ... whenever the oppertunity comes around

Sep 11, 2013

New Song from Bounty Killer - Support fi Suport

it has been a long time that a bounty killer .. connected and this new track called "support" has a nice flavour and is expected to get some good rotations...
Check the brand new song from Bounty Killer.. a payday music production

Sep 9, 2013

Top 10 dancehall and reggae songs in Jamaica September 6 2013

Check out the latest top ten dancehall and reggae music in jamaica...there is a few new entries this week but they are certainly new artiste though

10. Angola - Jah Bouks
9. Pull up to Yuh Bumper - Konshens
8. School Anthem - Vybz Kartel
7. Sit down fi di jockey - Aidonia
6. Happy Time - I Octane

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Mavado Cries for his Money back

There has been been some squealing by Entertainer Mavado who is demanding his money back from a Member of Parliament of the ruling party who allegedly collected millions from the deejay for a house for his mother in Kingston’s upscale community, Norbrook.
In an interview with a radio News programme on irie, Mavado says he has been waiting almost four years for the house and up to today no word from the politician. Vado also threatened that the name of the Member of Parliament will be revealed in short-order.

Sep 8, 2013

Tessanne CHin tries to Buss big on American soil.. The Voice

You know the music business sometime can be a bitch, a mean look at Jamaican singer Tessanne Chin.. who can sing very well but yet still she has not reached that "Hi" level that we would like to see her. Her style is almost none reggae but its good ....great voice but is like she nuh buss good and this is why recently it was reported that Singer Tessanne Chin has auditioned for Season 5 of popular singing competition The Voice, after some influence from Shaggy..

The songstress told irie news media that she entertained the competition to forward her career and learn from the experience.

last week Tuesday, Tessanne tweeted “Hey everyone, though you should know I auditioned for the voice! Tune in Sept 23 to see how I did”.

The fifth season of The Voice is an upcoming American reality singing competition which will premiere September 23, 2013 on NBC.

Coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee Loo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will be returning, reinstating the original lineup after Aguilera and Green were replaced by Shakira and Usher in the previous season. Carson Daley will also return to host the show.

Vybz kartel gets Hi with this Brand New Song

Another brand new song from Vybz Kartel. This one is called "Hi" .. a Russian Head Concussion production. The question still remains as to whether vybz kartel is recording in studio or these songs were recorded over 2 years ago... there is no clear indication that the latter is the case.
Anyway check out this one ... the Riddim could use a bit of Pumping up.. but i dont know where this one will go. We all know that the bleacher dont have a very high strike rate when it comes onto hit songs ...but time will tell if this one gets "Hi"

Sep 4, 2013

Incarcerated Vybz Kartel the old Teacher Bleacher to release 2nd album since in jail

According to recent reports Embattled Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel is set to release his ninth studio album later this month, despite remaining incarcerated on murder and conspiracy charges.

According to reports Tuesday, Kartel will unveil a new triple-disc, Kartel Forever: Trilogy on September 24, marking his second album release this year. The album features a whopping 60 tracks, including unreleased material and recent hit songs. His first single off the album, School, which was produced by his common-law wife, Tanesha 'Shorty' Johnson was released in late August.

In a press release, Kartel spoke of his new project. "I want to thank all my supporters for your love and unfailing support throughout these trying times. Even though I am incarcerated, I am still up to the time. This album shows that I get stronger with each passing second. Tad's plus Adidjaheim Records is a sick formula and the result is Kartel Forever: Trilogy. Worl' Boss full stop."

Other songs included on Kartel Forever: Trilogy include Business and Compass while producers such as UIM Records, Elvis 'So Unique' Redwood and many others are featured on the record.

Tad Dawkins, owner of the album's local distributor, Tad's Record said of the project, "Producing and affiliating ourselves with projects that showcase exquisite craftsmanship is something that, as a company, we at Tad's Record take great pride in doing. Therefore, working with the World Boss, Mr. Palmer himself again, after the exceptional successes of our first project together Pon Di Gaza 2.0, was a no-brainer. "Sublime" is the one word that sums up the album, Kartel Forever: Trilogy."

In July, Kartel released an album version of his book, Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto: Incarcerated But Not Silenced on iTunes.

The explicit version of Kartel Forever: Trilogy will be available in stores while both explicit and clean version will be available on iTunes and other digital music outlets.

Sep 1, 2013

Top Ten 10 Dancehall and Reggae songs in Jamaica for September 6 2013

Check out the latest top ten dancehall and reggae music in jamaica...there is a few new entries this week but they are certainly new artiste though

10. Angola - Jah Bouks
9. Pull up to Yuh Bumper - Konshens
8. School Anthem - Vybz Kartel
7. Sit down fi di jockey - Aidonia
6. Happy Time - I Octane

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Super Cat perform at HOT 97 show

In what can be described as a rear performance ..the Old veteran Clash DJ Super Cat aka Don Dada..performed on an HOt97 stage show recently as a surprised guess... the DJ appear a little out sorts when he speaks of George Bush and Taliban and all these thing - which sort of give the impression that the DJ is not well. But it was very good to See Super Cat once again... check out his performance