Dec 27, 2013

Live Video of Sting 2013 Blak Ryno Kiprich Clash

This was How Blak Ryno won the clash at sting against Kiprich and became an instant millionaire... after winning the 30 thousand US dollars for his efforts.
Almost the said approach that Kiprich used last year... no long talking and straight for the jugular

Black Ryno defeats Kiprich in the Sting Clash 2013

There are indication that Black Ryno has won the clash at sting, yeah I said it right thats not a type-o. The expected 7 artiste clash apparently did not materialize but Kiprich Came out..and Blak Ryno who was pushed off stage last year ...came and took the crown from Kiprich.
Until the official feeds come out we have to wait and see how this unfoled

Live Sting Video 2013 Lady Saw crushed Macka Diamond in Clash

Lady Saw VS Macka Diamond in Clash

Sting 2013 Early Report

Well at the time of this report ...SuperCat is on stage.... Talking about Iron Claw.. ..and keep asking if he should come off stage and they should release Vybz Kartel which seem to be on the tongue of almost all the artiste including Wyclef ..who had to dig deep to get some good Forward.
2Chainz came on and did his thing it was boring in my opinion... he over stayed his time on stage as well.
There were good performances earlier from the Likes of Jah Boukes, Romain Virgo amongst others...
Anyway SuperCat brought his little grandson on stage a did a one tune which got a good forward ...saying that the foreign artiste cant tess jamaican atriste. Well right Now Supercat is going into is Catalog..right now

STING 2013

Live streaming video by Ustream

Dec 26, 2013

Watch LIVE VIDEO STREAM Sting 2013

Watch LIVE VIDEO STREAM Sting 2013
The Sting 2013 promoters wishes for you to See The Entire 8 Hour Event Starting December 26 at 8PM, Right from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone you can enjoy all the Sting there is. Sting 30, from beginning to end, with all the great performers live and on stage AND with your personal choice of several camera angles, it’s the next best Sting to being there. It was indicted on their website that you can also Get Tickets in Jamaica Enjoy all the live action directly from Jamworld, Portmore Jamaica in person with your favorite Reggae & Dancehall musicians performing their hit songs. But for those who cant make it to Jam World the next option is to Watch It on Pay-Per-View TV Grab your friends and the popcorn to watch four fantastic full hours of Sting 30 sitting pretty in front of your home TV. Just order Sting 30 from your local Pay-Per-View provider NOW

Here is the Link Check it out HERE.. and Watch the greatest one night dancehall show on earth

Dec 23, 2013

TOP TEN songs in Jamaica right nOW

Check out the latest top ten dancehall and reggae music in jamaica..It seems Cham Chronixx rules this thingi the last part of the year here...

Check out the TOP TEN tunes in Jamaica right nOW

10. Fighter  - Cham feat. Junior Gong

9. Mi Alright - Kabaka Pyramid and Chronixx

8 Bend Down - Cham ft O

7. Bring Life - Kalado

6. Things Mi Like - Alkaline

click to see the top 5

Supercat Arrives in Jamaica for STING 2013

Supercat is back into Jamaica for sting and all these things. SuperCat who performed earlier this year for the first time in a long time... is back in the Business and is very much being looking forwarded to at Sting 2013

Dec 13, 2013

Vybz Kartel case update: crowd media back on the case

It has been recently reported by the Gleaner that the 12-member jury at the Vybz Kartel murder trial is expected to return to court today.

The jury and members of the public, including the media, have been out of the courtroom since last Thursday as cybercrimes expert Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton gave evidence.

Detective Sergeant Linton was the head of the Police Forensic and Cybercrimes Unit at the Organised Crime Investigation Division when the police carried out its investigation into the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.

Linton is said to be giving sensitive information to the court.

The police had reported that they have video and audio recordings linking Vybz Kartel and his co-defendants to the killing.

Kartel is jointly charged with fellow entertainer Shawn Campbell also known as Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones, Shane Williams and Andre St John for the August 16, 2011 murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.

Williams was allegedly killed in relation to two missing guns.

Tessanne Chin will Win The Voice - Blake Shelton

According to recent reports it was indicated that The Voice coach Blake Shelton, whose team has won the last three seasons of the American reality television singing competition, is rooting for Jamaican songbird Tessanne Chin to walk away with this season's title.

Boasting an incredible vocal talent and a rich and diverse culture, Tessanne, who has gained the support of Jamaicans home and abroad, has sang her way into Shelton's heart.

In an article on, Shelton said Team Adam's Tessanne is his pick to win The Voice, after seeing how well she did with her iTunes sales.

"Tessanne is my pick to win, and for no other reason than I have eyes, and I can look at iTunes and see what happened yesterday (Tuesday)," Blake said.


"I think with her performance of Bridge Over Troubled Water, something happened. Something clicked. She's been great all this time, and I've been one of the first ones who has been frustrated with the fact that she's been kind of held to a reggae sound."

He added: "Just because she's from Jamaica, people expected her to do a specific sound from that country. Tessanne should never be limited. She should never feel like she could only do one thing. She can do everything.

"And I think that when she did Bridge Over Troubled Water, everybody went, 'Oh my gosh!'

"This has nothing to do with her accent or where she's from. This has to do with who else in the world can sing like this girl sings? I'm excited about that for her."

Dec 9, 2013

Grammy Awards Reggae Album Nominees Please dont let Snoop Lion Wins

The Grammy Awards is on January 26, 2014. and the Grammy Awards Reggae Album Nominees are as follows for Best Reggae Album

"One Love, One Life" -- Beres Hammond
"Ziggy Marley In Concert" -- Ziggy Marley
"The Messiah" -- Sizzla
"Reggae Connection" -- Sly & Robbie And The Jam Masters
"Reincarnated" -- Snoop Lion

Now im sure it will not be only me that will be disappointed if snoop lion wins this, and chances are he just might. Which goes to show popularity rules where Garmmy is concerned.

Dec 6, 2013

Kartel Case Update: Blood Dont Match so they May Acquit?

The court earlier this week heard an interesting twist in the murder case involving dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel.
Forensic Analyst from the government forensic lab, Sharon Bryson, says that blood found at the alleged crime scene does not match that of Clive "Lizard" Williams.

When Ms. Bryson took the stand in today's session of the murder case, she testified to receiving a  sample on August 24 2011, collected at the Havendale premises by a forensic officer.

This is the premises where the alleged murder of Clive Williams was to have taken place.

Ms. Bryson says that from the tests carried out on the blood sample, the DNA did not match the sample of the DNA taken from the male relative of Clive Williams.

She says that the two samples were compared for a series of markers to indicate relation between the two samples but the necessary markers were not found.
The court also heard testimony for Corporal Shawn Howard who testified that he was stationed at the police cyber-crimes unit on the October 3 2011 and that he received items including several cellular phones, a laptop and video cassettes, from Corporal Abebe Pitt.
He testifies that the items were said to been recovered from searches conducted in connection with this case.
Corporal Howard said that he documented the items and handed them over to his then supervisor.
During questioning from defense attorney Migue Lorne, Corporal Howard admitted that he did not ask for a warrant in relation to the devices ceased nor did he have a warrant permitting him to search the devices for his record taking.
Mr. Lorne highlighted that under the telecommunications act, a warrant is needed for police to search the contents of a person's phone.
Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm along with three others are on trial for the murder of Clive Lizard Williams.