Feb 28, 2009

'Aidonia Badder dan tha Phone yah'

The dancehall star Aidonia is said to be kicking up a storm with his month long tour in Europe. The DJ who was booed at Sting last year, though nothing new, he has been booed a couple of times in Jamaica throughout his career. Click here to Read More

Feb 26, 2009

Luciano almost Beaten to Death

According to news report.. veteran Reggae Icon Luciano who is known to produce quality tracks such as "Lord Give Me Strength" and "Ulterior Motive" was almost beaten to death last week. 

Read More Here

Feb 25, 2009

Serani Flopped in Guyana.. Beenie to The Rescue

Reports are that even though T-Pain did not turn up at the Mash Mega Concert in Guyana due to some death/kidnapping threats, the folks on the South American continent had a relatively good time.
The same cannot be said for Jamaica's international star and member of the group Alliance/Gullyside as well as the DASECA production team. The singer according to the report was way off key..it stated that "Serani as agreed by everyone sang sheer stupidity with hardly any back up from the band." Read More Yah So

Feb 24, 2009

Ban Bob Marley? Ban TV Series?.. guh Ban yuh..

Well .. the domino effects are currently taking place where the banning of edited Dancehall explicit lyrics from radio and television is concerned. Some of the dominoes in the pack are music from the Great Bob Marley himself. There are reports indicating that the Bob Marley's songs that include lyrics such "I shot the Sheriff" and "I feel like Bombing a Church" are likely to be banned. Read More Here

Feb 23, 2009

Mavado Performs with some 'Special Ladies' on BET

Mavado over the weekend worked up a sweat on stage at the RIP the Runway show on BET.
The gansgter4life was doing his thing while the models ranging in size of 200 to 300 lbs (90 to 137 Kilos)... strut their stuff on the cat walk... Massive

Mavado performed his single on the show I'm So Special with the crowd singing along and the ladies flaunting the chunk of stuff...
Those ladies are certainly special...  

see more here

also big up Grace Jones... she is what now 60, 70 years old and still a model...dem cant hold you dung..

check Mavado a rip the stage... with the broads..

Vybz Kartel Reconstruct Rampin Shop again, Kieva Cross

In the good ole principles of any 'publicity a good publicity' I a wonder if thats the new direction of these entertainment fraternities. Vybz Kartel get more publicity in Jamaica than any other entertainment fraternity since the end of last year with the Sting controversy and now the music ban with Rampin Shop and all these tunes.. the man already changed the riddim for the tune due to the NeYo violation and now he has change the words of the song so that it is fit for radio airplay in Jamaica
... the man not wasting a minute... and so far the reviews are saying that it's better than the original..

But apart from Kartel and his publicity strategies ...The ladies are now at it... a new set of confrontation. This time between Kieva the dancer and the CEO of the website YardFlex.com.. well here we go.. Tek it to dem Kieva Tek it to dem

Feb 21, 2009

Who Pay To Have Them Songs Played

Ever since the ban on the lewd and violent music true music is now rising according to some commentators.
There are accusations of payolla that have stifled the good music from being played all this time. But it seems as if the people who do lewd music have more money than those who dont, because all good music people had to do is to pay for theirs as well and they would get plays.
It could be though that people really demand the lewd stuff. A mean its a lot of folks who spend their money every year to attend stage shows and sessions around the island, sting almost sell off every year. So there is a market for the lewd and creud.
But this payolla thing to me look as if it has some legitimacy a mean if a song is not good and you keep hearing the DJ wheeling it up and all these things you know some cash get passed on.
There is this one particular track from Harry Toddler, up to this day me seh it must be the riddim, because this song don't really have the ambiance to be a number one.. a mean the competition at the time was not bad. So me a seh money run on 'Don't Run een'... No disrespect to Harry but this one was whack to me. But it did well ..
I see some institutions, public radio in particular already scrap their top 10 dancehall and reggae songs of the week... Hype TV.. being a cable network look like they escape the hangs man noose cause they still have their chart bubbling. But this chart should be factored by what is played on the radio.. Rampin Shop still deh deh.. although ...I understand that the DJ is making a remix of the tune fit for airplay.
This is the top ten tunes of the week according to Hype Tv... Prodigal still a gwaan good ..i hope there is no payolla in this one.. mi woulda really ball out JesusChrist!!

1 Vybz Kartel - Get Wild Last Week: 1
2 Barbee - Love You Anyway Last Week: 2
3 Prodigal Son - Head Cyaan Hot Suh Last Week: 4
4 Vybz Kartel & Spice - Ramping Shop Last Week: 5
5 Shaggy - Bad Man Don't Cry Last Week: 7
6 D'Angel - Stronger Last Week: 3
7 Charley Blacks - Bubble Last Week: 8
8 Da'Ville - Missing You Right Now Last Week: 11
9 Terry Linen - A Better Man Last Week: 6
10 Beres Hammond - I Feel Good Last Week: 12

Feb 18, 2009

The Long Arm of the LAw caught Munga Tuh

Its been a while since I heard Munga in the news...and didnt really expect negative press.. every since the whole denting jaw incident with Deva Bratt we havnt heard much from the Most Honourable one.
There are reports out that Babylon is charging the Rasta Man... Gangsta Ras (aka Damian Rhoden) for a spliff... he is to be slapped with a 2 bills fine...
hmmm what a waste of time..

But Munga how come you dont respond to the diss that Aidonia Dem and Deva ..did ?..well, such that I could hear..
A mean this one by Deva, still rings in my ear...

Feb 17, 2009

Shaggy got the NZ peeps upset

Shaggy ...yeah squeaky clean shaggy that don't really follow the logic of how dancehall artiste flow. Shaggy is an artiste where there is no bunning of battymen, there is no laugh n shot them a mean there is no bad word, there is no police looking for shaggy, Shaggy gets no boos at shows, no body dissing shaggy, no body looking hype off the Big Man... and you can say almost the same thing about Sean Paul... Read More Here

Feb 16, 2009

Mavado and Miley Cirus Link or Splice the remix?

The remixes are on my mind again.. well simply because the keep popping. The first time I heard Mavado was in any friction with anybody was when somebody 'splice' him song and the gangster was not pleased about it at all. A mean he went all out.. to the point of 'verbal' altercations with the likes of Father Romeo from Exodus sound.
Recently some people are saying that Jay-Z did the same thing that the ...Read More Here

Feb 15, 2009

Dont Compare Daggering to this. Mavado So...

The maroons seem not too pleased when comparison is being made between rampin, daggering and Kumina aka Bruckings. The latter is traditional, culturally toned, African heritage dance. The Gleaner article (read here) spoke about the link between the two and some stalwarts were not too pleased.
But mi a check back and a look and mi a seh... them not that far off still. A mean there is strong sexual tone to the whole thing... Read More

Feb 14, 2009

Government Gets Tuff.... Prodigal Son on the Charts

The government has indicated that it would go as far as to withdraw the license of radio stations as well as the license of public passenger vehicles that choose to continue playing lewd music. This was the result of the recent meeting between government officials and stake holders in the music fraternity. CLICK TO READ MORE

Bounty as a Terrorist?.... Hey Nikki Zup?

I don't know what's happening but they have been calling Bounty Killa name re the whole thing that happen in England last year. He was granted permission to perform in London last year and since then the 'affected groups' have been upset and comparing the DJ to known terrorist. I don't know but it seems they want to put Bounty among the list of terrorist that they have as one that insights violence and is a matter of time the other DJ's will be on the list. Once that happens it would certainly be another blow to dancehall. So who don't have any Visa for the USA ..the EU might reject them if this thing gets too far and have them off as a terrorist group.

One of my favourite radio personality seem to be on a downward spiral here. Nikki Z from Zip FM has been suspended at least four times within a year... and there are rumours that she have been fired and there are reports indicating that the popular Disc Jock..is now in the background and off the air. More recently there are reports that she was caught by the police for smoking weed.
Well she is not alone they caught John hype recently as well and I know Chi Ching case is not over.
But Nikki sort out yu-self man..

Feb 12, 2009

Mavado Gets 'Pleasant' Surprise on Stage

You know from time to time I try bring the stuff them a see on Youtube and show those who might have not seen it yet. Well it is the first a seeing this one.
Mavado performing on stage and gets a surprise.. I must say a pleasant surprise LMAO....

Is like..Mavado muss make a tune off this one.. a mean them say he cant write but this is too easy.. and he was nominated for writer of the year in IRAWMA awards.. 1 of 8 nominations might I add..
You Cast your vote for Mavado, Etana, Serani, Elephant Man Lady Saw and many other Artiste Here
But perhaps Mavado should get a ninth nomination for stage performance surprises. ..lol
Bwoy he and Serani really in competition ..on billboard, international presence and stage antics. hehehe... (mi nah nuh smilie so just work wid dat)

anyway check it out...just wait and see what's happening

Feb 11, 2009

Kartel Seeks Alliance help to Fight Broadcasting Commission

There are reports that Vybz Kartel is pursuing a case against the Broadcasting Commission because of the ban imposed on almost all music that contains the term daggering, bleeps (i.e. edited), violent and sexual content.
The so called intelligent DJ is asking for support from Mavado's Gully Camp/ Alliance team as well as other members of the entertainment faternity.
It s serious thing... but im not too sure if alliance will be working with man also known as the Teacha after over a 2 year continous lyrical battle and allegations of physical attacks from both the Empire and Alliance Camps... Chances are the camps could be filing charges against each other rather than joining together to fight for the Dancehall Industry as it stands... yeah thats how deep the wounds are.. ask Foota Hype

Read More on Kartel's petition here

TV Report on Music Ban

Trinidadians Angry, Supportive, Mixed on Soca Ban Suggestion

It was a matter of time.. that the Trini neighbours would hear the term "Ban Soca tuh".. and quite rightly so. Some Trinidadians are not pleased with the utterances form the Jamaicans. And as usual the Caribbean neighbours, said to be rivals mostly in sport, will certainly take the debate further.
A report in the Trinidad Express titled 'Call for Soca Ban' .. which speaks to the debate of lewd dancehall music and the recommendations to ban some Soca music as well has sparked a debate in Trinidad about the same issue. Already there are Trinidadins expressing their anger at Jamaicans and their attitude towards Soca Music. While some agree with the ban there are others who are saying that Dancehall Music is worst off lyrically (i.e. more sexually explicit) and should be banned and Soca is not that bad and therefore should be left alone. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Feb 10, 2009

Serani drop...Mavado 8 times !! Shaggy Gone D. Under ..Radio peeps a frett

Radio Pop Down?
With all this banning of songs and the big prolonged debates about what's fit or what's not fit for airplay... what has been left out are the consequences of all of it.
There are reports saying that some radio stations cant play up to 60% of their catalogue, sponsored segments will have to be redefined and there is word that DJ's seem to have just taken a break since the whole hullabaloo escalated...READ MUCH MORE HERE

Feb 9, 2009

Prime Minister call Meeting re Music Ban..and Artiste Beaten again !!

Oh dear... wha dis man?... Once again there are reports that some artiste and selector were involved in a tussle over the weekend.
There are media reports that a show in Westmoreland where some artiste got injured and one even got his arm broken in the melee. This was a result of some artiste not turning up for the show and after the audience discovered this they were not at all amused and started raining bottles, kicks and punches on the selectors and those who they could find. Einstein from the Alliance camp was present, indicating that he was not harmed...CLICK TO READ MORE

B. Spear Wins Grammy... Vybz Kartel in New War?

Burning Spear
Yeah Big up Burning Spear for winning the Reggae Grammy Award. Those guys have been around for a long time and they really deserve it. Good clean reggae music... which is different from dancehall.. it is, its obvious. The genre is relatively small and I would want to think that now-a-days you have more dancehall acts than reggae acts.. and the numbers for dancehall are increasing ever since the success of Shabba Ranks etc... Click Here to Read More

Feb 8, 2009

Jamaica dancehall music blogSpot fans be careful

Is this strange.. or wha?... I have spoken about piracy ..a number of times on this blog and perhaps because either I like it or I don't like it.. I have spoke about the Somalian piracy situation off the horn of Africa some time ago on another blog. But this scenario is not about pirates or music piracy this time around...

Question 1 : What is the difference between http://jamaicadancehallmusic.blogpot.com/ and http://jamaicadancehallmusic.blogspot.com/ ... ?

Question 2 : If you had a Gospel website would you call it http://jamaicadancehallmusic.blogpot.com/ ? .. dont bother visit the site with your computer.. maybe you should use a internet cafe and check it out.. just in case.

A mean.. don't get me wrong!.. I am a God fearing person..but this is almost like me fallow them or them a follow my website
Its a good way to get some heathens saved still.. the idea not bad..because one somebody is gonna forget to type the 's'..(yeah some pleople still type) ..and perhaps oneday somebody is gonna forget not to out the 's'... ..so bookmark this page if you havnt as yet.

In these days of pranks, internet fruad, hackers, viruses, identity theft and all these things you have to be careful... these days not even mi teeth mi turst cause more time it all bite mi tongue.. lol ..you did hear what Jah Vinchi did seh weh day...

New Rampin Shop Video Refix ..this one Bad..lol

The fans never cease to have me in laughter..omg..

Since ramping shop ...is still the hot topic bout the place.. I haven't seen any vid commentary about it yet but I have seen ladies doing them thing..the usual wine-up and thing.. but a stumbled across this one.. I like it.. some people don't though.. but the young couple tek the prize. Its not the first they doing a video.. but this would appear to be their best thus far..
If you see any like this send the link.. make me feature them. We don't have a lot of these amateur videos on the Caribbean side at all, im looking forward to see some more.

check out the vid.. and go to their profile JJnani and rate up them thing if you like it.

Feb 7, 2009

Beenie Man Tax Evasion Case Resurrected

With ..massive financial crisis ..going around the world..Jamaica with its 50 year stagnant economy is very much taking a lot of blows... and heading into worse off recession than what it have encountered in last half century. So with this in mind... the government is bent on getting every red cent that is due to it. 
Beenie Man's tax evasion case was closed due to lack of evidence an some technical breaches by the relevant authorities in September last year. However there are recent reports indicating that the Government is appealing the ruling and is about to pursue the case against the 'King of The Dancehall'
Beenie is claiming that the manager of shocking vibes was responsible for the payment of his taxes and thus excusing him from any liability. The court case has no fixed date to be heard but it is expected to take place before the end of the year.

Well the government desperate yah now.. so all the artiste  better take heed and sort out them papers... don't bother run off to Uncle Sam.. trust me.. him a look some money for his stimulus package tuh.

Ramping Shop Banned in Jamaica

They finally Ban ..the Rampin Shop song.. and all songs that has a bleep to cover violent or sexually explicit content ...this is according to gleaner media report.
If this is the case then chances are some artiste will have to go back to the studio and amend their songs with violent and explicit sexually suggestive content if they are interested in radio and television play. I dont know how far this ban will be extended ..but I assume that it will be for all genre of music  ..so the rap music or soca with their beeps will not be aired.
We can't come down too hard on the Broadcasting Commission still.. because they were left with little or no choice after the public outcry.. and justifiably so. This is nothing new in the dancehall arena.. a lot of songs were banned in the past and most artiste did not go back to do a refix after the ban. Some of the more recent ones that were banned included Bounty Killer Anytime, Chuck Fenda Gash Dem which is not all that bad and Twins of Twins How Come I dont see too much violent and sexual expletives in these..but stuck nerves and thus end up in file thirteen...
But the artiste could take an approach like this fan/artiste called tatta.. its not an attemptto  remove the expletive content but good example of how the artiste can approach the thing... this one mad funny check it out..

Feb 6, 2009

Kartel & Spice Rampin Shop vs Mavado's Squeeze Breast

The media still ravelling over the effects of the Rampin Shop on the children etc.. the thing is the adults creat it and play it...and the other medium eg. the x-rated channels on the cable etc can be even more potent... so I agree with those who seh parants and authotiries in general should sheild what the kids hear and see. ...Read More

EME Award Winners

The Some of the Winners

Song of the Year - Mavado 'I'm So Special' ; LUST 'Just as I am' (reggae)
DJ of The Year - Vybz Kartel (Male); Spice (Female)
SingJ - (M) Mavado; (F) - D'Angel
Vocalist - (M) Tarrus Riley; Etana (F)
New Artiste - Konshens (M); Stacious (F)
Producer - Steven McGregor ,
Album - Etana 'The Strong One'
Collab - Damina & Steven Marley
Gospel Song - Goddy Goddy'Chakka chi chi'
Gospel Artiste - Prodigal Son
Best Come Back Artiste - Harry Toddler
Best Duo - RDX
Best Video - Shaggy Big Man Dont Cry (reggae); Busy Signal 'Tic Toc' (Dancehall)

That was just some of the winners at Richie B's EME awards last night...
I dont know but Harry Toddler should feel good yes... because that category for best come back artiste look like it was carved out for him... mi never hear anything bout come back artiste of the year in any award..or mi bias?

Well according the polls here.. Elephantman is the favourite to take the Reggae Grammy Awards.. but I dont put any thing pass those folks that select the winners...Lee Scratch or Heavy D just might take the prize..

Feb 5, 2009

This artiste Buss already ...right?..

I saw this yoot.. a good while now.. and im sure you have probably seen the youtube videos with him as well. When I saw this youngster that calls himself Jinyus .. in a likkle DJ stint in his High school days .. mi sey tha youth yah bad....him voice have the youthful tone but him lyrics and style make up for it. ...Click to Read More

Feb 4, 2009

Mavado New Song... Amy Winehouse coming to Jamrock?

Make me seh sohmm.. make mi say something... Normally I don't delve too much with these foreign artiste.. but mi ago sah something on this one... WTF.. Amy Winehouse up to.. bout she a come a Jamaica.. come work on her album.. and these things..
I am Hoping that this lady dont come a Jamaica come dead.!!!...like how she half way already..
and this place is known as the death capital of the world..(Bob Woolmer, Bogle, Ice.. Warbuss RIP) ..so Jamaica is not a St. Lucia ..member mi tell yuh..
..but apart from that.. this international press people ..they better watch how dem a talk bout Jamaica.. a call mi yard .."island drug paradise" ...lol ...a wah dis man.... the Netherlands bun more weed than we openly and freely.. so watch dem talk deh.. mek it look like seh mi a junky... dont get me wrong still... some time me agree wid Busy

Any way read more bout Amy here and her antics HERE

Any ..way the Gully God Have another one out there.. its called Never Believe Yuh... check it out..

Another Death in Dancehall?..Bounty in Foreign Press..Caplton Counter Ramping Shop

RIP ..J.Williams
I have not heard any official reports but word out is that Junior Williams aka Warbuss now former member of the group Q45 productions and is known for riddim productions for Bounty Killer "War Buss" on the Jump Out Riddim ..and is said to be a close friend of The Elephant Man...Click here to Read More

Hit List Lady Saw and La Lewis... lawd God

The troubles continue for artiste in 2009. The situation with ever rising star LA. Lewis is not really improving with artiste/manager/booking agent have been taken into court to answer charges of fraud and there are ads been run in local news paper indicating that Lady Marsha is no longer under the auspices of the seven (7) star general. ... Click to Read More

Feb 3, 2009

Ramping Shop Remix Refix..

Check Out the Ramping Ship Remix by Gaza producer Not Nice... some a say it not so nice.. ... well kinda agree for now ...until mi get use to it we'll see then..but the words nuh change just a strip of the old riddim and paste of the new one...
check it out..

Kartel Portmore Empire Violate

A find back a clip with the violation kartel them excert on the internet interview crew Jamaicalive.. cause them did remove the clip from them archive... this one is a 9 minute piece the original was about 1 hour and 40 mintes long.. to watch click here

Assassin and Mavado Mashup the Place

According to media reports DJ Assassin that hails from the group called Red Square ripped up a stage show in St. Kitts. The artiste did over an hour long stint and had the crowd begging for more.
Assassin is well know for good stage performance and he lived up to the reputation. The DJ was called back on stage after his initial stint was way too short for the demanding patrons who begged for a piece of the artiste and got it...Read More

Feb 2, 2009

Terry Lynn a try a Thing

Yeah!! Terry Lynn come up on my screen again.. she hail from outer water house so mi haffi big her up...again.. this a snippet of her 'public screening'... obviously its an approach to try and hype up her local popularity and thing without disrespecting another artiste.. don't know if it would work but its worth a try.. gwaan Terry fire house str888

Kingston Logic 2.0: 1st public screening from Rickards Bros. on Vimeo.

Red Square Portmore Empire Alliance David House Dont Have to Mashup

The breaking up of the alliance...huh !! people are speculating that the alliance could crumble. The hard core members Serani, Mavado and Busy Signal could be swept away by their success and wanting to keep all the money for themselves. .. (not that this is not currently the case)
What we dont know about these groups Alliance, Empire, David House, Red Square, G-Unit and is the nature of the written and non written agreements. Now if Alliance is a booking agency for persons who fall under the alliance umbrella then thats it.. it means that alliance will only book for shows for the members... and not necessary in the overall management of the artiste...a mean the artiste free to do whatever they wish... a mean look at Sham, Kartel, Deva, Konshens....(mi have it wrong?)
I hear people saying that Serani no longer wants his song No Games to be played along with Mavado So Special -- wanting to be independent and blossom into his own direction. Nothing wrong with that... and quite frankly he is basically on his own..

There is nothing really different from the Jamaican groups and the American rap groups the Rockafella, Badboys and all these groups of men... just that they have more money and a larger audiences...and of course now they are basically a musical conglomerate compared to when they started.
So if G-Unit and Cash Money can do well.. so can the Jamaican groups with out no rae rae... Lil Wayne and those guys still manage to do their own thing and is a part of their group same way with no bad mine thing.

by the way what happen to thw Wu Tang Clan..

Feb 1, 2009

Kartel & Spice counter out cry on Rampin Shop

There is a new Vybz Kartel and Spice song out and but with a completely different tone ...
I dont know if they hear the parents and academics complaining about the raunchy state of the song 'Rampin Shop'. The complaints are that it is not good for the children of this poor nation... some of the children indicated that they are addicted to the song according to the gleaner article.
The new song though could be as a result of the fact that Rampin shop is doing so well ..they want to milk it while they can.... but its certainly not the same thing like a rampin shop..
Some say Kartel is trying to sound like Mavado in this one and that its too slow and all these things
You can here the new song called 'Who God Bless' in our new chat room.. check it out CLICK HERE

To me it sound alright still.. the artiste them a show their versatility ..they need that kinda a approach to connect with a wider audience but we all know that these two artiste .. some time make it seem as if Shabba and Mumma Saw were not trying in them early days when it come on to slackness ..

Antony B Rise Up....& Busy Busy

Anthony B... you are large ! ...the artiste is set to release a new album called Rise Up on the Greensleeves label and it is said to be one of the better production from the artiste. It seem to be a back to reggae roots album for Anthony B where a lot of work was done by producer Frenchie from Maximum Sounds.
We wish the man all the best with this one and chances are you could be nominated for the reggae grammy next year and all these things.

A see that the Busy Signal Nah Answer is a favourite for some, so much so till they gonna make it as their ring tone, .. appartently the man working hard to male sure he is known.. and he is.
Busy is this your year?... mi nuh know.. with all these big things happening for the other alliance guys .. Busy making sure he is not left in the dark.. so you better keep busy Busy.