Jul 26, 2013

Salena Gomez sample inprisoned Jamaican Reggae star Buju Banton... horrible?

Buju Banton

Salena Gomez
In a recent report it was indicated that Pop singer Selena Gomez who recently celebrated her 21st birthday, has done a remake of Buju Banton’s 1995 hit tune “Champion”.

The track starts with Buju deejaying the original lyrics before Selena comes in singing. The chorus features Selena who is reportedly still dating Justin Bieber singing the lines “Walk Like A Champion”.

So is Selena’s version of Buju’s smash single a hit or a miss? ..well according to critics ..it was f u ck ing horrible .."I have no problem with Miley Cyrus making twerk videos or songs about twerk videos, but Selena Gomez’s reworking of Buju Banton’s hit tune “Walk Like a Champion” is just terrible. It should have never happened and it’s too bad there’s no way to strike it from existence in every dimension just in case there are alternate universes. As if Buju Banton, who’s currently sitting in prison under dubious circumstances, wasn’t punished enough, this comes along. You can hear his original here and compare it to her rendition which is so bad of a perversion, it should barely be considered a cover. Or a homage. Or anything. Also, Selena’s birthday song, which also sounds dancehall-y, sucks."


Vybz Kartel gets away free off first charge due to incompetence of state lawyers.. and gives thanks

Letter from Kartel pouring out thanks
Vybz Kartel is thanking his lawyers, baby-mother Shortie, family and fans following his acquittal of the murder of St. Catherine businessman Barrington Bossy Burton.

Music News received a note handwritten by Kartel which reads in part “I had the utmost confidence from the outset as I knew I was being a scape as usual because of my image and content of some of my songs.”
a Home Circuit Court jury was directed to rule that Vybz Kartel is not guilty of the murder of St. Catherine businessman Barrington ‘Bossy’ Burton.

Kartel's two co-accused were also freed.

Supreme Court judge Bryan Sykes instructed the 12-member jury to return the verdicts after the prosecution informed the court that it had no further evidence against the men.

Despite the progress, Christian Tavares Finson, one of Vybz Kartel’s lawyers is urging the director of public prosecution to access the files properly in a bid to save the courts money and time.
The stage for the collapse of the case was set yesterday after Justice Sykes turned down an application by the Crown to admit two witness statements in the trial.

Vybz Kartel is to return to the Home Circuit Court in November for trial in relation to the Murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

But can the deejay make another application for bail in that matter? According to the deejay’s attorney Christian Tavares-Finson, a submission for bail is very probable.
Vybz Kartel has been in police lockup since October 2011. The deejay also face charges of perverting the course of justice and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Kartel’s cronies Gaza Slim and Pim-Pim are also jointly charged.

Jul 24, 2013

100 Bounty Killer cant buss Bridgez

I dont know but if you are an artiste and no-one knows of your work I dont think your manager should get all the blame. Bridgez was mentioned in one of my articles sometime ago as leaving the Bounty Killer lead alliance. It is now confirmed in recent reports that...Female dancehall deejay Bridgez, has decided to cut all ties with the Bounty Killer lead Alliance camp.

Earlier last year Bridgez had announced that she was leaving 'Alliance Next Generation' however her former manager Bounty Killer took to his twitter at the time to make it clear that the young singer was still a part of the Alliance camp itself; later giving her the title of 'Lady Alliance.'

Today Bridgez reveals to Music News that she’s tired of the fancy titles and is not pleased with the work being done.

But my view is if you are not good enough you cant buss, if you dont have a hype ..Like Rosie "call the contractor" no one is going to know you.... I am not saying that Bridgez is to parade in any pussy printer or bleach her skin... chronixxx didnt do that... so just come up with a melody a style ..Like Macca Diamond like Gaza Slim... and do you thing..melody and style with some amount of substance should get you there... otherwise 100 bounty Killer cant busss u ....ask Iyara

Vybz Kartel one step closer to freedom?

According to irie report Vybz Kartel’s burdens have been greatly reduced after Supreme Court judge Bryan Sykes turned down the application to accept two witness statements in the murder trial against the deejay.

The judge stated that he was not convinced that the prosecution took enough steps to locate the witnesses.

One of Kartel’s attorneys, Christian Tavares-Finson tells Music News that the 12-member jury is to return to the Home Circuit Court tomorrow. At that time, the the judge will then direct the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty.

Kartel and two others were taken into custody for the 2011 shooting murder of the St Catherine businessman, Barrington 'Bossy' Burton.

However Kartel will remain in custody because he has another murder case pending against him.

Jul 22, 2013

Vybz Kartel Nightmare continues Today

According to reports the prosecution at the Vybz Kartel murder trial is expected to complete its submissions today on its application to get key witness statements admitted into evidence.

A hearing into the application has been underway in the absence of the jury since last Tuesday.

Already, the prosecution has called several witnesses and is making legal arguments based on their testimonies.

Following the submissions, Justice Bryan Sykes is expected to make a ruling.
The prosecution is seeking to have the statements admitted into evidence under section 31 (D) of the Evidence Act.

That section addresses the admission of witness statements in situations where a witness cannot be located or is not available.

The application is being made in the absence of the 12-member jury.

Three witnesses have so far testified at the trial which began last Monday in the Home Circuit Court.

Kartel, whose given name is Adidja Palmer, Lenburgh McDonald and Nigel Thompson are jointly charged with the July 2011 shooting death of the St Catherine businessman, Barrington ''Bossy'' Burton

Rhianna pushed Jamaican artiste Busy Signal

It was recently reported the Rhinna was lip synching Notice production Missing You done by formerly incacerated artiste Busy Signal. That moment from pushed the youtube views up by 2 million in a matter of days according to the report. Busy Signal since his release has clawing his way gracefully back into the music business and this push from Rhianna should do the DJ/SingJ some good.

Jul 21, 2013

Jah Bouks Boxed by dutty Babylon but smiling

In a recent star report .. it was indicated that Reggae artiste Jah Bouks is thankful for a slap (box), that he received in the face at the hands of a police officer while performing at a stage show in Portland Cottage, Clarendon, earlier this week. According to the artiste the slap (box) won him a fan base in the community.

Jah Bouks says he was performing his break out single Call Angola during the policeman's intervention. However, he did not know it was a police until he brandished a weapon.

"I was invited to an event in Portland Cottage, Clarendon, and when I started my song and mi sey 'burn the fire hot pon Babylon' one come on-stage and sey turn dat off, lock it off and gwaan a unno yard. I continued to sing my song and I went into the line that says 'nah tek nuh chat from Babylon'. At this point he began to get boisterous and drape I up and sey Rasta boy a try yu a try dis the law - den him give mi a nice little box still," Jah Bouks said.

The artiste says he retreated upon realising that the attacker was an armed policeman.

"After mi realise sey is a ... mi a talk to, mi just whol a likkle vibe and tek mi box and easy. I was angry at first, but after mi guh home and sleep I woke up on a different meditation," he said.

Ironically, Jah Bouks returned to the same venue at a different event following the incident. However, this time he received the welcome of a king. The artiste believes the altercation with the policeman made the citizens draw closer to him.

"I am grateful for the box because I went back to Portland Cottage and I was like the biggest thing there. Some persons who never heard about me before wanted to see the Rasta man who got the box and others came to show their support because they were upset with the policeman's action. It made me more popular in Portland Cottage," he said.

The altercation was not reported to the police. According to Jah Bouks, he did not want to get into any further matters concerning the law. Call Angola, eventually spiralled into his first local hit single.

"I knew the song would be a hit because I listened to my inner words. My words came from my ancestors, because I didn't do any research about Angola before writing the song. People can't help but love it because their African ancestors are speaking to them as well," he said.

Jah Bouks is gearing up to release a new single called Cry Fi The Youths. He disclosed that he is grateful that Call Angola has been regarded as one of the more popular songs this summer. However, he is not in the competition to 'run summer'.

"I am not concerned with running the place. I just want to sing my words and make people feel a little vibes," he said.

Jah Bouks - Angola bad tune

When i first heard this tune 2 months ago... I said to myself ..its a typical rasta concious tune... but it sound good and fresh and catchy. But with my sights so embeded in hardcore dancehall music this one almost slipped me by without doing it justice. The artiste is Jah Bouks and the song is called Angola. It getting heavy rotation in Jamaica and is definatly a hit tune for Jah Bouks. Not sure how far it will go.. I like it and its not I alone who likes this one. The chorus Angola is the punchline and really the part that pushes the song with some foreign language elements inside there.
Check out the track...

Jul 17, 2013

Aidonia had a Baby boy ..a New Father with Sleepless Nights

In a recent report it was indicated that Jamaican Dancehall deejay Aidonia is overwhelmed about his new found fatherhood.

Aidonia is a first time daddy tells and indicated that though he has many sleepless nights, he’s enjoying every moment with his 5 month old son.

Last week Aidonia launched his Ladies Night, a series of events that will run until August at the Quad night club.

Lady Saw, Ishawana, Chi-Ching Ching and Jah Vinchi were some of the celebs who supported Donia’s Ladies Night.

In relating news, Aidonia is leaving the island after Reggae Sumfest for a string of events in the Caribbean. One of the events will see the dancehall deejay share the stage with rapper Rick Ross in Trinidad.

Jul 16, 2013

Vybz Kartel Trials begins

According to a gleaner report Three witnesses yesterday testified at the start of the murder trial of dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel.

This afternoon a policeman testified that he was on patrol on July 12, 2011, in Portmore, St Catherine.

He said he went to Walker's Avenue where he saw residents running around frantically.

The policeman further testified that he observed blood stains along a section of the roadway and spent-shells.

He said he cordoned off the area and informed police control.

A woman testified that she was at home on the evening of the incident when she heard loud explosions like gunshots coming from the direction of Walker's Avenue.

She said when things calmed down she went to the area where she saw Burton laying on his back and he appeared to be dead.

Earlier this morning a crime scene investigator took to the witness stand where he made a PowerPoint presentation of the murder scene in the Gregory Park area of Portmore, St Catherine.

He also showed a motor car with brown stains inside.

Kartel, whose given name is Adidja Palmer, Lenburgh McDonald and Nigel Thompson are jointly charged with the July 2011 shooting death of the St Catherine businessman, Barrington 'Bossy' Burton.

A 12 member jury is hearing the case in the Home Circuit Court with Supreme Court judge, Bryan Sykes presiding.

Jul 13, 2013

Vybz Karel releases new album

According to a blackatlanta report Incarcerated Jamaican artist Vybz Kartel enjoys a new international album release this week: "Voice Of The Jamaican Ghetto," which is also the title of his book released last year. Now of course if you're an avid fan of dancehall music this may not be a major deal to you, as the album does not feature new music. Like most dancehall albums, Kartel's new album is a compilation of songs that can date back as far as four years ago. But what is interesting is the narrative the album attempts to present. If this is the first material you've heard from the Gaza Worldboss, you'd think he's a forward-thinking, socially-conscious artist, fighting for the rights of ghetto people 100 percent of the time. Or as reviewed by urbanislandz.com:
"Vybz Kartel's latest CD compilation, 'Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto' will serve to curtail all efforts by the powers-that-be to dismiss the genre as merely a perpetuator of violence, as this shows that the genre at its best is simply an artistic expression of life in the ghettos of Jamaica."
As Kartel's co-author Michael Dawson explained about their book that the CD is based on:
"Jamaican ghetto life is not a pretty story, so I don't understand why certain people want Dancehall artistes to sing about niceties. Doing that would be hypocritical and I think we should leave hypocrisy to the politicians. This CD is straight reality, as real as you can get about Jamaica's true roots and its modern day culture."
Now this all sounds great, plus the CD is narrated by Jamaican Observer writer Louis Moyston, whose interludes between songs cover some pretty deep topics. But of course it becomes laughable when you take into consideration that Kartel is one of the most vulgar dancehall artists of all time, known for his overtly sexual songs.
Besides that, he helped to popularize skin bleaching in Jamaica, and is currently on trial for murder. The album's interludes actually become absurd when Moyston compares Kartel to black activists, stating that "he's resurrecting the work of W. E. B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington." Now, Kartel may be a disruptive figure in Jamaican culture, but he is by no means a social activist.
I'll be the first to say that I am a fan of Kartel's music, but purely as a form of entertainment. And while "The Voice Of The Jamaican Ghetto" attempts to show the dichotomy between his vulgar and conscious sides, it doesn't work because of the image he conjures.
When artists of the '90s like Beenie Man and Bounty Killa used explicit content to raise consciousness, it was believable.  For Kartel, it's not.
Maybe this was an attempt to paint him in a more positive light while he awaits his release from prison, as his trial dates keep getting delayed. Either way, I personally would rather the entire story be told – good and bad together – rather than him trying to be something that he's not.

Jul 10, 2013

Vybz Kartel closer to being tried

It was reported by the gleaner that a jury was expected to be empanelled when the trial in which entertainer Vybz Kartel has been accused of killing a St Catherine businessman gets underway this afternoon.

The matter was set to come before the Home Circuit Court at 2 p.m. following several delays.

Lenburgh McDonald and Nigel Thompson are also charged in relation to the killing of businessman Barrington 'Bossy' Burton.

The police say Burton was murdered while he was standing with friends along Walker's Avenue in Gregory Park, St Catherine in July 2011.

Kartel, whose given name is Adijah Palmer, McDonald and Thompson have been in custody since they were charged in October 2011.

Kartel was granted bail on that charge but cannot take up the offer because he has another murder case pending in the Home Circuit Court.

Jul 9, 2013

Another new SOng from Vybz Kartel - COmpass

One more brand new song from the Teacha/Bleachsa Vybz Kartel that has been locked away for the pass year or so. This one is called Compass.. and appear to have some Russian head concussion influence. The song sounds like "Weed Smokers" .. both tune has some Russian Head Concussion affiliation and perhaps were done at the same time.. thus they are similar sounding in nature...

check it out

Jul 4, 2013

Ninjaman gets To Travel - You can now Book Him

While Snoop Dogg and Eddie Murphy chants Red Light... authorites in jamaica has given veteran dj Ninja Man the Green Light to travel abroad to other Caribbean islands.

The veteran dancehall deejay, who got his passport Tuesday, flew to Trinidad where he’s doing ground work for an upcoming charity project to minimize crime and violence in the country. Ninja Man has been making moves after joining forces with Downsound Record boss Joseph Bogdanovich.

Ninja’s freedom to travel was tainted after being arrested and charged for the killing of a 20 year old man. The matter is still before the courts.

Eddie Murphy Should Do More Reggae Snoop Lion should Stop? New Track Called Red Light

Eddie Murphy and Snoop Lion dropping a brand new reggae single recently ..called Red Light..
I do agree with majority ...Eddie Murphy should start doing more reggae music and Snoop Lion should STOP ...ROFL..
This is a decent track.. but snoop seem to take away from it.
Lets see how well this does...cause reggae need a boost.

Tommy Lee affected by Bounty Killa war starts new group Guzu

Tommy Lee Sparta
Former member of the Gaza empire..Tommy Lee Sparta has launched his own Guzu Musiq label and has already signed three female acts. Tommy Sparta indicated to a news media that though he still endorses the Vybz Kartel led Gaza camp; he created Guzu to help young and upcoming entertainers. Even though Guzu is vary close to Gaza.. Tommy Lee claims that Guzu is his nick name..

Tommy Lee, who has seen somewhat of a reduction in his presence on the local scene since the start of 2013, has already started working with his new acts. It was sometime last year the Bounty Killer had a beef with the Tommy ...and it has been speculated since then that the young artiste rate of production and popularity has dropped.