Dec 26, 2015

Bounty Killer Diss the Marleys

Bounty Killer... holding his head.. idk y
I think I am fan of Bounty Killer.. yeah  with old tracks like "spy fi die".."book book book" (a friend of mine should love that one).. "Fed up".. and that Delano from Renaissance remix always get mi bopping. One of the thing I have noticed about Bounty Killer recently is that he does not make the amount of hit songs in the studio as he use to. Disappointing yes, like all other washed up artiste, but he is not short of expressing himself on social media.. especially Instagram, Twitter..Blue Toooth,,, , whatever the media.. including the stage. 
In my last article I mentioned how he lick out against Bill and his Board decision to give Joss Stone the title of Reggae artiste of the year 2015. Joss was supported by Junior Gong Marley and Bounty Killer did not hold back his dislike of the behaviour of the Marleys when he was quoted to have said..

"The Marley boys as internationally recognised as they are, have a voice that they don’t use to assist reggae/dancehall except for their own family’s personal gain.."

NOW THATS a diss. Im not too sure how true it is though.. cause I think Steven dem did support the likes of Iba Mahr. But there is some element of truth in terms of what is known... we know who Bounty Killer buss/ brought on the scene, we know who Beenie Man buss... ahh well i cant think of anyone off head right now still.. but the point is.. as Powerful as Marleys are in Reggae, they need to look at their approach on the Local Level.. a mean there is more Kybaka Pyramids and Lady Saws.. out there that might need the inspiration like Joss.. wah she name again.. ahhh rhatid.. hold on mek mi look back inna dah article yah fi find her... ahh stone.. Yeah Joss Stone. 


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