May 20, 2019

Buju Banton - "post mortem"

I welcome back Buju Banton ..with half closed arms, one arm really.. not with both arms open wide, why would I say such a thing? Since the great singer/dj has returned there has been some skirmishes. There was the matter with his son, some bust up went on somewhere there, the initial shunning of the media and some ray ray down in Trinidad. When these things happen, we ponder the nature of his guilt, well at least I. Did he deserve that 9 year sentence? Perhaps, has he learnt his lesson? ..its hard to tell from this distance.. would he do that again...?
Anyway he is back, I don't want to be disappointing again.. so keep it clean fool. Make hay while the sun shine and secure your pension, because you had more than a minor setback in your major operation of life.... now go out there and make some good music.. listen to Chronixx etc for some tips where music is concerned


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